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Blancmange is a wobbly, jelly-like dessert, but traditionally a blancmange recipe will call for milk or cream. However, dairy ingredients can be substituted with silken (the softest form of tofu) and soymilk. Add some honey or sugar, and you have a hybrid tofu blancmange, which is often simply called a sweet tofu pudding Delicious desserts made with plant-based Mori-Nu Silken Tofu. Tofu Brownies, Tofu Cheesecake, Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie, Vegan Blintzes, Chocolate Berry Puddin

Ripe bananas, coconut milk, and silken tofu make for a super creamy pudding with loads of flavor. Only the thick part of the coconut milk is used and is blended with the bananas, tofu, maple syrup, vanilla, and sea salt. Once chilled, the pudding can be topped with dairy-free dark chocolate shavings and fresh mint leaves Silken tofu can transform a traditional pie recipe into a low-fat dessert that can be prepared in minutes. In recipes like chocolate pies or pumpkin pies, the silken tofu serves as the base which carries the other flavors. Instead of creating a rich and fat-filled base out of cheese, dairy, butter, or eggs, use tofu instead Ingredients. 14 ounces soft silken tofu. 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder. 1/4 cup agave nectar. 1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract. 1/2 cup fresh raspberries. 2 tablespoons chopped pistachios Silken tofu doesn't get much love. A lot of people overlook the smooth stuff, reaching for firm and extra firm instead. But silken tofu is actually amazing. From dressings to dips to pasta sauces to desserts, it's basically a box full of unlimited, creamy possibilities

Silken is a type of tofu that's undrained and unpressed. Therefore, the curds remain unseparated. Because it has the highest water content it's the smoothest and creamiest type of tofu. This makes it ideal for using in spreads, sauces, puddings, and desserts Firm and extra-firm tofu do well in stir-fries and baked tofu, while silken tofu is much softer and is best used in recipes for sauces and creamy desserts. What exactly is silken tofu? Tofu is an Asian food made from soybeans. Production involves soaking soybeans in water and creating soy milk Cut the silken tofu into cubes. Add the coconut milk and tofu into a blender with the lemon zest and honey. Also add the brandy, if using. Blend it all together This silken tofu chocolate pudding proves that. This is a rich, creamy, very chocolate-y dessert that's easy to make. Silken tofu is a nutritious, protein-rich base, which gets blended with both melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder. The pudding takes only minutes to prepare, and it's delightful to eat

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  1. Silken tofu transforms into the ultimate vegan sweet crème in this Maple Silk Crème with Baked Apples by the True Foods Blog. The cream is infused with maple syrup, cardamom, and cinnamon and..
  2. This indulgent dessert is made with just three ingredients: silken tofu, dark chocolate, and maple syrup. The tofu provides a smooth and creamy base, and the dark chocolate adds decadence as well as antioxidants. A little maple syrup gives a touch of natural sweetness that's just right
  3. When you want desserts that are thick, smooth and creamy, silken tofu is the way to go. Get the creamy, tangy feel of cheesecake but without dairy as in this Banana Cheesecake with Mango Sauce and.
  4. Remove the silken tofu from the package and pat dry with paper towels. Cut the silken tofu into cubes. Sprinkle chopped green onions over the tofu. In a small bowl, whisk together soy sauce and sesame oil
  5. Silken, or Japanese-style tofu, as it's sometimes called, is better suited to recipes requiring blending. (Silken tofu also doesn't need to be refrigerated, and has a longer shelf-life than firm tofuso you can stockpile tofu breakfast pudding supplies for ages.) 5 Minute Silken Tofu Pudding (Vegan!) ★ ★ ★ ★
  6. Ginger-Honey Tofu Dessert Soup Silken tofu • to 30 grams ; if using grated ginger, 1 heaping teaspoon ●Spring Ginger Simmered in Honeyor grated ginger • ●The syrup from the honeyed ginger (or plain honey) • ●Light brown or dark brown sugar • ●Water • Moist amanatto (use your preferred kind) • optional, (to taste) Match
  7. Tofu is a great vegan substitute for cream cheese in cheesecake because of its airy texture. This low-calorie dessert is no-bake and made in the food processor with a light lime and coconut flavor. Get the recipe: Lime and Vanilla Vegan Cheesecak

Taho (Filipino Sweet Tofu Dessert) The Little Epicurean silken tofu, tapioca pearls, dark brown sugar, water, dark brown sugar Musician's Dessert El invitado de invierno raisins, prunes, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, walnuts, dried figs and 1 mor This 4-ingredient silken tofu chocolate mousse is super chocolatey, fluffy and high in protein! Made from healthy vegan ingredients within just 15 minutes, it's a delicious dessert idea for the whole family. Delicious vegan chocolate mousse. Yes, it exists, and nobody will notice it's totally plant-based Tofu is not solely the stuff of stir-fries. For example, I can almost guarantee you will be impressed by this dessert, a pudding that takes about as much time to make as hot chocolate. But there are a few qualifiers. Without chocolate, the flavor is unimpressive; it tastes like sweetened tofu Silken Tofu. I hope I didn't just lose some of you. Pudding made from tofu doesn't sound all that great. But we're using silken tofu here, which actually works really well in creamy desserts. Silken tofu has a totally different texture from the firm or extra firm tofu that you're probably used to using in savory recipes Crush up the biscuits and combine it with melted butter. Pour this into your cake tin and compress. Place the base in the fridge for at least 30min Blend the silken tofu in a blender or food processor until it gives you a smooth runny consistency

This super chocolaty and creamy vegan chocolate mousse is perfect if you want to make a delicious dairy-free dessert that looks great - but is still quick and easy to make. The Secret Weapon: Silken Tofu. Very important for this recipe is, that you use actual silken tofu - not solid natural tofu, which is usually available in the supermarket This silken tofu pudding with ginger syrup is delicious, simple to make, and perfect for a light dessert. It's the middle of the week again, and I'm ready to share with you another treat. Lately, a lot of my cooking has involved dishes and desserts that I haven't been able to get from my usual shops because of the shelter in place

Taho is a layered dessert made with steamed silken tofu, brown sugar syrup, and sago pearls. This is traditionally served warm, but it can also be enjoyed chilled. Prep Time: 5 minutes. Cook Time: 1 hour 10 minutes. Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes. Servings: 4. Print Recipe Pin Recipe Rate Recipe Silken tofu has higher water content and fewer fats than classic tofu. Also, it's easier to blend into a smooth cream, making the perfect dairy-free alternative to cream. Using cocoa instead of melted chocolate means you'll have even fewer fats and calories — and still all the delicious chocolatey flavour

Silken Tofu in Ginger Syrup (Tau Hu Nuoc Duong) is a light and delicate Vietnamese/Chinese dessert. You may have seen this dessert as one of the many offerings at Dim Sum. In Vietnam, this dessert is commonly sold as street food This silken tofu recipe whips from firm tofu with sweetener, lemon juice, flavoring extracts, and soy milk. Top this on any sweet dessert for a guilt-free food experience. Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and process until very smooth. Add more soymilk a tsp. at a time if the mixture is too thick; blend well

B lending silken tofu up in order to create a creamy dessert is one of those things that sounds like only a vegan could love. Tofu, in my dessert?Yes, tofu in everyone's dessert! It works. Silken tofu is the perfect base for the pie filling, setting up beautifully when baked. A dessert that's secretly a vegetable! Sweet potatoes are one of the most ancient, nutritious, and valuable food crops of the Americas. Not to diminish the value of white potatoes, but in comparison, sweet potatoes are substantially richer in nutrients.. Silken tofu, which is (as the name suggests) silkier than regular tofu, provides an incredibly delicate texture. That's why it's a natural fit in mousses and pies. But, those desserts are just the beginning of what you can do with this softer tofu 15+ Silken Tofu Recipes — Savory and Sweet. Here's a tasty selection of silken tofu recipes, including soups, pastas, pizzas, and desserts, and more. Discover the versatility of this variety of tofu. Bonus — it's shelf stable. Silken tofu is available in 14- to 16-ounce tubs or 12.3 ounce aseptic cartons

Silken tofu really is great in desserts too - I love making a dessert with tofu and shocking people when I tell them what's in that pie or those cupcakes :) Reply. Dana @ Minimalist Baker says. April 19, 2014 at 10:02 am. Thanks for the kind words! The tofu thing is so funny. I used to be one of those scared, suspicious people The secret ingredient is silken tofu (make sure you use silken for best results, not firm) which, when blended with cocoa powder and a little sugar, turns into a spoonable, decadent treat with a rich chocolate flavor. This pudding makes a perfect healthy dessert, snack, or breakfast, so get blending, people. Vegan Chocolate Puddin

Tofu is not solely the stuff of stir-fries. For example, I can almost guarantee you will be impressed by this dessert, a pudding that takes about as much time to make as hot chocolate. But there are a few qualifiers. Without chocolate, the flavor is unimpressive; it tastes like sweetened tofu Silken tofu is the secret ingredient in this smooth, creamy and totally plant-based chocolate mousse. It's just as indulgent as the classic version, so everyone at the table will love it, vegan or not Wildwood® Organic Silken Tofu 14oz. This rich, creamy tofu is ideal for replacing eggs or dairy to create a healthier dessert or smoothie. Ingredients: Water, Organic Soybeans, Contains 2% or less of: Glucono Delta Lactone, Calcium Sulfate, Magnesium Chloride. Contains: Soy Silken. Nasoya® Silken Tofu is ideal for replacing eggs or dairy to create a healthier dessert or smoothie! Where to Buy. Previous Next. 4g of Plant-Based Protein . Made with Simple Ingredients. America's #1 Tofu. How to prepare. Ingredients

If you're a fan of warm desserts with silken texture, you will love this easy recipe for Tofu Pudding with Ginger Syrup (Dau Hu Nuoc Duong / Tao Pho). This sweet treat has such comforting flavors and textures--warm, smooth and delicate pudding topped with a gooey ginger-infused syrup In a stand-up mixer with the paddle attachment, beat the butter, sugar, and lemon zest together until smooth and creamy. Add flour and mix until well incorporated. Press the dough into the prepared pan and bake for 20 minutes until light golden brown. Remove from the oven and let cool for at least 15 minutes Bake for 5 minutes. In a blender, combine tofu, vegan cream cheese, lemon zest, lemon juice and confectioner's sugar. Dissolve cornstarch in soy milk, then add to the blender. Blend until smooth. Pour the filling into the crust. Bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees F. Reduce the heat to 325 degrees F and continue baking for 15 minutes or until set Silken tofu is great for desserts because it has a very mild flavor. It's also very creamy and soft and is very different from firm tofu. Chocolate does a great job of adding flavor to a dessert so all you taste is the chocolate in this recipe - no sign of tofu at all. The silken tofu gives this the absolutely perfect texture for a. Silken tofu can also power your desserts. Try this recipe, and you might be surprised how a dessert with protein and not-too-much fat can be so decadent. With only silken tofu, cocoa powder, sweetener, and vanilla extract, you can whip up this mousse in less than 15 minutes. Get the Vegan Chocolate Mousse recipe

Silken tofu is undrained and unpressed tofu. It has a softer consistency than regular tofu and feels more like solidified pudding or custard. It's available in several consistencies depending on how much soy protein it contains: soft, medium-firm, firm, and extra-firm (read more on different types of silken tofu here ) For more information on silken tofu, as well as a killer dairy-free dessert, check out my Dairy-Free Lemon Pie recipe. RECIPE NOTES. A quick note on separation: Silken tofu separates a bit when it sits; you'll get a small amount of water on the top. If that is present when you open your tub, try to pour a bit of it off Silken tofu is a miraculous ingredient for vegans and lactose-intolerant dessert-lovers because silken tofu is a fantastic egg, cream, and butter substitute. It stands in for many animal-based products. A lot of vegan recipes use silken tofu purée in custards, cakes, pie fillings, and other baked desserts Silken Tofu for Dessert! Even though desert may not be your first thought, tofu is a good substitute for many ingredients in your favorite deserts. By using silken tofu, you still get delicious desserts that are healthy and almost guilt-free. 1. Chocolate Mousse Silken tofu dessert recipes easy Food easy recipes. 2. 25 best ideas about Tofu Smoothie on Pinterest. 3. Organic Silken Tofu. 4. Vegan Chocolate Pudding 5 Ingre nts. 5. firm tofu chocolate pudding. 6. tofu chocolate pudding cocoa powder. 7

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Delicious Vegan Dessert: Peanut Butter Cream Pie. This vegan Peanut Butter Cream Pie is silky sweet with not just one, but TWO luscious layers of creaminess. The bottom layer of the pie is a silken tofu base with whipped peanut butter. It has a hint of sweetness from pure maple syrup. The top layer of the pie is a light, airy vegan coconut whipped cream topped with shaved dark chocolate pieces Tofu Pudding aka Tofu Fa, Douhua, or Soy Pudding is a super popular Ancient Chinese snack/dessert. According to historical records, its existence traces back to before 122 BC! Besides being a sweet dessert, traditional Dou Hua 豆花 is also enjoyed as a savory or spicy snack in different regions of China & Asia Preheat the oven to 325°F. Make the chocolate mousse by combining all mousse ingredients in a bowl. Whisk until smooth and fluffy. Make the granola by combining all granola ingredients in a separate bowl. Place the granola mixture on a baking sheet lined with a silicone mat or parchment paper. Using a spoon, press granola mixture down and pack. Silken tofu (of course)-The silken tofu is going to be the base of this dessert. When purchasing your silken tofu make sure to get organic silken tofu. Since soy is so mass produced it is easy to ingest a lot of the pesticide that was used to grow non-organic tofu and that's a no no! Make sure to also get extra-firm silken tofu instead of. Add to soup: Carefully cut firm silken tofu into small pieces to use in miso soup, or gently simmer it in dashi to make melt-in-the-mouth yudofu. As a deep-fried appetizer: Coat firm or extra-firm silken tofu in a layer of potato starch and deep-fried to make crispy agedashi tofu. Add to desserts and dressings: When blended, silken tofu lends a.

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  1. Advertisement. Step 2. In a large nonreactive saucepan, combine the sugar with the slivered ginger and 1 cup of water. Bring to a boil over high heat, then lower the heat to moderate, cover and.
  2. Jan 12, 2020 - Explore Frosoula Theocleous's board Silken tofu recipes on Pinterest. See more ideas about recipes, vegan desserts, dessert recipes
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  4. . 200g silken tofu. 1/2 avocado. 1 cup raspberries. 1/3 cup brown rice syrup. 1/2 tsp vanilla powder. To serve: fresh berries and lime zest. Simply combine all the ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy
  5. When To Serve This Silken Tofu Dessert: This vegan, eggless mousse makes an awesome guilt-less dessert recipe! It can also be a wonderful vegan dessert idea for dinner parties and holidays! Since blueberries are so bright and beautiful, this could be a great healthy dessert for Easter or summer BBQ's

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Vegan omelette. Pack silken tofu • any raw mixed vegetables-broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, spring onion, mushroom etc • Oil for frying (or FryLight) • Onion powder • garlic powder • Cornflour slurry (1 heaped teaspoon & a bit of cold water) • Salt and pepper • nutritional yeast. 1 hr plus prep. 4 servings. Rachel But my recipe for Chocolate Silken Cheesecake is a lot lighter; it uses silken tofu instead of eggs, as well as the traditional cream cheese. It's so light, the body tastes almost like custard. The base of the dessert is made with crushed shortbread cookies and the top is made with a layer of fresh cherries and gelatin Healthier Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pudding CakeyBoi. unsweetened cocoa powder, sweetener, chocolate shavings, silken tofu and 1 more. Vegan Pecan Pie Lazy Cat Kitchen. white flour, ground cinnamon, fine sea salt, pecan halves, coconut oil and 10 more

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For a generous bowl of vegetables, take about 150 grams silken tofu (approximately ⅓ of your block; refrigerate leftovers and eat within a couple of days) and add 1 Tbsp. white miso and ground. 1. Add the tofu, cacao powder, instant coffee, vanilla extract and pinch of salt to food processor. If you don't have instant coffee, you can substitute 1 tablespoon brewed espresso. 2. Blend until smooth, scraping down the sides of the food processor as needed. 3 Silken tofu, on the other hand, is a shelf stable product found usually in the international food aisle at most well-stocked grocery stores. Silken tofu has a creamier consistency than regular tofu making it a great egg replacement for custards , puddings , and cream pies

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  1. 90-110 calories per portion. 5 grams of protein. 2.5 grams of fat. 10% of your RDI of calcium. no weird ingredients, just water, non-GMO soy beans, natural flavour, calcium sulfate, and natural colouring. 13-17 grams of sugar (depending on the flavour
  2. Yes! You can use silken tofu in your desserts, especially for baking recipes (but probably not block tofu). Silken tofu, as in this smoothie recipe, has a creamy texture and rich flavor. For anybody concerned about mild soybean flavor in the tofu, there's no need to worry. Chocolate covers up any flavors you might have detected
  3. Tofu can also be used as a protein-rich meat alternative in various lunch & dinner recipes such as vegan fish, goulash, curries, and many more. And lastly, you can use tofu (in this case silken tofu) to make a no-bake cheesecake. See, tofu is full of surprises! Tofu for Breakfas

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  1. A very easy recipe to prepare a mango pudding using silken tofu. You can change the ratio of the tofu and mango pulp to suit your taste. I also froze the pudding to have a tofu mango ice cream. I transferred the pudding to a stainless steel container with lid and placed it in the freezer
  2. Place silken tofu, melted chocolate, agave syrup, some vanilla sugar or vanilla extract and lemon zest in a blender. Vanilla sugar and lemon zest are optional. The additional lemon flavor gives the cream a refreshing taste. You can also add some nut butter. It makes this vegan chocolate mousse even richer in nutrients
  3. Silken tofu is much softer than the more common tofu varieties because it contains more water. When used correctly, you can prepare a variety of delicious dishes with silken tofu, including sweet desserts. Silken Tofu: What Makes it Specia
  4. ute. Transfer the crust mixture to a 9-inch pie plate or tart pan with removable bottom
  5. Dessert Monster offers so many choices that it was really tough to decide what to get. Mr Koh recommended the Monster Treasure ($3.50), and so Monster Treasure it was! The traditional chendol features ingredients such as Gula Melaka, Coconut Milk, Green Worm and red beans served atop shaved ice
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  7. Soft Silken Tofu . Delicate and heavy, soft silken tofu falls through your fingers under its own water weight. It requires the careful handling of a poached egg, and will break like one if manipulated too much. It is particularly suited to saucy recipes, such as dressings, smoothies, and egg or yogurt substitutions
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  2. 10 / 26. Tofu with chilli jam and spring onions. 11 / 26. Crumbed tofu with kimchi dressing. 12 / 26. Silken tofu in a dashi broth with mushrooms and broccolini. Advertisement. 13 / 26. Deep-fried tofu with stir-fried lettuce and bacon
  3. For silken tofu, there is no separation or pressure exerted, and it's often solidified right in the container. The name silken tofu reflects the traditional Japanese process of molding the tofu in silk-lined fabric. Finally, there's a taste and texture difference. Silken tofu has a pudding-like quality
  4. Types of Tofu and Their Uses. Most recipes specify what kind to use, but just in case, here's a quick rundown of the different categories. Silken. Velvety-smooth, Japanese-style tofu. Available in soft, firm, and extra-firm options. Use silken for dressings, dips, sauces, and puréed desserts. Soft Creamy and tender, with a high.
  5. Silken tofu: I used firm silken tofu. If you want to make the recipe soy-free, then use 340 grams of avocado. Sweetener: Any other liquid sweetener works fine. You can use 8 small dates instead of maple syrup, however, the texture will be rather thick and not fluffy at all
  6. Directions. Combine all the ingredients and blend. Divide the mixture between four dessert dishes and chill for up to 2 hours. Garnish with reserved raspberries and serve. Hint: Can use frozen raspberries, allow to thaw and drain before processing. Serving Size: makes 4 servings. Number of Servings: 4

One part sugar to one part water. Reduce heat to a simmer and stir a minute or two, until the sugar dissolves. Take off heat and set aside. Steam silken tofu in a steamer until heated through, about 15 minutes. Divide tofu equally into four glasses or bowls. Add sago pearls and sweeten with arnibal. Mix together and serve warm Whip together silken tofu and vegan cream cheese for a dairy- and egg-free cheesecake that is both creamy and delicious. Get the Recipe: Vegan Classic Cheesecake 15-Minute Tofu and Vegetable Stir-Fr Combine the tofu, applesauce, and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Beat on medium speed with an electric mixture until blended. With the mixer running, slowly add the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. Stir in the carrots and raisins by hand. Transfer the cake batter to the prepared baking dish. Place in the oven and bake at 350 degrees F. The tofu makes a silky smooth texture that is light and whipped when blended in a blender. For this recipe, I used firm tofu and canned organic pumpkin. Even though it is Fall and there are a million yummy dessert recipes out there, sometimes you don't feel like doing all of the work Combine the tofu, cocoa powder, coconut oil, vanilla bean paste, salt and remaining 1/2 cup agave in a blender and blend until smooth, about 2 minutes. Pour the mixture into the bowl with the.

What type of tofu is best for smoothies? You'll want to use either silken tofu or dessert tofu in your smoothie. Both are very soft and have a neutral taste. Dessert tofu is often sweetened, so keep that in mind if you're limiting added sugar. Avoid using medium, firm, or extra firm tofu in your smoothies Place the banana, tofu, sugar, cocoa powder, soy milk, and cinnamon into a blender. Cover, and puree until smooth. Pour into individual serving dishes, and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving. Advertisement Orange zest 1/2 orange. Melt the chocolate over the water bath or in the microwave. Put the silken tofu, dates, orange zest, salt and maple syrup in a blender and mix until creamy. When the mixture is homogeneous, add the melted chocolate and mix again. Pour into jars and chill for about 30 minutes Silken tofu is the smoothest and works the best for sauces, smoothies, and desserts like this. Melt the chocolate. I break up the pieces into a glass bowl and microwave on HIGH, heating in 30-second intervals and stirring between each interval until fully melted

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Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Silken Tofu Mayonnaise Calories. (no ratings) Variations On a Theme: Fruit Smoothie with Silken Tofu and Peanut Butter. This results in quite a thick smoothie. Pomegranate juice or low-fat milk can be added if you don't want it so thick, or simply replace some of the frozen fruit with fresh fruit View top rated Silken tofu dessert in ginger recipes with ratings and reviews. Sweet Eight Treasure Tofu Dessert (Chu), Cute Little Steamed Tofu, Vegan Tofu Berry Custard, etc Well well well, anyone remember those Aero mousse yogurts you had as kids? I think I've just recreated a homemade vegan slightly high in protein version- YIP.. Place silken tofu and vanilla extract in a blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Add Nutella and process until fully blended. Spoon into serving cups and refrigerate for at least 3 hours until well chilled and rather firm in consistency. Garnish with chocolate curls, berries, and shredded coconut, and serve cold Silken tofu: Silken tofu works well in creamy and blended foods like smoothies, desserts, puddings, salad dressings, sauces, and dips. Extra-firm tofu: Consider extra-firm tofu the all-purpose tofu that holds its shape well and is excellent for slicing and cubing

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Strain the tofu with a mesh strainer covered with a paper towel. Wrap the tofu with the paper towel. Gently press it to help remove the excess water. Ladle the tofu into a bowl. Top with the chopped spring onion leaves, grated ginger root and bonito flakes. Finally, pour on the dashi soy sauce or regular soy sauce Check out some of our favorite tofu recipes starring the versatile, protein-packed staple, including mapo tofu, spicy tofu crumbles, crispy tofu in shiitake broth, and more Little ones will love the sweetness from the fruit and the creaminess makes it really easy for them to eat - even if they don't have many teeth yet! Ingredients 75g mixed dried fruit 75g silken tofu 50g live soya yoghurt Method Gently cook dried fruit in a little water until soft and tender. Cool a little. Blend with silken tofu and yoghurt until smooth and creamy

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As soon as you open a box of Mori-Nu Silken Tofu, you can see the mirror-like smoothness. This velvety texture is perfect for making the creamiest sauces, the smoothest soups, the most luscious desserts, and so much more!⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Blending our silken tofu produces a smooth and rich creaminess that you just don't get from regular tofu. This Korean Silken Tofu recipe is incredibly simple to prepare and calls for a handful of basic ingredients to make the most flavorful soft tofu in just 5 minutes. Seasoned with a savory sauce with delicious aromatics, this silken tofu makes for the perfect appetizer or side dish for any occasion Silken tofu is the star of this tofu chocolate mousse. Because of its neutral flavor and delicate texture, it mimics a creamy, thick mousse base. Just that plus a cup of melted chocolate, and you've got yourself a no-fuss dessert Press the dough onto a 9 or 10-inch pie pan and form a crust. Prepare the Banana Cream: Mix tofu, bananas, coconut milk, maple syrup, coconut oil, and vanilla in a blender until smooth. Pour banana mixture into the pie crust. Cover pie with foil and freeze or refrigerate until the pie filling sets 350g silken tofu, drained. 1 tsp vanilla bean paste. 4 tbsp agave syrup - plus more to taste. 1 ripe mango. 1 tbsp apricot jam. 1 ripe passion fruit. Sprinkle of ground cardamom - optional. Method. Step 1: Add the coconut oil, tofu, vanilla and agave to a blender and blend until smooth

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Silken tofu was made for the blender. It has a consistency similar to very soft ricotta cheese or yogurt, making it a perfect emulsifier for dressings, vinaigrettes, and sauces

Passionfruit Tofu Cheesecake @ Not Quite NigellaEveryday Gourmet | Tofu Chocolate MousseVegan Lemon Dessert with Whipped Coconut Cream andTofu Pudding - Doufu Hua (豆腐花) - Rasa Malaysia