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  1. Budgie feathers are made of keratin, which is a type of protein and the same stuff that makes up the budgies skin, beak and toenails. A budgie will have about 2000 -3000 feathers. There are two basic types; vaned feathers, and the down feathers which lie underneath them. Vaned feathers are all the outer ones with a stiff central shaft, whilst.
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  4. The feathers on budgie faces which show signs of disease are above the nostrils and spreading out from the beak. Feathers on your bird's face should be colorful and clean. Stained nostril feathers could be a sign of bacterial sinus infection, and matted feathers around the beak may be due to mouth discharge caused by disease
  5. This is how a budgie keeps his feathers clean and neat. A budgie preens his feathers by first gathering some oil from the preen gland at the base of the tail. (You might be able to see this gland in between the feathers of the rump when your budgie puffs its feathers.) The budgie then runs his beak all the way down each feather, starting at the.
  6. Your Budgie's Age. Wondering how old your little budgie/parakeet is? There are three ways to approximate the age of your budgie: 1) CAP FEATHERS - In most varieties, young budgies will have bars on their head all the way down to the cere.At about 3-4 months of age, a budgie will go through its first molt, and the top feathers on the head will be replaced and will no longer be striped

Feathers are vital for a budgie's survival. Budgies go through molting (a process through which their old feathers fall out and are replaced with new ones), and ruffled feathers during molting are normal. However, if you notice that something is not right with the feathers and the bird is not molting, it could be a sign of a disease At 6-9 days their feathers start to come through and their eyes start to open. By 10-12 days their feathers are coming in and you can start to see a little bit of the color they will be. Their mom spends less time in the nest box now since they are getting bigger and keep each other warm. 13-15 days the babies down feathers come in more, and. Olive Budgies have purple patches on their cheeks and dark blue tail feathers. 11. Gray-Green Budgie. Image: Wikimedia Commons. This color variation is very similar to olive. The main difference is the color of their cheeks and tails. Gray-green Budgies have grey/blue cheeks with black tail feathers Budgie feathers French Moult. French moult is a virus that affects some juvenile birds, a mild form of the fatal Budgerigar Fledgling Disease. It causes secondary wing feathers and tail feathers to fall out, rendering the budgie incapable of flight. In severe cases feathers fall out across much of the bird's body Shivering is a normal part of a budgie's grooming routine. If your budgie starts picking at feathers or shivering excessively, it can be a sign of anxiety and you should take your budgie to be checked out by a vet. Why is my budgie screaming? It could be boredom, a lack of exercise, sickness, or a sign of joy

Budgie moulting is the timely replacement of old feathers on the body, tail, and wings with new ones and it is a very common phenomenon in most parrot species Don't rely on the cap feathers if the budgie is a rare variety. While an examination of the budgie's head feathers is a good indicator of age for most birds, there are some exceptions to the rule. There are several varieties of budgies whose age cannot be identified through their head feathers

My blue budgie has red feathers on head since a few days and I have started to worried, he is grumpy since we got him months ago, i tried to look on his head but he dont likes to be hold, he bites really hard when I try, he never even lets me touch on his head, even hates when I touch him. He eats normally, my other budgie was molted recently. So lets start with the signs of a healthy happy budgie. Signs Of A Healthy Budgie. The budgie on the right is a healthy looking light green normal hen. Lets run through the features that would indicate her health: - feathers - clean, smooth and nice bright, crisp markings. - posture - upright, natural and alert Curly Feathers. The Feather Duster budgie is even unrecognizable as such at its birth. In fact, it isn't until the feathers begin to grow out that it is recognized for what it is becoming. Their feathers grow profusely and eventually begin to curl. The growth of the mutant's feathers does not stop as a normal parakeet's feathers would Feathers are valuable to budgies. Although you cannot control the growth rate, you can contribute to making the feathers healthy and well distribute on the s..

Pin feathers are the newly grown feathers on the budgie that is going through a molt. A pinfeather is really short when it first comes out from the skin of your bird. It emerges through her skin. and it is covered in the same type of keratin that makes up the shafts of feathers.When pin feathers are growing,your budgie would rub its head alot Many budgies will quickly tighten their feathers and become fully alert once their owners try to handle them or come into the room. If this does not happen and the budgie looks lethargic, the bird should be taken to a veterinarian. Other symptoms of an ill budgie many include the bird bobbing its tail, runny eyes, a runny nose, and diarrhea.. Budgies, like most other birds, often molt, shedding their old dull feathers in order for new beautiful and vibrant feathers to grow. When a budgie first molts, it can last anywhere between 2-3 weeks. Once the molt is complete, your budgie will have lost all baby feathers, and these feathers will be replaced by their vibrant adult feathers In budgies, crusted-over nose (cere) and/or feet. A possible sign of mites. Talk to your vet about the options. Dull feathers/feathers with unnatural banding. Many possible sicknesses here! With cockatoos and cockatiels, also watch for a lack of powder (though young birds don't seem to have as much of it) All birds can develop feather cysts but the highest incidence is in Blue and Gold Macaws, budgies (budgerigars) and certain breeds of canaries (i.e., Glosters, Norwhich, and Borders). In canaries, there is an apparent inherited predisposition. What can be done about Feather Cysts? Many small feather cysts can be gently squeezed out

this blue budgie is Johnny, from @Džana & Deni budgie can lose feathers for a number of including molting, stress, feather destructive behavi.. Molting is normal for most birds, including parakeets. Sometimes called budgerigars or budgies, parakeets lose feathers to make room for new ones to grow. The most obvious sign your parakeet is molting is that it looks ragged, with many dropped feathers littering the bottom of his cage It probably hurt a lot when the tail feathers were pulled out, it could even have broken the part of his body that they were attached to. is the budgie eating and drinking okay? Or is he sitting puffed up and sleepy looking? If the latter, put him..

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Poor Feather Condition / Long Molts. Chlamydophila psittaci - Primary symptoms in birds would be an upper respiratory infection with nasal and/ or ocular (eye) discharge, poor feather condition, diarrhea with the possibility of conjunctivitis and other symptoms. This is a disease that is transferable to humans. So if flu-like symptoms in the family exist and don't seem to resolve themselves. Baby Budgie Growth Stages. The eggs are laid every other day. Most clutches are 5-6 eggs but 4-8 can happen too. The eggs hatch every other day as well. So the difference in age on a clutch of 7 can be 2 weeks! Look at the size of a 1 day old compared to a 2 week old. Its a lot Typical budgie droppings consists of a dark, firm range and a white urine portion in the centre. The urine is of a creamy to firm consistency in general. If the bird drank much or ate fresh food, it is a bit more wet for an hour or two. You can recognize an infection of the crop by the sticky feathers on the budgie's head and in the face. To tell if your pet budgie likes you, start by observing its body language and noticing if it's wagging its tail, flapping its wings in place, or bowing its head, as these are indications that it likes you. If your bird gently mouths you with its beak, it's likely a sign of affection This includes cutting the feathers around the head to help them see and eat, and also around the vent. These birds can live for a while but do succumb to the condition, through what I believe is organ failure. I do hope the budgie you have is NOT a feather duster, but best to be informed then left in the dark. Goodluck

A budgie may use her feathers as nesting material. Before laying an egg, your budgie may start molting more and begin to use her feathers as nesting material. Advertisement As a bird gets closer to laying her egg, there is less room for the bird to pass droppings. You will notice that your bird is going to the bathroom less frequently, and when. Some feather conditions are normal, and may result from the stages that occur during molting, and others may reflect malnutrition and certain disease states. Let's take a close look at feathers, how they grow, how molting occurs and how diseases can affect the appearance of feathers. In the color morphs of budgies with the stripes (and not. budgie lover on April 18, 2018: i have 2 budgies i KNOW 1 is a male but i am not sure about the other one he/she is multi has coloured feathers and have lost colour in her/his beak and cere can you help cause i also read off a wbsite that when their beak lost colour than their sick. can you please help me The shape of the bird is a combination of the Skeleton, Muscle and Fat as mentioned earlier along with the feather it carries and ware the feathers are located/concentrated. The all-important Top end. In my opinion the most important part of the Budgerigar and the part which attracts immediate attention is it's Top End Look after your Budgie's feathers throughout their life by applying our feather conditioning treatment to improve the look and shine of your bird's plumage. Sometimes a Budgie's skin can become irritated through no fault of their own, for example through mites or lice. Quickly treat these using our fast acting, effective treatments and.

How long have you had these budgies, armatage? A feather takes a few weeks to be totally replaced - the feather has to drop before the new feather can start to develop. Then it needs to grow through and mature at its own rate. A feather that has its keratin sheath removed too early will be damaged See the underneath feathers in that pic? They grow in two different directions but are mostly held back in. Your bird has lost the main tail feather. You cannot call ANYTHING a mutation before you have bred it and produced more. I had a budgie lose the main tail at a young age. It grew back in the next moult Re: Budgie feathers looking ragged. As was stated French Molt is a virus chicks contract from ages 1 day to 14 days. The virus attacks the warmest spots on the chicks - the tail and flight feathers first. It deforming the feathers and the feathers fall out. If the infection is not too bad the feather will regrow

Budgie/Parakeet. Health. 3 days ago i saw a tiny brownish area under his feathers in my budgie's chest area, which i ignored. Last night the area seems to have gotten bigger. Upon moving his feathers his entire chest area under his feathers seems lyk he has a bleed. But there is no blood showing you can only see it when you move his feathers Another idea could be that after his bout with the poodle, and some time healing, he could be experiencing a molt, and the sensation of the new feathers coming in could really be irritating him, causing him to chew at himself a lot. Maybe reminding him of how he felt during his recovery. Your idea to put a budgie friend in with him might make. The little budgie bird is one of the most popular pets in the world, ranking just behind dogs and cats, and it's no wonder. This affectionate, cute bird is small and inexpensive, and if trained properly a budgie can mimic human speech.The origin of its formal name―budgerigar―is a mystery, but by any name, this little bird is a charming companion for most pet owners

Are you wondering what mutation/color of budgie you have? With over 1500 pictures, here is an easy to understand yet detailed budgie mutation and color guide of each mutation and its characteristics, such as body color, cheek patches, tail feathers, beak and leg/feet color and wing patterns so you will be able to easily tell the differences of each mutatio Hi, my friends budgie who is six years old has developed what we think is a tumour At first she though it was constipation as he had got poo stuck on his feathers but it has gone a reddy colour and we think it may be a tumour do you know what it could be or if there is a cure or if it is fatal Many thank First of all, the feathers of an English budgie are longer and fluffier than that of wild budgies. But, more pronounced is the color of their feathers. Their feathers are most times brightly compared to American parakeets. The difference becomes even more clear with the complexity of color mutations on the feathers

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Keeping your bird beautiful, with long wing feathers, your bird way more beautiful than clipped wings. Stay in shape, flying burns a lot of calories, if you clip your budgies wings, then he would be eating without burning any calories. Obesity is a serious matter for birds too The wild budgerigar - The budgie's original variety is shown in the picture to the right. The original budgie variety is yellow-based with blue feather structure in the body feathers, resulting in the classic green coloration of the main body (yellow+blue=green).Observe the striping pattern on the head and wings, which are both the normal type 7. 8. Budgie lost her flight feathers??? ( self.budgies) submitted 2 years ago by jolteonlove. So I have this budgie, Snowbelle, I don't know her age because she flew in through a family friends window and they couldn't keep her so they gave her to us. I've had her first 3 years now and I just took her out of her cage for the first time in a. Not every budgie has loose poop when they are molting, but it is a relatively common side effect. In our house it's intermittent for a few days while they are at the most wretched heights of pin feathers. As long as they are eating and drinking I try not to overwhelm myself with worry! Competitive drinking. I can't say that this is common. There are budgies that have slightly curled feathers, but are not feather dusters. These birds' feathers stop growing when they should stop and the birds have a normal lifespan. One of these is the crested budgie and as the name implies, the curled feathers are on the crest (or top) of the head

4. My pet budgie's cere has turned a different color. What does this mean? The cere is the fleshy band of tissue containing the nares. Young budgies of all colors start out with a pale bluish or light tan cere, depending on the budgie's feather color. As they reach sexual maturity, the cere color will usually change If the male is an English budgie, make sure the feathers around the vent are not so long that they cover the vent, preventing insemination. If the feathers are too long, trim them carefully with scissors, leaving the down showing around the vent. Make sure all the perches are stable and do not wobble or roll Accidentally Pulled Out My Budgie's Tail Feathers... Forums Birds 22 37,351; He was playing up and refusing to go back in his cage. I had to go out, so I tried to pick him up, as I have done countless times before. This time, he managed to slip through my fingers and jump from the top of the cage at the moment my hand closed around him. Somehow. The budgerigar (/ ˈ b ʌ ər ɪ ˌ ɡ ɑːr /; Melopsittacus undulatus) is a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot usually nicknamed the budgie (/ ˈ b ʌ i /), or in American English, the parakeet.Budgies are the only species in the genus Melopsittacus.Naturally, the species is green and yellow with black, scalloped markings on the nape, back, and wings Lorikeets, budgies and lovebirds are more likely to recover but a death rate of more than 95% can be expected in cockatoos within 12 months of feather changes being observed. Both viral infections can occur concurrently and indeed aviaries infected with Circo virus can expect a higher incidence of Polyoma virus infection because of the former.

Parakeet Budgie Feathers. Parakeets and budgies are birds, so naturally one of their primary descriptors is that they have feathers! When you first see a bird it's easy to think Oh feathers are all alike. But it's amazing when you have your own pet bird in your home 24 hours a day how quickly you realize feathers are NOT all alike Budgies are very active and deserve as big a cage as possible. Also, if you plan on owning a single budgie make sure you pay a lot of attention to it. If you can't please get a second bird to keep it company. Budgies are very social and need other budgies to talk to. Breeding Just add a nestbox This is the original mutation of budgies - this is what is seen in the wild. The Green budgie is Yellow Based, with blue feather structure in the body feathers which results in the normal green budgie (remember in grade school when you learned x color mixed with x color made x color - Yellow and Blue Make green ;) ) The stripes on the head and markings on the wings are Black with a yellow outline My budgie is a baby and her long tail feathers were ripped out, because she was climbing the wall of her cage with her tail feathers sticking out. 0 0 1

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  1. The base, where the feather is developing and being nourished by blood, is a dark blue color. On smaller feathers such as those around the head, the base may be a red or pink color. Pin feathers are sensitive, and birds may not enjoy being handled while moulting. As the feather continues to grow, the tip will mature first
  2. Budgie breeders have spent years tweaking the birds' genes, giving them violet and blue feathers - popular colours among pet owners. Here are a few things you may not know about these incredibly well-adapted Aussie birds. 1. They're desert nomads. Budgies are well adapted to surviving in the harsh Australian outback, their natural habitat
  3. Budgies are about 18 cm long and weigh 30-40 grams. Wild Budgies display a green body colour (abdomen and rumps), while their mantle (back and wing coverts) is black edged in yellow. The forehead and face is yellow in adults, and barred black with yellow in young till they change into their adult plumage at 3-4 months of age
  4. A budgie can have up to 3,000 feathers in total across their whole body. Budgies grind their beaks when they are happy and relaxed, similar to cats and purring! The bones of budgies (and most other birds that are capable of flight) are hollow, and filled with air sacs rather than bone marrow
  5. g and DNA sexing. We hand. We are a family owned business with more than 20 years experience

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It does look weird but it looks like the budgie could still fly and behave normally tho those feathers might get annoying. Feather dusters are something else and not something ever bred for intentionally but rarely show breeders breeding for fuller feathers will get them, where the feathers just keep growing #6 budgie feathers. In 1974, I was given a yellow Lutino budgie for my 9th birthday. I named her Sunshine Chuffskins and gave her a mate, green Fred a few months later. Years later I had blue Roger and green Rita. They all lived long budgie lives, two as old as 11! Some links to peruse . . . Feather Tie Collection. Feather on Pinteres Another way to sex your budgie, is to observe its behavior. When a budgie is about 6 weeks old, the male budgie appears to be more throaty. He has a thicker growth of jowl feathers on his chin, malar region, and throat. He has the Ebineezer Scrooge- looking jowl feathers. The female's neck appears to be slimmer

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  1. Budgies. Unlike most species, budgies don't usually come handfed. For this reason, budgies are best purchased one at a time. Single birds are much easier to tame than two at a time. Once your first budgie is tame you can buy a second. The first may actually help you tame down the second
  2. The babies hatch featherless. They develop down, then pin feathers. The pin feathers will open as the chick develops. To see pictures of budgie chicks, see The Budgie and Parakeet Place Photo Album. The male will feed the hen, and the hen feeds the chicks, youngest first, until they are about 3 weeks of age
  3. A pin feather, sometimes called a blood feather, is a developing feather on a bird. This feather can grow as a new feather during the bird's infancy, or grow to replace one from moulting. The pin feather looks somewhat like a feather shaft. However, unlike a fully developed feather, the pin feather has a blood supply flowing through it
  4. Putting a bird bath in your budgies' aviary will help them keep their feathers in top condition. This is really important for birds who live indoor because the heating systems in our homes can dry out the air. Budgies love to splash around in their bath. If yours is an indoor budgie, try an enclosed bath so they can splash to their hearts.
  5. A budgies cloaca is located below the tail feathers Although internally the cloacas of the male and female budgies perform different reproductive functions, producing either sperm or eggs, from the outside they appear very similar
  6. If the budgie is white-based, their blue feather has no yellow color to reflect on thus, the budgie remains blue. Important Note: If your budgie has no blue colored feathers and they are yellow-based, the result is called a Lutino budgie. It is a full-colored yellow budgie with red eyes
  7. The typical symptoms of this disease in an adult budgie who became infected as a chick is shown in the photo on the right. All large feathers on the wings (the primaries) and the tail feathers are missing. The remaining feathers are often broken due to mechanical stress

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While wild budgies always have vibrant green body plumage and yellow heads, selective breeding in captivity has produced birds with quite a few variations in feather color and pattern.Most of these birds will be some shade of green or blue with an accent color, though there are budgies that are all-yellow or white Feather mites can occur on budgies, and two species have been described to infest budgies. These mites, however, are not commonly encountered. Feather and quill mites can be found (rarely) on cockatiel feathers (usually primary and secondary remiges). Many budgie and cockatiel owners believe that they must use some sort of protection against. There are three basic shapes to parakeet head crests--tufted, half-circular and full-circular. The tufted crest makes the parakeet look like an off-brand cockatiel, whilst the circular crests resemble more of a cheap perm. The same mutation can make the feathers grow haphazardly elsewhere on the budgie's body, resulting in a messy coat of.

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Budgies naturally molt feathers as they get old, just like mammals shed their fur and hair. Sometimes feathers fall out by themselves, but budgies will also pull out old or broken feathers with. The scales on the feet should be smooth, the nails and beak should be smooth and not overgrown, and the nostrils should be clear and clean with no clumping of the feathers surrounding them. Budgies are active and playful and should have a large cage that allows room for toys, sleeping, eating, and flight

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A bald budgie who lost all its feathers due to its stressful life is now living happily with its new owner in the Netherlands. A heart-warming video shows little Coco hopping around and being. General Feather Replacement: Even if feathers do not change color for breeding and non-breeding plumages, general replacement of worn feathers is an essential molt that birds must undergo to maintain healthy plumage. Not all birds undergo all types of molting, but those that do may spend significant parts of the year experiencing various. > Budgie / Budgerigar. Home: Health & Supplements Vitamins & Tonics Calcium Supplements Wormers & Medicines External / feather care Probiotics Electrolytes & Recovery Grits & Minerals Colour Feed Oils & Feed Dressings Breeding Supplements Cleaning & Pest Control Red Mite Control Disinfectants Pest Control The mutant 'feather-duster' budgie. by Andrew Lamb Nora the mutant budgerigar. Click for larger view. When a clutch of four budgerigar chicks hatched out one sunny September day in 1999, it was a happy occasion for their breeder, Damien Harris of New Zealand

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Very young budgies have the bars all the way from the top of the head to their cere; when they undergo their first moult at about 18 weeks of age those bars disappear. regards. Chu. Jul 30 2006 12:43:18. When we got him he had just one black spot each side. Now he has two on one side, and 3-4 on the other Psittacine beak and feather disease. This causes poor formation of flight and tail feathers (often in combination with polyoma. Affected birds are often referred to as creepers because they have no flight feathers and cannot fly). Brown hypertrophy of the cere. This is a hormonal imbalance of older female budgies. Megabacteria Because budgies have 4 types of colour sensing cells in their eyes (humans only have 3), they are able to see into the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. So to a budgie, the pigmented feathers appear very bright. University of Queensland study. Some budgies in the study had petroleum jelly with sunscreen smeared on their heads Living with Feather Allergies. As is the case with cats and dogs, unfortunately there's no such thing as a totally hypoallergenic bird. Ultimately, if you're allergic to feathers, the best thing you can do is keep your distance from them entirely, whether they're on a pet bird or stuffed into a pillow. But if you're an allergy-prone pet lover.

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The birds might vocalize to maintain contact, but if they don't that's a solution. Place the cockatiel out of the budgie's sight by putting a piece of furniture or row of bird toys between the bird cages, or hang a towel on that side. Consider trimming the aggressive budgie's wing feathers or placing her in a roomy cage where she can. In another key experiment, the researchers compared gene expression from feathers of green and yellow versus blue budgies. Those studies showed that MuPKS was highly expressed in birds of both color varieties, but that there was a single amino acid substitution at a conserved residue in the blue budgies So these are the possible signs to understand that your Budgie is sick. 4. If tail feathers (or any other feathers) fall out, do they grow back? Feathers reoccur like hair. So if it falls, it will definitely grow back like hair. A feather falling on its own is a different issue, but if you pluck the feathers then it might damage the underlying. Matched Pair English Budgie Parakeet Light Powder Blue 2 12 Tail Feathers 15P,15P Matched Pair English Budgie Parakeet Light Powder Blue 2 12 Tail Feathers, I will state when the items were imported into the states, For USA addresses is free,This is a matched pair of Parakeet feathers About 2 1/2 One in photo is the one you will get Has been.

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LuckyFeathers.com, Hudson, Florida. 1,881 likes. Visit www.LuckyFeathers.com Specializing in Quality Hand-Fed Baby Pacific Parrotlets, Linnies, Green Cheek Conures. Common Injuries: Depending on your experience and comfort with handling your bird, these events can often be managed by the owner at home. If the desired results are not achieved right away, please call your avian veterinarian for guidance. Broken Blood Feather: Bleeding from broken blood feathers can often be controlled by applying cornstarch or flour and gentle direct pressure to the damaged. From a bald budgie to a fat goldfish — your pet queries answered. Q) I HAVE a budgie whose feathers are falling off. He is two years old and called Bertie. He looks a right state. There are no. A healthy budgie should have clean and smooth feathers, an alert and upright posture, clear and regular breathing and no discharge around their beak, eyes, or ears. If you're a first-time budgie parent, you may only want to start with one new bird. Though, budgies are highly social and will show a great response if they have a partner Budgie Hygiene. Spray your keet until her feathers are visibly wet. Good hygiene is very important for your parakeet. Regular baths help keep your budgie clean and prevent pests from getting in her feathers. A small spray bottle works well; just fill it up with lukewarm water and spray your keet until her feathers are wet

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Beak Wings & Feathers. 19 hrs ·. Here is a beautiful of our female derbyan parrot . All type of parrots Available ⬇️. @beakwingsfeathers . Please dm me for enquiries . Follow my page ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️. @beakwingsfeathers In a parakeet known as a budgie, feather color is controlled by two genes. A yellow pigment is synthesized under the control of a dominant allele Y.Budgies that are homozygous for the recessive y allele do not synthesize yellow pigment. At an independently assorting gene, the dominant allele B directs synthesis of a blue pigment. Recessive homozygotes with the bb genotype do not produce blue.

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Budgies often appear to tremble as part of their normal grooming routine, which can include ruffling their feathers, particularly after preening. If your budgie exhibits excessive preening or begins to pick her feathers or her feet, she should see a vet, as this is a sign of stressed behavior Bare Butts, Feather Loss and Feather Picking. It is a joy to see a colorful, glossy-feathered, fluffy-butted hen. Chicken skin, on the other hand, is not pretty. It's a sad yellowish or brick color, and bumpy. When irritated it's a painful-looking red. Chicken keepers become worried and upset and when see it This is one of those mutations often mistaken with grey budgies but is different. Mauve budgies have a deep blue-grey color on their bodies and blue main tail feathers. They also have deep violet cheek patches, unlike grey budgies that are deep blue or silver grey. 5 Purple Budgie. Purple budgies are very rare

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Question: Feather Color In Budgies Is Determined By Two Different Genes Y And B, One For Pigment On The Outside And One For The Inside Of The Feather. YYBB, YyBB, Or YYBb Is Green; YyBB Or YyBb Is Blue; YYbb Or Yybb Is Yellow; And Yybb Is White. A Yellow Budgie Is Crossed With A White Budgie Why Is My Budgie Screeching. One of the most common reasons for screeching in budgies is under-stimulation. Budgies need to be occupied with lots of toys and attention. A well-loved bird is a quiet bird as they say. Another reason for screeching could be overstimulation

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