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Choose between our 4 car wash packages. Add an interior touch up to any Basic, Better, or Best Exterior Wash to add door jamb drying, passenger area vacuuming, and window cleaning/dashboard dusting services! $35.99 + tax Ceramic Full Service Ceramic Full Wash Services IQ Car Wash is a self-service car wash service based in Oklahoma. A complete wash can be availed for $15 - 20, and you pay by using their proprietary card that is reloadable. IQ Car Wash branches are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Self-service operators should be charging anywhere from $0.50-$1.00/minute. In suburban communities it is very common to see a minimum of $2-$3 to start for four to five minutes of time. It is also common to see operators' minimum start amount for credit cards to be higher than for cash

Different types of car wash systems need different equipment. Self-serve car wash equipment costs $8,000-$10,000 per bay. For automatic units it can go as high as $31,000-$49,000 per bay. Make sure to do a canvass of equipment costs with your local distributors, so you can compare prices for the equipment and the brand you want Wash Me Express. The newest trend in self-service car washing is a single station, stand alone carwash unit. The Express wash is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, tire inflation, and carwash that accommodate a wide variety of customers with minimal space and expense. This equipment may be placed at businesses as an additional service such as a. The average cost of car wash usually runs around $30,000 up to $40,000 per bay. The cost depends on the brand, the type of equipment you want to have, and the type of car wash you want to build (Automatic or self-serve). Dultmeier Sales is a popular website that sells equipment for different types of a car wash

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WasherCAR - self-service car wash equipment. Ready business self-service car wash - turnkey construction. A calculator for calculating the price of costs and profits from washing to 4 or more posts. Request a consultation. VDC Login. Share: 8 800 775 48 79 Free in Ukraine +38 (098) 311-61-1 Despite waiting 15-20 minutes for an open washing station, it's always therapeutic to wash my own car and of course people watch before washing. This 7 Flags Self Service Car Wash location offers a couple of washing stations and vacuum cleaning stations. Although the washers work 99.9 percent of the time, the vacuum cleaners can be a hit or a miss Self service car wash machines can be very expensive; some cost as much as $5,000 to $10,000. The bulk of your capital will probably be spent on acquiring these machines. You can get some people to partner in your business start up as investors if the cash you have won't be enough to get the business started

Revenue Projections-Vacuums. The ideal number of vacuums to have is 1-1/2 vacuums per 1 bay of self-serve. (i.e., a 3- bay wash should have 4-5 vacuums placed somewhere on the lot). National average of revenue per vacuum is approximately * $200 - 300 per vacuum per month in gross revenue. (Incomes can and will vary. $24,672 ALL MUST GO (WHOLE LOT /PARTIAL) Product # 2844 Complete 5 bays self-service car wash equipments 5 Bays CAT Pump System (4 normal bays, 1 superbay Our Self-Service Car Wash, 24hr Automatic Car Wash and Vacuum facilities are open for business...24hrs a day, 7 days a week! Unlimited Car Washes! Unlimited Car Washes! Available at our VA locations, for one low monthly price, you can wash your car every day and as many times as you like! Get More Information. Professional Detailing Services

Wash prices will vary, currently $5.00 to $8.00, depending on the options the customers selects. Projected automatic wash revenue assumes an average of $6.25 per wash. Self-Serve Bay income is projected at $1,500 per month. This assumes 40 cycles per bay each day. A cycle is $1.25 for 4 minutes Self Service Car Washes/Do-It-Yourself Hand Car Wash. For customers who enjoy washing their own vehicles, motorcyclists, those with trailers, or the few vehicles that may not fit through our automatic car washes, we welcome you into our self service bays. They're stocked with high-pressure wash hoses and powerful blow dryers. Price: $5 for 7.

General Stainless - 72 WM Wash Booms - 2012Posted: 04/19/2021$2,100 sale pending 5/5Product # 3008. 35 x General Stainless Steel Wall Mountable Self Service Car Wash Booms. 30 Standard Single Wall Mounts + 5 Ceiling (Relics) Mountable. Sold as is, in very good working condition when professionally removed. Please contact Car Wash Consignment. IN BUSINESS. Website. (210) 495-9600. 166 N Loop 1604 E. San Antonio, TX 78232. From Business: Alamo City Auto Spa is a provider of car washing and polishing services. Based in San Antonio, Texas, it offers an array of services, such as tunnel washes,. 5. The Wash Tub 13 reviews of 7 Flags Self Service Car Wash First time doing this type of car wash so the experience was pretty different! So it was fun and I enjoyed it. I like that you have an individual stall to yourself but don't like that the mist that comes from another stalls pressure washer can get on your car when you're drying it. Other than that it was pretty neat

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Lviv, Rudnenska str. SAMWASH self-service car wash consists of 6 platforms. Two open platforms are provided for large cars (up to 10 tons) servicing, and suction cleaner with a capacity of 3 kW is provided for visitors' convenience. Also, washing of severely fouled cars and wheels is possible by means of programme No. 1 The car wash is used by locals and the thousands of visitors who come to the Big Bear Valley. The car wash is located on the main BLVD or thoroughfare that goes right through town and thousands of cars past by each day. This is the only self service car wash in the area. There are additional services that can be added that the seller will discuss Buy a car wash at a fair price. Discover the car washes from Christ Wash Systems starting with portal car washes for filling stations with little space requirements up to car washes with high washing volumes. If you are interested in purchasing a self-service car wash system, a commercial vehicle wash or a train wash, you will find the right.

Last summer a car wash operator sold his 4 bay car wash on a small corner lot for $950,000, today there is a 5 story condo building on the site with light retail on the first floor. Right now there are 5 Self-Serve car washes that are closed and are in the permit process to be redeveloped Sorry, we have detected unusual traffic from your network. Please slide to verify help hel Car Wash Services. Surf Thru Express Car Wash is an eco-friendly, high-end, express car wash that provides a clean car and a smile on your face in less than 5 minutes. We only use the best products including Rain-X, Blue Coral Triple Foam, and Wipe-Out Conditioner to protect your vehicle against all types of weather conditions Self-serve car wash equipment costs $8,000-$10,000 per bay. For automatic units it can go as high as $31,000-$49,000 per bay. Make sure to do a canvass of equipment costs with your local distributors, so you can compare prices for the equipment and the brand you want Self Service: The typical 4-6 bay self service (coin operated) car wash typically with a single in bay automatic tunnel is the one 30-40 years ago we would go with our Dad's and wash the car on the weekend. Often called squirter or coinwashes evolved in rural areas in the mid 1950's as the go to place to wash the family car

Another factor that you should need to consider in opening a car wash is the equipment needed. The average cost of car wash usually runs around $30,000 up to $40,000 per bay. The cost depends on the brand, the type of equipment you want to have, and the type of car wash you want to build (Automatic or self-serve) duce profits, the self-service car wash business can be a highly profitable business. The car wash industry is a unique one. It offers high income potential by allowing for low labor cost and inventory. Owning a car wash can be expanded into related areas such as full service, exterior automatic and detail centers. Today's Modern Car Wash Auto Paradise will establish itself as the premier car wash facility in San Angelo by providing a quality service for a competitive price and by focusing our staff on customer service. We will offer the following services to the San Angelo community: Laser touch-free and spot-free car wash (4 different washes: $5, $6, $7, $8

The car wash industry is competitive as you get to see a car wash bar at almost every turn in the city. You can still start the business and make good money out of it. This article will discuss importance of investing in a self service car wash business and steps on how you can set up your own self service car wash bay.. Why You Should Invest In Self Service Car Wash Thank you for your interest in our Full Service Unlimited Car Wash Pass. One of our managers from our Santa Rosa - Mission Circle Location will give you a call within the next 24 hours to schedule your first visit. *This is just an indication of interest. Auto Pride will not initiate any charges till your first wash 225 Crown Blvd. Timberlake, NC 27583 (800) 421-5119. sales@cpcarwash.co factory supplies auto electric self service automatic touchless tunnel car wash machine fully equipment for sale price,car wash $38,000.00-$42,222.00 / Set 1 Set (Min. Order The single station self-service washing systems SmartWash and Smart-Wash Plus are ideal for areas with limited space. It is a perfect addition to normal everyday business, e.g. at petrol stations or workshops. The SmartWash is an economical and easy-to-use compact EHRLE single station self-service washer

Car washes often offer extras. We talked to paint experts, car wash owners, professional detailers, and soap manufacturers to find out which ones you need—and where to save your money The average price for a simple hand car wash is $5 to $7. For self-service systems, the charge is usually $1 to $2 for a 15-minute use of the washing equipment. Vacuum charges are about the same. The average customer might spend $2 to $4. For automatic car wash systems, the average charge is $10 For small businesses, self-service car wash systems offers more convenience especially if the business owns few cars. Purchasing equipment required in self-service car wash systems is easy. You can always find it an affordable price. Although you will save some money, self-service could damage your car's paint or interior. Especially if the.

In comparison, express washes use about 50-60 gallons of water per car. Full service car washes use over 100 gallons of water per car. The average person washing their car at home uses about 150 gallons of water. Therefore, using a self service car wash saves water and helps the environment Risense HP-260 touchless car wash machine touch free car washing machine touchless car washer touchless car wash machine. FOB Price: US $ 19000-23000 / set. Min. Order: 1 set. After-sales Service: Avaliable. Warranty: one year Find the best prices on car wash bay accessories at Kleen-Rite. We stock self serve brushes, spray guns, signs, banners, coin boxes, ceiling booms and more. We are your car wash accessories wholesale supplier Self-Service - These types of car washes require the driver or a person to wash the car. Typically there is a power washer and a foam brush to assist in the washing process. Exterior Rollover - These are a fairly common type of car wash. It requires the driver to drive the vehicle into a bay area modern technology Self-service car washes. Touchless car washes are popular with drivers, so they are a profitable business. Such a car wash doesn't require you to employ staff. The driver washes the car on their own. Everything runs smoothly without the owner being present, so you'll have time to run other businesses

Self Service Car Wash in Boise. Open 24 hours. November is the perfect time for a car wash! Protect your car and try our Armor All triple foam wax to protect your vehicles this Winter! Posted on Aug 31, 2019. (Prices per minute are the same as cash purchases. Please press silver end button to stop credit charges Discount Car Wash coupon books are always available. Buckmans Car Wash has 4 convenient locations in Rochester and the surrounding areas. Unlimited Wash Club. Gift Books. Gift Cards. Unlimited Wash Plan Changes. 3 Pack - $28.99 (Save $0.98) 5 Pack - $41.99 (Save $7.96) Buy Gift Books Now

This instrument is only intended as a tool to provide a reasonable Ball Park estimate of the project costs involved in building a new car wash in the Denver Metro-Colorado Front Range Area. Some costs such as sales taxes, and interest expenses are not included Self-Service. Get outside and wash your own car at one of our 20 self-service wash bays in Chester, Chesterfield, North Chesterfield and Colonial Heights. View Details

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  1. Locally owned and operated, PureMagic Car Wash has been operating in the greater Knoxville area since 2003. For nearly two decades our core focus has been to provide the cleanest, friendliest, and most trusted carwash experience in town
  2. Cactus Car Wash. Investments. $2,370,000 - $3,805,000. Franchise fee. $45,000. In 1996, the first Cactus Car Wash was built with a simple goal: provide an outstanding car wash experience. At Cactus Car Wash, the customers relaxed in a comfortable lounge while the high-tech tunnel and trained staff cleaned cars quickly and thoroughly
  3. Prolific Car Wash In Nassau County. Location: Nassau County, New York, US. Status: Updated. Description: This 25 years old car wash is located on one of the busiest roads on Long Island. Rent is $7700, with 26 years lease. It receives 55,000 cars a year; does detailing too
  4. Support Cancer here: www.driventocure.orgAndrew's Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mwhjBXxmpIDonations can be made to any form of cancer research/awar..
  5. Self Serve Service Car Wash Machine for Auto Washer Business. FOB Price: US $4,000-4,400 / Piece. Min. Order: 1 Piece. Contact Now. Quick View. 3 In1 Car Washing Machine Equipment with Vacuum Car Cleaner. FOB Price: US $4,300-4,500 / Piece. Min. Order: 1 Piece. Contact Now

The car wash startup costs vary depending on the equipment and resources you choose. But there's no traditional franchise fee. 13. Nanotek. Nanotek is an Australian based carwash franchise opportunity that also has locations internationally. Formerly ecowash mobile, the company provides mobile service that's known for being eco-friendly Self service and every other business catering to our canine companions are flourishing in the U.S.! Tru Blu K9000 is the worldwide market leader, with the reliability, customer support, and performance that makes it a great investment - more than 85% gross profit on a $10 dog wash makes it a compelling passive income opportunity Autos.com says the average basic automatic wash will cost about $5 to $12 for a top of the line express wash, while a full-service automatic wash could cost $15 to $30. Self-serve car washes are going to charge by the minute, and most self-serve car washes will require $1 to $3 to start, and $1 to $2 per additional minute after

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  1. The average price of a standard $1,000,000/$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance policy for small car washes ranges from $67 to $79 per month based on location, size, payroll, sales and experience. If the car wash is self-service, there is a potential for vandalism. Attendants help cut down on problems
  2. Asking Price: $1,300,000. Two automatics with three open bay car wash for sale in Central Iowa. Located next to a Walmart, near a race track with high visibility. Read More. Cash Flow $114,328. Revenue $299,946. Add to request info basket. Asking Price: $275,000
  3. The professional car wash industry clocks in at an astounding $23 billion. The options for finding a car wash for sale range in size and scope, from self-service locations, automatic roll over bays, conveyor washes and more
  4. Self Service car wash equipment. Providing the BEST in Car Wash Equipment, Sales, Service & Support 50 East Main Street, Thomasville, NC 27360 800-733-9760. Get in touch with us Price; Get in touch... Subscribe. Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology and support. Enter your e-mail and subscribe. Go
  5. At GooGoo Express Car Wash, we're all about providing our customers with fast, convenient, and effective car washes. With over 45 sites and counting, GooGoo is the premier express car wash company in the South and has locations popping up across the US in states such as Ohio
  6. 2020-11-18T22:22:07+00:00. Sgt. Clean's Car Wash - Medina from Sgt Clean's Car Wash on Vimeo. Play

Paradise Car Wash & Detailing has been serving customers around the South Metro area since 1987. We are the car wash leaders in the Twin Cities. We take pride in our clean facilities, great customer service, friendly employees and dedication to returning your car back to you looking shiny and new Self-Service. Self-service refers to the type of equipment customers use to perform the act of washing cars themselves, using a high-pressure wand and a brush. Many car washes consist entirely of self-service equipment, while others use a combination of self-service bays with one or more automatic bays

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At The Wash Depot Greenlane we aim to make cleaning your car a pleasure not a chore. With a state of the art, touch-free auto wash, 9 self service, hot water cleaning bays, separate dedicated vacuum areas and superior, environmentally friendly cleansing agents, we are NZ's largest and most loved self-service car wash CAR WASH GIFT CARDS Give the gift of a clean car with a Super-Suds gift card! Customize your car wash gift card in one of two ways: 1. Purchase the cost of any wash package. 2. Get 5 washes for the price of 4. Swing by either Super-Suds location to pick one up today. Frequent Washer Progra

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The ONLY Self Service Car Wash in Conejo Valley! Buy Or Reload your Washcard here! Since our opening in 1978, we have washed over 1.5 MILLION vehicles! Conejo Car Wash is proud to provide our customers with the convenience of the WashCard System. WashCard is the easy way to wash your car without the hassle of carrying exact change or quarters LISTING ID # 33524 Operating Branded Gas Station, C-store and Car Wash. For Sale with property only. Property offered through the owner directly for an additional $1,350,000, for a total asking price of $1,650,000. 1 acre site. Completely renovated with new C-store, Car Wash, and Gas pumps Self Service Car Wash: Here you insert coins into a self-service machine and wash the car yourself using the jet spray attached to the machine. You begin by parking your car in a wash bay. Self-service car washes are timed, and the amount of money you insert corresponds with the length of time you'll have to wash your car Welcome to Montgomery Hills Car Wash. Since 1974, Montgomery Hills Car Wash has been providing full-service, brush less car washes for even the dirtiest of cars. The owner and workers are friendly and helpful. Montgomery Hills Car Wash is known for its quick, thorough service and reasonable prices. We are here to shine your ride

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At the Glen Burnie Car Wash, we pride ourselves in providing a great car wash experience. Our family-operated facilities are customer-friendly, clean and modern. Our two convenient locations in the Glen Burnie area give you access to state-of-the-art car washing technology using the highest quality solutions and equipment to produce a clean car The Station Locator tool can be used for variety of searches e.g. facilities at your nearest Shell Service Station. 2. Type a location into the search box click the yellow enter (e.g. London Eye) 3. Choose filters below the search box for a more specific search - see cash machine, toilet, car wash. When selected they turn yellow This is a Price Calculator for jetPOINT Self Service Automated Car Washes. Here you can calculate the investment costs and the profit of a jetPOINT - Self Service Automated Car Wash Our self service car wash structures are a standard length of 16′ 4″ wide x 20′ long. Choose the number of self service car wash bays in your structure depending on your business needs. As your business grows, add on more bays to suit your needs. Our structures are completely modular so adding more bays is as easy as can be Tricky Task — Appraising a Self-Service Car Wash . By Patrick Crowe. How can one appraiser claim a wash has a fair market value of $110,000 while his colleague, at the same hearing, states the place is worth $340,000? How can another four-bay wash (in Kansas City, KS) sell in 2009 for $40,000 when it sold three years earlier for $354,000

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A Self-Service Wash has the Least Operational Complexity Self-service car washes require much less building structure and equipment making them less expensive to build. They can be operated with little or no staff, allowing for 24 hour operation. There are almost no damage claims as the customer is doing all of the work New DiBO NEW 2000 D5 self-service car wash in Rheinstetten, Germany. 23/02/2021 New DiBO NEW 2000 self-service car wash in Saldus, Latvia. 07/01/2021 New DiBO WASHVISION self-service car wash in Rapla, Estonia. More news. More information. Latest news. 25/06/202 We provide high-quality & inexpensive self-service and automated car washes with regularly maintained equipment and clean bays so you never have to worry about malfunctions or low quality washes. We accept credit cards! (Prices per minute are the same as cash purchases. Please press silver end button to stop credit charges Drive through our car wash tunnel for a superior wash. Self Service. Do it yourself to make sure no spot gets missed! Need a Wash? Keeping your vehicle's exterior clean is more important than just appearance. A simple wash and wax can save you money in the long run by preventing exterior damage to your vehicle. In the Midwest, the climate. THE WOW FACTOR. DON'T JUST WASH YOUR CAR. WOW IT! We've designed a premium carwash experience that uses advanced technology to quickly and affordably clean your car while minimizing the impact on the environment and supporting our local communities—all making WOW the smartest carwash choice

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A self service car wash is the place to go if you prefer not to see gallons of dirty water going from your driveway to the sidewalk and the street. There is no need to wash your car in your driveway if you can find a good self service car wash near you Solar Wash has been serving the car wash needs of Southeastern Virginia Since 1980. Whether you prefer self serve, touchless automatic, or soft touch automatic, we have the wash for you. Our goal has always been to be the best operators in the area, not the biggest. Come give us a try, you won't be disappointed Environmentally Friendly Car Wash in Connecticut. With our Milford location, we pride ourselves on delivering an Environmentally Conscious, Kleen car for a reasonable price.Our services, as seen below, include everything from a Flex Service Car Wash Tunnel to Complete Detailing and Oil Change and Self Service Cleaning Join a teamyou can be proud of. Team Member Benefits. Flexible scheduling. Paid Time Off earned as you work. Health coverage available. Growth opportunities. One free car wash a week. Hourly & Commissioned positions. Discounts on oil changes, car wash services, and more

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Call Today! 985-515-1110 M-F 8am-5pm EST. Shopping Cart. 0 items ($0.00 610-873-0817 - FREE estimates. $2 Discount for veterans and active military personnel. Lowest prices in town. Car washing. Auto detailing

Best self service car wash in Toronto, ON. Sort: Recommended. All. Price. Open Now. Wash 'N Go. 3. Car Wash, Laundromat. 4000 Dundas Street W machines as there are, the amount of folding tables are everywhere. the self serve car wash is also. • The car enters the tunnel and is being washed externally. • Collect your car yourself from the exit of the tunnel. • Drive the car to the cleaning position of the self service areas. • Undertake sweeping exterior and interior cleaning. • Available time :15 minutes • price: 5,00 Washington's best car wash for over 60 years! Wash Green. Cruise Clean

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  1. Come try our great services at any of our 204 locations across the country for the best car wash experience out there. We are an express, ride thru tunnel car wash with four car wash options and always free self-serve vacuums. Purchase an Unlimited Wash Club Membership at any of our stores and start saving now on the upkeep and protection of.
  2. New Cars Wash Free. If you have a new car, we want to give you 30 days of free car washes. No Catches, No Strings!!! We've been gently bathing cars since 1966 and we want you to keep your car looking the way it did when you drove off the dealers lot. The ScrubaDub Difference. ScrubaDub is a lot different from most other car washes
  3. In less than three seconds, you are on your way into a participating Terrible's Car Wash without the need to even lower your windows. A FastPass barcode is required to use your monthly plan. You can register & pick up an RFID tag with a car wash attendant at any Exterior location. UNATTENDED Monday - Sunday | 6AM - 8PM. 347
  4. No. 1 car wash in SE Portland, with 4 locations offering FREE vacuums with every purchased car wash! Buy 3 car washes and get 4th one free with our discount cards. Services & Prices
  5. 4. Approximately 65% of car wash stations also dispense gasoline. 5. 90% of car washes are owned by a small business owner. 6. An estimated 38 gallons of water is used for each car that is washed. 7. Car wash industry annual revenue including gas purchases equal $48 billion. 8. $15 is the average price of a carwash
  6. Brown Bear Car Wash protects the environment by capturing heavy metals, petroleum products and soap washed off cars before discharging the wastewater into the sewer system for more treatment. This year, we will pay to safely dispose of more than 500 tons of toxic sludge—almost 5 ounces for every car washed
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  1. I suggest u purchase the most expensive wash the ceramic wash which gives u a 24 hour clean car guarantee from rain or dirt. The best for rainy south Florida summers. They also give u a microfiber towel to dry your car and glass cleaner for your windows. My favorite employee is Nelson at the sw 8th street and 52 Ave location coral gables
  2. gham. For over 45 years Anthony has been serving Alabama with the finest State-of-the-art equipment for the safest and cleanest wash experience. Choose from a variety of exterior and interior options to keep your vehicle in top shape
  3. gton, Delaware. Our friendly staff will greet you at the tunnel entrance to inform you of our services
  4. The self-service car washes from WashTec impress with their high cost-efficiency, flexibility and customer satisfaction. Maximum profitability and versatility for up to 8 washing bays. You place the highest demands on your self-service car wash
  5. Try the Splash Express auto wash, located at 1245 Santa Rosa Avenue, 458 W. College Avenue and 3333 Cleveland Avenue. We are the only automated, self-service, high tech, Express car and truck wash where you can get great service at an affordable price! Splash Express is the first car & truck car wash of its kind

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  1. Building costs will be roughly $100,000. The average in-bay at a stand-alone car-wash business will generate about $125,000 a year gross, with an approximate 75 percent gross margin. This leaves $93,750 for debt and other fixed costs. Tunnel car washes are a different investment altogether
  2. Car Wash Tokens of North America by Ford Coffee 1997 Hardcover 252 Pages. $25.00. $3.00 shipping. Only 1 left! SPONSORED. T.L.C. TOUCHLESS LOVING CARWASH $1 TOKEN
  3. Encinitas Car Wash. are a family owned and operated full-service car wash and detail centers, located in North County San Diego, CA. Our experienced staff, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service sets us apart as North County's premier full service car washes. With over 25 years of experience in the car care industry, we provide.
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Where you can wash your car on any day at ANY LOCATION as many times as you wish! click the image to see us in action! Slide 1 Slide 1 (current slide) Slide 2 Slide 2 (current slide) Slide 3 Slide 3 (current slide) Slide 4 Slide 4 (current slide) Slide 5 Slide 5 (current slide) Slide 6 Slide 6 (current slide Welcome to CleanTown USA. CleanTown USA is Pittsburgh's premier destination for people and their vehicles. Since 2004, CleanTown has been delivering unmatched car care and thoughtful attention to the cleanliness of each car and to our customers' comfort and complete satisfaction! Three keys to success ensure that cars shine, and drivers. YOUR WASH IS OUR COMMAND! ® - Voted #1 Car Wash : Car Wash Packages - Clean Car Guarantee - Detail Services - Gift Cards - Unlimited Washes $29.95/month. Like us on Facebook M c Henry 2150 N. Richmond Rd. (815) 363-7100. Crystal Lake 485 Pingree Rd. (815) 477-7272. Barrington 330 W. Northwest Hwy. (847) 381-0530. Huntle

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