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Harry and Dumbledore went to the cave in the cliffs, and found a lake with a central island. When they crossed to the island, they found a stone basin. Dumbledore worked out that the horcrux was at the bottom of the basin, but it was impenetrable by any means except drinking: You think the Horcrux is in there, sir — Harry and Dumbledore discuss the potion guarding a Horcrux [src] The Drink of Despair is a mysterious potion which induces fear, delirium, and extreme thirst. The drink cannot be penetrated by hand, vanished, parted, scooped up, siphoned away, Transfigured, Charmed, or made to change its nature in any way Harry Potter & Half-Blood Prince - Potion of Despair This is when Dumbledore is forced to drink the potion to achieve the horcrux.Quotes : To the well organi..

Originally Answered: What was that liquid that Dumbledor had to drink so as to get the locket (horcrux)? What did it do to his mind? The Emerald Potion,also known as the Drink of Despair, is a mysterious potion which induces fear, delirium, and extreme thirst Only by drinking it can I empty the basin and see what lies in its depths. -- Albus Dumbledore in the Sea Cave (HBP26) Voldemort used a basin filled with emerald green potion in the sea cave to protect the Horcrux made from Salazar Slytherin's locket (HBP26). References from the cano Undoubtedly, he (Dumbledore) said finally, this potion must act in a way that will prevent me from taking the Horcrux. I can't recall anything offhand that addresses the issue of how Voldemort expected to be notified of someone getting into the cave, but I think the quotes above make it pretty clear that the potion was supposed to seriously. Why did Harry Potter continue to compel Professor Dumbledore into drinking Lord Voldemort's mystically poisoned water in the Cave by the Sea? Because Harry was a teen-aged boy and, by definition, that made him an idiot. That's okay, though, becaus..

The Horcrux hunt was a mission started by Albus Dumbledore and given to Harry Potter in June of 1997 to find all of Lord Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes and destroy them. Albus Dumbledore began this quest in July of 1996 when he sought out and destroyed Marvolo Gaunt's Ring in the Gaunt shack 25) Switch to Dumbledore and drink the glasses in the middle area. 26) Switch back to Harry while Dumbledore is drinking and blast the black horde. 27) Go to the top right-most area and put out the flames with the Aguameni spell. 28) Pick up the hose and place it in the tank at the bottom-right most area And you have to drink a lot of water with it and FAST (or it turns into a gel before your gaping eyes). The result is a nasty consistency of quicksand. I used to gag it down as fast as humanly possible. It was redubbed my horcrux, referring to the Drink of Despair in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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The Horcrux has been protected with The Emerald Potion and if someone wanted to get it, he would have to drink the potion. The Emerald Potion, also known as the Drink of Despair is the potion that causes fear, delirium, and extreme thirst. The potion will not kill the victim, it just makes them very weak and vulnerable This last defence could not be removed by Vanishing or being scooped out; someone would have to drink it to get to the Horcrux that lay within. Dumbledore ordered Harry to help him drink all of the potion, no matter what effects it caused, even if Harry had to force it down Dumbledore's throat They need to drink a potion to get the horcrux. It makes Dumbledore very weak and he asks for water. Harry has to get it from the lake. The inferi try to drag them under but Dumbledore conjures a ring of fire to save them If the basin drink in the Cave was the Horcrux or just the symbolic equivalent of all sin, he also by dying destroys the evil he has taken unto himself. Coupled with his draining the bitter cup in the Cave and all we know of him, Dumbledore's death on the Astronomy Tower, the alchemical crucible, may not be obviously a pointer to his being a.

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  1. 6 Dumbledore sported a Horcrux on his hand for months. In the sixth book of the series, Dumbledore is seen wearing a strange cracked ring for the entirety of the book. We eventually learn that he is actually wearing one of Voldemort's many Horcruxes. He has taken possession of the resurrection stone and more than that, he foolishly attempted to.
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  3. This last defence could not be removed by Vanishing or being scooped out; someone would have to drink it to get to the Horcrux that lay within. Dumbledore ordered Harry to help him drink all of the potion, no matter what effects it caused, even if Harry had to force it down Dumbledore's throat. File:Halfblood-03621.jp
  4. Dumbledore drank and he saw a vision of the duel between him, his lover Gellert Grindelwald, and brother Aberforth Dumbledore and Ariana's death - the memories that he had tried to hide when he created his Horcrux. The drink also was weakening him and made him extremely thirsty as well and caused him great pain (the whole purpose of the potion)

In the cave, Dumbledore drinks a potion inside the Horcrux's container; while drinking it, he begins to scream, seemingly enduring mental torture and being weakened. Dumbledore begins to call out for water after he finishes the potion, and Harry, realising he has no other choice, dips the goblet into the lake to give him a drink This last defence could not be removed by Vanishing or being scooped out; someone would have to drink it to get to the Horcrux that lay within. Dumbledore ordered Harry to help him drink all of the potion, no matter what effects it caused, even if Harry had to force it down Dumbledore's throat. Dumbledore preparing to drink the Emerald Potion. The final drink Mixology post is dedicated to the Dark Lord and the Boy Who Lived! The Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort was known as the most powerful wizard of all time. A half-blood and the Heir of Slytherin, he was a talented student gaining the highest honors at Hogwarts

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Harry and Dumbledore retrieve the fake Horcrux from inside Voldemort's sea cave Dumbledore is killed by Snape atop the Astronomy Tower Kreacher visits the sea cave with Voldemort and escapes Kreacher returns with Mundungus Regulus Black attempts to back out of being a Death Eater Story of the Locket Reveale But we also saw it on the sixth installment when Harry and Dumbledore make their way to a cave where a Horcrux supposedly is. It's not a very pretty sight when Dumbledore realizes that, in order to retrieve it, he has to drink the entirety of a very dangerous poison that caused delirium, pain, and a bunch of other lovely things The Drink of Despair[2] was a mysterious and sinister potion that glowed green and induced fear, delirium, anguish, stomach pain and an unbearable thirst in the victim[1]. It was created by Lord Voldemort and employed by him to defend his Horcrux on the Crystal Cave Island in the Crystal Cave[1]. It could not be penetrated by hand, parted, vanished, scooped up or siphoned away; it also could. Dumbledore go in search of a horcrux, a dark magic device created by the dark wizard Voldemort in order to hide and preserve a piece of his soul. To get to the horcrux, Dumbledore must drink a lethal green elixir filled with dark power. Harry's task is to scoop some of the magic liquid into a goblet, feed it to Dumbledore, then turn aroun Dumbledore concludes that the only way to get the Horcrux is to drink the potion, and although Harry protests Dumbledore prepares to drink it, saying that even if he goes out of his mind Harry must force him to finish the potion. In choosing to drink the potion himself, Dumbledore is again affirming his own role as Harry's protector..

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Dumbledore's Horcrux by Jan-Marie Spanard Nagini definitely did not make a horcrux and nor did she drink the elixir of life as the stone is destroyed. Like you said, her long life expectancy would give her more credibility for making her a Horcrux. Also, do any of the books point out or give us a clue that Voldemort had Nagini before his. While this alone might not be a huge deal to the Harry Potter-novice, those of us well versed in the mythology of the book series know that making a Horcrux is a pretty evil and malicious process Year 6 - Level 6: The Horcrux and the Hand. Now you'll be working with Dumbledore again. Use Dumbledore to apparate across the rocks, then use WiLe to pull up the chain. Cross the rocks to the left. Then use Diffindo and WiLe to build the torch. Move the torch up to scare the vines away. Climb up. Use RED to destroy the silver rocks To test this, Dumbledore summons Kreacher to the Dursleys' living room, much to their dismay. The existence of of an such magic is disproved by the resentful Kreacher's inability to disobey an order from Harry, who sends the house-elf to work in the kitchens at Hogwarts. Harry also decides that Buckbeak (now going by the alias.

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During the events of Half-Blood Prince, Harry and Dumbledore must find a horcrux, which is a fragment of Voldemort's soul. In order to get the horcrux, one must drink a poisonous potion from a chalice until the horcrux is visible enough for them to grab it. For this obstacle, Dumbledore chooses to drink the poison It's unknown when, but Dumbledore as Headmaster would later pull the book from the library and keep it in his office. In 1997, the book went into Hermione Granger's possession when she used a summoning charm to find books on Horcruxes, which she, Harry, and Ron Weasley used to study Horcruxes while hunting Voldemort's multiple Horcruxes

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When Dumbledore found out about the Horcrux made by Voldemort, he and Harry Potter went to a cave where he believed one resided. Unfortunately, to be able to get the locket which was the Horcrux, he needed to drink the Drink of Despair. Once he did, it made him incredibly weak and thirsty Horcrux Cave (Crystal Cave) [] The Horcrux Cave, also known as the Crystal Cave, makes it's appearance in the sixth instalment in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter travel to the Horcrux Cave searching for one of seven Horcruxes created by Lord Voldemort Dumbledore's 'horcrux' hunt Dumbledore ran his hand over the liquid in the well and said it must be drank Hadrian said I will drink it Dumbledore was quick to say no you are so much more important than I am so I will drink it but I want you to promise me something harry, not matter what I say I want you to continue to make me drink. The first essay, published yesterday, was about whether Dumbledore intended Snape to have the Elder Wand and whether he wanted Harry to hunt for the Deathly Hallows. This essay will unpack why Dumbledore kept the knowledge of Harry being a Horcrux from him and whether or not Dumbledore told Snape about the Elder Wand

Dumbledore cuts his hand and drips blood onto the stone, opening the passageway. They reach a small pool of water with a green glow emanating from the center. Harry attempts a Summoning Charm on the green glow, but something very large and white erupts from the water in response. Dumbledore tells Harry that it is there to protect the Horcrux The Third Horcrux. Dumbledore discovers where a third Horcrux is and enlists Harry's help to go find it. The Horcrux is hidden in a cave near the orphanage Tom stayed at, and after getting past. Dumbledore was his horcrux search and found a Horcrux in Crystal Cave. He went to cave with Harry Potter and drunk a potion called Emerald Potion, which creates horror, despair and extreme thirst on drinker to reach Horcrux in it. To destroy horcrux, he was asked Potter to make him drink the potion at all cost Holly Thomas writes that J.K. Rowling's most recent comment on Dumbledore's sexuality should have come years earlier. And if she could not have stated he was gay in the books, the film directors. (499, 498) He may then possess some knowledge and means of how to destroy a Horcrux. Succinctly, Dumbledore knows Slughorn's strengths and weaknesses, trusts him (having known his old friend.

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  1. I must therefore ask you to remember your promise to me earlier—it is your duty to ensure I drink every last drop of this potion, and take the Horcrux, Dumbledore said gently. Why can't I drink it? Because, my dear one, I am already far gone in age and decrepitude
  2. Dumbledore and Harry teleport to a cave in search of a Horcrux. Dumbledore slices his hand as they need to pay with blood to enter the cave. They use a boat to row out to an island in a lagoon within the cave. To get the ring Dumbledore has to drink a potion which makes him weak, he asks Harry to get him water
  3. What Voldemort needed Kreacher for was to test the defenses that he had set up to guard the locket Horcrux in the underground cavern—the defenses Harry and Dumbledore had encountered at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Voldemort made Kreacher drink the potion in the basin until it was all drunk, then he put the locket.

But really, Harry is simply catching up to what Albus Dumbledore already knows: Albus has been investigating Voldemort's past for many years and received certain proof in Harry's second year that the Dark Lord had created multiple Horcruxes (HBP 500). Furthermore, Bob Ogden, Morfin Gaunt, and Hokey the house-elf are all dead by the. Drink a potion : Harry and Dumbledore go to a cave, in order to find a Horcrux. In the cave, there's a lake. The lake surrounds a small island with a stone basin on it. Harry and Dumbledore take a boat over to the basin. In the basin there's a green potion. Dumbledore has to drink it Dumbledore talks constantly of trust: he knows that Harry's instincts will be to take on the task himself, but also that Harry must force Dumbledore to drink the poison guarding the horcrux. It is Harry's act of compassion in fetching Dumbledore some water which rouses the Inferi in the big set-piece that is the climax of the second act; it. When the path opens, Harry notes that it is the special path and not the intruders one, Harry suspects it was tricked by the Horcrux in Dumbledore's blood. When they get to the bowl, Harry helps Dumbledore drink it before retrieving the fake locket for appearances. When they get back to Hogwarts Harry goes to the ROR after Dumbledore let him go

Dumbledore was pleading to be killed as Harry and Draco brought the goblet towards him. Drink this Dumbledore, and it'll all be over, Harry said. Dumbledore gulped at the goblet, drained every last drop, and then, with a great, rattling gasp, rolled over onto his face. No! Harry shouted, who had stood to refill the goblet again Dumbledore and Harry travel to a seaside cliff, and enter a cave where the Horcrux is located. After Dumbledore is forced to drink a torturous potion in order to retrieve the Horcrux, and they are attacked by inferi (corpses re-animated with Dark magic), they recover the Horcrux, a locket, and return to the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts Castle Dumbledore uses magic to help him find his way to the Horcrux. They arrive at a little alcove in the cave, and Dumbledore identifies a doorway hidden in the cave's wall. Dumbledore sacrifices some of his blood to the wall, and the door reveals itself and opens. Once inside, Harry and Dumbledore find a massive, pitch-black lake This last defence could not be removed by Vanishing or being scooped out; someone would have to drink it to get to the Horcrux that lay within. Dumbledore ordered Harry to help him drink all of the potion, no matter what effects it caused, even if Harry had to force it down Dumbledore's throat. File:Halfblood-03621.jpg. Dumbledore preparing to.

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Aberforth Dumbledore, brother to Albus Dumbledore, is mentioned briefly throughout the first six books, but very little is known about him. We know that he was once prosecuted for practicing inappropriate charms on a goat, was an member of the original Order of the Phoenix, and, as revealed in an interview with J.K. Rowling, is the bartender at. Snape casts the Avada Kedavara: Dumbledore is blasted from the tower, dead. The Death Eaters flee, Harry chases after him. He encounters Snape: Snape refuses to fight Harry, he tells the Death Eaters that Potter must be left for the Dark Lord. Snape reveals that he is the Half Blood Prince. The Death Eaters flee Albus Dumbledore was born to a Muggle-born witch and a pure-blood wizard in Mould-on-the-Wold, a small, primarily wizarding village in the south of England, on 12 August 1881.. Despite his pure-blood status, Albus's father, Percival Dumbledore, was not a wealthy man, but he provided a pleasant life for his wife and son by working as a potioneer, and by the time a second child, Aberforth, was. This is not a part of the Hogwarts curriculum. The last Harry Potter book may have come out in 2007 and the last movie in 2011, but fans still debate the intricacies and nuances of J.K. Rowling's masterful and magical series. True Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and Slytherins alike will appreciate the more insane fan theories proposed in the Potter world The two transport themselves to a seaside cliff, and enter a cave where the Horcrux is located. On a small crystalline island, Dumbledore forces Harry to make him drink a mind-altering liquid in order to reveal the Horcrux. While Dumbledore recovers from the liquid, Harry recovers the Horcrux, a small pendant

There was no Horcrux here; Dumbledore was coming here to find something that was long gone. Regulus Black had scarified himself to get the bloody damn Horcrux. It was a fake and that Potion would kill Dumbledore if he consumed ithe doubted very much the old fool would force him to drink it Cannon up to year 6, Dumbledore doesn't get cursed and lives, year 6 goes mostly same as cannon. Harry still breaks up with Ginny. Year 7. Ministry doesn't fall and Trio stays at Hogwarts. Over the year they find horcruxes and destroy them with some help from Dumbledore. Dumbledore still doesn't train Harry

After the school year begins, Dumbledore begins providing Harry with private lessons in which they examine Voldemort's past, learning of his attempts at immortality by the creation of Horcruxes Ch. 55- The Horcrux & Dumbledore's Farewell Soon, Dumbledore opened his mouth and Harry fed him the drink. Emma filled the last bit of it and Harry fed it to Dumbledore. After the last shell, Dumbledore went quiet. His face was in the dark, she couldn't see anything. Harry and Emma knelt in front of him, waiting for him to say something Dumbledore's Song Lyrics: How can I do this now with you not here by my side? / You taught me what you could, and I never thought / That you would be the one to leave me alone / Who will I turn to. Good reasoning, good reasoning.After seeing Ivan and Harry's experiment, Dumbledore admired, The idea of both of you is very good. This is probably the organ designed by Voldemort. To get Horcrux, you should drink the potion in the stone basin. After taking potion, you will Extremely heartburn, thirsty, want to drink water

Deliberately Monochrome: Some scenes in the movie, such as Harry having Dumbledore drink the liquid in order to get the horcrux, are so desaturated that they have very little color in them. Demoted to Extra: Tonks and Lupin only appear in one scene - mainly to establish that they have become a couple since Order of the Phoenix Oh, and speaking of Fudge, Dumbledore tells Harry exactly what became of him after the climax of the last book. You'd Expect: That once it became public knowledge that Voldemort had returned and Fudge had lied about it for a full year, Fudge would've immediately made a public admission of guilt and resigned his post, allowing a more honest and competent official to take over

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Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore7 (d. 30 June, 19971) was the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry5. The son of Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, he was a talented wizard even as he began his schooling at Hogwarts8. He was capable of producing the ring of fire2. There existed a biography of him, The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore8. 1 Biography 1.1 Early. When Dumbledore determined that the green potion had to be drunk in order to retrieve the Horcrux at the bottom of the basin, he again reminded Harry of the rules: As Harry unsuccessfully tried to give Dumbledore water, he had to raise the weakened Dumbledore's head to let him drink, and at one point, Dumbledore rolled onto his side and.

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Dumbledore knew that it would try to prevent him from taking the Horcrux, but he knew someone must make him drink all of it. I think it was something to make him believe that he was dying or in pain. But what Dumbledore was saying while drink, begging to stop, and that he never will again, sounds like what a DE would be begging from Voldemort. the potion dumbledore drank in the horcrux cave in half blood prince was the drink of despair.It is a mysterious potion which includes fear,delirium and extreme thirst Q&A. [During the Horcrux acquisition,Why don't they just scoop out the liquid potion and throw it at the lake OR grab the pendant directly using their hands? (I know,too simple, probably the basin was enchanted or something to never show the pendant unless the liquid was drank, my problem is It wasn't explained well in the book.That, or I. Harry Potter fans are always discovering things about the world of witchcraft and wizardry. From the realisation that James and Lily Potter were only 20-years-old when Harry was born to the exact.

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Dumbledore destroys the second Horcrux with Godric Gryffindor's sword, but, as revealed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, he also recognizes the stone in the ring as the Resurrection Stone, one of the three Deathly Hallows. The Resurrection Stone was the Hallow Dumbledore most desired, hoping to assuage his guilt for his part in the. According to evil wizard Gellert Grindelwald, Credence is Aurelius Dumbledore. Yes, of those Dumbledores. Miller, a rampant Potter fan, was just as surprised as audiences have been when he heard this The theory is that after setting Professor Quirrell on fire in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, he accidentally made a Horcrux with the Sorcerer's Stone in hand. Then after killing the.

You see, Dumbledore, high on his own ego, put on a Horcrux which made his days numbered. Realizing he can't let Voldemort know that Voldemort was the actual cause for his death, he devised this elaborate scheme to get Snape to kill him. That way Voldemort would never be viewed as responsible for his death. Either via Draco or by Horcrux 21 Tweets About Dumbledore That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Or Question Everything Who remembers that scene in Harry Potter where Dumbledore had to drink Four Loko to get a horcrux. 05:38 AM. Dumbledore supposedly looks out for Harry his entire life in the hopes of keeping him alive. However, he's more than happy to continuously risk Harry's life by sending him into dangerous situations. But, in the grand scheme of things none of it really matters supposedly because Harry needs to die due to the fact he's an unofficial Horcrux

28 Magical Facts about Albus DumbledoreMOC: HP - Horcrux cave - LEGO Licensed - Eurobricks ForumsRegulus Black - Harry Potter Wiki

Later, when the two are trying to procure one of Voldemort's Horcruxes from a secret cave, Dumbledore drinks a potion to unearth the horrible magical item, screaming to Harry to hurt him rather. The reanimated corpses set to defend the locket were terrifying, but worse was the sight of Dumbledore, suffering from the Drink of Despair. Dumbledore's agony was somehow worse than nearly being. People run screaming along the collapsing bridge. We see an image of Dumbledore with a severely blackened hand, and we learn that Dumbledore's wrecked hand was the result of his attempt to destroy a Horcrux. When Dumbledore and Harry enter Professor Slughorn's hideout, a violent struggle seems to have taken place

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