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Incision vs non-incision double eyelid surgery. Asian double eyelid surgery in NYC is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed on patients of east Asian decent. This procedure is done to create an upper eyelid crease. Approximately 50% of east asians, are born without a supratarsal fold (aka double eyelid crease) Or, Dr. Lee may use a non-incisional approach to perform the procedure. This approach involves creating a series of small openings on the upper eyelid skin to insert sutures that lift and rearrange the eyelid skin, and ultimately create the desired lid crease

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  1. g—which can significantly alter your appearance for the better. Depending on your particular condition, Dr. Westreich will apply varying methods of surgery. Still, one thing remains constant: Dr. Westreich's devotion to giving you a more reinvigorated, energized look with.
  2. Eyelid Surgery New York. Eyelid surgery is among the top five most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the nation. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports 216,000 eyelid surgeries in 2013 - and for a very good reason
  3. Some techniques for double eyelid surgery NYC include: A full incision Asian eyelid surgery New York, requires the removal of tissue (fat, muscle, and skin) around the eyelid. This is often done when a patient has thick and/or excessive skin in the eyelid area. This method provides efficient and long-lasting results that augment natural beauty
  4. New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews how non-incisional Asian double eyelid surgery is not an option for patients, but instead chosen based on age, and anatomy; and the differences of the incisional approach used for older patients

Non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation utilizes a combination of Botox® and cosmetic fillers to treat the upper and lower eyelids without the extensive downtime or recovery of eyelid surgery. Young eye rejuvenation can achieve immediate improvements and restore youthful-looking lift to the eyelids Double Eyelid Surgery Patient 10: An upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure was performed to address the excess hanging skin above the upper eyelid and to smooth out the excess fat under the lower eyelids. CO2 laser resurfacing was also done which reduced the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and completed the refreshed new look

In Los Angeles and New York double eyelid surgery is even advertised at bus stops and shopping centers. The primary goal of double eyelid surgery is to either create an upper eyelid crease or to define the crease. In a previous blog post, I describe the non-surgical ways to get a double eyelid. But if you want something long-lasting, surgery is. At New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts, eyelid surgery starts at $5,500 for upper blepharoplasty, $7,500 for the lower blepharoplasty, and $9,500 for the combination of upper and lower blepharoplasty. These fees will include anesthesia fees, surgeon's fees, facility fees, operating room fees, required garments, and follow-up visits Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery / Eyelid Lift in New York City An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgical procedure that will restore youthful contours and symmetry with little downtime. As we age hooding and folding of the upper eyelid skin may mask the upper eyelid crease creating a fatigued, less alert, and asymmetric appearance

Minimally invasive Asian Double Eyelid Fold Surgery (suture method) is recommended to Asian patients who have thin eyelid skin, little eyelid fat, and tight eyelid skin. Even though non-incisional technique has spot scar and minimal recovery period, the fold can disappear Instead, hidden but permanent sutures are passed inside the eyelid to create a new crease. Dr. Yagoda brought the procedure back to New York City (NYC) and Manhattan where she's been performing the surgery with excellent outcomes ever since. Speak with Dr. Yagoda to determine if incisionless eyelid surgery is right for you The non-incisional Asian eyelid surgery technique is appropriate when no extra fat or eyelid skin needs to be removed, and eyelid skin quality is good. The non-incisional technique is done by creating small openings on the upper eyelid skin, through which a stitch is passed through and under the skin

The eyelid crease can look longer and the eye can appear wider. If you are considering Asian/ double eyelid surgery, you can contact us at Prasad Cosmetic Surgery in New York, at Midtown Manhattan, near Grand Central Station at (212) 265-8877 or Garden City, Long Island at (516) 742-4636 Sometimes ptosis surgery is performed in conjunction with our New York Asian eyelid surgery. During the procedure, the client receives local anesthesia. The doctor will create an incision in the eyelid crease which allows him to make adjustments. Afterwards, ultra fine sutures are used to seal the incisions A board-certified Plastic Surgery of New York surgeon will create a small incision just below the eyelashes. Alternately, you may opt for a completely invisible incision to be made on the inside surface of the eyelid. The fat pockets causing the bagginess and dark shadows are removed and the area is tightened, reducing the puffy and tired look.

For an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, the incision follows the natural skin crease in the eyelid. Any resultant scar will be virtually undetectable. For lower eyelid surgery, the incision is made inside the eyelid or just below the lower eyelash margin. This incision placement will ensure a completely hidden scar Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Dr. Sherwyn performs eyelid surgery in his New York City (NYC) office. Cosmetic eyelid surgery, as a rule, addresses both the skin and fat of the upper and lower eyelid regions.Herein, blepharoplasty can rejuvenate puffy, sagging or tired-looking eyes. Yet, by necessity, cosmetic eyelid surgery must be considered within the context of the overall aesthetics of. Eyelid Surgery Prices. In comparison to more major forms of cosmetic surgery, blepharoplasty can be done for a relatively low cost. On average, eyelid surgery will cost around $4,000, though some doctors may charge as low as $2,000 and others as much as $7,000. The different types of eyelid surgery carry various price tags as well

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How an Eyelid Crease is Created with Double Eyelid Surgery Amiya Prasad, MD; New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews how an eyelid crease is created with Asian double eyelid surgery, the factors that determine the crease shape, when the incisional or non-incisional approach is used, and healing after surgery http://www.lamfacialplastics.com Dr. Sam Lam, Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon, lectures on Asian eyelid procedure as well as his original idea of how to safely.. For this reason, Dr. White is considered to be one the top providers of the blepharoplasty New York City has to offer. Some other procedures like the facelift or brow lift can often be performed in addition to an eyelid lift for patients who would like to enhance other facial areas. Dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments can also. Non-Incisional Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery Technique: For young Asian patients with thin-skinned eyelids, Asian double eyelid fold surgery can be accomplished by the facial plastic surgeon with no incisions or cutting. Sutures are passed inside the eyelid to create a new crease Upper and lower eyelid surgery can be performed alone or together, depending on the patient's needs, and are often performed at the same time as other procedures, such as a facelift. Since the incision is inside the eyelid, no sutures are required in this case, and there is absolutely no visible scar. 905 5th Ave #1W New York, NY.

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Besides blepharoplasty surgery in NYC, she also offers Asian eyelid surgery, which preserves the patient's ethnicity while achieving the desired aesthetic results. Start your journey to a more youthful look by making an appointment with Dr. Halaas today. Learn what eyelid surgery in New York City can do for you Blepharoplasty is the term for eyelid surgery, one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures. It comes from bleph, pertaining to the eyelids, and plasty, to mold. To mold the eyelids — a genteel way of describing the procedure. In reality, it amounts to surgically removing the excess skin on and about the lids and reducing fat pads. Specialty Surgery. Transconjunctival blepharoplasty has to be asked for by name, or referred to as eye bag removal with no external incision. The transconjunctival technique is practiced by specialty eyelid surgeons such as oculoplastic/ oculofacial plastic surgeons like Dr. Prasad who undergo specialty fellowship training for the eyes, eyelids, and orbit

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, improves the look of the upper and/or lower eyelids for a fresher, younger appearance. In some cases, the drooping or hooding of the eyelid can even begin to impair vision. An upper and/or lower eyelift can take years off of your face by giving you a rested and renewed look Types of double eyelid surgery procedures. Buried sutured: This is a non-invasive, non-incision method that was quite popular in the past as it was one of the first procedures introduced to the market to help create a fold. As part of this procedure, your surgeon will knot small sutures in varying loop patterns above the eyes to help create. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure and takes 1-2 hours. It may be combined with other procedures, such as a brow lift and/or facelift, in which case the total time is increased. For the upper eyelid, an incision is made in the curved eyelid crease of the upper eyelid Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting sagging or drooping eyelids. The eyelid, because its skin is much thinner than that in other parts of the face, is often one of the first facial areas to exhibit signs of aging. Eyelids that sag or droop can affect peripheral vision, making daily activities such as.

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To find out what to expect from eyelid surgery and to find out if you are a good candidate, please call Manhattan Surgical Care at 212-308-1566 to schedule a consultation with experienced New York City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman, MD, FRCS Non-incisional approach. Although technically still a surgery, the non-incisional approach doesn't make any cuts, and doesn't remove any tissue. Instead, small openings are made in the skin where the new fold is to be created. A stitch is then passed through these openings in a way that attaches the upper eyelid skin to the levator muscle. Prasad is widely renowned for his expertise in eyelid and orbital surgery and is one of the first specialists consulted for eyelid revisions because of his extensive experience in the field. Before making a decision, please consider undergoing a personal evaluation with New York eyelid surgery specialist, Dr. Amiya Prasad, in order to determine.

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The eyelid lift, (blepharoplasty), can treat these concerns and restore a more youthful, rested appearance. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of an eyelid lift, if your skin has sagged to the point of obstructing your vision, facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew White, can perform an eyelid lift to improve this condition. To learn more about blepharoplasty, or to schedule a consultation with. Remove signs of the aging process with eyelid surgery, a rejuvenating procedure that smoothes out the eyelids and enhances their appearance.Many patients are specifically in need of lower eyelid surgery. If you have excess fatty deposits on your lower eyelids but no excess sagging skin, you may be best suited for the transconjunctival incision (made within the lower eyelid)

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Blepharoplasty is a form of eyelid surgery that can improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. George Lefkovits performs eyelid surgery in New York, New York, to help you achieve a more youthful look. Schedule your appointment at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery by calling (212) 750-9494 We offer many surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men and women including anti-aging treatments, hair loss surgery, and plastic surgery. Contact our office located in Midtown,Manhattan to schedule your male plastic surgery consultation with the leading plastic surgeon in New York, Dr. Linkov 53yrs. Technique. Short-incision facelift, chin implant, Upper and lower lid lift, nose reshaping. Patient Response. Dr. Steinbrech did a great job. I am very pleased. See more from patient 11377. Age: 50 - 59 years old Ptosis is the medical term for drooping upper eyelids. This condition may affect one or both upper eyelids. When the eyelid descends, it may block the upper field of vision. Ptosis may be mild, in which case the lid partially covers the pupil, or it may be severe, in which the lid completely covers the pupil and obscures all vision Specialty Aesthetic Surgery 925 Park Avenue New York, NY 10028 Phone number - (212) 737-870

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The eyelid surgery procedure. You can expect your NYC eyelid surgery to be performed under local anesthesia, in the comfort of our office. Dr. Scarpidis will begin your procedure by rejuvenating your upper eyelids first. He will make a careful incision in your upper eyelid crease, which will ensure that any resulting scars are completely hidden from view The key to a successful eyelid surgery and an outstanding result is an open and honest conversation about your eyelid surgery process. Give us a call today to set up a one on one personalized consultation with Dr. Capek. Our office is just 13 miles from Albany and 9 miles from Schenectady, New York. For more information, visit our blog Blepharoplasty surgery can remove these wrinkles, excess skin, and bags, leaving your formerly drooping eyelids looking young and alert. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make a small incision and excise any excess tissue. You'll be able to see the majority of the results of your blepharoplasty in a matter of weeks. Final results. This has been a revolutionary advance in eyelid surgery and is great for both women and men. Skin changes can be addressed with a laser, a skin peel or a skin pinch. These techniques will be discussed with you at the consultation. Transconjunctival blepharoplasty: The eyelid fat is sculpted and minimized through a hidden incision. This is a.

In eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with mild sedation is used, and the procedure takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. Eyelid surgery can be performed solely on the upper lids; solely on the lower lids; together, or in conjunction with other procedures. For upper eyelid surgery, an incision. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) in Syracuse, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY. Double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim of the Natural Face™ Clinics, provide blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, for patients residing in the areas of Syracuse metropolitan area and Central New York area including Ithaca and Rochester.. View Blepharoplasty Before and After Photo Partial incision. A partial incision Asian eyelid surgery is often performed on patients with excess fat in the eyelids, but not necessarily with excess eyelid skin. Instead of a single long incision on the eyelid, this procedure uses up to three small incisions along the planned crease line EYELID LIFT. Blepharoplasty, or upper/lower eyelid lift, is a short surgery that can have quick, positive results. However, the importance of the surgeon's skill in this procedure cannot be overstated. After her rigorous training in New York, Dr. Rowley has performed this procedure successfully for over 20 years

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  1. A droopy forehead can make you look tired or sad, while lines and wrinkles on your forehead can make you look older than you actually are. Visit board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Sterry for a brow lift in New York City for a look that shows what you really feel. or call (212) 249-4020
  2. 3. Surgery Procedures: Partial Incision Method. Small incisions are made in segments along the eyelid to lessen the fat and skin tissues. In this procedure of double eyelid fold surgery, the double eyelid lines extend up to the last third of the eyes, as opposed to the full incision method where the lines go beyond the last third of the eyes
  3. Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) The eyes are the windows of the soul and you want yours to project your individuality. If the upper and/or lower eyelids give you a tired, depressed or angry look - regardless of how you feel, you may want to consider a blepharoplasty, a facial plastic procedure that will give you a whole new outlook
  4. During upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Chopra or Dr. Gryskiewicz can restore a tight, smooth, and rejuvenated contour through an inconspicuous incision made along the natural fold of the eyelid. Hooding can be corrected, thereby restoring the full scope of a patient's line of sight
  5. Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty is a procedure to remove excess fat, sagging or wrinkled skin and sometimes muscle from the upper and/or lower eyelids. As the skin ages and sags, the upper eyelid can accumulate excess skin creating a hooding effect which is often aesthetically displeasing to patients and can even interfere with vision
  6. Schedule Your New Windsor Eyelid Surgery Consultation Today. Dr. Fugo is committed to helping reveal your eyes' most vibrant appearance and help your entire face appear younger. He serves New Windsor and nearby areas of New York. Call (845) 565-7040 today to schedule a consultation
  7. Korea's Plastic surgery clinic, 1mm Plastic Surgery, providing accurate and delicate surgery and 1:1 beauty solutions with interpretation through free plastic surgery online consultation and plastic surgery price

If you are considering eyelid surgery or eyelid rejuvenation, please call our office at (212) 600.4109 to arrange for a consultation. Our New York City practice accommodates out of town and international patients who need to travel in for surgery as well as those who are local to Manhattan New York patients can request a consultation online or give us a call at 888-834-2075 (New York City office) or 914-366-6139 (Tarrytown office). The New York Group for Plastic Surgery serves patients from communities in the entire Hudson River Valley, Northern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Western Connecticut Asian Blepharoplasty surgery photos are available on our site. View before and after results from the procedures that were performed in New York and New Jersey. Navigation. CALL US: (888) 370-1001 Double Eyelid Suture Technique Double eyelid by non-incision suture technique Click Here For More Photos. Back to Main Gallery → Before. After

Serving Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and New York City Surgical & Non-Surgical Facelift & Neck Lift Procedure. Dr. Nguyen, a facelift specialist in Beverly Hills, favors the deep plane technique also referred to as a SMAS Lift or Composite Lift Patient 34. This 69 year-old woman was bothered by the swelling under her eyes and over her cheeks. Unlike typical 'bags' that are noticed above the lower bone of the eye socket, these 'malar (cheek) bags' extend below that bony ridge onto the cheek. Malar bags are not able to be addressed through traditional lower eyelid surgery

Experienced Manhattan breast surgeon Dr. Schwartz offers male breast reduction (gynecomastia) surgery at his New York City plastic surgery practice. 79 East 79th Street New York , NY 10075 Schedule an Appointment 212-737-909 Dr. Lissauer takes a distinctive approach to cosmetic eyelid surgery at his New York office. Dr. Lissauer performs numerous eyelid plastic surgery procedures each year and is known for producing a youthful and rested appearance with natural appearing results. Cosmetic lower eyelid surgery can improve the appearance of your eyes and the surrounding facial areas and may be the right choice for you

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Amiya Prasad, M.D. 61E East 66th St. New York (Manhattan), New York 10065 Tel 212-265-8877 - and - 901 Stewart Ave Suite 206 Garden City, New York 1153 Eyelid Surgery in NYC will help you discover the visible difference in your sight and expression after blepharoplasty in New York Eyelid Lifts in Amherst, Niagara Falls & Western New York. Your eyes are often the first thing people notice about you and are an important aspect of your overall appearance. As we age, the tone and shape of our eyelids can loosen and sag. Heredity and sun exposure also contribute to this process

At Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, we believe that plastic surgery offers the ultimate expression of art in surgery. The Centurion at 33 West 56th Street New York, NY 10019. Tel: 212.439.9900 | 560 Northern Blvd., Suite 109, Great Neck, Long Island, NY 1102 Keith M. Blechman, MD. Upper East Side Plastic Surgery Practice. 800A 5th Ave. Suite 300A. New York, NY 10065. 212-427-3982 Eyelid Surgery in New York City. Rejuvenation of the eye area is one of the most effective ways to make a person look younger and more rested. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure that unveils the natural beauty of the eyes and restores a refreshed, vibrant appearance to the face Eyelid ptosis or lazy eye is a condition where the upper eyelid droops. Ptosis can be the result of numerous medical conditions. Surgery is not always the answer for some forms of ptosis; therefore, a detailed eye examination by Dr. Velargo and by an optometrist is critical in working up the cause of your ptosis prior to embarking on a surgical endeavor

New York Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk was chosen by W magazine as a top facial surgeon nationwide. Click to watch before and after photos of eyelid surgery patients treated by Dr. Rizk To prolong a youthful appearance and display a more energetic look, Renu Artful Medicine offers patients an array of surgical and non-surgical eye rejuvenation procedures. One of the most transformative surgeries is blepharoplasty, commonly called eyelid lift surgery, performed by Dr. Philip Schoenfeld of the Washington, D.C. suburb, Chevy Chase, MD This means that the incision is on the inside of the eyelid so there are no visible scars. A common surgery I do for men in their 20's and 30's is the repair of congenital ptosis . This is a condition when a child is born with a droopy eyelid which stays droopy as they grow Your eyelid lift surgery. Eyelid surgery in New York City with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Zevon usually takes one to three hours, depending on the extent of the surgery. If you're having all four eyelids done, Dr. Zevon will probably work on the upper lids first, then the lower ones Blepharoplasty / eyelid surgery recovery time: Eyelid surgery recovery is quick, and most patients can resume normal activity 1 week after surgery. However, many patients feel well enough to continue normal activity after just a few days. The eyelids are particularly sensitive, and a certain degree of swelling and bruising is to be expected

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Cosmetic eyelid surgery is commonly performed at our ambulatory surgical facility and takes under 2 hours. It may be combined with other procedures such as a brow lift and/or facelift for creative restoration of divine proportions. For the upper eyelid, an incision is strategically made in the curved eyelid crease of the upper eyelid to make. If you are ready to look and feel your best, call us at 646-603-0579 to schedule your free initial consultation with Dr. Hyman and find out if a neck lift can restore a youthful contour to your neck and jawline. We serve patients in Manhattan, New York City, and the surrounding areas of New York Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon in New York specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Kwan is committed to performing non surgical and surgical procedures to help his patients restore a more youthful appearance with natural and beautiful results

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  1. Dr. Jessica Lattman eyelid surgeon of New York talks about combining the upper eyelid with endoscopic browlift to look less tired younger and natural. Dr. Lattman performs endoscopic browlift, this is done through 4 small incisions behind the hairline
  2. At our Fort Worth practice, the cost of upper and lower eyelid surgery together is generally about $7,000. Upper blepharoplasty alone typically starts at $3,000 when performed with a local anesthetic, and lower blepharoplasty by itself usually begins at $4,500 due to the need for general anesthesia. Of course, factors such as the complexity of.
  3. Asian blepharoplasty is a type of eyelid surgery that creates a crease in the upper eyelid when the crease is absent. About 50% of Asians are born without an upper eyelid crease, and these men and women opt for this surgery to provide additional sharpness to the eye, creating an improved shape
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Nose Surgery in New York City (Rhinoplasty) Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nasal surgery, is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. Rhinoplasty ranks consistently in the top five commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures of all ages, ethnicities, and in both men and women. Dr Co- Chair for Sunday April 14th Session B Morning General Session at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery annual meeting April 11-16, 2013 New York, New York Wallach, SG. Vertical mammaplasty: A modified Lejour approach a teaching course at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery annual meeting May 3-8, 2012. Related Procedures. Dr. Zhuravsky performs blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) for various age groups of men and women throughout New Jersey, New York, the surrounding states, and even for those that fly in from more distant locations. This very delicate and refined procedure can help restore a more youthful and refreshed appearance to one's face Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in New York, New Jersey. Our plastic surgeon, Jeffrey Schiller, MD, has been performing cosmetic eyelid surgery for more than two decades, and he is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.If you have been considering cosmetic eyelid surgery, you may have questions or concerns that need to be addressed Stephan Baker MD FACS, has more than 25 years of experience performing cosmetic surgeries, such as brow lifts, facelifts, and blepharoplasty in Miami, FL. Call 305-381-8837 to request a blepharoplasty consultation with cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Baker. - View Before and After Images -

If non-dissolvable sutures are placed they are removed on day 5-7 after surgery. An external incision can stay red for weeks to months. It is best to avoid direct sun exposure to the treated area for several months after forehead lift (brow lift) surgery Top New York plastic surgeon Dr. Darrick Antell is board certified in plastic surgery, emphasizing aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. One of the procedures he performs is the forehead lift, also known as a brow lift. A forehead lift corrects drooping brows and improves the horizontal lines and furrows on the forehead that can make a person appear. A facelift can rejuvenate your face by addressing signs of aging. Call for a free consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Hyman to see if a full facelift surgery or the limited-incision variant is for you. Also serving patients in Manhattan and throughout New York Dr. Wallach is a board certified plastic surgeon in New York City who specializes in performing aesthetic procedures of the face and body. Dr. Wallach is a past-president and a former member of the Board of Trustees of the New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons (NYRSPS). He has been featured in New York Magazine's Best Beauty Docs issue as one of the field's sharpest talents

135 East 71st Street Suite 1A, New York, NY 10021. 212-396-4400. Request Appointment. 14 Harwood Court Suite #217, Scarsdale, NY 10583. 914-363-8644 Women who are self-conscious or embarrassed by the appearance of their inverted nipples may opt for surgical correction with New York City board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark H. Schwartz. Nipple correction is a quick procedure that can successfully restore a normal appearance to the nipples and improve self-confidence Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) An Eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty as it is more commonly known, is the surgical procedure performed to correct and lift drooping upper eyelids or ptosis. Drooping and sagging eyelids tend to make a person look tired all the time and older than they are. It can also interfere with vision, interfere with the ability. Dr. Elie Levine will be happy to meet with you to discuss breast reduction surgery. Please call our office at 212-988-1800, or make an appointment online for a personal consultation in our New York City offices

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