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Contextual translation of nae sarang meaning into Korean. Human translations with examples: 내 사랑의, sarang, 내 사랑 m, 안영 내 사랑, 내 사랑의 의미, 사란 해 네 사랑, nae kkeoya Contextual translation of nae sarang into English. Human translations with examples: love, sarang, 안영 내 사랑, my love, sarang ge, sarang huo, sarang neo, sarang hao In Korea, it's quite common for people to use words like honey and babe to refer to their significant other, rather than using their name. Here is a list of the most common Korean terms of endearment you can use for the one you love. Jagiya (자기야) - Honey or Baby Nae sarang (내 사랑) - My Lov Korean. jalja nae sarang meaning. English. jalja nae sarang meaning. Last Update: 2020-08-07 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Anonymous. Korean. chingu nae sarang meaning. English. chingu nae sarang. Last Update.

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Perhaps the most popular of the Korean terms of endearment between couples, it means honey, darling or baby. You can also just shorten it to 자기 (jagi). Use this term along with Korean love phrases. It's used for both men and women What is Nae Sarang? Nae sarang (내 사랑) - My Love What does Yeobo mean? honey, sweetheart, and darling. What does ANYO mean in Korean? Formal Hello in Korean 1. 안녕하십니까? ( annyeonghasimnikka) This is the formal language version of hello is often used in announcements, speeches, or on the news in Korea Contextual translation of nomani nae sarang meaning into English. Human translations with examples: my love, 안영 내 사랑, nado sarang, kamsahamnida, sarang meaning

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What do Korean guys call their girlfriends? Other pet names include 자기야 (jagiya, baby) and 내 사랑 (nae sarang, my love). For husbands, you could say 오빠 (oppa, honey) or 왕자님 (wangjanim, prince). You could call your wife or girlfriend 공주님 (gongjunim, princess). What is Nae Sarang 사랑해 (saranghae) is used between couples, and sometimes even close friends. So if you're already in a relationship, this is the phrase you'd use. And to say I love you, too in Korean, you'd say 나도 사랑해 (nado sarangae). There is a formal way to say I love you, which is 사랑합니다 (saranghamnida) If meant to be said to a lover or a partner, the word that means 'my love' or 'honey' would be -자기(Ja-gi) or to call someone's attention, the word would be -자기야(Ja-gi-ya) These words are used in the place where names would be otherwise. People oft.. 내 사랑 (nae sa-rang) - my love. Some Korean words of endearment work better for written expressions like poems and lyrics. 내 사랑 or nae sarang, which literally translates to my love is one of those terms. This Korean endearment is the informal version of 저의 사랑 (jeo-ui sa-rang). Here's a quick Korean lesson to illustrate Meaning 'felicitous omen, beautiful and graceful' in addition to other hanja combinations, Seo-yeon is a fairly common female name. ddong sa nae(똥싸네) is seldom used in Korea. nae ga neol sarang hae is i love you where the subject and object are explicitly defined.In that transliteration (which is for 내), it means my (like my.

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It will be a form of journaling my experiences as always single Christian girl about to reach the BIG 30. This is to encourage as well as inspire singles that there is life before tying that special knot and it must be explored fully to God's glory. This series will be titled Nae Sarang (Korean language) which translates to My Love. 내사랑 (nae sarang) - My love What does Sunbae mean in Korean? I am not a native korean but I think I can help sunbae = senior hoobae = junior in general : sunbae means people who are on upper grade than you and it is a word that refers to people with more experience (at work, school, etc), ex: if you are kpop fan so you. Sesangi kkeutnado byeonhaji anhayo nae sarang. Hangeoleum ssik naege dagawa Naege sarangiran seonmureul heatjyo Geudaega ga meomuni jarie Ije geuriumman nama itjyo. Saranghae jukdorok saranghae Naega dasi taeeonado Gidarilkke hanappunin nae sarang *Reff: Geudae eobsi nan salsu eobseoyo Himdeulgo apado gwaenchanhayo Nae sumi dahaedo simjangi.

나는 당신을 영원히 사랑 dibaca naneun dangsin-eul yeong-wonhi sarang artinya adalah aku sayang kamu selamanya. 너는 항상 내 마음 속에있다 dibaca neoneun hangsang nae ma-eum sog-eissda artinya adalah kamu selalu ada dihati dan pikiranku. 너는 최고야 dibaca neoneun choegoya artinya adalah kamu yang terbaik Trivia 承 : Love - Track 06 on Love Yourself 結 'Answer' album. Korean Lyrics from Naver Music. The person who will make a person into a love. And make me, make me into love, love, love. Sitting on top of it lightly turns it into a heart Korean Version : Eonjebuteo yeosseulkka nae mame jakku deureowa Dugun dugun tteolryeowa jageun neoui misokkajido Oraen sigan dongan na gidaryeoun unmyeong gateun sarang Geugeon neoyeosseo, nan alsu isseo Oh~ nae sarang geudaeran geol Geudaeneun nae mame on jongil noganaerin somsatang gata Geudaeneun nae mame nunbusige dagaon mujigae gata Naegeman deulrige dalkomhan mogsoriro yaegihaejulhae. sarang geu sarang ttaemune geu saram ttaemune naega jigeumkkeot saraseo oneul oneuri jinaseo geu saram dasi bolsu eopgedoemyeon dasi bol su eopgedoemyeon eojjeojyo geu manheun inyeone wae hapil uri mannaseo saranghago geudae meonjeo tteonayo uriga mandeulgo uriga hamkkehan sijeol itjin motalgeoya neul gyeoteseo hamkke hajanmaldo nae moksumcheoreom han geu yaksokdo haejul su eobseoseo na nae sarang It is normal for people to idolize someone, however, for me I am really not into that thing but that was before BTS happened. My peaceful and boring life became colorful all of a sudden when I met them, not literally meeting them in person but you know what I mean

Korean (Original) [Verse 1] love you I love you geudae nundongja Soge naega salgoinneunde Neoegeman daedapaejwoyo Hwicheongineun nal butjabajwoyo Nae sarang nae sarang Nae maeumui change. T.T) The song is called 잘가요 내사랑 (Jal Gayo Nae Sarang or Chal Gayo Nae Sarang), meaning goodbye my love. A college friend sent it to me via messenger. I saw her MSN message with this song title in Korean and I thought it was Without A Heart. And then, eventually she sent me the song. I saw the MV

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  1. Baek gaeui simjangdo neoreul hyanghan nae modeun sarangeul damgieneun neomu mojaralgeoya. 백 개의 심장도 너를 향한 내 모든 사랑을 담기에는 너무 모자랄거야. A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. Sarangeun geujeo sarangida. Jeoldae seolmyeong doel su eopda. 사랑은 그저 사랑이다. 절대.
  2. dangshini neomu joha wanjeon johayo. hanappunin nae sarang duldo eomneun nae sarang. dangshini jjangirapnida. dangshini jjangirapnida. dangshini jjangirapnida. 나를 사랑으로 채워줘요. 사랑의 배터리가 다 됐나 봐요. 당신 없인 못 살아 정말 나는 못 살아. 당신은 나의 배터리
  3. Hangul • 내 사랑 싸가지 • RR • Nae sarang ssagaji • MR • Nae sarang ssagaji • Directed by • Shin where sarang is the native Korean word for love ( the Lee Myung-se ) • 1990 My Love Get XML access to fix the meaning of your metadata. Please, email us to describe.
  4. You mean so much to me in Korean. Nae sarang dangsineun nae haengbogui geunwonieyo. Some people are just sunshines. They walk into the room and brighten your day. Use this phrase. It's a lot more expressive and definitely makes you sound like a better speaker. Very creative
  5. And after having made farewells with all these things, the poet finally writes, Gayeopseun nae sarang bin jibe gatyeonne (가엾은 내 사랑 빈 집에 갇혔네 My poor love is stuck in an empty house). Just as in Eomma Geokjeong, the poet in Bin Jip has shut his wounds in a small room and is now looking back in longing
  6. Korean Version : (geu sa-ram) geu saram nal utge han saram geu saram nal ulge han saram geu saram ttatteutan ipsullo naege nae simjangeul chajajun saram geu sarang jiul su eomneunde geu sarang ijeul su eomneunde geu saram nae sum gateun saram geureon sarami tteonaganeyo geu sarama saranga apeun gaseuma amugeotdo moreun sarama saranghaetgo tt
  7. Waeiri nae maeumeul hetgallige haneun geolkka Na honja gidaereul hago na honja sarangeul hago Sigani heulleogalsurok keojyeoman ganeun sarangi apa. Kkok kkok gamchwoseo nae maeumeul heundeulkka Kkok kkok sumgyeoseo aetaeugiman halkka Almyeonseo moreun cheok ne mam sumgineun geoya. Sarang hago sipeo neowa hago sipeo Gaseum gipeun gose kkok kkok.

I have included the Korean (Romanization) and English translation for you to understand the meaning of Oppa's songs. My big thanks those who made this possible. Enjoy! Sunday, December 11, 2005. Full House OST Nunbushidorok areumdaun nae sarang Geu sarangi baro neoyeosseunikk Full House OST and Translation - Full House (Hangul: 풀하우스; RR: Pul-hauseu) is a 2004 South Korean television drama series starring Rain, Song Hye-kyo, Han Eun-jeong and Kim Sung-soo. It based on Korean manhwa series Full House by Woon Soo-yoon. It premiered on Korean Broadcasting System (KBS2) on 14 July 2004 and ended its run of 16 episodes on 4 September 2004 Kim Myung-min is cast as Jong Woo, who has Lou Gehrig's disease (progressive, fatal, neuro-degenerative disease) and his drastic weight loss during the course of filming, made fans highly worried about his physical health. Kim Myung-min, who is 1.80m tall and weighs around 72kg, is known by many to have a tall, strong figure

Learn Korean.net - your number 1 site for learning the korean language Our aim is to provide you with a FREE online tool to learn the Korean language. This merely forms a basis of your learning but if you really want to excel in your foreign language skill then I would suggest that you pay a visit to the great country of Korea What is a Hoobae in Korean? Sunbae (??, ??) is a word that refers to people with more experience (at work, school, etc), and hoobae(??, ??) refers to people with less experience. Generally, hoobaes have to use jondaetmal (???, honorific language) to sunbaes, meaning they have to speak very politely and treat them with respect • 내사랑 (nae sarang) - My love There are couple of cute nicknames used for boyfriends as well in Japanese which are known an Japanese pet names for boyfriends. These are usually called by their girlfriends out of love which sound a bit different but is there language of love PABO - means peacock in Filipino the correct word in Korea is babo it means fool or stupid. 1 like 0 disagrees. Gee Korean Korea Fool B.. YESUNG. Noonbooshin geudaega isseo himnaeyeo wooseul soo inneun hangsang HAPPY TOGETHER. SUNGMIN. Neon naui jeonbooya neon naui choigoya. RYEOWOOK. Nae saram geudae nooga mweoraedo nae sarang~~~. ALL/RYEOWOOK. Jogeum deo gakkai sarang neowa naega jigeum idaero eonjerado gyeote isseo

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  1. Neol saranghago shipeo nae sarang jugo shipeo Eoseo naege gobaegeul haejweo tell me that u love me please I wanna luv u baby Teojil geot gata nae gaseume go-in sarangi neomu neol weonhae Geureoni jebal gobaegeul hae Nan gidaryeo gidaryeo gyesok gidaryeo gidaryeo gidaryeo Naega deo jichigi jeone pogihago jeone Haejugo shipeunge eolmana maneund
  2. If you really want to step up your game and learn more basic Korean vocabulary and phrases, check out our ebook that we wrote for you, The Korean Language Starter Pack. Simple and easy to follow content, pictures and illustrations will help you learn Korean with ease
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  1. A drama about people who face hate and conflict while learning to forgive and understand the meaning of love and happiness. Da Jaldel Geoya, Nae Sarang Wensu, Video 15 Times Korean Actors BLEW OUR MINDS With Their Deeds! Featured. Weekly MyDramaList Support Goal. 3%
  2. g convention is used in both North and South Korea. There are two types of names that can be chosen - Sino-Korean, meaning names that originally come from Chinese characters, and Pure Korean, using only the Korean written language
  3. ama nae insaengye majimag mello magi naeryeo-oneyo ije taeyeonaseo neol manna-go jugeul mankeum sarang-ha-go parahke muldeu-reo shirin nae ma-eum nuneul kamado neol neukgil su eoptjanh
  4. Love is about winning. Seeing if you mean it or not, that's imprisonment. Of course, I hate that. This is a marathon, I need control. If you keep talking about love. The thirst of the soul will be solved. You gotta trust me right now. Bye bye bye, sadness Goodbye. This encounter is precious
  5. nae sarang poh da deo keun seh sang ka jyot seu ni *keu dae doh na cheo reom noon mool heul ri na yo moh deun keh da goom ee yeot seo yo keu dae ga ka ya hal kil kwa nae ga ka ya hal kil ri it seo doh ta reum eul nan al rat chyo keu dae ga seh sang eh na wa kat chi meo moo neun han keu dae man ee soh joong han sarang in keol ah shi na y
  6. nae sarang hah neun gah johk deul ae geu ee reum. neul sheem sool goht geh gool duhn nae uh reen moh seub deul. nahl boh sahl pi duhn goh mah oon nah yae hyung jeh deul. sarang hah neun mah eum eul ee jeh neun mahl hah goh pah. oo ree gah johk moh doo sarang hae yo. uh dduhk hae yah nae gah boo moh neem ae mahm eh. deul soo gah ee sseul jee moh.
  7. How to say Sarang in English? Pronunciation of Sarang with 3 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 6 translations, 7 sentences and more for Sarang

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What is sarang surowo? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2011-11-01 16:53:57. It is a song by Kim Jong Kook that is supposed to be funny. 0 0 1 In the graphic, you can see how to sing the birthday song in Korean (we've also put the lyrics + romanized below). It follows the same tune as the birthday song we all know just inKorean. Vocabulary and phrases used in this graphic: 생일 (saeng-il) = Birthday. 생일파티 (saeng-il-pa-ti) = Birthday party. 양초 (yang-cho) = Candl I jukil nomui sarang (Korean Lyrics) 1. Anieyo geudaenun nae sarangi anijyo geurae eoulriji anhayo naegen cheoeum geudaer boasseulddaedo naemamsoge deureowassdeon geudaedogeudaen anieossjyo Daranayo naenuni boji mothage nae gasume jaraji anhge nae mami arji mothage *Oh~ miumeuro gipgae jaranan geudaeg Seems like the relationship between your character and that of your ballet instructor paralleled the relationship you had off camera. Very real and touching. As a 75 year old ballet dancer who started as a youthful 55 years of age, I found a special place for the meaning of learning to soar

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  1. You can come a bit closer, you can hug me tighter baby girl. Tell me what kind of sadness you have, open your heart from now on. Smoky girl Smoky girl Smoky girl Smoky girl Girl Smoky girl Smoky girl Smoky girl. You call me with your small lips and try to erase me like makeup. In your hands is lemon juice juice
  2. WINNER - 아예 (AH YEAH) (Romanized) Lyrics: Uri ttak yaksokhae / Nan chinguneun mot hae / Kkaekkeushage / Aye / Gakkeum cham yasokhae / Sarang ppaemyeon wonrae / Urin namiya / Aye / Hanado an.
  3. Nae meorissok saegyeojin trauma I nunmul mareumyeon Chokchokhi gieokhari nae sarang Gweropjido oeropjido anha haengbogeun da honjatmal Geu isange bokjaphan geon mot chama Daesurobji amureojido anha Byeolsueobtneun banghwang saramdeureun watda ganda. Tae-eonaseo neol mannago jugeul mankeum saranghago Parake muldeureo sirin nae maeu
  4. Nae sarang? Jalja. Neomu saranghae, nae sarang Soo-hyun ends the call with a smile on his face. She's probably going to kill me once she finds out that I'm currently boarding on a plane to go see her He turns to Manager Ryu while wearing a stupid lovestruck grin. The older man just shakes his head, muttering a.
  5. 24 Aug 2011 Leave a comment. by yooricyn in download OST, Korean Drama, Lyrics Tags: OST. City Hunter. *So goodbye, don't cry and smile. Gaseum silideon sigandeul moduda bonaejulgeoya. So goodbye, Eodumsog oelobdeon na. Nan naega pilyohae

Korean song lyrics. 3,936 likes · 8 talking about this. Son When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures See what Yeshey Selden Dhendup (yesheyselden02) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas it`s a Korean word saranghae comes from the words sarang and hae meaning.. : sarang: love hae: to do so it means i love you When was Vilas Sarang born? Vilas Sarang was born in 1942

hae year, sun, harm, injury, disservice. 널 너무나도 사랑해. neol neomunado salanghae I love you so much. 우리는 너를 사랑해. ulineun neoleul salanghae we love you. 항상 사랑해 Details. Title: MY LOVE Also Known As: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST Part.10 , Nae Sarang , 내 사랑 , 달의 연인 - 보보경심 려 OST Part.10 Language: Korean Country: Kore Home / Korean Language / What Does Jagiya Mean (자기야) If you live in Korea or watch a lot of Korean dramas you may hear the word 'Jagiya' ( 자기야 ) a lot and wondered what it means. Jagiya (자기야) is an affectionate way to call your boyfriend or girlfriend saranghaeyo saranghaeyo gyeonghui nae pumaneseo geudaereul wihae saranghaeyo yeongwonhi eonjena nawahamkke haneun gyeonghui na sarang hallaeyo geudaereul wihae gyeonghui nae pume ije neukkil su innayo nae pumeseo geudaereul wihae urineun hana i areumdaun kkum naeireul wihae na sarang hallaeyo geudaereul wihae gyeonghui nae pume /

Korean Version : (geu-dae-ra-seo) Sa rang ha myeon an dwae, ma eum ju myeon an dwae bur an hae geu mal hae, nae ga ne ge mal hae.. geu dae seo it neun got, bandaero doraseoseo geotgo tto georeodo, eo neu sae nan jejari e.. beol sseo neujeungeon neomu jar ara seolma hada naega geudaereu 가 • ( ga) ( hanja 可 ) The lowest class of scores when the korean five point grading system is applied. Coordinate terms: 수 (秀) (su), 우 (優) (u), 미 (美) (mi), 양 (良) (yang) A noun that means something is allowed. 15 세 관람 가. 15se gwallam ga. I Korean age rating for 15+. 분할 상환 가 It is also important to note that in a sentence Korean normally uses particles or marker for subject, topic or object. These particles form part of the word and is pronounced without any pause. So the word 나 (Na - which mean I or me) can be heard as: 내가 or 내 (Naega or nae) - I as subject in a sentence. 나는 or 난 (Naneun or Nan.

Posts about Korean written by sierraskyeshoei. tan hanbeon manirado nal nae sarang ni kyeot'e naragal su itge haejwo and the melody just the way I like it; sweet and sexy. The meaning of the lyrics are actually really simple and straighforward, which may the song seem like it lacks substance. Contrary to tha From the present determiner form of verb 차다 (chada) meaning to fill and and 民 (min) meaning people, 玟 (min) meaning streaks in jade; gem or 旻 (min) meaning (autumn) sky, among other hanja combinations. Chan-seong 찬성 m Korean. From Sino-Korean 燦 vivid, illuminating; bright and 盛 abundant, flourishing Closer to Heaven | Nae Sarang Nae Gyeote (2009) - Kuk Dong-Suk (funeral service) The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J | Jeong Seung Pil Siljong Sageon (2009) - Director Park Lost and Found | Dalkeumhan Keojitmal (2008) - TV show PD Modern Boy | Modeonboi (2008) - Park Ka-Song Myodoyahwa (2008) My Mighty Princess | Murim Yeodaesaeng (2008) - Driver 5. eonjena eodiseona nae pyeonigo. Himgyeo-ul ttaen himi dweneun neo-ui geu miso uri sarang idaero yakssokhae na neoman barabolkke maengsehae na neoman saranghalkke. Neo-ui geu misoga hangsang nal eutkke hae neowa hamkkeramyeon nan jeongmal haengbokhae neol saranghaneun mankeum na deo neol akkyeojulkke neol saranghae ireoke. Bappeun sam soge.

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Nan geunyang saram, saram, saram Neon naui modeun moseoril jamsik Nareul sarang, sarang, sarang Euro mandeuleo mandeureo Urin saram, saram, salam Jeo musuhi manheun jigseondeul sok Nae sarang. nae maeume kok deureowa neoreul bomyeon nan tteollyeowa. Hello Hello you shiny boy! dalkomhan useumi nae maeume ssok deureowa haru jongil nan tteollyeowa. You got my heart! My love My love My love My boy x3 Rap) *dugeundugeun gaseum tteollyeo ni eokkaee gidaeeo. Come on boy You're my boy Love my boy * My love My love (My boy) josimseureopge. Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by RaphaellaDD(f): 10:43pm On Aug 01, 2019 I thoroughly enjoyed ep5 of class of lies BUT the female lead needs to get her act together and stop acting so emotionally before she ruins things and puts people (by people I really mean my baby) in danger

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Nae gyeoteseo nal bichwojwo nae mamsoge isseojwo 1. 2. 3. GO! Neoneun nae sarang(Oh love) hanappunin sarang (neol saranghae neol) Neon namanui taeyang hanappunin taeyang (MY only one) Geujeo seororeul wihae akkimeobsi jul su inneun geureon saram Neoneun nae byeolbit nae maeumui byeolbit Neon namanui dalbit sojunghan nae dalbi Raymundo Jan 11 2015 1:15 pm She's doing a good job of playing the 'nice ajumma/mean ajumma' in 'You Are My One and Only.' Another of the very pretty 50ish actresses (like every other age group) that dress the scenary in every Korean drama Ji Geum Nae Ap E Ahn Eun Saram Eul. Sarang Ee O Ryu Na Boa Yo Geu Dae E Ge Neul. Joh Eun Gu Man Jeul Gge Yo. Doo Goon Gu Ri Neun Mam Eu Ro. Geu Dae E Ge Go Baek Hal Gge Yo. (MY PSY's version: Geu Dae E Ge Neul Joh Eun Gu Man Jeul Gge Yo) (Yurisangja version) repeat**. Nae Ga Geu Dae Reul. Sarang Hae Do Dwel Gga Yo The day Korean celebrities dress well to award shows, I'll dance naked on my street. Same! Lmao, I mean look at the Chinese killing it fashion wise, these Koreans will just be dulling my spirit. 2 Likes ; Re: Nae sarang, Nae Wang, Nae Nampyeon, Nae flavor, Nae style, Nae Cheonsa, Nae strawberry, Nae Candy and his hype men.. The meaning of oppa (오빠), hyung (형), noona (누나), and unnie (언니) The Korean words oppa (오빠) and hyung (형) mean older brother.Meanwhile, the Korean words noona (누나) and unnie (언니) mean older sister.. However, the meaning of these terms expands much further than just your blood-related siblings

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All About Korean Lyrics. 15 photos of Bi Rain at the 2013 MAMA Awards that will blow your mind . If you only learned one thing from watching the 2013 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) in Hong Kong this week, it's that RAIN FALLS AGAIN.. Since exiting the military in early July, the world renown singer, actor, and entrepreneur- Bi Rain has been busy back in the studio Moduga hanbeonjjeum kkum kkun sarang, baesinkkajido i jjarbeun 3bun, 4bun geu ane da itdago Baro yeogida. Nae ssyo, nae ssyo, opera noraehaneun opera chumchuneun nae opera Neomu yumyeonghaeseo da michyeodeul bonikka Nae ssyo, nae ssyo, opera naega mandeun opera sesang meotjin opera Neomu meosisseoseo da ulgo nallinikk Nae sarang. *currently watching*: racket boys, hospital playlist 2 Song of the day : galaxy - akdong musician (lol I remember when this song came out and kbs banned it cos they didn't want people to think it was a promotional song for Samsung galaxy phones. I swear kbs are probably the maddest broadcasting company in the whole of Korea)

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nan sarang ape eorinae (eorinae) nan sarang ape eorinae [Ha /All] sarangeun Really really [Ha /All] Make me silly silly [Ha /All] nae moseup useuweojeo [Ha /All] nae moseup useuweojeo [Lu /All] nae maeumeun Really really Doesn't mean I've never held resentment toward you. Please stop playing with my brand new hear Jeju (Korean: 제주어 Jeju-eo, Korean and Jeju: 제주말 Jeju-mal), often called Jejueo or Jejuan in English-language scholarship, is a Koreanic language traditionally spoken on Jeju Island, South Korea.While often classified as a divergent Jeju dialect (Korean: 제주방언 Jeju bang'eon) of the Korean language, the variety is referred to as a language in local government and increasingly. Nae mame kkotgaruga tteodaninabwa Neol wihaeseo haejugopeun ildeuri cham manha [JIN] Naui maeumi nae sarangi deo isangeun samkigi himdeureo [Jiae] Sojunghan neoui chinguran geu mari Naneun geu mari cham sirhda [Kei] Bamsae sseudaman pyeonjiwa Mal haji mothan nae sarang [All] Ah-Choo Neol bomyeon jaechaegiga naol geot gat

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I keep getting more childish. I'm just a girl in front of love. Because I want to hear the words, I love you. I'll probably be crying again, alone tonight. Please stop playing with my brand new heart. My innocent heart. I'm just a girl in front of love. (Girl) I'm just a girl in front of love Ni pumi geuriwojyeoneomu sarang haetna bwa. Ibami jina gamyeonnunmul dwe eo tok! tok! tok! [Hyomin] Jeo eunbit dari jimyeon sara jilkkaajik nama, itneun ni hyanggi. Kkum gatdeon chueok deuldo heuteo jilkkabitmul cheoreom meolli tok! tok! tok! [Eunjung] Kiss me baby, I'll must be stay here Day by Day Here's what it means. 6. 난 (nan) abbreviated the word 나는 ( Naneun) 나 (na) means i/me 는 (neun) is topic marker 나는 means i'm / i am 내 (nae) abbreviated the word 나의 (na-e) 의 (ui) is the possessive particle. Naneun is i but in formal use naega is i but in casual use. 7

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