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Kaltura Capture offers users the ability to record both the active computer screen and live camera at the same time. It also includes a new automatic slide detection feature—if a user has a PowerPoint presentation in presenter mode when recording the screen, Kaltura Capture automatically detects and captures it, allowing the viewer to search and browse by slide Launch the Kaltura Editor. Step 3. In this example, the desired start time will be one minute. Drag the handlebar to the 1.00 point on the video. You can also select to input the 1:00 time manually. The manual input time syncs with Real-Time maker you set. Step 4. The handlebar should snap to the Real-Time marker These instructions will help you to download Kaltura Capture, a desktop recording application. Step 1. Login to your Blackboard portal (mymason.gmu.edu). Step 2. Access Kaltura from a course or Tools > Kaltura MyMedia. Step 3. Click on the Add New button and select Kaltura Capture. Step 4. Choose Windows or Mac to download the Kaltura Capture

In the pop-up window, under Additional Tools, select Kaltura Media. Step 3. In MyMedia, select Add New then Media Upload to upload new media. (You could also choose a previously uploaded video or record using your webcam.) Step 4. Select Choose a file to upload and select the media file from your computer (or drag video file into window). Step Perhaps the best quality is that Kaltura benefits students and faculty alike, for online education is a new arena for all. As Mason continues to offer additional online programs and courses—encouraging further faculty development and reaching a more diverse range of students—Kaltura would serve as an ideal starting place for anyone looking to excel within the virtual classroom Kaltura Capture: Desktop Recording Quick Start. Make it easy to create videos and other rich media, without specialized equipment. In this tutorial, we will introduce users to a desktop recording tool, Kaltura Capture, that is great for recording PowerPoint presentations with audio narration, WebCam lectures, and audio recordings No description provided . Tags. George Mason University™ Course Media Portal by Kaltura Course Media Portal by Kaltura

Kaltura Capture Desktop Recording Tool: Quick Start. From Jim McLean on October 19th, 2018. 1 1 likes | 318 318 plays. Make it easy to create videos and other rich media, without specialized equipment. Kaltura Personal Capture combines an intuitive interface with a user-centric. 03:04. How to Trim or Clip Video With Kaltura, you can capture video right from your desk, while the main advantage of One Button is the quality provided in such a space. One Button Studio is one of the many resources readily available to students, faculty, and staff through George Mason University Libraries Lecture Capture Software * - links open in a new tab. Lecture capture software allows instructors to digitally record lectures. The lectures may include audio, videos, PowerPoint slides, and screen capture into a single video for instructors to make available online for students ATI will provide a caption file when videos are hosted outside of Kaltura. If videos are hosted within Kaltura, the caption file will be uploaded to the requested video. Upload Captions Files and DIY Captions. Recorded Zoom meetings/lectures provide a .vtt caption file, which can be uploaded into Kaltura after the video is uploaded into Kaltura

In order to get the embed code, you must upload your Kaltura video to https://coursemedia.gmu.edu, publish it as unlisted and then grab the embedded code. If you have any questions about Kaltura, please contact Jim McClean at jmclean2@gmu.edu George Mason Federated Login Service - Stale Request. You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing a secure web site or application. Alternatively, you may have mistakenly bookmarked the web form instead of the actual web site you wanted to bookmark or used a link created by somebody else who made the same.

Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder. As of October 2018, Kaltura has released a new desktop recorder called Capture to replace the old recorder, CaptureSpace. CaptureSpace will go offline in June of 2019. Capture has a more streamlined user interface, and also has improved compatibility Kaltura's mission is to power any video experience. Our wide array of video solutions are deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, and entertain August 2020: Your Stearns Center team has created a new set of resource pages to support faculty teaching in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. All of the relevant information from this page has been relocated to that new resource, along with lots more updated and new material! Thinking ahead, planning for various scenarios, and being flexible Read more about Prepare for a Continuity Break[

Kaltura, the content management system used for your course media, has the ability to display information about how students are interacting with your course, called Analytics. This information can be helpful in determining which videos students find the most useful and engaging, and which may require revision

Access Denied Access Denie Suggestions for Ad Hoc Class Make-ups. To assist instructors who missed class due to delayed opening or early closure we are providing the list of suggestions below. This list was developed by the Faculty Matters Committee of the Faculty Senate, in coordination with the University Registrar's office. As always, we are eager to add more. Request Services Form. This form is to request accessible text, accessible media (captioning), web accessibility evaluations, classroom technology/distance ed evaluations, ODS/CDE/Learning Services referrals, request technology training and to report physical and/or technology barriers. If you have other inquiries, please complete the Contact. Kaltura Capture - Locate Recording Files on Your Computer . Kaltura Capture simplifies the process of recording and uploading videos into Canvas. If the upload has failed, or you need to access the recordings files locally, this document outlines the process of locating and uploading your recorded media

Current Trainings. The workshop registration site is unavailable until November 28, 2018. A new registration site will be available after this time. Following is the list of training workshops available through the end of 2018. Please email the contact listed to register or change your registration for a workshop Kaltura Capture 3/17 10AM, 3/18 1PM, 3/20 2:30PM A desktop Mac and PC application to record audio, video, PowerPoint, and screen capture. Capture is a great way to create high quality lectures and post to Blackboard The Kaltura MyMedia library within Blackboard contains all video, audio, Upload video, audio, and images; Create a screen capture, record You can access your MyMedia library from myMason by going to Tools on the left, and then selecting the Kaltura MyMedia link. 2021 George Mason Universit Keep Teaching-Instructional Continuity Main Page. August 2020 : Your Stearns Center team has created a new set of resource pages to support faculty teaching in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. All of the relevant information from this page has been relocated to that new resource, along with lots more updated and new material

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  1. Blackboard Learn. This June, MasonLive student email and Microsoft services will be migrated to Office 365. See the email for details or Student Office 365 Migration
  2. Kaltura's In Video Search API allows users to for a specific phrase within a library of videos and within the search results directs the user to the exact point in the video where the phrase appears. You can also automate the creation of subtitles and captions, and transcriptions. See the information on the Kaltura Knowledge Center for.
  3. Explore the Wonders of the Arcadia Art Installation. Arcadia is a year-long public art project using sensors and computer software to translate the natural biorhythms of medicinal and edible plants into a stream of ever-changing music and light.. Arcadia may be experienced live online 24 hours a day or from outside the Presidents Park Greenhouse on the Fairfax Campus following Mason's social.
  4. Kaltura. Faculty can record videos, store them on Blackboard, and use them in their classes through Kaltura. On Blackboard, go to Tools > Kaltura MyMedia. If you have not yet downloaded Kaltura, you will be provided with the option to do so. For help using Kaltura, contact Mason Online

Login to Kaltura MediaSpace or your KAF based application from the Add New menu, select Kaltura Capture. The Kaltura Capture app is displayed. Select the inputs and click on the Red button to start recording. The countdown window is displayed. If you decide to cancel your recording during the 5 second countdown, click Cancel All courses that have students with sensory impairments should already be in touch with Assistive Technologies, and those are priority cases; however, other faculty do also have access to free captioning services for Kaltura videos and other accessibility support provided by GMU's Assistive Technology group; see their contact data on the. Kaltura's editing tools work together so users can edit even feature-rich videos that include captions, translations, multiple synced video streams, and more. Interactive Video Paths Drive deeper engagement and meaningful data with personalized video paths in which viewers can 'choose their own adventure'

Face-to-face and/or Hybrid Teaching Resources. The resources on this page are designed to help you make some initial decisions about your socially distanced face-to-face or hybrid teaching during the 2020-2021 academic year. Stearns Center also offers ongoing webinars, workshops, and consultations to support your course development in this. George Mason University . College of Education and Human Development . Learning Design and Technology (LD&T) EDIT 706 001 - Business of Learning Design and Technologies . 3 Credits, Spring 2021 . Meets Totally Online, January 4 - February 28, 2021 . Faculty . Name: Dr. Shahron Williams van Rooij . Office Hours: By Appointment Onl Using Kaltura in Blackboar use the Kaltura video capture tool that is available to all Mason students free of charge and which is integrated in our Bb LMS. If you've never used Kaltura, just follow the easy instructions at https://its.gmu.edu/knowledge -base/kaltura capture new/. e. Each student will create five (5) vlogs; specific due dates are provided in the CLAS Ping response time 5ms Excellent ping Domain provide by not available. Domain ID : Not Available Host name ec2-34-195-88-184.compute-1.amazonaws.com, IP address:, location: Ashburn United State

Introducing Kaltura Tools to Faculty. Recently, George Mason University published a nice introduction to Kaltura's tools for their faculty. They start off by explaining what the tools do, and give a very high level explanation of what they can be used for. Then they walk through a couple key reasons why using the tools should be appealing to. Upload media to Blackboard Learn. In the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder click Manage then the Library tab. Click the name of your video. Enter your title, description, and any useful tags for your media. Make sure to rename your file with an identifiable title that will make sense to the viewer Free Resources for Teaching in Blackboard. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of a few of Mason's many resources that are available for free to faculty and staff. Whether face-to-face or fully online, many courses use Blackboard to host course information and important resources. The Online Learning Resources (OLR) team can provide you. Dr. Lesley Smith is an Associate Professor in George Mason University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) New Century College (NCC). Her interests lie in the critical, cultural, and creative exploration of digital environments, for which she has received several grants from Mason's Technology Across the Curriculum program.

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  1. RFP document, GMU-1687-21, including how GMU will conduct evaluations and scoring of offers. Please refer to the RFP document, GMU-1687-21 for all available information. Please note that this is a Request for Proposal (RFP) and not an Invitation for Bid (IFB)
  2. registered with George Mason University Disability Services. Learner Outcomes Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Develop sufficient ASL conversational skills and vocabulary to effectively communicate with members of the Deaf community in the United States (DH1S2, C1.1, C1.2). 2
  3. GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Education Leadership Program Course Syllabus Course Number and Title EDLE 616.602 Curriculum Development & Evaluation (3 credits) Winter/Spring, 2021. Meeting Dates & Times [& Location]: Wednesdays, 4:45 through 7:45pm, from January 27th to April 21st, 2021
  4. g Arts Computer Game Design V1.0 Room: Art and Design Building Rm 1018 Instructor: Paul Eric Piccione Term: Fall 2019 Contact: ppiccion@gmu.edu Section: 003 Office Hours: Thu 3-5pm, Rm 2023 Class Hours: Thursday 7:20-10:00 PM Credits: 3 Note: This syllabus may change according to class needs
  5. If you are looking for www blackboard gmu edu, simply check out our links below : 1. Blackboard - George Mason University. https://blackboard.gmu.edu/ No information is available for this page.Learn why. 2. Blackboard Courses - Information Technology Services. Blackboard Course

You can do it either way. There are advantages to both approaches. Live video recording in one take. Some people find it easier to just record a live video while they control a PowerPoint presentation, since this is a lot like giving a class presentation.If you decide to do that, tools like Zoom or Kaltura can make it pretty easy, but you should probably be prepared to do multiple takes before. Now's the time to review & refresh the Blackboard skills and course tools that you'll be using for your online teaching this semester. Here is a list of the basic skills needed to teach most Blackboard courses: Post the course syllabus. Access the course roster. Create and update course content pages. Add announcements. Send email Read more about Refreshing Your Blackboard Skills[

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No matter what kind of paper writing service you need, we'll get it written George Mason University College of Education and Human Development Education Leadership Program EDLE 620.601 Organizational Theory & Leadership Development 3 credits, Summer 2021 Meeting Day: Wednesdays; May 19 through July 21, 2021; 4:45-7:45 p.m. Synchronous and Asynchronous Virtual Classroom Instructor: Roberto A. Pamas, Ed This will open a menu. Select Kaltura Media. This will bring you into the Kaltura My Media area. Click + button on the top right hand side of the page to open a menu. Select Media Upload. Click + Choose a file to upload. Select whether you wish to upload an existing video or create a new video using your device's camera

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  1. GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY College of Education & Human Development Graduate School of Education EDLE 616.BO1 Curriculum Development & Evaluation Summer, 2021 [3 credit hours] You may use Kaltura, Jing, to record your videos and Discussion Board assignments. Group Work: You may use Google Docs, Wikis,.
  2. GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY College Of Education and Human Development Education Leadership Program EDLE 612.602 Education Law - Summer 2020, 3 credit hours Course Term - September 9, 2020 through December 9, 2020 You will use Kaltura, Jing, or Camtasia to recor
  3. Enhanced Online Learning with Blackboard. Mar 31, 2020 - In the wake of COVID-19 and the university transitioning to full online and . Blackboard Courses: Courses provides a secure system and this new virtual learning environment via 703-993-8870 or support@gmu.edu. 11
  4. The ID team offers a variety of services and expertise to faculty teaching courses at George Mason University. The team supports faculty in these four categories: 1. face-to-face courses; 2. technology-enhanced face-to-face courses; 3. hybrid courses and 4. online courses. The primary goal is to assist faculty in designing effective e-Learning
  5. accessibility must be registered with George Mason University Disability Services. Learner Outcomes or Objectives . This course is designed to enable students to do the following: 1. Describe the applicability of learning theory and adult learning theory to instructional systems design and technology 2

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GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY College Of Education and Human Development Education Leadership Program EDLE 612.D01 Education Law - CRN 41030 Summer 2021, 3 credit hours Course Term - May 17, 2021 through July 19, 2021 Instructor: Eileen Gallagher, JD Office Hours: By appointment via Zoom I am also available by email or phone GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT . GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION . Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) EDIT 526 - 002 . Web Accessibility and Design . 3 Credits, Summer 2020 . PROFESSOR(S): Name: Korey Singleton . Office hours: By appointment only (contact me via email first) Office location: Aquia 238.

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Subject Guides. Subject-specific research help and course guides. Databases. Browse databases by title (e.g., JSTOR, ProQuest) or by subject. Journals. Search for journals and newspapers by title or ISSN The Kaltura Video Editing Tool screen is displayed. Select the Edit Tab and click the Audio icon to view the available audio tracks for the selected entry as well as an Hide Audio option to hide the audio tracks. All audio tracks for the entry are shown by default. Audio levels are repesented in the timeline for the primary entry I want to save my lectures for one of my classes asa reference. Does anyone know how to download videos embedded into a Weekly lesson tab? I don't feel like screen recording 18 lectures : Kaltura, Making a Video Public. How do I make a video public? I have it in a channel but I want the public to see it without being prompted for a password. When a video asset is published in a channel, the content is always password protected. To make media publicly visible, here are your options, assuming you are the owner of the media Kaltura My Media allows faculty and students to create, host, and share video and audio inside the Blackboard App. SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention service available to students through.

He has taught 200 course sections to about 4,000 students during the past 30 years at GMU. He has chaired 22 completed dissertations by his doctoral student advisees. His courses focus on understanding, assessing, treating, and preventing psychological disorders and increasing mental health and well-being Video Mixing in Kaltura is a very powerful and modular tool that allows you to combine multiple entries into one. You can also create a mix of clips from your entries. this comes very handy when you want to create a highlights video, or if you want to create a video that will be updated on a regular basis Kaltura is a free online site for group video making, where users are given the ability to create rich media together. Like the Wiki platform that enables users to collaborate on the creation of. Nodine says that this award is one of many ways that George Mason University is being recognized for its online degree programs. Another George Mason instructor and instructional designer were awarded the Sloan-C (now OLC) Effective Practice Award in 2015 for a submission on experiential learning with multimedia-based activities and blogging George Mason University - College of Health and Human Services Jan 2017 - May 2018 1 year 5 months MAP clinic, Multiple locations in Fairfax and prince William County, Va

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  1. George Mason University community members frequently refer to the Community of Inquiry (COI) Framework to develop online learning environments. This framework, developed by Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (1999), theorizes that learning occurs in three domains, the cognitive, social, and teaching presences. Kaltura is Blackboard's video.
  2. For presentations, we would create a VACAS 2020 playlist on the YouTube page of GMU's Department of Communication. Participants would record themselves delivering their presentation (e.g., using a camera or screen/voice capture software such as Kaltura)
  3. George Mason University is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive academic community, where all students are afforded the Kaltura, YouTube, OzPlayer) •Use TAB key to navigate through the video player controls (e.g., play/pause) •Check that captions are accurate (including punctuation) and synchronized with the audi

Kaltura Personal Capture is a desktop application that helps you record presentations and screencasts using any combination of voice, webcam video, screen action, and PowerPoint slides. You can then upload and manage your recordings alongside other Kaltura content in MediaSpace and/or the Kaltura tools in Canvas (My Media and Media Gallery) Register for an Event 1. Login with your Mason NetID and Password at masonleaps.gmu.edu. 2. Once logged in, you will see the welcome page. To view available sessions, hover over the Learning tab and click Events Calendar. 3. On the Events Calendar you can sort, search, and filter available instructor-led trainings. To register, and fo GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY College of Education & Human Development Graduate School of Education EDLE 616.DL1 Curriculum Development & Evaluation Fall, 2020 [3 credit hours] Instructor Name: Dr. Alan Sturrock Office Hours: Mondays, 3:00 to 5:00pm; by appointment[Zoom] Office Phone: 703-993-4413 Email: asturro1@gmu.edu EDLE Fax # : 703-993-364

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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC POLICY. EVPP 641 Spring 2021. Place and time: Online by Zoom Wednesdays 4:30-7:10 pm Instructor: Dr. Cindy Smith, csmitc@gmu.edu Course website: Blackboard: log in at https://mymasonportal.gmu.edu Office hours: David King 3024 (Fairfax Campus), when COVID ends ( Wed. 2- 4:00pm online or by appointment Please email first.. George Mason University. 4400 University Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030. #46 in Best Online Master's in Education Programs (tie) Overall Score 85 /100. Overview. Rankings. Bachelor's. Grad Business. Grad. Liquid Files. Policy for Funding the Acquisition and Support of University Workstations. VoIP - General Information. Mac - Connecting to Network Shares. Appearing Professional in Online Presentations. Recent Docs RSS More Recent Docs

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David J Miller, George Mason University. Department of Communication. Professor and Coordinator of the Media Production & Criticism Program. Downloads Presentation (PDF) Published 2016-07-15. Issue Vol. 8 (2016): Cultivating Creative and Reflective Learners Section 1:00pm-1:40pm Mini-Workshops, Panels, & Roundtables. In this webinar, Korey Singleton, the Assistive Technology Initiative Manager at George Mason University, will walk you through in-house captioning workflows and timelines. In addition, he will provide a captioning cost analysis by fiscal year, demonstrating the economics of captioning as George Mason's workflow has developed over the years Kaltura Media is a tool for both students and instructors to create online videos. You will also learn how to schedule and facilitate online meetings using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, a tool which helps connect instructors with students George Mason University's 2014-2024 strategic plan includes a dramatic increase in student enrollment and leadership in online education. The role of George Mason University Libraries is using Kaltura CaptureSpace). Upload it to your Kaltura and embed it on a new page i

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3 • For preparing materials to be submitted for homework and projects, you will need software to create screenshots, to prepare written material (with output to .docx or .pdf file), and to prepare a video (with audio) of an oral presentation—e.g. using PowerPoint or Kaltura—with output to an mp4 file Grades Grade component weights: Homework/labs 35%, mid-term project 25%, final project 40% The Long Road from Reactive to Proactive: Developing an Accessibility Strategy from 3Play Media. Implementing accessibility policies in higher education is no easy task. For many, it is easy to get caught in a cycle of reactive accommodation where larger accessibility policies are never implemented. Korey Singleton, the Assistive Technology. Kaltura Video. Learn more about this video. Free and open to the public. View the event on YouTube here. is a non-resident Fellow of the Health Policy Center of the Urban Institute and Professor Emeritus of Health Policy at George Mason University. He has been intimately involved in health reform debates, policy development, and.

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George Mason University College of Education and Human Development HEAL HEAL 200 DL1 - School and Community Safety CRN: 14320 3 Credits, Spring 2017, Distance Learning Faculty Name: Rich Miller, Ed.D. Office hours: Tues. and Thurs. 8:30-10:30a Office location: RAC 2107 Office phone: 703-993-2066 cell: 571-366-070 Data acquisition, maintenance, and integration. Data visualization. Online forms. Online workshops. Performance management. Print media creation. Laptop or desktop computer systems purchases. Social media. Staff and wage recruitment Student members of the George Mason University community pledge not to cheat, plagiarize, steal, or lie in matters related to academic work. (From the Catalog - catalog.gmu.edu) Cheating Policy Any form of cheating on an activity, project, or exam will result in zero points earned Zotero is free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic data and related research materials (such as PDF files). Notable features include web browser integration, online syncing, generation of in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies, as well as integration with the word processors Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org Writer and NeoOffice survey, assignments, Kaltura, and the Blackboard groups feature), Vimeo presentations supported by GMU-TV, the library's streaming media collection and e-books, and YouTube. Data Collection Response Rate Demographics This fully online course, the first in the department, was initially offered In Spring 2015