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  2. An uncontradicted VA medical opinion indicates that the Veteran's erectile dysfunction was more likely than not at least partially caused by his service-connected PTSD
  3. The most commonly reported problems were erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and overall sexual disinterest. In one study, of male combat Veterans diagnosed with PTSD, for example, 85 percent reported erectile dysfunction, compared with a 22 percent rate among male combat Veterans without any mental health diagnosis
  4. A nexus, or connection, between the two To receive compensation for a VA disability for erectile dysfunction, service connection must consist of evidence of a physical injury to the genital region or an event that would have resulted in psychological trauma, which then led to a loss of sexual ability as a secondary condition
  5. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to obtain or keep an erection, firm enough for sexual intercourse. So again, that can be just due to the PTSD itself, or as a result of medication. VA doesn't have a specific disability rating for erectile dysfunction. Instead, it will rate the condition under various diagnostic codes in Section 4.115B
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However, service connection for erectile dysfunction, even at 0 percent, makes veterans eligible for Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) for loss of use of a creative organ. This is known as SMC (k) and it is paid out in your monthly VA compensation check. As of December 31, 2017, SMC (k) amounts to $111.74 a month The Veteran asserts that his erectile dysfunction is secondary to prescription medication that he takes for his service-connection disabilities, to include PTSD. The Veteran is currently service-connected for PTSD, degenerative arthritis of lumbar spine, and degenerative arthritis of bilateral hips C&P Exam for IBS, Headaches, and ED all secondary to PTSD. Currently service connected at 70% for PTSD and TBI since 2012. Last week I had a C&P exam for IBS, Headaches, and Erectile Dysfunction, I'm alleging that they are all secondary to my PTSD and TBI. I was able to look at the examiners notes through the Blue Button app and he concluded. Secondary Service Connection for Erectile Dysfunction A disability can constitute a VA claim if not directly connected to service if it is a secondary service connection. 38 C.F.R. § 3.309-310. Under the relevant case law, including Wallin v. West, 11 Vet. App. 509 (1998), the vet must show VA will also grant service connection for his diabetes even though he never initiated a claim for diabetes. Most Common Claims for Secondary Disability. Here are the 10 most common types of claims for secondary disability in order of importance. sciatic nerve damage; erectile dysfunction; median nerve damage (paralysis) external popliteal nerve.

Erectile dysfunction. 24,406. 8515. Median nerve, paralysis. 17,790. 8521. External popliteal nerve. 13,685. such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Federal law When a veteran files an aggravation of preservice disability claim, VA has the burden of proving the veteran was in sound condition on enlistment. If, in this process, it. Erectile dysfunction, gastrointestinal conditions, and headaches are the most common of these side effects that can be secondarily service connected. Erectile Dysfunction (ED): This condition is a very common side effect to psychotropic medications (those used to treat mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety) 2009-10-12T18:12. texasglory wrote: If you are a veteran with an established service connected disability that may cause, contribute to or aggravate the condition known as Erectile Dysfunction, you should file a claim for that condition to be rated as service connected, secondary to the primary condition Sometimes it is caused by medication. A good number of anti-depressants note that erectile dysfunction is a side effect. A lot of mental health conditions - depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more - can cause erectile dysfunction. And an endless list of medical conditions can cause erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, incontinence, infertility, weakening bones, and more are linked to prostate cancer. They are, therefore, secondary service-connected impairments that veterans should consider. See all the Agent Orange presumptives here. One of our VA disability lawyers goes over the Agent Orange Presumptive Conditions list in this video Um so again, that can be just due to the PTSD itself or as a result of medication. VA doesn't have a specific disability rating for erectile dysfunction instead it will rate the condition under various diagnostic codes in section four .115 B and although ratings may range between zero and thirty percent, the most common situation that we see is.

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  1. In its regulations, the Department of Veterans Affairs classifies erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) under a category called loss of a creative organ. When the VA grants service connection for ED, it often rates it at 0%, but pays the claim under a separate category called Special Monthly Compensation (SMC)
  2. Basic VA disability compensation is designed to compensate the veteran for reduced earning capacity with the maximum compensation for a single veteran without dependents being $2769 per month for a veteran who is rated 100% disabled. While this amount is certainly helpful to a disabled veteran, we are often approached by veterans for whom this.
  3. VA Secondary Conditions to Diabetes. As evidenced by the above-mentioned rating criteria, diabetes mellitus type II can be managed if the appropriate care is implemented. However, if blood sugar levels are not properly controlled, long-term complications may arise that could qualify a Veteran for secondary service connection based on diabetes
  4. Male Reproductive Organ Conditions Disability Benefits Questionnaire Released March 2021. MALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN CONDITIONS DISABILITY BENEFITS QUESTIONNAIRE NAME OF PATIENT/VETERAN. PATIENT/VETERAN'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER Note - The Veteran is applying to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for disability benefits
  5. Common secondary service-connected conditions include, but are not limited to: Secondary conditions related to traumatic brain injuries. Sciatic nerve damage. Erectile dysfunction. Median nerve damage (paralysis) External popliteal nerve damage. Arteriosclerotic heart disease

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: The examiner reviewed the medical records, examined the veteran, and provided the diagnosis of: Diabetes Mellitus. The examiner noted conditions as being secondary to the diabetes: Erectile dysfunction, hypertension, and neuropathy The higher the disability rating, the higher the compensation. According to the VA rating, monthly VA benefits for single veterans with depression who have no dependents are as follows: 100% disability: $3,057.13/mo. 70% disability: $1,403.71/mo. 50% disability: $879.36/mo. 30% disability: $428.83/mo Aim: Review the literature regarding sexual dysfunction among Veterans with PTSD. Method: Review of the literature. Results: Sexual dysfunction, including erectile difficulties in males and vaginal pain in females, is common among Veterans with PTSD. Several underlying mechanisms may account for the overlap between PTSD and sexual dysfunction The two Va Disability Erectile Dysfunction Secondary To Ptsd Sale followed quietly, and one of them was a servant named Li a Va Disability Erectile Dysfunction Secondary To Ptsd few days ago.As a result, the situation became unstoppable and she saw Song Chuyu s murderer.The bag handed it over and said to Gao Dali, Younger brother is incompetent.

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  1. the condition/disability erectile dysfunction secondary to psychiatric (ptsd) medication is as least as likely as not (50/50 probabilty) caused by or a result of medication used to treat ptsd. ed is multifactoral condition commonly affected by medication
  2. PTSD, Veterans and Erectile Dysfunction PTSD can happen to anyone who has experienced a severe trauma, for example, such as a crime victim. But, the condition used to be called combat fatigue or shell-shock, because most of what we know about PTSD has come from soldiers who have experienced the horrors of warfare
  3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is the fourth most claimed VA disability. However, PTSD is not always (or typically) a stand-alone condition. Several secondary conditions may develop with PTSD. Keep reading to learn what the most common secondary conditions related to PTSD are. Migraine Headaches Migraine headaches, post-traumatic headaches, and tension headaches are all common in.
  4. 7. Entitlement to service connection for erectile dysfunction, to include as secondary to service-connected diabetes mellitus. 8. Entitlement to special monthly compensation (SMC) based on loss of use of a creative organ. 9. Entitlement to service connection for right leg arterial insufficiency, to includ
  5. abuse, a digestive disorder, erectile dysfunction, an eye disorder, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, a personality disorder, a cardiovascular disorder, a pulmonary disorder, and arthritis of the right knee, all claimed as secondary to PTSD. Record (R.) at 1-41. Because the Board correctly found that Mr. Roberts' award of service connection.
  6. If you have a direct service connection for your back condition and have developed any of these conditions or symptoms of these conditions, you may be entitled to VA benefits due to secondary disability and are entitled to a VA disability rating for the same. [1] Alexander CE, Varacallo M. Lumbosacral Radiculopathy. [Updated 2020 Mar 25]
  7. All of the veterans were receiving mental health care for PTSD. In reviewing the medical charts of the veterans, the researcher found that only 6 of the 53 veterans did not have sexual dysfunction. Almost 90% of the veterans in that study were experiencing some form of sexual dysfunction. Thirty-nine veterans have reduced sexual desire, 26 had.

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  1. Your knee and lower back pain that happened due to the altered gait of your broken foot (that got run over by a tank) is a secondary condition. The VA considers PTSD and GERD secondary to sleep apnea. Also, erectile dysfunction (ED) and diverticulitis are secondary to PTSD
  2. A showing of causation requires that the secondary disability be proximately due to or the result of another service-connected disability. By law, there are three evidentiary elements that must be satisfied for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Secondary to PTSD to prove secondary service connection: #1
  3. deemat wrote:I've read numerous posts here about PTSD with ED as secondary disability but I have a question regarding this. i am beginning the claim process for PTSD.I have been to civilan doctors and urologist who have diagnosed me with erectile dysfunction and prescribed medication years ago but could find no physical reasons for the erectile dysfunction
  4. What's the Link Between PTSD and Erectile Dysfunction? In a 2002 study published in the journal Urology, 85% of combat veterans undergoing treatment for PTSD reported symptoms of erectile dysfunction compared to just 22% of the control group. While PTSD is commonly associated with combat in men, the authors of a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that women are more.
  5. Veterans with post-traumatic street disorder (PTSD) can develop hypertension as secondary to PTSD. This is due to the increased stress and anxiety and the long term stress can cause them to develop high blood pressure which they can be secondarily service connected for. Erectile Dysfunction Secondary to Prostate Cance
  6. If the pads are changed two to four times per day, the veteran will be given a 40% disability rating. If the absorbent material needs to be changed more than four times per day, the veteran is rated at 60%. These ratings add up considerably, especially when paired with their primary conditions. For example, if you claimed urinary incontinence.

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Erectile dysfunction is also a disability that can qualify for benefits if it is service-related. Many conditions and medications can lead to infertility as a secondary condition. Medication that treats PTSD and depression can sometimes lead to erectile dysfunction or other complications that may impact fertility Even if it is caused by something physical, erectile dysfunction can create stress and relationship tension. What are some things I can do about Erectile Dysfunction? For many men, erectile dysfunction is caused or worsened by lifestyle choices. Here are some things you can do that may help: Erectile Dysfunction Ver3.0 - July 2013 Page

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Nexus Letters are one of the most important parts of a claim for VA benefits. Erectile Dysfunction secondary to Coronary Artery Disease Nexus Letter Erectile Dysfunction secondary to Depression Nexus Letter Erectile Dysfunction secondary to Diabetes Mellitus Nexus Letter Erectile Dysfunction secondary to PTSD Nexus Lette Read the full thread below. Example of Nexus Letter. Advocate's Example Medical Nexus Opinion Letter July 1, 2018 John D. Dingell VA Medical Center Dr. House 4646 John R. Street Detroit, MI 48201 Re: Veteran, Mary Smith D.O.B.: 7/25/61 Dear Dr. House: I represent Ms. Smith in her claim for veteran's disability benefits

If you have been underrated by the VA, or your benefits were flat-out denied, you need to speak with a VA disability attorney. You completed your mission. This one's ours. A VA rating for anxiety, depression, and/or adjustment disorder is stated as a percentage, from 0% to 100% SECTION V - ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (If yes, provide etiology of erectile dysfunction): YES NO (If yes, complete Items 5B and 5C) 5A. DOES THE VETERAN HAVE ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION? YES NO 5B. IF THE VETERAN HAS ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, IS IT AS LIKELY AS NOT (at least a 50% probability) ATTRIBUTABLE TO ONE OF THE DIAGNOSES I Erectile dysfunction may be granted, but special monthly compensation due to loss of use of a creative organ might not. You had an elective procedure that effectively left you infertile. Now I know it can be reversed, and there may be BVA or CAVC court cases that may cover this scenario

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  1. Understanding VA Disability Options for TMJ. Your temporomandibular joint is a type of sliding hinge. It connects your skull and jawbone. If you are suffering from a TMJ disorder, it can cause significant pain in the jaw joint and the muscles used to control jaw movement. In most situations, the discomfort and pain related to TMJ dysfunction.
  2. How The VA Assigns Disability Ratings For PTSD. Under the VA's system, every service-connected condition is evaluated, i.e., assigned a percentage rating, under a rating schedule. While many impairments have a specific rating schedule, all mental health conditions, including PTSD, are evaluated under the VA's General Rating Formula For.
  3. g that they offer compensable ratings for conditions that interfere with the veteran's ability to work. Erectile dysfunction does not interfere with the veteran's ability to work, and so should not be rated more than 0%
  4. VA Disability Claims (General) > Loss of sexual appetitie and erectile dysfunction or your pain is related to a primary service connected disability or secondary to that service connected disability, if you are planning on making a claim, my opinion only since I have fought and won that battle for 6 and a half years all the way to the Board.

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In a 2008 Israeli study, two months of behavioral and sex therapy involving both partners significantly improved erectile function, sexual satisfaction, and orgasm scores in PTSD patients Luckily for the men, to address their erectile dysfunction, the VA will supply the veteran with monthly prescriptions for the FDA approved medications, if they are service connected. Just recently, in 2019, the first FDA approved medication for female sexual difficulties was approved Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a real mental health disorder that VA surveys indicate affects at least 30-40% of all veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The disability compensation costs for PTSD are staggering and are already in the billions for the veterans who served in the very short war in 1991 Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) Veterans now have more control over the disability claims process. Veterans have the option of visiting a private health care provider instead of a VA facility to complete their disability evaluation form. Veterans can have their providers fill out any of the more than 70 DBQs that are appropriate for their conditions and submit them to us Good afternoon, I am in search of some advice and guidance with CRSC. I've been searching forums and reading the HRC website in regards to the CRSC p

Va disability claim denied reddit. Arthritis, degenerative (hypertrophic or osteoarthritis). but since My VA doctor says I can not work. S. Jun 10, 2020 · A disability can constitute a VA claim if not directly connected to service if it is a secondary service connection Home; Podcast; Categories. Entertainment; Finance; Politics; Religion; Posted on February 27, 2021 b va disability rating chart 2021 2021 Va Disability Rates Calculator. 2021 VA Disability Compensation Rate Increase - 1.3%

bilateral pes planus with plantar fasciitis va rating. February 27, 2021 Leave a comment. secondary to service-connected posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and (2) erectile dysfunction as secondary to service-connected prostate cancer. [Record (R.) at 1-29]. Appellant is not appealing the Board's decision to the extent that it determined that new and material evidence had been received to reopen hi

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The disability resulted as a secondary condition to a service-connected disability. The erectile dysfunction is a result of a medical condition that occurred during service. The disability or disease is presumed to be incurred during military service. In some cases, the VA can presume that conditions like erectile dysfunction may be connected. Entitlement to service connection for erectile dysfunction, to include as secondary to service connected asbestos pulmonary disease is denied. Entitlement to an apportionment of the Veteran's VA disability compensation benefits on behalf of J.R.Y. [REMANDED] Citation Nr: 18160357 70% for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); 30% for. 3. level 1. viperguy56. · 8m. ED (almost always) is rated at 0% and is categorized as SMC-K which gives you a special monthly amount (I believe it's about $112.50/month). ED exam for me at least was a couple questions and prostate check. It is (usually) claimed as secondary to PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is categorized as a mental health problem, but it can also produce a range of physical symptoms. UCSF urologist Benjamin Breyer, MD, and his research team have found that in Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, these physical effects can include sexual dysfunction and, to a lesser extent, urinary tract symptoms Some common examples of direct and secondary service-connected disabilities eligible for TDIU include: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Secondary hypertension, sleep apnea, migraines, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), TMJ disorder, or erectile dysfunction. Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Seizures, migraines, depression, dementia, or.

This will bring equity into the VA disability system for many female veterans. If a female Veteran claims FSAD or sexual dysfunction as secondary to a mental health disability and the examination threshold is met, order the appropriate mental health DBQ, as well as the GYN DBQ. are more likely to cause erectile dysfunction What Conditions are Secondary to PTSD? As you probably know, the VA will pay a higher level of compensation to veterans with disabilities that are directly related to service-connected disabilities. So, for example, if a veteran has a service-connected back injury, the veteran is also entitled to service connection for radiculopathy in his legs.

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Claiming Secondary Conditions for VA Disability For a condition to be eligible for VA Disability , you must be able to prove that it is service-connected . The best way to do this is to provide medical records from your time on active duty showing thorough evidence of the condition, especially its original diagnosis of a service-connected back disability may cause the following symptoms: sleep impairment, loss of cognitive function, anxiety and so forth. A rating specialist, or decision review officer must consider these symptoms in. rating the veteran's overall disability. See Mingo v. Derwinski, 2 Vet.App. 51, 54 (1992) (holding that the disabling effects Secondary Service-Connected Conditions. Veterans with service-connected PTSD can seek additional compensation for any disability that is caused by their PTSD. Common secondary service-connected conditions that can increase your disability rating include: Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) Erectile dysfunction; Hypertensio I just filed my Erectile Dysfunction claim as secondary to my service connected Anxiety. Through the VA I was prescribed Viagra which didn't work at all. Then I told my sex therapist that with viagra, it doesn't work, masturbation doesn't work, nocturnal erections never happen, and sexual intercourse is a complete fail because of this

In 1990, Congress enacted a law that said that the VA could not pay service connected disability compensation if the injury was the result of the Veterans alcohol and drug abuse - specifically willful abuse - during service. This law is the source of the myth. The VA initially said No to any claim for service-connection that even. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognizes hypertension as a ratable illness, and you may be eligible for disability benefits if you suffer from this as a secondary condition. If you can prove your hypertension is related to your service-connected PTSD, contact an experienced VA disability lawyer to help file your claim. Winning VA disability benefits for erectile dysfunction is often difficult and denials are common. However, they can be won if you provide evidence of an injury, an illness, or an event during your military service which caused your disabling condition and demonstrate a cause-and-effect relationship to that condition and your ED Erectile Dysfunction Secondary to Hypertension267 Erectile Dysfunction Secondary to Sleep Apnea268 Erectile Dysfunction Secondary to PTSD268 Diabetes is an Established Risk Factor for Sexual Dysfunction270. CHAPTER 14: Claims for Disability Due to VA Negligent Care Pursuant to U.S.C.S. 1151272. CHAPTER 15: Proposed Reduction in VA Benefits27 • (a)General. Except as provided in § 3.300(c), disability which is proximately due to or the result of a service-connected disease or injury shall be service connected. When service connection is thus VA will not concede that a nonservice -connected disease or injury was Non-Traditional Examples of Secondary Claims • TMJ secondary. There is a common misconception that VA disability compensation only applies to conditions like PTSD and sleep apnea. In reality, the VA provides disability compensation for a host of conditions, including hypertension. Qualifying for these disability payments for hypertension will require you to meet criteria like