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Instead, you should use tener (to have) and años (years). Telling your age in Spanish. Let's take a look at some examples below: Tengo catorce años - I am 14 years old. Mi madre tiene cincuenta años - My mother is 50 years old. You also need to know how to say numbers in Spanish 1 - 100 to say your age in Spanish How old are you, Madam? If you don't mind me asking.¿Cuántos años tiene, señora? Si no le molesta decírmelo. 2. (used to address multiple people) a. ¿Cuántos años tienen? (plural) How old are you? I can't serve any of you alcohol if you are underage. ¿Cuántos años tienen If you're working or studying in a Spanish speaking country, you'll meet friends and colleagues who may ask questions to learn more about you, like how old you are Hey friends, in this video you will learn How to ask Age in the Spanish Language. There are two ways to ask age in Spanish. One is formal and the second is i..

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How to say your age in Spanish. To say your age in Spanish you use the verb TENER (to have) and NOT the verb To Be as in English. Tener + number + años. Tengo 21 años.; Tienes 13 años.; Él tiene 42 años.; Ella tiene 38 años.; Pablo tiene 69 años.; María tiene 27 años.; The años part is almost always added after the number though, unlike in English, you don't say old after. Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: http://bit.ly/MMASurgeEp1http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-ask-how-old-are-you-in-spanishhttp://www.mahalo.com/how..

If you were wondering how to say a word or a phrase in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Russian, this site will help you to get the answer. HowDoYouSay.Net provides translations, pronunciation and other vocabulary help for words and phrases in some of the most popular languages of the world As you can see, most Spanish past tenses have an English equivalent and once you compare them side-by-side, they become much easier to comprehend. I say most because the imperfect past tense lacks an English counterpart.. Yes, the imperfect past tense can be translated to English in different forms. For example, comía muchos caramelos could be translated as I used to eat many. Spanish words for how old are you include ¿qué edad tiene, cual es tu edad, ¿cuántos anos tienes, cuántos anos tienes, que edad tienes, qué edad tienes, ¿qué edad tienes, la edad que tengas and cuántos años tienes. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com Asking and telling time in Spanish may very useful in everyday conversations. This lesson will teach you the rules behind the most important questions to ask time in Spanish and the sentence structure to tell time in Spanish properly. We will also cover some expressions that are often used when telling time in Spanish Spanish words for How old are you? include ¿Cuántos años tienes? and ¿Cuántos años tiene?. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com

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How would you ask someone how old their grandmother is in Spanish? Very carefully! Of course it is bad form to ask how old a mature woman is in Spanish cultures This is a question English speakers ask all the time. When we meet someone new, bump into a colleague at work and especially when we meet friends. It can get a bit repetitive to always ask the same question: How are you? There are so many other ways you can ask. Here are a few of them. General ways to asl How are you? in English How are you Some of these Spanish phrases can be used to welcome others like Bienvenido , whereas others can be used to ask for favors like Por favor or thank people like Gracias . In real life interactions, you can modify the expressions and questions in the list by replacing the subject pronoun to make them more formal or informal. But if you're curious, or if you're planning on learning Spanish, you may find them interesting to know. As you might have guessed, hola and hello are basically the same word. Those who know etymology, the study of word origins, think the word goes back to at least the 14th century, before English and Spanish existed in their current form I have a whole method and a book I wrote about it called The Telenovela Method where I teach you how to learn Spanish from popular media like TV shows, movies, music, books, etc. that you can all find online for free. It was the #1 new release in the Spanish Language Instruction section on Amazon for nearly a month after it came out and currently has 17 reviews there with a 4.9/5 stars average

The most common way of asking How are you? in Spanish is ¿Cómo estás? (koh-moh ehs-tahs). However, there are several other ways you can ask a similar question to find out how someone is doing. Beyond that, there are many ways to respond when someone asks you this question BBC Languages - Learn Spanish in your own time and have fun with Talk Spanish. Learn Spanish with this short introductory course. Audio, video, quizzes and worksheets. Unit on talking about age. (But now you've got to actually impress your new date, which is a whole other ball game; you'd better brush up on your Spanish!) Cheesy Spanish Pickup Lines That Just Might Work If you need a little extra dose of creativity when it comes to asking someone out, there's always the clichéd and corny pickup line Spanish Question Words. Time to learn your Who, What, When, Where, Why and How in Spanish. These are the most common, basic Spanish question words you need to get the answers you want. A good thing to note is question words, when used as a question, all have an accent mark. When they're used in a statement. You are 29 years old . Grammar 2: Ask Age in Chinese · HSK 1. There are many different ways to say how old are you in Chinese. Today we'll mainly learn two of them: (1) nǐ duō dà 你多大? how old are you. We can use 你多大? to ask age when they are not a child, or when they are not a senior citizen. (2) nǐ jǐ suì 你几岁

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Open questions are the ones that will get you detailed answers. In English, they are often known as Wh- questions, since they are often headed by question words such as why or what. They don't have such a catchy name in Spanish, but they are also headed by a question word. Here are the most common question words in Spanish: Qué. What. Quién I'm good. — You can shorten this to good if you're feeling relaxed. Or lazy. Although it's used a lot in modern English, some people still consider this phrase (as an answer to How are you?) grammatically incorrect. Pretty good — This was actually the catchphrase of a popular American comedian In a formal email, to someone who is not a friend or relative, it is best not to ask one of these questions, because it could be considered too casual and friendly. It is better to express interest in the person's well-being by starting with one of the following statements: I hope all is well. I hope all is well with you Though, you need to pay attention to the context (formal or informal) when asking. Here we will show you common ways to ask What's your name in Spanish. How to say what's your name in Spanish? 1. Formal forms. When speaking to someone older than you or to someone you want to show your respect, you should use usted forms If you don't know what Spanish verbs are all about, you might want to check this little guide for beginners. To put it simply, time is a permanent entity that requires the use of the verb ser . Secondly, remember that only when talking about one o'clock, you'll need to use the third person singular form of ser

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  1. One of the most popular words in Spanish is hola which means hi or hello. You can also use the following Spanish expressions: Buenos días — Good morning. Buenas tardes — Good afternoon. Buenas noches — Good evening / Good night. To keep the conversation going, it's time to ask how are you
  2. (If you go with this question type, be sure to include data validation to ensure real years are entered.) How to Ask Demographic Survey Questions About Race and Ethnicity. If you choose to include this type of question, be sure to ask about race and ethnicity separately
  3. Knowing what question in Spanish to ask is crucial to getting a friendly response from a native speaker. In fact, the more questions in Spanish you have under your toolbelt, the better. The reason being, every situation you face is going to be different, and it's important to be prepared.

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1. Ask the following question in Spanish as if you were talking to someone your own age. What is your name? 2. Ask the following question in Spanish as if you were talking to someone your own age. How old are you? 3. Say the following sentence in Spanish as if you are male. I'm athletic and tall. 4 If those are important traits for the job, the interviewer(s) should ask everyone about them—both men and women—directly about absences or travel requirements. The following are examples of questions that are unlawful or unwise to ask, and questions that are better substitutes, if any exist. Topic Avoid Asking Better to Ask Age How old are you 40 Other Ways To Ask How Are You in English. How Are You! The list below shows different ways to ask How Are You in English that you can use in your daily English conversations. Learn more with useful phrases to introduce yourself in English

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9. Yaya - Nana / Grandma. In both Latin American countries and Spain, yaya is another Spanish word that can be used to refer to your grandmother. This affectionate nickname can be translated as 'nana' or 'grandma'. Gracias por la cena, yaya. Thank you for dinner, nana. Yaya, si quieres ir al doctor, yo te puedo llevar Just make sure you ask about the lives of people you actually give a damn about. 5. Remember old dreams. On out of the box way to initiate a conversation with an old friend is to ask them about the dreams you know they had in the old days and what's going on with them right now. For example: I know you wanted to have you own business in. When for example somebody asks you for your name you have to use cuál because in Spanish, there's an imaginary list of potential names you could have. Basically, you use qué when you have no idea what something is, but cuál when there's an understood variety of options Everyone who goes to networking events has this challenge: What do I ask someone I don't know to start a good conversation. Honestly, this is also true for your friends and family. If you only.

Please visit Visual Link Spanish for Facebook Fiesta Friday and practice what you have learned in the video lesson above. Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings. Don't run away from your feelings. A random Facebook participant will win 3 months free access to the Visual Link Spanish Level 1 Online. Here is the vocabulary from the video. When you get to a certain age, you may not want to reveal how old you really are. Here are some fun snappy comebacks to help you answer the question, How old are you? Of course it depends on who asks, but go ahead, tell us what you think is the best comeback. How to respond when someone tries to change you I will not delete pieces of me to please you The best way to remember interrogative words in Spanish is through lots of practice. This is where Clozemaster is an excellent resource for learning Spanish question words - it helps you get lots of exposure to Spanish interrogatives in context so you remember how the question words are used and learn how to ask questions in Spanish naturally 15. All I want is to know how you really feel. Now this is a pretty serious way to ask how are you. Most people aren't direct. Ask them directly how they feel. Watashi tada anata no hontou no kimochi ga shiritai dake dayo. 私はただあなたの本当の気持ちが知りたいだけだよ

Today you will learn how to say your age in German. Listen to the audio samples until you can say how old you are in German. The German language learning experience can be quite fascinating if you do it with the right method - try my method To say My name is in Spanish, say Me llamo, pronounced Meh yah-moh, followed by your name to mean I'm called.. Alternatively, simply say Soy, before your name to mean I am.. In more formal situations, like talking to a stranger on the phone, introduce yourself with Mi nombre es, pronounced Mee nohm.

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  1. If you ask this question, you can expect to hear a very short summary of the person's current mood. This means you can safely use it as a conversation starter. If your friend doesn't feel like talking about the details of their life, they can always brush you off with a quick dobrze (good) without feeling bad about it
  2. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages
  3. d so you can practice your conversational Spanish skills with another Spanish speaker. If and when the opportunity arises, use any of.
  4. Un buen día is the proper way to say a good day here, rather than un día bueno, because bueno/a—like mejor and nuevo/a—is an exception to the rule in Spanish that requires the adjective to be placed after the noun (as in la casa verde - the green house) Which You to Use You is translated into Spanish in a variety of ways

As you continue your Spanish learning journey, things that seem complicated like the formal and informal you, the third person like su and suyo being the same, and gender and number agreement will become easy. The best way to learn a language is to be motivated and practice and LingoDeer is with you every step of the way Knowing how to ask where the bathroom is located is crucial if you're traveling somewhere new or learning a new language. Read this guide to learn about all the different ways to say bathroom in Spanish, including which terms you should use in different situations This is great if you are dining alone and would like to get some practice with your Spanish! 3. To Ask for the Check/Bill. In Spanish, the bill at a restaurant is called, la cuenta. So, when you need to ask for the bill, just say, Quisiera la cuenta, por favor Now you are ready to ask people how they are in Korean! Plus, you also know how to respond if I ask you how you are. ☺. Leave a comment down below and tell me how you care. - The Main Junkie. P.S. I highly recommend this for Korean learners The Rundown of Coffee Culture in Spanish-speaking Countries. I've got to mention this, so let's get it out there now: Starbucks has infiltrated most big cities around the globe, so if you're set on your everyday venti frap, hit one up. But if you want authentic coffee, follow the locals to a coffee shop

If you are talking about apples (manzanas) and you are asked How many? you know they are asking about How many apples, even though the word apples is not added to the question. The same happens in Spanish. The person may just say ¿Cuántas? without the word manzanas after it You can email Amy Dickinson at askamy@amydickinson.com or send a letter to Ask Amy, P.O. Box 194, Freeville, NY 13068. You can also follow her on Twitter @askingamy or Facebook. Report an erro 10 May 2021. 10:34 CEST. If you're buying a second hand vehicle in Spain from a private seller, there's a big chance you'll have to do the hard bargaining and scrutinising in Spanish, so here are nine questions to help you with the process. 1. ¿Cuántos kilómetros tiene el coche Pillow talk is incredibly important. When you're in in bed together, you don't want to sit next to each other in silence. You should ask a cute question instead. Keep in mind, when you're in a serious relationship, no topic is off the table. You can ask any question that pops into your mind. 1 One thing you still shouldn't do is answer with a complete description of some medical problems you are having. If you are talking to a friend, you can offer more information if they ask (and if they are your friend, they probably will!) Here's a conversation between friends: Marta: Hi, John! How are you? John: I'm fine, maybe a little tired

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  1. If you want to read a Spanish book in Spanish, you could turn to one of the most famous Hispanic authors at the moment. Isabel Allende is a Peruvian author with more than 20 novels under her name. She writes about historical events, reality, and myths and focuses on the life of women
  2. e>. antonyms: new Ancient se aplica al suceso, a la existencia o al uso en el pasado remoto, o a la perduración desde este pasado <the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu>. antonyms: modern Venerable recalca la larga experiencia y la dignidad de la edad avanzada <her venerable old professor>
  3. In English, we say How old are you? But in French, the construction literally means What age do you have? And even though in English we say I'm 20 years old, in French you have to say J'ai vingt ans or, literally, I have 20 years. 6. Qu'est-ce que vous étudiez ? / Qu'est-ce que tu étudies
  4. Your parents want the best for you, and telling them, I'm a gang member and you just need to accept it! is like saying, I'm going to be a loser all my life and you just need to accept that! No - that's not acceptable. You're only 17 years old. You have your whole life ahead of you
  5. A very common version of how are you in Spanish is como estas with como meaning how and the verb estar meaning to be in a temporal sense. Pronounced koh-moh ehs-tahs with the emphasis on the koh and the tahs. This is an informal variation of the phrase. If you're addressing an elder or want to be more formal, ask como esta.
  6. Dec 5, 2013. #4. What age are you? would convey the same meaning, but it's not a common way of asking the question. Why not? For the same reason that we ask How tall are you? rather than What height are you?, and How much do you weigh? rather than What weight are you? It's just how we say it

'How are you?' is one of the most common ways to start a conversation. Here are seven different ways in which you can say 'How are you?' in Spanish: ¿Qué pasa? (keh pah-sah) (What's up? [literally: what's going on?]) (informal) ¿Cómo van las cosas? (koh-moh bahn lahs koh-sahs) (How are things [going]?) ¿Cómo está usted? [ Use Disculpe with people you want to show respect to or who are older than you and Disculpa if you are talking to someone who looks your age or younger. Non-Verbal Greetings in Spanish In Mexico, hugging and kissing are common social-polite gestures when greeting a friend or someone

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  1. Do you know how to ask for the time in Spanish? This post can help you. The first thing you need to know is that, in the language of Cevantes, we use this verbs: ser (to be) and tener (to have). The second thing you have to do is look at a clock! Practice your vocabulary with this post or pass to the next level with the second part of the post
  2. How old are you? ASL Gloss. You how old? Sign Variations for this Word. Variation 1 - ASL. Variation 2 - ASL. Variation 3 - English. Variation 4 - Fingerspelled
  3. 9. what would you describe Your typical dinner? anything with chicken , rice , beans , tortillas , or Chile ! rice and beans one day , lasagna the other . spagetti , steak , etc . barely ever anything spicy . 7. 9. how many cousins do You have ? idk about 15 maybe ?

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  1. An app or a book isn't enough to get you to learn Spanish for real. It has to be used and practiced every day. Ask for help from your Spanish-speaking colleagues and friends so they'll talk the language with you. Sure you'll struggle at first. It will probably sound quite funny, but every little step is a step forward in the right direction
  2. As you have seen, talking about the weather in Spanish is simple, specially if you talk English, since the sentence structures have many similarities in both languages. However, to learn all the phrases, verbs, adjetives related to the weather in Spanish, it is highly recommended to practise with exercises
  3. When you ask a favor, it's a good idea to add something like, I understand if you're not able to do this now, or Please don't feel obligated if you aren't comfortable doing this for me. Say this and mean it. Show gratitude. After the person does the favor, get to work on writing a thank you note
  4. It's kind of old fashioned if you ask me, but it's still widely used in Latin America. Fun fact: we do have a neutral word to address women in Spanish - Seño! This applies to all women, but it's very informal and not suitable for a letter
  5. This is a plan and resources for a beginner's Spanish lesson to use with KS2. It involves children talking about how old they are and could be used after children have learnt numbers to 10. The plan gives details of a starter, how to teach the 'ages' vocabulary, a whole class game, a speaking activity, written activity and plenary

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Simple Questions in Spanish Printout. EnchantedLearning.com is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages Imagine you're traveling in Spanish and you need to ask for directions in Spanish. Perfect your Spanish pronunciation; Describing People in Spanish. If you are asking what a person is like you could hear anything as an answer. A person may be short, tall, fat, skinny, nice, mean, rich or poor. All of these qualities are descriptions and this. To ask How are you? is either to make the conversation very gloomy, very fast or to force someone to lie straight to your face and say they're fine. We need better questions to ask A thousand sorry's! When you have to interrupt a meeting, say. Siento interrumpir. Sorry to interrupt. A polite way to ask someone to get out of your way, or if you're leaving a conversation, or leaving a table is to say. Con permiso. Excuse me. If someone stepped on your toes and apologized you might want to say

A Mexican doesn't flirt with youhe throws you the dog ( te tira el perro ). 4. A Mexican doesn't ignore youhe does as if the virgin's speaking to him ( hace como que la virgen le habla ). 5. A Mexican doesn't beat about the bushhe loves doing it the sucky sucky way ( le encanta hacerle a la. 3- Perdón. Again, with this word, you are asking for an apology. It's basically the same meaning as disculpe, although perdón is a bit more meaningful than disculpe. Just as we saw with the examples of disculpe, you can make it more formal or informal:. Perdone: sounds formal and goes along with the pronoun used. Perdona: Sounds informal and goes along with.

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Oh, you're in for a treat when you sample the fried, mashed green plantain dish that's a must-have for visitors. To do all that and more, you'll need some Puerto Rican Spanish in your language arsenal to help you navigate. Fitting in is much more doable when you're able to small talk with people, so let's get to the essentials The correct way to ask for this information is, How old are you? (or How old is Lucy?). Note that the verb in this sentence is TO BE, and needs to be accurately conjugated (*put into the correct form*) based on the subject. The answer to these questions would be, I am 29 (years old). (or Lucy is 29 (years old)

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Finally, critical thinking takes time. It's important for us to remember to slow down and allow students the time to make the meaning. Try giving students more opportunities to ask questions, rather than ask all the questions yourself (@GlastonburyFL). - Like Calico Spanish on Facebook - Examples of Higher-Order Skill how - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free 40 Useful Spanish Phrases. Do you have any other major life events that need a list of Spanish greetings or well wishes? Let us know in the comments and we'll update this article as much as we could! For more Spanish phrases, check out the e-book below! About the Author Janey


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In this lesson you will learn how to say how old are you in French. You'll also learn how to say your age. To ask, say: Quel âge as-tu? This literally means, What age have you?. This is informal and you'd use it for somebody who is your age or younger. If you're talking to a stranger or somebody older than yourself you'll. Sure, Italian may sound different when you hear someone talking. The accents are different, the culture is different, and the people are also different. But the language itself is much similar than you think. If you happen to know Spanish, French, English, or Portuguese, you'll find a ton of similarities to Italian Spanish adjectives are an essential part of speech, but they can also be a little complicated for learners to master, especially if you have not studied a similar language before. This is because unlike in English, Spanish adjectives change depending on the gender and number of the noun. The rules are actually pretty simple, but When you use Spanish adjectives, you not only do you have to match the gender of the adjective with the noun but you also have to match the number and you have to get the order right. On top of that, there are lots of exceptions to the usual rules. In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about Spanish adjectives If you would like to become a Spanish citizen and get the passport in the country, keep reading. In this article we will solve all your doubts about Spanish citizenship.We will go over the 4 options you have to obtain it, documents and requirements for each, and application process

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This is a very important question. Make sure you ask this question. You want to make sure your school district has a plan for dual language students as they move through the grades and on to high school. Some schools are now offering more advanced Spanish and the children take the rest of their classes in English Entertainment Critical darlings Minari and Promising Young Woman make our best films of 2021 list. But so do crowd pleasers like A Quiet Place Part II and The Mitchells vs. the Machines. The Best and Most Talked-About Movies of 2021 So Fa So if you want to learn Spanish for the real world, then you should devote as much time as possible to learning via real human interaction. Intensity vs. Consistency. Let's say you decide to go all-in on Spanish. You quit your job, fly off to Guatemala and enroll in an intensive 4-week Spanish course When you talk to older or respected people, important people, or perhaps your doctor, you probably want to show your manners. In Spanish, the most formal pronoun for the second singular person is usted (you).. For this reason, we'll be using usted in all our formal phrases above all.. However, if you don't see usted in the phrase, it just means that we're using it implicitly Spanish Language Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, teachers, students and Spanish language enthusiasts in general wanting to discuss the finer points of the language. It only takes a minute to sign up

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In this free video language lesson, you'll learn how to ask how someone is in perfect Spanish: ¿Cómo estás? Interested in learning Spanish but haven't got the time to take a weekly class? No problemo! The Internet is awash in free, high-quality video lessons like this one. For more information, and to get started using this phrase yourself, watch this helpful video guide for Spanish students Top 25 signs she likes you. Out of a sudden, she touches your arm, grabs your hand, puts your shirt right, or -wait for it- she even touches your leg with HER leg. Well, we need to say that it means she wants to be closer to you -now it's your job to figure out if she's a one night stand or the love of your life Summary: According to FSI, if you spend 3 hours per day learning Spanish, you'll achieve fluency in around six months. Reduce your Spanish time to one hour a day and, according to FSI, it will take about 1.5 years to learn. Courtesy of Fummy/Reddit. As you can see, Spanish is one of the most accessible languages for English speakers It's simple, you can start a conversation by asking how someone is. That is what happened when two giraffes encounter an ostrich. The conversation is in English and Spanish. This is how they get to know each other so they can become friends. Author Angela Dominguez has created a great story so young readers and listeners can learn some basic. You can use the Spanish from today to make real-world Spanish just like you'll use in real conversations. And the best part is you can speak Spanish on a variety of subjects. You learn to communicate in any situation. Here are a couple of quick examples. In Spanish to talk about the future is very easy, you just use a power verb

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You may have to start with children's books if you're a beginner, or you can check out a Spanish newspaper if you're more advanced. Write in Spanish. Whether you're writing your shopping list, or you have a personal blog page, challenge yourself to write in Spanish more often. You can even look for a Spanish-speaking pen pal online » How our System Works. You can use our Ask Lawyer service to ask and submit questions about U.S. immigration to an accredited U.S. Attorney. The lawyer will write you an e-mail with a personalized answer or if you prefer you can receive the answer during a telephone consultation, then you will have the option to ask the lawyer to take over your case and help process your application for. For example, around Halloween Siri will give costume advice. If you're looking for cool or fun things to say to Siri, here are the 33 best things to ask Siri that will make the AI get mad, cuss, rap, beatbox, or say some otherwise hilarious one-liner. Half the fun of asking Siri funny questions is hearing it from the AI on your iPhone or iPad Beginning on Friday, you can ask Alexa for Latin music in Spanish, and she'll pull new curated playlists from Amazon Music. Playlists include Bachata, Mexicano, Reggaeton, and Salsa music

old translate: viejo, antiguo, viejo, antiguo, viejo, viejo/ja [masculine-feminine, singular], mayor. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary It's actually pretty easy to tell people your age, especially if you already know how to count in Japanese. The basic structure is - Age sai desu ka. I always remember sai as sigh, as in *sigh* this is my age. For example, if you're 30 years old, you would say - Sanju sai desu. Here's a good list of Japanese numbers that you can just. Spanish Uncovered. You see, in Spanish Uncovered, you learn through story. It's a story I've created specifically to teach you Spanish, and it's called El Hombre Del Sombrero. That translates as The Man In The Hat (although it sounds much better in Spanish!) That's him, by the way, in the corner..