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A popular vote structure would virtually eliminate the idea of a third-party candidate having a chance in an election. 5. It would reduce the threshold necessary to win the office. If the presidential election were switched to the popular vote, then it would only take about 35% of the vote for a candidate to win There are strong arguments against the constitutionality of the NPV compact. Under the NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE initiative - The actions of as little as twelve (12) or thirteen (13) states could alter the US Constitutio As the National Popular Vote (NPV) movement steps up its effort to impose a direct election for president, attempting to enlist states with a sufficient number of electors to constitute a majority (268) and to bind them to the winner of the national popular vote, those states considering the proposal might first reflect on the nightmare aftermath of the 2000 presidential election In a sense, that is entirely predictable. In the past 20 years, we have witnessed two presidential elections in which the candidate who won the national popular vote lost the Electoral College vote (in 2000 and 2016), and in both of those elections it was the Democratic candidate who lost the White House

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The popular vote currently gives every citizen—Californians and Texans, Hawaiians and Mainers, Alabamans and Oregonians—an equal say in choosing the president. An electoral college would solve. Proponents of the National Popular Vote fail to understand the most basic facts about the American presidential electoral system. The principal flaw in the plan is its assumption that under the plan there will still be only two major parties competing for the presidency in 2020 Opponents of a popular vote have a tough time arguing that votes shouldn't be equal so they float obscure arguments against states adopting a new law for electors. For instance, they argue that New York and California will somehow swamp all the rest of us—ignoring that these two big states make up only 18% of the country NPV is a plan to change how we elect our president. Under the plan, each state signs a compact to award all its electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote. The compact comes into effect when states with a majority of presidential electors sign on. In assessing the constitutionality of NPV, you have to.

Having a national popular vote makes the problem of recounts much less likely, not more likely. Since 1900, the margin of the popular vote for president has never been less than 100,000 votes. This.. The Worst Argument for a National Popular Vote Clyburn Admits the 'Voting Thing' Is About Keeping Democrats in Power In Lie Filled Speech, Biden Again Makes False Claims of Jim Crow 2.

The Electoral College distorts presidential campaigns, disenfranchises voters and drives partisanship, Stanford scholars say. They suggest constitutional reforms to adopt a single national popular vote where the one-person, one-vote concept applies. By Clifton B. Parke The second Compact Clause argument against the NPVC is that because the compact affects the interests of non-compacting states, it is unconstitutional. Derek T. Muller, The Compact Clause and the National Popular Vote Interstate Compac t, 6 ELEC. L. J. 372, 391 (2007). The governing case for Compact Clause litigation is U.S. Steel v I assumed their arguments against a national popular vote were valid. But with each new claim, even basic research undermines the opposition to the movement toward a national popular vote to elect.. The debate over the continued use of the Electoral College resurfaced during the 2016 presidential election, when Donald Trump lost the general election to Hillary Clinton by over 2.8 million votes and won the Electoral College by 74 votes. The official general election results gave Trump 304 Electoral College votes and 46.09% of the popular vote (62,984,825), and Hillary Clinton received 227.

By thus failing to accurately reflect the national popular will, the argument goes, the Electoral College reinforces a two party system, discourages third party or independent candidates, and thereby tends to restrict choices available to the electorate Relevant arguments against the Electoral College include but are not limited to these facts: • It devalues the national popular vote • It gives more weight to voters in less populous states • It discourages voter turnou December 29, 2020. The most popular argument against the Electoral College is that it violates the fundamental principle underlying democratic society: political equality, or, commonly phrased as. Arguments against the Electoral College votes) president • the risk of so-called faithless Electors • the possible role of the Electoral College in depressing voter turnout • its failure to accurately reflect the national popular will Letter: A case against the National Popular Vote. In contrast with the views expressed by The Detroit News in the Sept. 9 editorial, Michigan should pass National Popular Vote , I believe it is.

Proponents could also point out that only once has the winner of the popular vote who lost the electoral college won a majority of the country's voters. Most recently, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a particularly wide margin, but she still only won 48.2% of voters, compared to the over 50% that Barack Obama won both times The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an interstate compact to award member states' presidential electors to the candidate that receives the most votes nationwide. The NPVIC would go into effect if states representing at least 270 electoral college votes adopt the legislation. As of May 2021, 15 states and Washington, D.C., had adopted legislation to join the National Popular. B. Arguments for and Against the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Compact supporters advance numerous arguments in support of adoption, [77] but three of these arguments in particular are based on faulty rationales that ignore the intentional intricacies of the electoral process The argument against a national popular vote often exclusively focuses on California and New York, two blue states. The top five states by population in the U.S. are California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. In 2016, Trump won Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact relies instead on the constitution's allowance for states to choose how their electoral votes are distributed. This flexibility led Maine and Nebraska to pass laws allocating their votes based on presidential winners of congressional districts in 1969 and 1991, respectively

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The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would the go-to argument against popular vote initiatives has been that the Electoral College protects the rights of smaller, less-populous states. While the five aforementioned arguments are fact-free red herrings, there are substantive arguments against the national popular vote idea. They're just weak. If, for instance, you live in a swing.

What are the positive arguments in favor of replacing the existing electoral system with a national popular vote? Here, again, there are three main points to make. Having the states play an autonomous role in presidential elections, it is said, reinforces the division of governing authority between the nation and the states Elizabeth Warren wants to abolish the Electoral College. Here is a list of every argument for against electing presidents by national popular vote - and why all of them are wrong Under the national popular vote bill, ev-ery vote will be equal, every voter in every state will matter in every election, and the candidate with the most votes will go to the White House. Opponents of a popular vote have a tough time arguing that votes shouldn't be equal so they float obscure arguments against states adopting a new law for elec

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The answer is easy, or at least it should be: by a national popular vote — a system in which all votes count the same and the winner is the candidate who gets the most. But of course that's.

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The second popular argument against the Electoral College is that it was designed to protect slavery. The Constitution mandates that each state choose electors up to the combined number of its representatives and senators. First, the Electoral College forces candidates to appeal to a wider range of voters. A direct, national popular vote. I first wrote about the National Popular Vote movement back in October 2011, National Popular Vote debacle looming, warning against its potentially destructive unintended (or maybe intended) consequences, such as (emphasis added): The NPV compact prejudices large population centers over the rest of the country A bad argument against the Electoral College is that because it is sometimes out of step with the popular vote, the real winner can end up losing

Other articles where National Popular Vote is discussed: electoral college: Arguments for and against the electoral college: efforts on passing a so-called National Popular Vote (NPV) bill through state legislatures. State legislatures that enacted the NPV would agree that their state's electoral votes would be cast for the winner of the national popular vote—even if that person was not. Arguments against national popular vote don't just rest in Colorado's selfish interests. National popular vote proponent Sen. Michael Foote argued: [National popular vote] will change the. The Danger Of The National Popular Vote CompactHarvard Law . Candidate Blog.harvardlawreview.org Related Courses ››. In the past 20 years, we have witnessed two presidential elections in which the candidate who won the national popular vote lost the Electoral College vote (in 2000 and 2016), and in both of those elections it was the Democratic candidate who lost the White House

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And Alex I think we're gonna begin with you. Please give us the arguments against the Electoral College. Alex Keyssar: [00:43:43] I think, I think the core arguments are- are- are fairly straightforward. The first is that a, a national popular vote would be more democratic The National Popular Vote is a somewhat different matter. I'm not saying there aren't arguments against its constitutionality, but it's not a given that the NPV Compact is. A major problem for determining a national popular vote winner is that there is no obvious and indisputable way for states that use RCV to report their results. They might report only the initial.

Arguments Against the Electoral College Those who object to the Electoral College system and favor a direct popular election of the president generally do so on four grounds: 1. the possibility of electing a minority president, 2. the risk of so-called faithless Electors A number of people have written to ask whether prevailing on an Equal Protection Clause claim against winner-take-all would also render vulnerable the National Popular Vote project. Short. The so-called National Popular Vote Bill would, if adopted by a state, bind that state to casting its electoral votes for the presidential candidate receiving the greatest popular vote, regardless of which candidate carried its own state vote, provided that other states with a combined total of over 269 electoral votes (enough to elect a. There are arguments that can be made against proportional allocation or the unconstitutionality of a winner-take-all allocation to the winner of the national popular vote and I am aware of several.

A project of Part 2: As a class or in small groups, have students view the video This Proposal Calls for Popular Vote to Determine the Winner and use the guided questions to prepare for the discussion below. (Note: Let students know this story was aired before the election was decided.)o What is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact The following is the first of two essays about the Electoral College and the initiative to r e place it with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC).The first essays focuses on arguments by the Founding Fathers in support of the Electoral College — particularly the writings of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton in The Federalist Papers Colorado recently passed a measure that, similar to those of several other states, would tie their state's electoral votes to whoever wins the national popular vote. New Mexico is now in the.

Skip to comments. The Worst Argument for a National Popular Vote Townhall.com ^ | April 28, 2021 | Trent England Posted on 04/28/2021 8:01:06 AM PDT by Kaslin. Leftwing pundits have long predicted the demise of the Republican Party owing to demographic changes The biggest hurdle for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact past getting the necessary States to sign would be its Constitutionality and whether the Courts would allow for such a compact under the Constitution. What are the Constitutional arguments for and against this sort of compact Official Blue Book argument: 1) A national popular vote for President advances the democratic principle of one person, one vote, and ensures that votes in every community count equally. The national popular vote for President could also encourage candidates to campaign in a way that addresses the concerns of voters in all 50 states Colorado popular vote. Proposition 113, if approved, would: y enter Colorado into an agreement among states to elect the President of the United States by a national popular vote once enough states join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Adopt Agreement to Elect U.S. President By National Popular Vote

Registered Republicans make up less than 20% of the overall population, but, in just this century, the electoral college has elected two Republican presidents who lost the popular vote. By voting yes on 113, we can take a significant step toward genuine national democratic representation NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE COMPACT WILL ENSURE EVERY VOTE COUNTS. HOUSE BILL NO. 270. Rep. Dianne Herrin January 25, 2021. To my valued constituents, I have decided after some deliberation to co-sponsor House Bill No. 270, and support Pennsylvania's membership in the National Popular Vote Compact. I believe this is a necessary step on the way to. Mellman: McConnell's specious argument against federal voting laws. (R-Ky.) has proved particularly adept at inventing constitutional principles and American history from whole cloth. So it was. The National Popular Vote effort is now halfway to its goal of electing future presidents via the popular vote, after Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D) made his state the latest to sign on Wednesday was the court's final day of arguments by telephone in May, with livestreamed audio, and dealt with whether presidential electors are bound to support popular-vote winners in their.

NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE MECHANISM 4 To establish why replacing the Electoral College with a national popular vote as the mechanism for electing the U.S. president is vital. This essay presents some of the advantages that the popular vote offers and explains why there is an argument against using the Electoral College The standard argument against the Electoral College is that it's not fully democratic and is unfair. Detractors lament that a failure of the system is indicated by the rare cases—such as 2016. Arguments Against the Popular Vote. The largest argument that the Republican Party has against an all-out popular vote is that it opens the flood gates for possible corruption. The impact of voter fraud rises greatly when the electoral college is taken out of the picture

Why Democrats And Republicans Disagree About Voting Rights The two parties differ in the basic ways they perceive and frame myriad aspects of practicing democracy, especially when it comes to voting Adding a National Popular Vote provision to the elections process does nothing to ensure candidates or voters have to pay attention to the issues that affect the entire state. In 2016, Clinton campaigned in front of large urban centers and avoided talking about infrastructure or agriculture with most of the state Lavielle said there are multiple arguments for and against the National Popular Vote, and the discussion is always interesting. While many proponents believe that it would give Connecticut more of a voice in the election of a president, Lavielle said that, on the contrary, it would not accordance with the nationwide popular vote. Ostensibly designed to prevent elections, such as the one in 2000, in which the Electoral College misfired and chose the candidate who received fewer popular votes, the National Popular Vote Compact has been adopted by several states, including California

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The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact preserves the Electoral College by utilizing the constitutional framework to persuade the states that a popular vote is good for every voter in every state in every election. That is how the Founders envisioned it would happen when they created the system in the Constitution NATELSON: Why A National Popular Vote Is Unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court says each state legislature has plenary (complete) power to decide how its state's presidential electors are chosen. But suppose a state legislature decided to raise cash by selling its electors to the highest bidder. Do you think the Supreme Court would.

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The National Popular Vote (NPV) plan is the latest in a long line of schemes designed to replace the Electoral College. Imbued with the ideals of this nation's Founders, the Electoral College. b. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The statute executing Colorado's agreement to the national popular vote compact governs the appointment of presidential electors. First, it requires Colorado to hold a statewide popular election for presidential electors, as Colorado has always done since 1880 The National Popular Vote Bill is not a Democrat or Republican bill. It is not even a liberal or conservative bill. The National Popular Vote Bill is a bill for Americans interested in both preserving our Electoral College and reforming the shortcomings of our current winner-take-all system that awards all the electors of one state to the candidate who wins in that particular state and. It's called, rather plainly, National Popular Vote.. I've heard all the arguments in favor of the Electoral College, and in my humble opinion they are lame, bordering on laughable. I.

One of Clinton's arguments against Obama was that she, not he, won the Democratic popular vote. As is the case with the Senate, this statistic isn't as impressive as it sounds President Biden laid out the most comprehensive Democratic case against state-level Republican voting legislation yet during a speech in Philadelphia. He argued that these bills, like the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, flowed from conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election. Only passing.

Of course, even in a pure popular vote system (unless you have ranked choice voting) minor parties have the potential to change the outcome. But the Electoral College, paired with the winner-take. The various arguments advanced for and against the Electoral College seem to outnumber the stars. A book issued by the group promoting the National Popular Vote plan runs a thousand pages.

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But the Electoral College requires a candidate to win a majority of electoral votes. If there were three or more parties, that would almost never happen. Thus, American politics evolved to have two national parties, each of which needs to appeal to as many people as possible. For arguments against the Electoral College, go here. Back to Main Pag The potential for the electoral college to conflict with the result of the popular vote is one of the most commonly cited arguments against the electoral college. Con #4: There remains the possibility of rogue electors. Many states have no law requiring electors to vote the way their state has voted. Electors in these states are. Against the electoral college system • The popular vote for a president should not be labelled as a tyranny of the majority since there is no monolithic authority. • To be elected in a popular vote means that there is a widespread support from voter of different ethnicities, ages, backgrounds and of varying ideologies. • A group that consists of more than 60 million people is too far to.

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Because a national popular vote would pool every state's votes together on an equal basis, delegates from limited suffrage states opposed a direct election of the president. Madison expressed his preference for a national popular vote for president in a speech at the Convention, however, arguing that the people at large was...the fittest to. Trump lost the popular vote by almost three million ballots yet won the Electoral College by 74 votes. That made him the fifth U.S. chief executive to become president without winning the popular. Through the National Popular Vote compact, states pledge to award all their electoral support to the winner of the popular national tally. Fifteen states and Washington, D.C., have signed on to date, representing 196 of the 270 votes necessary to secure the presidency (and the threshold at which the agreement takes effect) @Yehuda the system hasn't changed as the country has aged, leading to some citizens having more say than others. You can find plenty of arguments for and against a national popular vote online, I think CGP Grey had a decent short rundown on the situation - GammaGames Jun 23 '20 at 19:35 Arguments for the Electoral College damage minority interests since their votes would be overwhelmed by a national popular majority. . . . party to win enough popular votes in enough States to have a chance of winning the presidency. Even if they won enough electoral votes to force the decision into the U.S

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  1. If you want evidence of why a national primary won't work, just take a look at 2008. At least 24 states held a primary or caucus on February 5, resulting in what was essentially a de facto.
  2. wins the national popular vote for president, not who wins their respective statewide popular votes. 6. The NPV, by correlating the presidential election to the national popular vote, would fundamentally change the political landscape of the United States. Not surprisingly, the NPV has met opposition among scholars and within the media.
  3. In other words, there's no reason based on the 2018 election returns that Trump couldn't lose the national popular vote in 2020, while again carrying the electoral vote

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Arguments Against Summary A yes vote on Proposition 113 approves a bill passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor joining Colorado with other states as part of an agreement to elect the President of the United States by national popular vote if enough states enter the agreement The only argument against a national popular vote is if you hate democracy. That's it. Log in to Reply. 2pei says: March 1, 2021 at 1:34 PM. actualy its a hate of 'mob rule'. After all, 3.5 million more votes were cast for Hillary Clinton than for Trump, yet she was forced to retire to Chappaqua while he moved into the White House.Trump's victory, and George W. Bush's similar triumph over Al Gore in 2000, provide ample pretext for Democrats to redouble their efforts to transition to a national popular vote I would like to thank Pro for starting this debate! My argument: Using electors instead of the popular vote was intended to safeguard against uninformed or uneducated voters by putting the final decision in the hands of electors most likely to possess the information necessary to make the best decision; to prevent states with larger populations from having undue influence; and to compromise.

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If Coloradans have their say, however, in future elections the state's electoral votes could go to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote. Colorado voters on Tuesday approved Proposition 113, which reaffirms the state's commitment to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact The justices' rejection of Mr. Lessig's arguments, then, at least leaves open the possibility that the compact could be enforced. Interestingly, Mr. Lessig supports the National Popular Vote. Bush easily overcame Kerry's lead in the biggest states to win the popular vote by a margin of more than 3 million votes. It is also not the case that the big states are Democratic bastions

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The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact changes that. It uses the authority granted to the states in Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution to choose presidential electors in. Many Americans are outraged that for the second time in five elections, the presidential candidate who won the most popular votes lost the election. And every presidential election, candidates are forced to only compete in a handful of swing states, and effectively ignore voters in every other state in the union. The winner-take-all Electoral College system that led to this anti-democratic.

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2a. In two or three paragraphs, make an argument against the Electoral College and for going to a national popular vote for president. 2b Can the weakness for the electoral college be resolved without eliminating the Electoral College? How so? 2c. In what ways is the Electoral College unrepresentative and violates the ideals of democracy E arlier this week for National Review, Kyle Sammin made a conservative case for Puerto Rican statehood.Some people might think that it's unusual to see a conservative make that argument. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, or NVP, is an end-around to the Electoral College, giving Colorado's nine electoral votes and more political power to states with larger urban. Its Critics Are Wrong. The Electoral College Is a Bulwark Against Power Grabs. David Harsanyi / @davidharsanyi / December 01, 2020. As lawyer Sidney Powell looks on at a Nov. 19 news conference in.