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Bait and Trap a Swarm When scout bees find a suitable hive location they return to the cluster, and direct the swarm to the new hive location with a waggle dance To catch a swarm of bees that is hanging from small branches or vegetation, you will need to use pruning shears to cut the branches or vegetation and move the swarm gently into the box. If the cluster is hanging from a fence, wall, or other similar structure, you will need to spray a gentle mist of sugar or plain water

You can use lemongrass oil, you can purchase swarm lures (such as Swarm Commander), or you can use an old queen—which is the best swarm attractor. Place the old queen in rubbing alcohol or corn whiskey. Then squish her up, she'll release a pheromone that will attract a swarm Learn how to successfully catch and install a swarm! From what tools you will need to how you know you have the queen, this video covers it all.Visit https:/.. What is a swarm of bees? A swarm of bees can not be missed. When a hive decides to swarm, you will first notice a lot of unorganized chaos in front of the hive. So, technically speaking, a swarm of bees is a large collection of bees that are usually found within 20-30 m away from the natal nest If you use a brand new box to catch a swarm, you miss an opportunity to make your hive more inviting to them. So, whenever possible, place your swarm catch in a used piece of equipment. The scent of beeswax and propolis will motivate the bees to move in and stay put. Give Them Enough Roo A swarm on the ground often indicates that a clipped queen was ejected by a daughter raised in the hive. The old girl can't fly well and ended up on the ground rather then in a bush or nearby tree. The swarm follow her. Now, The small clump of bees remaining could be kept in that spot after the queen spent some time there

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Anytime you go to the bee yard- you may see some dead bees laying on the ground in front of the hive. That's okay - bees die every day. You may see several live bees on the ground too. This is not a big problem as long as it's only a few. Finding 15 or 20 bees on the ground unable to fly could signal a pest or disease problem While scout bees leave in search of a new hive location, the worker bees in the swarm cluster around the queen (called festooning) and link to each other's bodies, hanging onto their arms and legs to create a form that keeps the swarm together. Swarms can often be found in places such as tree branches, small clumps of vegetation, fences. After hitting the branch and assuming a majority of bees are in the box, the next step is to clean up i.e. to collect as many of the remaining bees as possible. Place the box on the tarp, with an open side on the ground so bees can easily access it. Then step back and wait. The swarm will follow the queen, from her pheromones

catch the swarm in a swarm trap or bait hive When a honey bee swarm leaves the mother colony, they will gather somewhere nearby. This is a temporary resting place. The swarm stays in this swarm transition location for a few hours or maybe overnight If it's dangerous, do not attempt to catch the swarm Ensure the swarm are settled: quiet, bees tunnelling in and out of the cluster, flying bees coming and going Place the sheet on the ground near to the swarm Option 1: When all bees are in the hive, i.e. before sunrise or after sunset, close the entrance of the hive, ensure they can get air, and store the hive in a dark and cool room (between 7°C and 15°C). Don't let the hive out in the sun. After three days, move the hive to its new location and open the entrance How To Catch A Bee Swarm - Tips When You Arrive At The Location. Decide if it's sheltered to get the honey bees. On the off chance that the colony is inside arm's range from ground level, don't spare a moment to grab it! Otherwise, if the colony is situated high-up, utilize your best judgment to get the honey bees (use a stepping stool.

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  1. This year, my 10th as a bee keeper, I signed up to the BBKA Swarm Collector map, so have been getting several phone calls re: local swarms! I've hived 3 (pretty successfully), confirmed a buff tailed bumblebee nest (in a front porch roof) and fortunately didn't need to collect the swarm on the ground of a cricket pitch (the day before a.
  2. By peeking inside gently and carefully I ascertained where the swarm was: in one of the top corners of the box. I slowly opened the flaps, then tilted the box, the corner with the swarm in it down, over the hive. I was about to shake the box when the bees just slid into the hive
  3. These are scout bees who leave the swarm during the daytime to go out and look for a new home for the colony. If their home swarm is taken away before they return, they get confused and form a cluster where the scent of the queen is the strongest, in the spot of the old swarm. Since the scout bees usually return to their swarm by evening.

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How To Catch Swarm Of Bees And Install In A Beehive. How to catch a swarm of bees: To catch the swarm of bees and installing in a beehive can save your money but you have to ensure the species of bees you're going to catch. Because all bees are not profitable to keep and some species are very ferocious and their stings are very dangerous possible, even if it means having to plow through some vegetation. When a bee is flying low to the ground, it is better to slap the net over the bee than it is to try to catch it with the corner of your net. All else being equal, it is better to swing at a bee that is just flying into or away from a flower than a bee that is actually on a flower The bees will become attracted to the scent, make their way toward it and eventually drown in the solution. Zapper. Place or hang a bug zapper strip near the hive. The bees will get caught in the sticky material and eventually perish. These can be purchased at any grocery, home improvement or drug store. Plants that Deter Bees Even a beginner can catch a swarm, but relocating an established colony of bees (often called a cut-out) is not an easy task. To do this, you must transfer comb, find the queen, deal with spilling honey all while juggling (probably) angry bees and taking a fair share of bee stings Are bee swarms dangerous for people? As we learned previously, swarming bees are on their way to find a new home. If you are not a beekeeper who wants to catch the swarm, you should keep a natural distance and avoid threatening the bees. If they feel threatened, they sting and you probably don't want that to happen

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  1. Depending on the situation, you might be able to setup the sheet and catch-box directly under the swarm and shake them straight down onto the sheet. I wouldn't recommend doing this if the swarm is more than 180cm off the ground and it is important that there are no obstacles so that it is a straight drop onto the sheet
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  3. Quite often lots of bees will return to the spot where the swarm was. It can help to collect those bees into a small container per step 2 and place them at the entrance to the hive box, or you can simply just brush them away from the previous spot and eventually they fly off to the new box. 4. Let them do their thing
  4. As a swarm-catcher you are a honeybee liaison to your community. Bee as courteous as possible, and a responsible bee steward! 7. After nightfall close up the box entirely and secure with tape entirely, or put the whole box in a mesh swarm-bag
  5. It is always great to catch a free swarm; however, this colony had been building in this swarm trap for months. This thing was so heavy, and I struggled to get it down from the tree. When I peeked under the lid, the swarm trap was packed with natural comb, honey, and bees

If the swarm is low enough, catch it by opening the lids of your box and holding it as far under the swarm as possible. If the swarm is on a limb, give the limb a good hard shake or two. Then hold the box there for at least two minutes to allow most of the bees to fall into the box. Then gently lower the box and set it up on your stand Step 1: Locate The Swarm. To begin with, you'll have to be fortunate enough to spot and recognize bees that are swarming. What you see will depend on how early you catch the bees in the act. During the first stages of the swarm, a large number of bees will be circling in a large area; there will be a lot of noise and plenty of organized chaos

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  1. This job removing a swarm out of a pecan tree proved quite a challenge and after 17 attempts and most of the bees on the ground and moving onto the catch box it was time to get out the chainsaw and bring the branch, bees and all, down
  2. Catching bees helps to form a large number of diverse families of bees that will be different with each other. Basic rules for catching swarms It is very important not only to make bee traps, but also to know how to properly catch wild bees and transfer them to the hive
  3. Be sure to elevate your beehive off the ground—6 to 10 inches—to help keep it away from pests and ground moisture. a wild swarm or Your bees may also catch diseases, like the nosema.
  4. Anyway, you are right. They wrestle the bees to the ground and dismember them. Even when I catch them with prey in the net, they won't let go of their prize. They are crazy mothers. I try to catch the queens in spring. This year I saw an enormous queen in my garden. I tried for her, but missed
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15 Posts. #2 · Mar 28, 2006. Question: Will a swarm return to the original hive, my answer is yes. I witnessed this last year in May. Sounds like you are having a strange swarm season, so am I. It's only late March and I have had two swarms from the same hive, the 1st on 3-15 and the 2nd today, 3-28. I thought after the first swarm that the. Sociability: Carpenter bees are solitary, while bumblebees tend to swarm. Bees don't live in the ground. Yellow Jackets and some other types of wasps live in the ground. If they pose a risk to family or pets, the best thing to do is mark the location and return at dusk with a can of wasp killer. Wasps don't fly at night so they will all be. Be prepared to catch swarms. Since swarming is a natural behavior for honey bees, it's always best to be prepared ahead of time in the event that your bees do swarm. Prepare a box or tote full of swarm catching gear in early spring, and keep it somewhere handy for the entire beekeeping season Bait Hive or Swarm Trap. It's a good idea to put a bait hive or swarm trap up in the spring. This has a two-fold purpose, firstly you might catch a passing swarm, secondly if one of your own hives swarm you might catch the swarm rather than seeing it disappear either into the distance, or into some less convenient location such as under your.

3) Tip #3 - In early Spring, bee swarms are on the move. Learn how to set out some Swarm Catch Boxes. (See video below!) Here's a video on how we do this. Much like Catfishing with a Trot-line. If you have only 1 hook on your trot-line, it's unlikely you'll catch anything by the next morning Bumblebees (genus Bombus) nest in the ground, usually in abandoned rodent nests, and live in social communities.Carpenter bees (genus Xylocopa) are solitary bees that burrow into wood.You can differentiate the two by examining the dorsal (upper) side of the abdomen. If it's shiny and hairless, it's a carpenter bee

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They swarmed on this tree branch 80 feet high. Thanks to help from the uncles, the weather, duct tape, a rock, a string and my husband's great arm, I was able to get them back. We then called in help from the uncles, one of whom is a painter and has very tall ladders. They came over with their 40 foot ladder and a chainsaw on a pole A small swarm of honey bees landed on my drive way, and then they formed a pile on the grass near by. They were right outside my front door so I was concerned for my kids and any visitors that may be coming by. I called one of our pest control companies to see if they knew anybody who was a bee keeper


  1. As the bees begin to fill the box, they'll add more and more weight to the table. This causes the table to sink into the ground. Over a 4 week period, I had to adjust the height of the Nuc 2 times. The weight of the bees put the table further into the soft soil. It may not be soft where you are, but this set up was classic
  2. Honeybees will swarm for the rest of the summer. The largest glut occurs in the beginning of the season, but late swarms are valuable and oftentimes overwinter. One thing is certain, you won't catch em if you're not trying. Solomon and I discuss the nuts and bolts of swarm trapping during this podcast
  3. To find a beekeeping group or club in West Virginia, go to the Bee Clubs and Associations Page and select West Virginia from the map, or see the West Virginia Bee Club and Association Page.. Try to give the beekeeper as much information as you can about the location of the swarm, height above the ground, length of time they have been there and whether there are any special circumstances you.
  4. The bees on the ground could be swarms clustered in variable sizes, flat like a dinner plate on the dirt. The swarm cluster could be under the hive, tangled in the hive stand. Or a small swarm might have landed under the front end of the hive entrance, appearing cryptically as a small bee beard, belonging to the established colony
  5. A reputable beekeeper will remove a swarm in one of three ways: by putting nuc box or bee box right next to the swarm and allowing them to move in on their own, by bumping the swarm into a bee box or other suitable container, or by using a bee vac and sucking them up. The beekeeper will then take the bees and install them in a bee box back in.
  6. Therefore, swarm traps and baits for bees were invented. In this article, I will tell you how they work, answer frequently asked questions, and talk about 9 traps and 2 lures for bees. Top 9 Best Bee Swarm Traps to Catch a Bee Swarm and Set in Your Hive. 1# Blythewood Bee Company Swarm Trooper Swarm Trap. View on Amazon. A simple trap from.
  7. Method 2: Walking The Bees. Prepare the hive with combs or frames of foundation and set up a ramp, or sheet, from the ground up to the hive entrance. Make sure the sheet is long enough and provides a continuous surface so that you can throw the bees on to the sheet and they can sense which way is up and find the entrance

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The First (Multi-Queen) Swarm of the Year. The swarm clustered on a camphor tree branch. This morning our top-bar hive swarmed, settling in the nearby camphor tree on a branch about 20 feet off the ground over the neighbors' yard. We panicked of course, unsure what to do first and acutely aware of the possibility that the bees would pick up. Place a frame of drawn comb in the hive so the scent of the beeswax will catch the attention of scout bees. Alternatively, synthetic queen pheromone can be purchased and used as a swarm trap lure. Some folks like to use lemongrass essential oil on a cotton ball as a swarm lure since it contains at least two of the same chemicals that compose. The amount of time a swarm has been landed greatly affects the ability of a beekeeper to catch the swarm before they move on, but also affects how aggressive the bees might become - a swarm which has been lingering for a day will be getting restless The majority of these bees had never been out of the hive before swarming and instinctively knew what to do. When I had collected the majority of the bees I poured them into a deep, and bees immediately started fanning to call their sisters home. In the meantime the air was filled with bees flying between the deep and the bees in the grass

The bees swarm again. A few days ago I wrote how queen Violette decided to swarm and then changed her mind and went back. Amelia and I opened up the hive after they settled down and made an artificial swarm, as we had found a couple of queen cells in the hive. One was already closed, and so we expected a virgin queen to be born before too long Swarming is a honey bee colony's natural means of reproduction.In the process of swarming, a single colony splits into two or more distinct colonies. Swarming is mainly a spring phenomenon, usually within a two- or three-week period depending on the locale, but occasional swarms can happen throughout the producing season

On the following day, as I was photographing the swarm in the pear tree, a third swarm left that hive and landed on the other side of the same pear tree. Then it rained for three days and three nights. Bees have their own agenda. This swarm was high in a Douglas-fir tree About honey bee swarms and removal. How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides. Guidelines for preventing bee poisoning. Nurturing Mason Bees in Your Backyard. Mason bee guide. Sam Droege's Handy Bee manual. How to catch, identify, and manage bees guide and resources A clustered swarm of many bees may appear frightening, but most spring swarm clusters of European honey bees—the common honey bees in central and Northern California—are extremely docile. It takes quite a bit of stimulation, such as being hit by sticks and stones or squirted with a hose, to induce defensive behavior

Catch the bee swarm in it s transition spot tree catch the swarm in a swarm trap or bait hive. If the cluster is within arm s reach from ground level don t hesitate. Instead of trying to figure out at that moment what you should do it is a much better idea to have a proper plan in advance Hitting the ground with a box of angry bees landing on your head takes a LOT of the fun out of catching swarms. (Trust me on this one!) Having removed bees from under houses, from tanks laying ON the ground, from old cars and other equipment, as well as finding hives in trees with entrances no more than a foot and a half from the ground. For some reason, the bees like a little height off the ground, he says, eyeing the trap at Sandy Point. In four years, Smith's traps have caught plenty of European honeybees -- four swarms this. • Among the bumble bees, just the queen hibernates and that too inside a hole in the ground. Among the honey bees, the queen, along with her many offsprings, stays in the hive and hibernates. • The queen bumble bees generally lives for a year, but the rest of the worker bees die within a few months. The honeybee queens have a longer.

Going up to shake the swarm and catch the bees on the board The disoriented bees fell onto a board he was holding, which he then placed on the ground. Placing much of the swarm on the ground One morning, I received a call from a staff member, The bees are swarming! When I arrived at the nature center, most, but not all of the bees had returned to the hive. On the ground below the outside entrance to the hive, there was a three-foot cluster of bees. The queen must be in there, I remarked to bystanders The mason bee you are most likely to see is the red mason bee. Look out for a black head, brown thorax and orange abdomen, and in females, a lot of fluff! You are likely to see red mason bees in built-up environments with plenty of gardens, churchyards and urban green space, and they are the bee most likely to be tucked up in your bee hotel

Reed's Birds and Bees. April 28 ·. Got the giant pumpkins in the ground this weekend, hopefully come October we have a giant to put up on the scales. This year I am growing the 2350 Gienger (New MN record) and the 1464 Brown (very nice orange). It looks like you may be having problems playing this video Reed's Birds and Bees. April 28 ·. Got the giant pumpkins in the ground this weekend, hopefully come October we have a giant to put up on the scales. This year I am growing the 2350 Gienger (New MN record) and the 1464 Brown (very nice orange)

May 11, 2019 - Explore Sue B's board Bees : moving day, followed by 151 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bee swarm, bee keeping, bee CATCHING SWARMS When bees swarm the queen and up to half the colony leave the hive and settle at a temporary location nearby. It can be in a hedge, on the branch of a tree, on a fence or wherever the queen alights. The swarm may remain there for just a brief time or for as long as a couple of days, whilst scout bees search for a new home Bee Hive in My Garden. For those who live in San Diego and environs I suggest you call Pete Holtzen, Honeybee Rescue, 619/286-7258. If Pete cannot help you, he may be able to suggest other beekeepers to catch and preserve bees if you find a swarm on your property. If you discover a swarm that has made a home in an unwanted place such as the. Honey Bee Swarms are Common but Not Dangerous. Swarming is a natural process in the life of a honey bee colony. Swarming occurs when a large group of honey bees leaves an established colony and flies off to establish a new colony, essentially creating two from one. Swarming is a natural method of propagation that occurs in response to crowding. Catch boxes, or catch hives, are used to catch bees from other colonies that are swarming. For the duration of the presentation, I will refer to a catch hive as a box. These boxes are convenient to use during bee removals, since its weight is lighter than that of a brood box and is easier to handle and carry

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Fill the sweat bee trap with this solution to the level of the lower hole and hang it where the bees swarm: the porch or a tree, for example, but not too high. Bees can fly inside, being lured with the sweet smell, but won't be able to get out and will drown. All you have to do is empty the trap as necessary and re-fill it with a sweet solution But, the systems leak and the bees will forage at the junctions in the pipes and from puddles on the ground. So, the bees get the chemical at field delivery concentrations, not at the much reduced concentrations that end up in the blossoms. Speaking of water, as any beekeeper will tell you, bees don't like to get their feet wet A lot of information abounds about swarm traps needing to be 10-15 feet off the ground. I know from experience that swarms can be caught without this height requirement. I do NOT use a ladder and cannot recommend it to anyone else. The value of $100 worth of bees makes them worth catching, but not worth the risk of falling off a ladder Hoping that the queen might be in the swarm on the ground, we had zoomed home to get our beekeeper suits and a nuc box (a small wooden box with frames to keep bees in temporarily). George smeared some honey comb onto frames - yum - and placed it next to the bees on the ground, and they immediately started marching onto the frames

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  1. utes to make the round trip, it will be very difficult to find the colony by walking from the original capture site. Since you know the direction in which the tree lies, try to catch another bee closer to the tree
  2. Typically, bees are also much less aggressive than yellow jackets. Both honeybees and bumblebees will only sting defensively, while yellow jackets are easily provoked and attacks are often triggered by sound or vibrations. They attack in swarms and will give chase over long distances if they feel threatened
  3. A swarm cluster in a cherry tree One of the most iconic and misunderstood behaviors of honeybees is the swarm. People fear the swarm - it conjures up thoughts of an unstoppable venomous aerial assault - and yet ironically it is the most friendly and tame way to encounter honeybees! Catching swarms is one of the most fun and exciting things about beekeeping, and is often the way that.
  4. Sometimes a bee swarm will enter a home and build a hive inside a vent, wall void, or attic crawl space. On the other hand, there is a chance that some bees have gotten inside via an open window or door. It might also be that there is no swarm yet, and you only have scout bees
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  6. If you get bees in your house in the spring or early summer you may have attracted a swarm. A beehive will send out a swarm to find more space when the beehive is full, and nectar and pollen are plentiful. The walls of your house can make an excel..
  7. Swarm boxes or trap out boxes can be placed in the yard near the swarm in hopes of enticing the bees to nest inside the box. However, swarm boxes can actually attract other bees, making the bee problem worse. Advice on Preventing Honey Bee Swarms: If you have honey bees returning, here is what you need to know: 1

Most folks order their bees from local beekeepers in the winter for spring delivery, but not me. Luckily for me, beekeepers often catch and sell swarms. A swarm is a group of bees that leaves an existing, crowded colony with their queen to establish a new colony elsewhere. They can be found in strange places until they locate a suitable home Nevertheless, there are a few things I will do differently next time I have to catch a swarm. Bring a hive. I really wish I had thought to bring a hive instead of a cardboard box. If the bees had been safely stored inside the home I was intending to house them in, I wouldn't have had to do the late-night dumping routine

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of productive bees in a swarm is your main threat in late spring. Remove the tracheal mite treatments. Problems with tracheal mites can continue even if you did put the treatments on in March. But as long as the hive is rearing brood, healthy bees will be replacing those with tracheal mites. Remove the varroa mite treatments accordin The bees had broken off a branch and it was laying on the ground covered in bees. I started with putting that in the box. I then held the box right under the clump of bees and shook the tree as hard as I dared (I didn't want to break my tree). I probably only got about half the bees in the box

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Once the scout bees find a better home, they will let the colony know and within moments, the swarm will leave just as fast as it arrived. Swarms can be waiting in that clump formation anywhere from an hour to a few days. Although the sight of a mini colony hanging from your neighbour's tree may seem daunting, swarms are typically quite gentle Had carpenter / wood bees for years - off and on. Some tips: Easiest way to catch them was with a butterfly net. Plus it was fun. You can catch them alive, put them in a jar, and bring them somewhere where they belong better. I didn't save them, I stepped on the buggers in the net. My Bee Man told me to plug the bee holes with steel wool

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A swarm of bees haunted the ground leaving both sets of players, as well as, the umpires on ground. Everyone was forced to lie down until the bees left after a short cameo appearance. The most talked moment from Sri Lanka's innings happened to be a short cameo from a swarm of bees and their performance Catching a swarm is one way to obtain a beehive of your own. Expect swarms on the first warm day just after several cold/stormy days. You know, just when you are on your way to church on Easter Sunday. We consider ourselves lucky when swarms are this close to the ground (on bee truck back bumper) Carpenter bees are large in size, about an inch long (bumble bees are 1/2 to 1 inch long) These bees have black shiny body mostly having yellow colored hair on the thorax. Sometimes the color of hair can be white or orange too. (Bumblebees have black and yellow or black and orange body Going up to shake the swarm and catch the bees on the board The disoriented bees fell onto a board he was holding, which he then placed on the ground. Placing much of the swarm on the ground. Some remains clinging to the branch. Joseph had brought with him a so-called nuc box, with some comb inside to help attract the bees and make them. This swarm was located in the branches of a tree. So early in the morning, we suited up in our gear and set off to catch the swarm. We attempted to shake them out of the tree and brush them out. Several hours and many bee stings later, we find our swam now on the ground. After trying to scoop and brush our hives from the ground we finally.

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If you wanted to have any effect on the swarm, goodness knows why you'd consider this, the best bet would be to aim for the queen. She's approximately 50% larger than each of the 15 to 20,000 worker bees. However do not kill her, just take off one.. After catching onto the pheremone, worker bees around the box will begin to march in, packing in thousands of bees. Once the swarming bees flying above have died down some, we removed the box from the top of the ladder and placed it on the ground with the lid of the box slightly askew Leo Sharashkin wrote:I commonly catch swarm as late as the first week of September here in the Ozarks in southern Missouri. I would not use a swarm trap that does not have frames primed with foundation in it. Trying to then transfer bees from it into a permanent hive will likely kill the colony The bees are sometimes fooled to think the sock are other bees that have landed. Another helpful hint is considering how to get a swarm on the ground into a hive. I take a sheet or something white and place it between the hive and the swarm on the ground. Watch my video of bees being shaken off the sock and then walking into the hive

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Free ground shipping on orders over $75. We are one of the only beekeeping supply companies with B Certified Corporation (pending) status. At least 5% of our profits are contributed to organizations doing good for honey bees and other pollinators I knocked it downthen the bees dug down into ground and buried their nest, so i took bee spray and sprayed it all over the ground..and dug it up. Jordi verite November 30, 2019 at 4:05 pm I arrived to my home where there were workers fixing up the place and I saw a swarm of bees flying around my dining room table As the attacker approaches the swarm of bees, the bees disassemble and start moving in random directions to confuse him. As the offensive swings of the guy attempting to catch continue, the conflict between worker bees and the man gets tenser. I know that I am one of the bystanders who do not want to stop the guy but watch him with concern About Emily Scott I am a UK beekeeper who has recently moved from London to windswept, wet Cornwall. I first started keeping bees in the Ealing Beekeepers Association's local apiary in 2008, when I created this blog as a record for myself of my various beekeeping related disasters and - hopefully! - future successes

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A swarm parked on a driveway may well be the easiest swarm catching event of our lives, so we're glad it was the first one. We weren't entirely prepared with all the bits we wanted, but we had enough to get by: a warré box with empty top bars, a bottom board, a lid Prevent Swarming - Before The Bees Even Think About It. Bee Culture, February 2011. Original title: Checkerboarding Reliability. Checkerboarding is a relatively new approach to swarm prevention. Although it has only been published for about 15 years, it defies the old adage that swarming is inevitable Always call a local beekeeper or bee relocation service if you see a swarm near your house. Never attempt to catch or redirect the bee swarm yourself. Bees Near the Exterior of Your Home. If you encounter a large hive of bees near your house—at an entrance for example—there's more leeway in deciding how to handle the situation Catching a swarm. Our friend John called us this past weekend excited, the hive in his backyard tree just split and the swarm was streaming out of the tree into a frenzied cloud next to his house. Having an active hive in his backyard, John is an experienced swarm catcher and generously guided us in collecting the bees into an empty hive

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