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Hide $ 65 ea Deer; Hide $ 115 ea Elk (we require a $300 deposit per hide to tan elk hides) Hide $ 475 ea Fisher; Hide $ 57.50 ea Fox - Ranch; Hide $ 65 ea Grey / Red / Cross / Silver Fox; Hide $ 55 ea Kit Fox; Hide $ 50 ea Goat - Domestic; Hide up to $ 135.00 ea Goat - Mountain (we require a $75 deposit per hide to tan goat hides Domestic Cattle $184.00 Cape/$850.00 Hide . Elk $200.00 Cape/$320.00 Hide. Bison $450.00 Cape/$850.00 Hide. Sheep $50.00 Cape/$100.00 Hide . Average pillow price $70.00 plus $45.00 tanning cost of hide onl Wholesale Tannery Service, Furs, Deer Hides, Elk Hides, Bear Hides, Custom Tannery Services. Prices. Thank you for your interest in Wolf River Tannery. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 920-986-3898 or email us at info@wolfrivertannery.com and we will assist you with any other information that may be needed Older hide that has been very well kept. Hairs are tight and do not loosen when vigorously shaken. Nice hide... $299.95 /ea Area 51 More about this lot > Tanned Elk Hides, Furs, Pelts, Skins: 6412-0417:

I shot a bull last Saturday and asked a local taxidermist her in Craig what it would cost for a Elk hide to be tanned with no hair. I was told $160.00 dollars but you don't get your hide back. Instead you turn in a hide and get another tanned hide in return These January hides are from two-year-old animals raised for bison meat. We alum-tan the hides, soften them with corncob grit, and hand-sew any holes. Hides average 34 square feet, but we also have larger ones. Extremely nice hair! Price: $400 - $700. Size: Varies

These are our prices for Dry tanning. Wet tan prices are 10% less, this means huge savings! For example, a life size Boar dry tan is $265, if you wet tan it we subtract 10% = $26.50 So the wet tan life size Boar cost is $238.50 No other tannery gives you this discount Capes: $200.00 - Deer large (Elk, Caribou, Mouse) Life-size: (entire hide - nose to tail) Deer small: $150.00. Deer large: $250.00. Hides must be use-able in excellent condition. Mounts Unlimited has the final word on whether the hide is usable and has the right to refuse to purchase any hide. Proper documentation such as animal harvest tag. A Few Elk and Elk Hide Photos. According to the National Park Service website, Yellowstone National Park (a sprawling National Park spanning more than 3,400 square miles located in the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho) is the summer grazing home to an estimated 10,000-20,000 elk.In winter, the elk move to lower elevations mostly outside the park

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Traditional brain tanned hides from Deer, Elk & Buffalo. Freshly tanned. Nice smokey aroma, soft supple leather. Largest Selection of Freshly Tanned Fur & Hides in the United States. We also carry Elk Teeth (Ivories), Bear Claws, Deer & Elk Hides, Buckskin Leather, New & Vintage Fur Coats, Fur Bedspreads/Blankets, Pillows & Gloves as well as Antlers, Skulls & Taxidermy Mounts Buckskin: A 50% Deposit is required on all Buckskin for orders to be processed. Please Note: Buckskin is NEVER the same hide, you send us, just approximate size. Deer and Elk buckskin tanning is $10.00 per sq.ft. Bison and Moose buckskin is $11.00 a sq. ft. No Sheep with longer than two inches of hair will be accepted, without first checking. Many users have said that when they tan the hide first, fleshing the hide after is not only safer, but also easier. Take your taxidermy tanning to the next level today. The 22-gallon tank can handle 1-3 tanning hides at a time. This is the ideal size for home use or for smaller shops. The 45-gallon tank can tan up to 20 hides at once

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Fleshing properly prepares your skins for tanning. If you are not skilled in this (as most hunters are not) you will need this service. Fleshing is usually NOT included in the price to expedite, mount or tan your trophy. It is an additional service cost done by the tannery or your taxidermist $47.00 This kit includes the following; Fully illustrated book, tanning compounds, hide flesher and specially formulated sand paper Kit designed for cow calves, raccoons, antelope, coyote, moose, sheep, goats, deer, elk and fox

To Rehydrate Dry Tan hides for mounting use 4 ounces of salt per gallon of luke warm water. Soak hide for approximately 1 hour in salt water solution. Drip drain and place hide in a plastic bag at room temperature to sweat overnight. Ready to be either mounted or frozen the next day. Please note that adding the salt helps to prevent acid swell Moose hides have the size and thickness of elk, Water Drum covers cost $75 ea and are 16″ circles free of knife marks and weak spots. We also sell whole hides that you can cut drum covers from. 888 Hide-Tan (888 443-3826) email:. Here is a method of tanning hides that is low cost and low labor compared to other methods of custom tanning. I've personally used this system to tan sheeins, deerskins, groundhog pelts. In addition to a nice rack on the wall, you can use your tanned Deer, Elk, Bison, or other big game hides, as a handsome wall hanging, a blanket, a rug, or even a work of natural art. If you are looking for Custom Hide Tanning Services , hair on or hair off big game hides, or taxidermy, then you've come to the right place

We also provide tanning services for Miscellaneous items: Antelope feet, bear feet, bison feet, caribou feet, deer feet, deer tail, deer pate, elk feet, moose feet, scrotums (hair on and leather), & ostrich/emu legs. Call 920-743-7162 for instructions, prices, and answers to questions. Hear what our customers have to say Second Creation Taxidermy Cindy Cunningham 11501 Riverview Ave. Kansas City, KS 66111 913-422-311 Purchase replacement capes for deer, bears, and other prized trophies from East Coast Taxidermy in Telford, PA. Our wholesale tannery offers wet- and dry-tanned skins for all your taxidermy needs. We take special care in tanning our products to ensure quality. Contact us for more information Tan the hide. Begin by soaking the hide in clean water until it is soft and pliable, so it will absorb the tanning chemicals more easily. When the hide is ready to tan, peel off its dried inner skin. Then take the following steps to tan the hide: Put the salt in a trash can and pour 2 gallons (7.6 L) of boiling water inside The complete kit also contains a book with formulas for tanning multiple types of hides and furs and there is enough material in the kit to tan two deer hides or one elk hide. How to video and step-by-step instructional book; 1 double pack of tanning crystals; 2 bottles of tanning oil; Hide scraper and sand paper; Needle and thred; Dust mask.

Tannery Home Tanning Kit - The Basic Home Tanning Kit was developed by a professional tanner with 27 years of experience. The kit utilizes a simple salt-alum process that is widely used. What makes this kit unique is our specially formulated oil. Alum tanning alone can leave you with a hard and crusty hide when improperly finished Warren and his assistant, Mark Kalmring, can tan 20 buffalo hides a month if they work flat-out. A batch of hides takes about three weeks from start to finish. He charges $12 per square foot of. Additional Taxidermy options. Detachable elk antlers $225; bugling elk $400; saving deer antler velvet $150 TO $250; ½ life size 65% the cost of life size; wall pedestal deer or antelope add $150; deer or antelope pedestal add $250 plus base; elk pedestal add $400 plus base; rug mount for black bear or mountain lion $250 per lineal foot; rug mount for coyote or bobcat $700; boxing charges for. Fortman's Taxidermy & Tannery,LLC. 14496 County Rd. 66A St.Mary's,OH 45885 419-394-4188 14496 County Rd. 66A St.Mary's,OH 45885 419-394-4188

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We offer deer, elk, goat, cow, horse, buffalo and water buffalo lace in lengths from 7 foot to 56 feet. Showing 1-12 of 14 results. 1; 2 → 1/2′ Rawhide lace 47′ (continuos) $ 36.00 Add to cart; 1/8 40′ Rawhide lacing (cow) $ 21 Got the tan leather today. It sure looks good. I think I finally found the supplier I have been looking for Specialties: At Fur Tanning Inc we offer the finest tanned furs of superior quality tanned by our professionally trained staff. To harvest the best animals I travel to different regions of the country that are known to produce high quality furs; such as South Dakota with their long cold winters and great genetics that produce extra large animals with rich colors and thick silky pelts. Fur.

Hide Tanning Expertise. Since 2002 our tannery has offered experienced wholesale hide tanning services, specifically for licensed taxidermists, on all varieties of species. We are proud to be one of the few tanneries in the Midwest, even in the United States, to be USDA approved to receive hide shipments from all over the world Elk- $1,300.00 Elk Bugling (Lifesize) - $4,500.00 Elk Bugling (Shoulder) - $1,425.00 Lone Star Taxidermy is not responsible for fire or theft of trophies in the shop or tanning process. Work left over 30 days is subject to a storage fee. Work left over a period of time and not paid in full will be sold to recover cost

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  1. Questions? Call 1 (800) 872-3699 or email info@usafoxx.com. Welcome visitor you can or create an account.. Home My Account Shopping Cart Checkou
  2. Deer Cape/Flat $40.00/$25.00 Elk & Moose $40.00 Half Mount Deer $100.00 Deer $15.00 Full Mount Deer $130.00 Elk $100.00 Rush Charge 50% Moose Cape/Flat $120.00/$100.00 Long Cape w/ Tan $10.00 Caribou $60.00 Long Cape Tan & GW $20.00 Bear $120.00 Boar $85.00 Small Animals $75.00 Green Work Drying and or Salting Miscellaneous Retail Tanning Price.
  3. Wolf. $995. $2750. Lifesize prices may very with size of animal. Half or 3/4 lifesize mounts are 70% of lifesize. Extra charges for major alterations, major repairs, habitat scenes and open mouth mounts. Wall Pedestal mounts are an additional 15%. Floor Pedestal mounts are an additional 25% plus cost of base chosen
  4. A 1/4 hide is ample for two pairs of low top moccasins. Full hides are relatively more expensive because it is considerably harder to come by well skinned whole moose hides. So if you plan to cut your hide up into moccasins, order 4 quarters rather than a full moose hide and you'll save some money. $150 Moose Piece @ 5 sq ft. Order a Moose Piece
  5. I have been doing deer skins for a butcher shop and the best method i have came up with is to buy hunters and trappers hide tanning solution and follow the bottles instrutions. If you cannot do that brain tanning may be the best for you. Jyst a tip when fleshing tack the hide down and use a powerwasher pointed at a 45 degree angle
  6. NO Capes, just ordinary deer hides (badly damaged, smalls, fawns, caped out, rotten and Mule Deer are worth less in value). We also buy Moose, Elk and Beef Hides. Want your. Deer Hide Tanned? We'll trade you on the spot for a comparable tanned and. dyed deer skin (hair off) for. $17.50 to $25.00. and your rawhide. It's like getting your
  7. 3. Soak the Hide in Hide-Tanning Solution. Dissolve 2 ½ pounds of salt in 4 gallons of water in the garbage can. In a plastic bucket, dissolve 1 pound of ammonia alum in a gallon of water. Slowly.

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  1. Our tan is designed to give optimal stretch to skins for the taxidermy trade. Jill has expanded the tanning operation to include a specialty rug service, creating beautiful fur and hide rugs from every animal imaginable -- including bear, buffalo, elk, deer, and small fur. Address: 34300 White Coyote Road, Arlee, MT 59821 Sales: 1-406-726-RUGS.
  2. g for people living in a small house or apartment. It can take weeks to months to get specially prepared hides by the man who does the tanning. Should you be unhappy with your purchase.
  3. Cumberland's Hide Tanning formula is regarded by many as the best tanning solution in the world for furs and hides. It has been used by thousands of hunters and trappers in the USA and Canada. With this formula you can tan hides at home in less than a week for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional tanning
  4. BLACK ASSORTED SIDES, 2 to 3 OZ & 4 to 5 OZ, 15 to 20 SQFT, $1.95 to $3.95. $3.95. $3.04. Cowhide bundles will average 3-4 hides and can include a mixture of full sides (20-25sqft) & half sides (10-15sqft) and average around $120-$250. Lamb bundles will be around 16-24sqft (3-4 hides) and average around $70-$100
  5. We have 2 Elk Hides @$250 ea. and 9 Deer Hides @$150 ea. for sale.beautifully done and supple soft leather. 12-30 sq ft per hide have a beautiful full bodied Wolf rug @$500. OBO! Call 403-878-7982! Ideal for leather projects Art work, work gloves, dress gloves,rodeo chaps, vests, pants put your imagination to work

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Brain-Tanning Alaska Big-Game Animal Skins at Home. Narrative and Instructions by James Van Lanen. The successfully brain-tanned and smoked moose hide. A longbow seen on the left has been included for scale. The bow is 66 inches long. The final step will be to sew up all of the holes in the finished hide. For most of human history, the skins of. This video provides clean instruction on how to tan a deer hide from start to finish. We cover everything from fleshing the hide to breaking the leather. Enj.. Price list and comparison for shoulder mounts, life size mounts, birds, fish, rugs, and more. Shop taxidermy mounts at All-Taxidermy

This covers the cost of the taxidermy form, ears, eyes, tanning process for the hide (cape) and other miscellaneous taxidermy materials. Indirect costs: $60 This covers the building where the work is being done (rent), electricity, water, phone, internet, advertising, waste disposal, operation permits, etc I have 27 years of tanning experience, so if you would like to own the Real McCoy try one of these robes for camping, wearing, rugs etc. I also offer brain tanned elk, moose and buffalo leather. I also produce buffalo rawhide and rawhide products, such as drums, knife sheaths, shields, boxes etc. In addition I will also tan your hides or furs

Welcome to Circle S Leather. We are a family run business. We work out of our home and a small shop. Because God has blessed our business, over the last 15 years our braintan has sold in 46 states and 13 countries. We have a wide variety of customers: Native Americans, reenactors, tailors, musicians, bead workers, quill workers, and other. The reason for tanning leather is to change the skin or hide's protein structure. Tanning arrests the decaying process and changes the skin into leather. Once tanning is complete, the leather can be used to create a wide variety of leather goods. The skins or hides of domestic animals generally make the best leather. The first step in tanning. The price can vary as to quality of the hides. Prices runs from $185.00 for a 8 sg foot hide..and up . Most hides are deer. note... these are the most authentic brain tann hides you can get anywhere smoking is an additional cost. PLEASE CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION 201 384 4794 Note: Elk hides also available at a higer cost

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  1. The Ultimate In Luxury! Real Fur Blankets, Fur Throws and Fur Pillows By Master Furriers at Glacier Wear, Since 1991. We Manufacture With The Finest Furs Available, Specializing in Beaver, Sheared Beaver, Coyote, Blue Fox, Red Fox, Silver Fox, Lynx, Mink & More! View Our Extensive Selection At Glacier Wear Fine Furs & Leather. MADE WITH PRIDE IN USA
  2. Step 3: Time to Salt. With the hide fleshed, the next step is to add some salt and let it sit. You can keep it right on the board you used to flesh it on. Go to a supermarket or Wal-Mart and grab a bunch of non-iodized salt (iodized will work but may stain the hide). A 1-pound container shouldn't cost more than a buck
  3. To make leather, rawhide, buckskin, or prepare a skin for taxidermy you first need to flesh your hide. This video shows how to flesh a deer skin to remove al..
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  5. It is the fall hunting-season rush for this 103-year-old niche leather company. Send your deer or elk hide to Uber Glove and Tanning, and Rinerson's employees will tan it and make it into a.
  6. Tanning a hide isn't as hard as one may first think and once you get the hang of it and realize how easy the task really is, you will want to tan hides as often as possible. The article below gives instructions on how to tan a cow hide in a relatively old-fashioned way. There are other easier methods but this one is the most inexpensive and.
  7. Rocky Mountain Tanners has been in business for over 20 years, showcasing all types of hide tanning services and custom leather products. Services: Custom Hide Tanning Taxidermy Customer Leather Sewing Bison Leather Elk Leather Deer Leather Buffalo Leather Furs & Hair on Hides Wholesale Leather Big Game Products: a nice rack on the wall a handsome wall hanging a blanket a rug a work of natural.

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Although prices do fluctuate according to the market, custom tanning of deer hides currently costs $29 per hide. Many people don't realize that it takes between four and six deer hides to make one jacket, Ken says. Once they're tanned, it will cost you an average of $158 more (currently) to have us sew you a jacket from the hides you supply Deer Cape/Flat $40.00/$25.00 Elk & Moose $40.00 Half Mount Deer $100.00 Deer $15.00 Full Mount Deer $130.00 Elk $100.00 Rush charge 50% Moose Cape/Flat $120.00/$100.00 Long Cape w/ Tan $10.00 Caribou $60.00 Long Cape Tan & GW $20.00 Bear $120.00 Boar $85.00 Small Animals $75.00 Drying and or Salting Miscellaneous Green Wor Leather IntroductionLeather is a highly durable material made by tanning hide or skin of animals. Animal skin undergoes a preservation process i.e. a chemical treatment called tanning to convert the otherwise perishable skin to a non-decaying material called leather. The skin of the larger animals like cow or horse i Tanning coyote hides is a simple process, but it does require several days of dedicated work. Scraping the hide is labor intensive and several specialized materials are required. Coyote hides are moderately sized and do not carry as much grease as a raccoon or bear. The hides are thin; you must be careful not to. 4010 W. Douglas Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53209. PHONE (414) 578-8615 . E MAIL: info@sterntanning.com . Tanning for Hunters, and Ranchers HAIR ON DEER FLAT HIDES

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We specialize in deerskin, elkskin, bison, cowhide, motorcycle, biker and ski gloves along with Thinsulate and hockey mittens. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Best Cold Weather Gloves. Women's Deerskin Gloves - Tan (Lined) $ 24.00. Add to Wishlist To completely tan a Mule Deer hide will take from 5-6 Lb. This information was given to me by an employee at the Feathercraft store. The 2 lb. package would allow one to pick the section of deer/elk hide they wish to tan and proceed as follows: Tack the hide out (stretch as tight as possible) on a flat surface. (Plywood)

Handmade Elk Hide Moccasins MountainManCustom 5 out of 5 stars (82) $ 159.99 FREE shipping Bestseller Add to Favorites Men's & Women's Plains Indian Hi-Top Moccasin - Eagle's View Sewing Pattern # 81 BonniesPatternShop 5 out of 5 stars (3,440. How much does taxidermy cost? On average, the prices can range anywhere from $65 to as much as $4,000 or more, depending on the animal being mounted, which part, how you want it presented and which professional you choose. Refer to our table below to see what it can cost. For instance, a deer shoulder mount can cost anywhere from $375 to $550, while larger animals, such as an elk or caribou. After tanning, all hides are mounted on double felt. Animal Price ; Badger or Fox : $200-$425 : Black Bear, Mt. Lion or Wolf : $450-$700 : Bobcat or Coyote : $225-$500 : Deer or Mountain Sheep : $225-$500 : Elk or Caribou : $500-$900 : Kodiak or Grizzly Bear : $600-$1000 : Moose or Mountain Goat : $500-$900 : Tanning (Hair On) Skinning Extra. Pedestal shoulder mounts additional 20% plus cost of base/ wall habitat; Tanning services for Elk/Deer/Cow hides $20/sq ft; Antler Mounts. Includes basic walnut or oak panel and your choice color leather and braid. Antelope $200. Caribou $275. Deer $20

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What's the cost to get a deer hide tanned? I'm trying to figure out the average cost of tanning a deer hide for buckskin. What does everyone pay? Does price change for fur on? 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best Custom tannery in Wisconsin can tan hides with fur on or off, Tannery for quality taxidermy process used by professional taxidermist. Quality fur traders wanting tannery with hair on hides service. Call us: 920-986-389

Head mounts $700 per foot. $700 per foot. Antelope. 850. 3000. Black Bear. 750 / Half Mount with front legs 1,500 plus habit. 5000. Grizzly Bear Engraving and panels with areas for your picture available for an extra cost. Deer. $125.00. Elk. $275.00. European skull mounts. Includes your choice of standard solid oak or walnut plaque. Black Bear. $300.00. Tanning hides. Dry tanned for wall hangings/back of couch. Deer hides. $175.00. Coyote. $180.00. Black Bear. $395.00. A 50% non. All antler/horn mounts are wrapper in real leather and mounted in your choice of a walnut or oak wall/tabletop panel. Deer $175. Deer Velvet $275. Elk $375. Elk Velvet $575. Bighorn $375. Antelope $190. African Mammals $25 This issue has been addressed by version 2.0.6 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; it changes the display name of the first variety to Elk Hide. Only the Elk-dropped version of Deer Hide is possibly sold by hunters and general goods merchants (starting at level 1). If Hearthfire is installed, the elk variety (0003ad90) is used for various. The tanning solution. While the hide is soaking, you can start mixing the tanning solution. You'll want to soak the bran flakes in approximately half the amount of water you'll be using. Place the bran flakes into your 5 gallon pale and add about 2-3 gallons of boiling hot water. Let this mess sit for at least an hour

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  1. Welcome to Kentucky Leather and Hides website, welcome to our store we carry many different types of leathers, furs, hair on hides, tools, hardware and dyes . We carry deer, elk, cow, oil tan, vegetable tan, harness hides, chrome tan, and some alum tan
  2. Merlin's Hide Out was established in 1999, and we've been selling our hand made crafts worldwide ever since! The majority of our products are tanned and hand made at our facility. We pride ourselves in using eco-friendly chemicals to tan our hides and maintain the highest standards for quality control
  3. Fur & Hide Tanning Supplies You'll find the largest selection of affordable Tools for Home Tanning Fur and Hides, home tanning solutions, and how to tan your own hide books and videos. Featuring fur and pelt tanning solutions from Trapper's Hide Tanning Formula, Dixietan Paste and Rittel's Home Tanning Solutions. Everything you need to tan your own deer, elk, bear, coyote.
  4. ed based on market conditions, type of fur and quantity being purchased. Please call (406-563-7926) or email (westernmontanafur@gmail.com) for details

Crazy Crow Trading Post offers a large selection of Garment & Craft Leather: Buckskin, Elk Hide, Cowhide, Bison Leather & Sheep Leather. Ideal for Native American & Mountain Man leather crafts, as well as numerous other leather craft project. Our strap leather, rawhide & latigo leather make great Drum & Moccasin Sole Leather, belts or other items where thicker, stiffer and more durable leather. T&T Taxidermy in Sandyville, WV is the area's best place to get trophies made from your hunt. We can do hides, mounts, rugs, and more: (304) 373-7815 Important Leather Hide Shipping info: Because leather hides vary in size and weight, your leather purchase and shipping cost won't be charged to your credit card until time of processing. Minimum shipping charges domestically are $8.50, and generally do not exceed 10% of purchase. Due to resolution variances, colors represented cannot be. Hide tumbler machines rotate the hide in a barrel with a mixture of sand to soften the hide. Hides need to be tanned, since they dry out and turn hard. Homemade tumblers are less expensive than store-bought tumblers to tan hides for yourself and your friends. You can even charge a few bucks to offset the cost of making the machine Safariworks carries a selection of tanned taxidermy capes, animal back skins and hides. We can supply the taxidermist with hard to find African and exotic capes FREE Shipping - Quality Rated - Satisfaction Guaranteed. 712-308-8160.

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WANTED Cow Horns. $0.01. Tooele, UT. Looking for a bunch of cow horns, raw or polished, prefer off the skull and unmo. Big Unique Shed Collection For Sale! OBO. $1,000.00. Herriman, UT. I have decided to sell my shed collection acquired over many years Step 3: Pickle Bath. A pickle bath is no more than a clean, 5-gallon bucket half filled with tap water, citric acid, pickling salt and a fur-safe degreaser. Your pelt will stay submerged in this solution right up until the day of tanning. A pickle is an extremely acidic environment with a pH of 1.5 to 2.0

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One bottle of hide-tanning formula from Bass Pro Shops, Amazon, or Cabela's is more than enough to do one full deer hide. I've used it on several different types of hides and swear by it. Tanning formula. Beka Garris. BUY NOW. You'll want to warm the formula by setting the bottle in a pot of hot tap water for 30 minutes. When it's time. Mittens. Lynx, Fox, Timberwolf, Coyote, Beaver, Racoon & more. All our mitts are handcrafted in Northern Ontario. Palms are made with moose and elk leather for added durability and style. $99.99 -$349.99. NF-101. Hats. We will custom-make any kind of matching set you desire. You can choose Gray Fox Trooper-style or High-top mitts BIG GAME FLESHING 2021; Price Hide Type; $25.00: Deer, Sheep, (hair off deer $15) $100.00: Elk, Bear +$20 for skull +$20 4 feet bear: $125.00: Buffalo, Moos Freezer Burn Freezer Burned Cape Hide Tanning and Taxidermy. The above questions are what we have all heard in the past, or, we may have even inadvertently brought on such conditions ourselves, then we are asking the same questions. The below STOP-ROT case history will be hard to top To tan a deer hide with an acid solution, start by removing all flesh and fat from the deer skin. Next, rub the deer pelt with non-iodized salt to dry it. After 1-2 days, soak the hide in water until it's soft and flexible. Then, mix water, bran flake water, salt, and formic acid to create your brining solution

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Once all the flesh is removed, it's time for the salt. I spread the hide on the floor and rub salt into the whole hide. It's important to get salt onto all the edges, and the ears, face, and lips. I'm pretty liberal with the salt, and usually use a 25-pound bag of it per bear. salt. Once the hide is salted, I leave it overnight to draw. Chocolate Buckskin Deer Hides. $49.00 - $115.50. White Buckskin Deer Hides. $52.50 - $108.50. Smoke Buckskin Deer Hides. $57.75 - $117.25. 24% off. Bulk Buckskin Deer Hides Various Colors 4-5 oz. $72.00 $94.50 Mike Baird's B&B Taxidermy has been in business since 1983 in Houston, Texas and provides taxidermy for North American and African Mounts.We offer many options for mounting your trophies no matter if it's African, North American, Global or Exotic. Another aspect we have been involved with is designing and decorating Trophy Rooms in homes and businesses