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Description:Here we go again!! Anthrocon 2019 was a lot of fun and I had a great time filming and being with my friends. I ended up with more than 400 separa.. Allegheny County Police are investigating a shooting that took place in Homestead Friday afternoon. Anthrocon Planning To Return To Pittsburgh For In-Person Convention 2019 at 4:50 pm. Anthrocon is Pittsburgh's Premier Furry Convention. Join us online July 2nd - 4th for Anthrocon's 24th annual convention as we celebrate anthropomorphics, which are human-like animal characters, such as have fascinated mankind since the dawn of human imagination

Posted: 7/3/2019 7:37:03 AM EDT. Furry invasion closes in on Pittsburgh. The Anthrocon Convention - a gathering of costumed adults dressing up as animals— invades Pittsburgh Friday through Sunday at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown. Many will arrive on Thursday. Vendors will be selling everything from tails and heads to. Tiberius. February 11, 2020. News. PITTSBURGH - Anthrocon, Pittsburgh's furry convention, will be offering something new for its 2020 convention. Anthrocon has developed a wonderful, synergistic relationship with the city of Pittsburgh, and wishes to give back a bit more, this time to the children of the city I'll be at Table N17 at Anthrocon 2019. Jun 14, 2019. As a heads up I will be at Anthrocon 2019 from July 4th to the 7th at Table N17. Heading out to Deal at MFF in Two Days, FIND ME DE Not too into shooting games. I mostly use Steam to talk to certain people. When I get a job and a bank account I'll most likely buy more games through Steam.

Anthrocon (abbreviated AC) is the world's second largest furry convention, taking place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania each June or July. Its focus is on furries: fictional anthropomorphic animal characters in art and literature. The convention was first held in 1997 in New York State, and draws over 7,000 attendees annually. Anthrocon 2019 drew 9,358 attendees, with 2,132 fursuiters. Other Emergency Responses During 2019 Fireworks In addition to the shooting, police made three other arrests: two people for a domestic dispute, and one person for disorderly conduct (fighting) July 01, 2019 at 6:06 pm EDT. SOUTH UNION TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A gunshot was fired during a fireworks show Sunday night at Uniontown Mall in South Union Township, Pennsylvania State Police said

December 12, 2019, 12:59 PM the director of communications at Anthrocon, Officers are investigating a shooting in Roseville on Monday afternoon, according to police. The shooting happened. In 2019, Anthrocon had people visiting from more than 20 countries so it's a big deal to not have these events on our calendar. in wake of deadly shooting in Boulder, Colorado Anthrocon 2019 is well underway! Learn more at https://cbsloc.al/2Xlyoao 9 minutes ago 28 minutes ago Pittsburgh Police Searching For 'Violent Offender'Pittsburgh Police are looking for a violent. If you have had your photo taken and you like it please consider a donation.it helps me out, photography is not cheap. my camera, lenses, lighting, time spent shooting photos and post edits, fees locations charge to have usage of location.if you want to donate I have a Ko-F Anthrocon 2019 is here! Very early tomorrow morning, like well, well before dawn, I will be hitting the road to Pittsburgh with JT and my not-a-furry-right-now-but-we'll-see-in-a-few-days friend. If July 4 traffic doesn't annihilate us, we will be arriving early-mid Thursday afternoon and will be staying through Saturday evening

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  1. i´ll be attending - anthrocon 2019 - table p.15 - pittsburgh,pa - this jul 4-7 !!!! I´ll be offering Live Art Shows - Designing Character from Scratch, teaching a few things, and offering the characters at a Raffle
  2. The Anthrocon convention that draws large numbers of furries to Pittsburgh each year has been canceled for 2021, the event's official Facebook account said Sunday. We had high hopes but at this.
  3. PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Anthrocon took to the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon for the annual Fursuit Walk.. Organizers say 1,980 people took part in the annual parade with.

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DJ UltraPup barks about what it's like to be on stage the first time at Anthrocon. by Patch O'Furr It's going down on Saturday at the @AnthroconDances so catch me all week during @anthrocon in the mean time check out my mixcloud and other links This time we were in Pittsburgh, shooting Anthrocon the largest convention in the world. It's a pretty spread out convention in a wonderful city, so capturing city life was paramount. Unfortunately, I couldn't take the steadicam, so for this shoot it was primarily shoulder mount and tripod with the Aaton XTR Prod as my only camera

A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom — people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human animal characters with human characteristics.These conventions provide a place for fans to meet, exchange ideas, transact business and engage in entertainment and recreation centered on this concept Posted Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 12:21 pm ET. Reply. The Perseid meteor shower, one of the most anticipated of the year, peaks Monday into Tuesday. Shooting stars will be most numerous on Monday. ↑ Anthrocon_2006 ↑ Police 2 Officers Shot In Monroe article on WTOL.com. Retrieved November 20, 2019. ↑ Simba Lion, suspect in Monroe police shooting, has died article on Milive.com. Retrieved December 2, 2019. ↑ External link


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  2. If you saw any of my Anthrocon 2019 photos/video then it was taken on that camera. This blog post here also I used that camera. The Full specs of the Camera are here if anyone wants to know more about it. Ok, so can have a cheap camera or a really expensive one but what really makes your picture stand out is definitely your lenses
  3. Posted Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 4:13 pm ET | Updated Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 4:31 pm ET Reply President Donald Trump speaking during a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, Oct.
  4. Selling fullsuit with character rights and art. Accepting 1500$ for partial only, 2000$ for full suit. $2,000.00. SplashingNoctis ( 0) 40 days, 22h 48m 46s. Add to Cart. Hyena 3d-printable model kit. STL model of a hyena with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer. $45.00
  5. Posted: 7/3/2019 7:37:03 AM EDT. Furry invasion closes in on Pittsburgh. The Anthrocon Convention - a gathering of costumed adults dressing up as animals— invades Pittsburgh Friday through Sunday at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown. Many will arrive on Thursday. Vendors will be selling everything from tails and heads to.
  6. July 01, 2019 at 2:11 pm EDT. PITTSBURGH — The body of a man who had been shot was found in a car early Monday morning in Pittsburgh's East Hills neighborhood, police said

ANTHROCON 2019: SURF PACIFIC Thu., July 4-Sun., July 7. David L. Lawrence Convention Center, 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd., Downtown. $35-45. anthrocon.org which reacted to the Parkland shooting. The court heard the taped interview of Kevin talking about shooting 'monsters'. At first he denied having anything to do with the killings, saying, 'There would be no point in shooting kids' Anthrocon is one of Pittsburgh's biggest events, attracting thousands of furs from around the world each year, who bring tourist money with them. Anthrocon started in 1997 and moved to Pittsburgh in 2005, steadily growing there, with 2019 attendance being 9,358 furry fans and included a parade of over 2,000 people in fursuits. Midwest FurFest is an annual convention which takes place in the west suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We come together to celebrate the furry fandom, which includes art, literature and performances based around anthropomorphic animals. The origins of Midwest FurFest lie in the furry programming track of Duckon, an annual science fiction.

Held each June in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Anthrocon regularly attracts in excess of 5,000 furries. Smaller conferences such as Anthro Weekend Utah welcome up to 800 guests, all of whom pay. FurryCons.com by FanCons.com. FurryCons.com is a site dedicated to listing all furry conventions around the world. It is built on top of a platform pioneered by AnimeCons.com and FanCons.com and shares the same database, but only lists furry cons (and cons with significant furry programming) The area that is now Pittsburgh, like most of North America, was inhabited by Native Americans for centuries. Some of the earliest artifacts of human settlement are found at the Meadowcroft Rockshelter located about an hour west of the city and date back 16,000 years!. Fast forwarding to western settlements, we jump to the 1700s when European colonists came into the region Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the wafersticks Flickr tag

Read the 2019-07-07 issue of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette online with PressReader. Enjoy unlimited reading on up to 5 devices with 7-day free trial Tuesday, July 17, 2007. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Local caterers get ready for big business, as almost three thousand fans converge on the David L. Lawrence Convention Center over the Independence Day weekend for the world's largest ever furry convention, Anthrocon 2007.. Many hope to renew acquaintances, or meet new friends On twitch.tv/msx2plus during the HALLOWEEN? FUCK THAT! livestream event, Emma performed a live show. This page is for the live rave set. 1 Track listing 2 Release notes 3 Video 4 Screenshots 5 Navigation Thorpey - Wheel Up Superior Cornrows ft. Forca - Seven Kings Phatworld - Buggin Ebony Dubsters - Ra! (Original Sin Remix) DJ Hazard & D Minds - Mr Happy Dillinja - In The Grind Murdock - I. Many will be grainy due to shooting with available light. Sorry friends. Anthrocon 2012 5 Items. Midwest Furfest 2012 10 Items. Shouts. Link. Wog on 25 January 2021 at 18:16:06 MST pap. Link. TedMayInquire on 17 September 2019 at 13:42:49 MDT *sits on u* Link. Goaty on 16 June 2018 at 14:02:24 MDT Well, well, well, if it ain't the skunk of.

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Commission in markers and pen for Lvanhound featuring shooting stars. My Tiger Splat design (which I debuted in February 2019 graces everything from vinyl stickers to keychains to hoodies), My 2019 Anthrocon dealer set-up - 1.5 tables for a display that is 12 feet wide and over 4ft taller than the table!. Furry Retreat. From WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia. Furry Retreat is an annual camp-out event, held at Knight's Rest Retreat in Bristow, Oklahoma, USA. It was first held over October 23-25, 2015. The event was created by several former Oklacon volunteers and attendees, in response to said convention's cancellation Jul 24, 2019 #24 Well, considering several of the Corgi Events (the company that puts on GSFC, Aquatifur, DenFur, and PDFC) staff were recently in Vegas on July 4th weekend for hotel things, something tells me that may soon change Anthro New England held its annual Boston furry convention this past weekend to raise money for charity and bring together fans of anthropomorphic characters Cat Master Photography. 100 likes. Cat Master Photography is run by two freelance photographers located in Hyde Park, Vermont. It is their mission to capture quality images for clients

COVID-19 Timeline - PA. Monitoring the spread of COVID-19 across PA, week by week. The Coronavirus - COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China around December 31, 2019 and quickly spread to many countries throughout the world. By January 20, 2020, the United States had it's first confirmed case in Washington state Man arrested in Calif. over shooting death of 18-year-old outside Strip District bar Wed Jul 7, 2021 9:24 PM EDT As road travel resumes and vacations peak, gasoline prices spike to 2014 level

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AKA: Emma and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea HALLOWEEEN? FUCK THAT! is a livestream event on November 1, 2019 hosted by Emma Essex. The event was held on Twitch.tv/msx2plus at 9pm EST. The planned list of events for this stream lasted around 9½ hours. The entire livestream event lasted approximately 18 hours in total, spanning into November 2, 2019. 1 Metroid -1: The Shadow. Pittsburgh's annual furry convention Anthrocon is not only one of the biggest in the world, it's easily one of the most loved. And this year, the organizers are planning something new for attendees that looks to not only grow its paw print but add to the fandom A beautiful seaside city in Orange County, located just 35 mi (56 km) south of Los Angeles, is a perfect place for spending the 4th of July weekend. Its colorful parade and fireworks attract about 50,000 people annually On January 26th 2017, Deo, a semi-well-known Socialist furry tweeted Can't wait to punch Nazis, as the Altfurries had, at the time, been making a resurgence in the new era of Trump. Supposedly, this set off an absolute shitstorm that got a Colorado convention- Rocky Mountain Furcon- shut down My main Fursona is Renn the Dutch Angel Dragon. He is my second D.A.D. and the first suit I've made. He is a lively and friendly character fully of life and excitement. I'm also currently working on a documentary about the artists in the fandom, featuring: Telephone, Sniper/Raze, Omnom, Allison Wier, Razzy Lee and many others

Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania (behind Philadelphia), and the economic and cultural hub of Western Pennsylvania.It is located at the point where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers combine to form the Ohio River, and has more bridges than any other city in the world (even beating Venice, Italy by three). It was originally named after William Pitt The. Continue reading A Fully Functioning Furry Fiefdom: Anthrocon, Part 1. Author BoozyBarrister Posted on July 3, 2017 Categories Furry Friday , Gibbering Idiot Thoughts , War Stories Tags boozy barrister , Captain Eyebrows , Conventions , Fandoms , Furries , Furry , lawyers , Lawyers and Liquor , Reports , Reviews , social media , Twitter 2. It's almost that time of year again... as of Wednesday, there are 8 days until Anthrocon 2016!  Daisy Ruth set the scene outside the Convention Center with April, a local fursuiter who created her own suit, and Camille of CF Studios, an artist who creates and sells creature and fursuits. Some of these partial suits, like the one April wears, can cost upwards of $500+. It's even more for.

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Tags: 2016, AC2016, Anthrocon, Anthrocon 2016, Anthrocon Fursuit, DLCC, furry, Furry Convention, Fursuit Pics, Fursuitting, Pittsburgh [AC2016] The Fursuiting of Anthrocon 2016 Part 1 Well, it's only been a few days since leaving downtown Pittsburgh and making the arduous trek of 40 miles back to the Kverse HQ but for me 16 Shooting in Colorado tonight; I meet up with my relatives at my family's time share and my mom somehow told my aunt about my plans to go to Anthrocon this year (assuming everything reopens). For example, In 2019 there were almost 700, 000 full-time law enforcement officers. During the same period, there were 89 police homicides. The story could've been fleshed out, and I would have enjoyed some kinda of weird old person tries to be relevant but fails, you could have had Abe Simpson or The Rich Texan try to Play Duck Hunt, but instead end up shooting actual ducks

Anthrocon's 23rd Annual Convention in Downtown Pittsburgh, and the 2019 edition didn't disappoint. In the above photo at left, it's Fursona Ruby Vegas, Whitney Smith from Florida, and. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art I've never been in a room before with so many nearly-naked college athletes. I guess singlets must be aerodynamic or something, and I understand that it's important to see exactly where the wrestlers are, so wearing baggy clothes isn't exactly conducive to that, but wow, they are A LOT.They might as well just wear underwear Accordingly, Anthrocon.org advises furries that all public areas are rated PG, except for events or exhibits that are specifically noted to be inappropriate for minors. Minors must have a parent's notarized permission to attend due to unfortunate situations in years past, the website says, without explanation All news from Brighton Heights. Don't miss anything about Olivia Bennett, Ryan Deto @Ryan Deto, Denise Ranalli Russell, Kevin Quigley, Darlene Harris, Sam Williamson, Summer Lee and others. Newstral is a hyper local aggregator with all news about Brighton Heights from newspapers and blogs: local, regional and international

Email from an Ex-Furry Maxis I came across the article Authorities Make Arrest In Fetish-Themed Child Predator Sex Ring. I thought this might interest you I'm just trying to expose the true face of this sick community. Anthrocon is (as of 2019) the second-largest furry convention on the planet with 9,358 attendees in 2019 Pittsburgh opened its arms, er paws, last week to the Anthrocon convention. The Furries came to town in rags, tags and velvet gowns. The event was a testament to the region's diversity and tolerance. It also brought in a ton of money. Ten years ago, the same week as the Furries' arrival in Pittsburgh, terrorists' bombs went off in London DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. — A 14-year-old girl has been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault in connection with the fatal stabbing of an 11-year-old boy in Georgia, authorities said. According to WSB-TV and the Dawson County News, the incident occurred about 5 p.m. Saturday at a Dawson County home.Although emergency crews tried to save the boy, who had been stabbed multiple times, he. Shooting them with paintballs for seventeen hours. Sending assault troops into an Anthrocon. Smothering them into a giant ball of fairy floss. Pouring hot caramel into their eyes. Injecting glue into their bloodstream. Severing their muzzles off with a chainsaw. 2019 Top posts 2019 Anthrocon 2019, Friday, July 5 through Sunday, July 7, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, 1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh. Don't miss Anthrocon 2019, Pittsburgh's premier furry convention. recreational target shooting or to provide food for the family, the act of shooting a bow and arrow builds confidence, self-esteem and.

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FLORIDA (AP) - NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has settled a civil lawsuit by former trainer Britney Taylor, who accused Brown of sexually assaulting her. Taylor filed the lawsuit in 2019, and lawyers for her and Brown released statements Wednesday revealing the agreement. Antonio and Britney have been friends over a decade. Several years ago they almost became business partners — Remy @ ANTHROCON (@sportsballcat) June 13, 2019. Hence, the worst thing a furry can do is malign another fandom member, by which point their identity is removed to something else, like 'SJW'. And it's not as if furry itself isn't the shooting-fish-in-a-barrel of internet mockery, from within and without. But very quickly. 8/3/2019 1 Comment Hello, Papabear! Sorry for being secretive with some of my info, I'm an overly cautious otter. The golden rule of safe shooting is knowing where your weapon is pointed at all times, well Fred just so happened to forget that rule when his weapon had a malfunction and failed to fire. (Anthrocon is an example): http. Anthrocon - July - Welcome the furries to Pittsburgh in what is often considered to be the largest congregation in the world. Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix - July - Check out the car shows throughout the city and races at Schenley Park during this nearly two week event Comics and Defaced Vinyl from Eryshé Falafe. Isn't it exciting!-. Comics and Defaced Vinyl from Eryshé Falafe. Even in a room full of people wearing animal costumes, a guy lugging a box of old vinyl to his table is going to stand out, especially when he starts drawing and painting on them. This is what caught my eye the first time I.

The world's largest furry convention, Anthrocon, occurs in Pittsburgh every year. Douglas Muth. 16. The first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh. Forbes Field exterior by Unknown - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID ppmsca.18454. Licensed under Public. The AF2 league also included the striking logos included on the Quad City Steamwheelers helmets. Top, front, and rear views of this helmet are most extraordinary. The current LA Kiss clearly incorporate the most unique, and perhaps too much flame. A chrome color helmet provides the pallet for realistic flames GAY Furry Pride. May 4, 2016 ·. I know I havent posted in the LONGEST time!! I just wanted to share something that its that time of year to help out the furry community by doing this survey!! ~Alexander. Welcome to the 2016 Furry Survey Welcome to the 2016 Furry Survey, the largest market survey of the furry fandom out there Shooting for the Star - Sofox - 5.8k words; A New Star - Linnea Capps - 5.2k words but also being a first-year con fairly close to Anthrocon, we really had no idea what to expect. Camp Tiny Paws 2019 sits now at our second-highest-grossing convention of all times (only topped by AnthrOhio 2019 that beat it by a small margin.

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Furries are retarded piles of trash that don't know behavior. Furries shoulde'nt be genocided, They should just be given therapy or whatever other treatment to make them be normal people. The level of the treatment will depend on the severity of being a furry. Level 1 - lnterested in anthro characters Created by Violent Atmospheres. Release of gm_piratecove on steam workshop. Created the map for the community back in 2010 with immense success. I installed a few addtions including an improved 3D skybox (endless ocean effect), full HDR Support, new textures for sea shacks and terrain Debate.org is a dynamic social community where you can voice your opinion on today's hottest issues A while ago, my friend (who works in a Hospital) received a 19 year old man with a bunch of bruises and a bloody nose. My friend said that he had got to treat the man. I asked him what happened to the man and he responded by saying that said man w.. Shooting for 2010, here. All depends on the job/school situation. AGoing to try and get back into school for something I really want to do instead of just kind of

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There's a lot going on in Pittsburgh this July 4th Holiday weekend including two things indelibly associated with our fine city: the Anthrocon (Furries) convention and a concert at Heinz Field featuring the one and only Kenny Chesney. But how to tell the Chesney Fans and the Furries apart? Fortunately Breaking Burgh has your back with this quick set of examples that will have you. Warhammer 40,000 (aka 40k aka Warhams) is a tabletop miniatures wargame created by Games Workshop set in the far-off forty first millennium. It has 30 years of rulebooks, miniatures, novels, video games, and death metal set in its expansive universe. In 2017 it entered its 8th edition, which streamlined the game and did away with the previous.

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2 How to use the Piercing Candlestick Pattern? Bearish Breakaway. Breakaway. •Breakaway . Breakaway Pattern is a bearish reversal pattern. Greg Morris, Western candlestick pioneer and author of Candlestick Charting Explained, has partnered with MetaStock to develop the Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition Add-on. Bulkowski's top 10 Best Performing Candlestick ^^^includes a number of. Actor Colin Farrell was once in Toronto shooting a movie when a local radio station held a competition with a prize of $2,000 for anyone who could bring Farrell to the studio. Farrell heard about the competition, and found a homeless guy on the street and brought him into the studio to claim the prize. The organisers of Anthrocon and. plus.google.com Laurence GreenReaper Parry - Google+. For now, try using that, or our Twitter, Facebook or LJ feeds!) +1 Intro Born in 1982 in the UK, Laurence graduated with a first-class degree in Computer Science from the University of Bath in 2004. He worked as a developer for Stardock from 2005 to 2011, when his position was acquired. While some of them are definitely their scenic trip specials, the bus crash one was apparently genuine street view.It's been re-scanned since then, but if you look at the current street view you can still see where two of the bollards are shinier and newer than the others, where it wrecked them. posted by tavella at 9:39 PM on October 10, 2019

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InkedFur's Furry Friday: In re Boomer The Dog (An Argument for Boomer) Jesus christ, somebody call Animal Control, it's InkedFur's Furry Friday again here on Lawyers & Liquor. This means that as I'm writing this I have the strange and discomforting sensation that only comes from knowing there are a thousand fursuited eyes reading every. ROSEMONT, Ill. (AP) — Chlorine gas sickened several people and forced the evacuation of thousands of guests from a suburban Chicago hotel early Sunday, including many dressed in cartoonish an Stay in the know with the latest Pittsburgh news, weather and sports. Catch all of the day's top stories and more from the team at WTAE Pittsburgh Action News 4

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The purpose of this project is to create a rarity list based on the number of pets released in the game, rather than using trades or rarity changes (alone) to determine the rarity of a pet. This thread is used for the discussion, planning, brainstorming, and posting information regarding this list And now we're shooting for Rockford and Quad Cities routes over multiple carriers all forced into CUS. It's unnecessary complexity that harms the viability and ridership numbers. justalurker66 wrote: ↑ Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:48 pm So your theoretical traveler would rather spend 30-60 minutes getting around Chicago to get to one of the various. A lot of furries have some kind of bullying history. Researchers found they reported significantly more bullying than the average person. According to furscience.com, 61.7% of furries reported being bullied from the ages 11-18. Compare that with bullying rates among US students grades 6-12 See what your friends are reading. Browse Recommendations; Choice Awards; Genres; Giveaways; New Release

Call For Video Artists Fall 2019 Round Anthrocon, Inc. Jul 2002 - Jul 2002 1 month. Anthrocon, Philadelphia, PA Shooting animation frames, clean-up of animation frames and editing. Red Furros interviews Blotch. 22 enero, 2011. The following is an interview we had with Blotch last Saturday 15 during the Further Confusion furry convention, who for those who doesnt know, Blotch is the collaboration name of two very talented artists: BlackTeagan and Kenket. They have made very popular works like Dogs days of summer and. This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Basketball 00:03:03 1 History 00:03:12 1.1 Creation 00:07:22 1.2 College basketball 00:11:02 1.3 High June 15, 2012 Eduardo Soliz Anthrocon, Fantasy, furry, magic, The Enchanted Forest, Writing 1 Comment Magic is pretty cool stuff if you're a writer because you can pretty much do anything with it. Its almost a requirement in some respects, I can't imagine writing a story in a fantasy setting without having a magician, wizard, or some kind. Samantha Lmrs. Lowe is listed as a Chief Executive Officer with Samantha Lowe Photo LLC in Florida. The address on file for this person is 1720 Chapel Tree Cir. Apt K, Brandon, FL 33511 in Hillsborough County. The company is a Florida Domestic Limited-Liability Company, which was filed on February 2, 2019

High quality Furries gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Fracture, by Hugo Jackson.Map. Derby, England, UK, Inspired Quill Publishing, September 2016, trade paperback $12.99 (ix + 327 pages), Kindle $3.99. Fracture is Book 2 of The Resonance Tetralogy.I opened my review of Legacy, Book 1, with the statement: The map of Eeres on pages iv and v shows only a few land masses amidst many oceans and seas; the result of a prehistoric cataclysm 2,500. His work has appeared in the Anthrocon magazine, in Fang Vol. 4, and occasionally on his printer by mistake. He is particularly keen on word-limited micro-fiction, calling them 365 Word Tales. At some point he'll have 365 of them and consider his work on earth done