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Depending on the size of the flock, birds can and should be given vitamins that strengthen the defenses of the skin and mucous membranes, boost respiratory and ocular health, and promote rapid healing. Vitamins A, D, and E are marvelously handy any time a flock is ill and particularly for pox cases Try adding these ingredients to your flock's feed or water on a daily basis as natural treatments for chicken diseases and their prevention: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - A strong tonic that eliminates internal parasites and promotes health. Cinnamon - Helps stop diarrhea. Epsom Salts - Also a good treatment for diarrhea Usually, fowl pox's mortality rate sits between one to five percent. This depends on the severity of the disease, and you have cases where wet pox will have a much higher mortality rate. This viral disease spreads slowly, and you have three types of fowl pox to be aware of. First, you have the fowl pox that impacts chickens and turkeys

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  1. Clean and sanitize the area (coop, pen, cage) that the chicken was kept in and keep an eye on the other chickens for any more signs. Sunshine is the best way to kill the fowl pox virus. I sprayed Vetericyn Plus on the bumps/warts. If the bumps begin to ooze, clean them and apply anti-biotic ointment to prevent a secondary infection
  2. Treating your chickens naturally, before internal parasite problems strike, includes feeding garlic, and apple cider vinegar. Feeding fermented chicken feed also strengthens the intestinal tract making it less hospitable to nasty organisms
  3. To use neem oil as a natural chicken pox treatment, combine about a half ounce of pure organic neem oil with 8 ounces of organic jojoba oil. Place your ingredients in a cosmetic container or small cosmetic bottle, mix well and then apply to the affected area of your skin liberally
  4. istered to aid in lessening the spread of the virus, but only in flocks where up to twenty percent of the flock has been infected
  5. Sick chicken affected by fowl pox You need to control biting insects such as mosquitos, use this tip on how to protect your chickens from mosquitos , you can also cover the birds with a mosquito net, spray the fowl runs with cislin, ensure grass around the fowl run is well cut and breeding areas for mosquitos such as ponds and containers with.
  6. of chickens. Unfortunately in is neither exhaustive nor complete. In gleaning information from many different sources I often found no alternative remedies for certain diseases. These sections are left blank in order to provide you with a place for notes, references, or your own creative remedies as you develop or discover them

Prevention and Control of Fowl Pox in Backyard Chicken Flocks 2 pox vaccine. This should be administered to all chickens at 12-16 weeks of age. Vaccinated birds should be examined for takes about seven to ten days following inoculation. A take consists of swelling of the skin or a scab at the site where the vaccine was applied About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. There is no treatment for fowl pox. Control and prevention in chickens is accomplished by vaccination by the wing web method with a commercially available fowl pox or pigeon pox vaccine. This should be administered to all chickens at 12-16 weeks of age. Vaccinated birds should be examined for takes about seven to ten days following inoculation Apple cider vinegar added to chicken feed or water supplies may improve nutrition and help to ward off insect pests. Wood ashes, dandelion greens, garlic, and onions are also popular remedies among the chicken coop. Sort by Default New Love So is cider vinegar placed in the water for good chicken health as it eliminates internal parasites and acts as a tonic. Cinnamon and Epsom Salts are good remedies for stopping diarrhea in chickens, and chopped garlic can also be fed to your chickens to prevent worm infestations. Aloe Vera for your chickens is a wonderful all-round health food

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6. Fowl Pox (dry and wet) Fowl pox is a rather common virus in backyard chickens that have not been vaccinated. It can affect most types of poultry, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pheasants. It is typically spread through mosquitos, who ingest the virus when they feed on infected birds Fowl Pox - A viral chicken disease, fowl pox causes raised lesions on the comb, wattle and in the throat of affected birds. Exotic Chicken Diseases - Any bird suffering a weak immune system is suceptible to various types of flus and avian diseases which cause depression, decrease production and damage the nervous system We suggest giving any sick chickens a little extra care to make sure they're as comfortable as possible. How to Prevent: There are special vaccines designed to prevent fowl pox in most birds, but if any birds show signs of infection, make sure to quarantine them. Also, make sure you control mosquitos in your chicken enclosures since they're. You want to see a nicely-colored rosy comb with no black spots, which may indicate frostbite in the cold weather or the more serious fowl pox in the warm months, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. There is no treatment for fowl pox but the affected bird should be separated, kept warm and given extra nutrients Fowl pox is a viral disease that comes under the heading of avian pox. Other strains of avian pox include pigeon pox and canary pox. Fowl pox affects domesticated birds like chickens and turkeys. The virus is slow moving, taking up to five weeks to run its course

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  1. Some of the most common vaccinations for chickens are fowl cholera, egg drop syndrome 76, fowl pox, infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, avian influenza etc. Keep their house clean and well ventilated. Make sure your chickens are not stressing. Always quarantine the new chickens before introducing them to the existing flock
  2. Fowl pox is one of the common chicken disease which has distinctive symptoms. The chickens will develop white spots on their skin, scabby sores on their combs, white ulcers in their mouth or trachea, and their laying stops. This disease has various treatments options. You can feed them soft food and give them a warm and dry place to try to recoup
  3. Sick chicken affected by fowl pox: You need to control biting insects such as mosquitoes, use this tip on how to protect your chickens from mosquitoes, you can also cover the birds with a mosquito net, spray the fowl runs with cislin, ensure grass around the fowl runs is well cut and breeding areas for mosquitos such as ponds and containers.
  4. Fowlpox is a slow-spreading viral infection of chickens and turkeys characterized by proliferative lesions in the skin that progress to thick scabs (cutaneous form) and by lesions in the upper GI and respiratory tracts (diphtheritic form). Virulent strains may cause lesions in the internal organs (systemic form). Fowlpox is seen worldwide
  5. Fowl Pox Symptoms And Treatment In Chickens - July 2, 2021 Artificial Hatching of Eggs In Poultry - April 23, 2021 Chickens with Coccidiosis-Symptoms And Treatment - April 13, 202
  6. g increasingly prevalent in many flocks—that of Fowl Pox. Although the reports of this disease are on the rise, fortunately, is it easy to spot. Fowl Pox presents with white patches on the skin, scabby type sores on the combs, and the appearance of white ulcers in the mouth

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Baking soda: This is a popular home remedy for chicken pox that will help relieve the itchiness. Mixed baking soda in a glass of water, use a soft sponge and gently rub the rash/red spots/blisters. The nature of chickens, as birds, is to mask all symptoms as long as possible to avoid being considered vulnerable - and tasty - to predators. VetRx and herbal remedies . Fowl pox viral infections can often result in secondary respiratory illnesses as the bird's immune system lowers and vulnerability to disease increases Home Remedies-Healing Pain Relief Used for Joint and Muscle Strain Aches. The following methods I have used on my chickens for natural pain relief which worked. Cayenne Pepper Cream-Mix 2 tablespoons of ground cayenne pepper with 1/2 cup of aloe moisturizing lotion then massage into affected area. (This works on humans too) Fowl Pox. The virus that causes Fowl Pox is not the same as the virus that causes chicken pox in humans. Although it is viral, it is spread through mites and ticks or through an open wound. Symptoms include scabs, fever, loss of appetite and apathy. There are two forms, a dry form and a wet form of the symptoms

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  1. Most diseases in chickens do not necessarily cause feather loss however the feather loss is because the hen is ill or has poor nutrition. So in effect it is not a cause but a symptom. You will see some feather loss in diseases such as fowl pox, cutaneous Marek's, polyomavirus, malnutrition and gangrenous dermatitis
  2. Fowl pox is a viral disease spread by the bites of mosquitoes. The infection leads to warty nodules on the bare or non-feathered parts of the head and legs and sometimes lesions in the beak.
  3. Fowl Pox attacks the immune method, so giving your chicken somewhere warm, safe and dry will allow them to recover quickly. It is also worth feeding your chicken soft food, plus many vets offer topical solutions to apply to the problem area
  4. Fowl Pox. Fowl pox is one of the common chicken disease which has distinctive symptoms. The chickens will develop white spots on their skin, scabby sores on their combs, white ulcers in their mouth or trachea, and their laying stops. This disease has various treatments options
  5. Oatmeal bath is one of the best home remedies for chicken pox. It will reduce pain and itching due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also fights bacteria and prevents scaring due to rashes. Take 2 cups of oatmeal and grind them into a fine powder. Now take two liters of water and add the powder in it

Fowl Pox Vaccine is for vaccination of healthy chickens aged 8 weeks or older, but at least 4 weeks prior to start of lay. When used as indicated, it will aid in preventing the clinical signs caused by the virulent field strains of fowl pox virus. Fowl Pox Vaccine is a chicken embryo propagated, freeze-dried, live virus vaccine for wing web. Avian trichomonosis (also known as 'canker' or 'frounce') is an infectious disease of birds caused by the flagellate protozoan parasite Trichomonas gallinae. The disease is extremely common in domestic and wild pigeons and doves (approximately 80-90% are carriers) worldwide. Chickens usually become infected through sharing a water or feed source with domestic or wild pigeons and doves

A chicken's foot has sixteen small bones in it so that they have a great deal of flexibility with their foot and toes. As you can imagine, these bones are tiny and are subject to tremendous force at times. Injury to the bones, or more commonly the skin of chickens' feet, is a fairly common occurrence A Spicata can be used to treat chickens for lice and mites. Catnip works as a sedative and as a natural insecticide. Lavender can be used as an insecticide which also increases blood circulation and is well known as a stress reliever too. Lemon balm and lemon rinds can be shredded into nest and coop bedding Battling Fowl Pox | Home Remedies for Sick Chickens. January 30, 2019. I am in no way a veterinarian, and I urge you to consult with a veterinarian for any medical help your chickens may need. It is important to confirm the types of illnesses to be able to assess possible treatment methods. Many Complication or co-infections with other conditions like Fowl pox, IB, ILT, Mycoplasma. Where is Infectious Coryza found? No location is safe from infection as Infectious Coryza is found worldwide but the disease is seen only in chickens although similar bacteria cause conditions in pheasants and guinea fowls

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There is no treatment for fowl pox. Control and prevention in chickens is accomplished by vaccination by the wing web method with a commercially available fowl pox or pigeon pox vaccine. This should be administered to all chickens at 12-16 weeks of age. Vaccinated birds should be examined for takes about seven to ten days following inoculation. In humans, the cold is viral in nature. In chickens it is caused by a bacterium - specifically Avibacterium (haemophilus) paragallinarum.. For those of you who like scientific details, the bacterium is a Gram negative rod shaped bacillus and belongs to the Pasteurella family.A similar disease plagues turkeys, pheasant and quail, but it is believed to be a separate bacterium To treat chicken pox, stay at home and rest for at least 5 days, which is how long the virus is contagious for. You can take an over the counter medication, such as paracetamol or acetaminophen, to combat fever that often accompanies the infection. It's important not to scratch at the pox as this will irritate them further Avian pox can be caused by several strains of the Pox virus and has been reported in at least 60 species of birds, including blackbirds, turkeys, hawks, eagles, owls, albatrosses, and sparrows.. There is no evidence that the avian pox virus can infect humans; however, this highly contagious virus can result high numbers of casualties in wild populations

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1: Fowl Pox: In layman's language this disease can be referred to chickenpox, but is way different from the ones which affect humans. It's a viral and contagious disease which can spread directly or by mosquito - the basic chicken disease symptoms are the visibility of warty bumps near the legs; also, you may see the formation of lesions in the mouth area Dec 23, 2017 - Explore CJ's board Chicken Pox on Pinterest. See more ideas about chicken pox, chicken, cold and cough remedies By Dr Rob Marshall. It is difficult to differentiate the causes of eye and respiratory symptoms, as many diseases may affect the eye and respiratory organs. The most common causes of these symptoms in backyard and show poultry are the following diseases: Infectious Coryza, CRD (Mycoplasma infections), ILT, IB Marek's Disease (MD) and Fowl Pox

May 9, 2019 - Explore Elaine's board Chicken pox on Pinterest. See more ideas about whimsical art, art, chicken art Fowl Pox Vaccine, 1000/d. Fowl Pox Vaccine is a chicken embryo propagated, freeze-dried, live virus vaccine for wing web administration to chickens. The vaccine is recommended for vaccination of healthy chickens aged 8 weeks or older but at least 4 weeks prior to start of lay. When used as indicated, it will aid in preventing the clinical signs. Prima Tech Bottle Mount Poultry Vaccinator, 0.3 mL. $39.99. 5.0 out of 5 stars. (1) Quick View A great degree of relief is obtained from the vexing symptoms through home remedies for chicken pox; also any viruses are cured in no time. Before opting for natural remedies for chicken pox, you need to have a good knowledge of what is a virus and what are the symptoms or initial indications of a virus; only then you can go begin on the journey to exploring home cures for chicken pox, which.

I've had my Pox for about 4-5 days now (showing) and I really could have used a lot of this adviceand made my life a bit easier the last couple of days. I'm a 42 year old male who thought I was vaccinated or had the Chicken Pox when I was a child, so you can imagine how alarmed I was to find out that I might possibly have it * We also have the Fowl Pox Oral Nosode for protection $40 100ml (please request if also needed) Prevent or Treatment tick, mites and lice in your birds and bird coup. Food grade Diatomaceous earth, however, can be used as a natural chicken lice and mite and tick treatment. And Diatomaceous earth can be used, along with wood ash from a. Fowl Pox. Cause: The disease is contracted from other chickens, mosquitos, or even by air if there is an infected flock nearby. Symptoms: white spots on the skin, scabs and sores on combs, white ulcers in mouth and/or trachea, no egg-laying. Treatment: Place the infected bird in a warm place and feed her soft foods. Ask your vet about fowl pox. Fowl pox - Neem bark @ 1kg/1000 birds to be given after soaking in water, over-night and Naeem leaves as top dressing. Conclusion Herbs can be used as a good alternative therapeutic aid to costly allopathic medicines/chemotherapy and boosting immune functions in intoxicated conditions and can also effectively complement allopathic medicines.

Generally fowl don't die from Fowl pox aka chicken pox. I gave mine extra vitamins in the water for 1 month and all was well. You can find what fowl pox actually looks like anywhere on the web. I also sprayed their combs with a spray called Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care The eyes being closed, the fowl can neither eat nor drink, and burning with fever, must die in three to six days unless medical skill comes to its relief. And this is roup, a disease as eominon among chickens as measles among children, and yet an incredible ignorance of the disease and how to treat it seems to prevail everywhere

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Among the other remedies are Arsenicum, Aconite, Dulcamara and Colchicum, the last named being preferred by some authorities. Give the selected remedy twenty hours trial, and if there is no improvement, change to one of the others named. Chicken-pox . Some writers designate this disease small-pox Whenever a chicken coughs or sneezes it means that the chicken is suffering from a chicken respiratory disease known as chronic respiratory disease (CRD), which is caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum (bacteria). However, some few diseases like Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, Fowl cholera, etc, show similar symptoms, but in most cases, chicken cough is caused by CRD- that is why broad. Fact on home remedies: Generally, the worst symptoms of chicken pox subside in about two weeks. However, you can test some all natural remedies to alleviate a number of the symptoms and get rest from itching as the virus took its course. 1. Oatmeal. An oatmeal bath is a well-liked home cure for itching due to chickenpox

1. Fowl Pox. If you notice your chickens developing white spots on their skin, scabby sores on their combs, white ulcers in their mouth or trachea, and their laying stops then you should grow concerned that your chickens are developing Fowl Pox. There are treatment options for Fowl Pox However, the herbs treat bronchitis, avian influenza, swollen head syndrome and fowl cholera, but not chicken pox. My chicken do not get infected even if they mingle with other chicken which. Lear more about sinus infections in chickens here. Fowl Pox. Fowl pox causes white spots on the skin and combs of chicken. You might also notice white ulcers in the trachea or mouth for your birds or scabby sores on their combs. This disease can cause a serious decline in laying, but it's luckily relatively easy to treat 1. Thymol Fowl. Thymol Fowl is a commercial drug developed to specifically treat fowlpox. This is in tablet form and can be bought in any poultry and agrivet supply stores across the country. Thymol Fowl is currently the only known available fowlpox treatment drug in the country and is proven to be effective Fowl Pox (avian diphtheria, bird pox, chicken pox) There are two forms - dry pox and wet pox. Wet pox forms canker-like lesions within the mouth, pharynx, larynx, and trachea and can obstruct the upper air passages. Mild respiratory illnesses can be treated simply by cleaning the coop, changing the bedding, or using natural remedies

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  1. Protecting Your Chickens from Newcastle Disease. Newcastle disease (ND), also known as pneumoencephalitis, is a contagious, viral infection that affects both domestic and wild birds, particularly chickens. The most highly contagious and deadly form of the Newcastle virus is known as viscerotropic velogenic Newcastle disease (VVND)
  2. I think my chickens may have fowl pox, thay have what looks like a rash or warts on the crown of there head and under there mouth on the red thing.can you please tell me what to do. Is it safe to eat the eggs still. Do i need to kill all of them if so what is the best way get rid of the bodys.Is there a way to treat them? I have 16 of them
  3. Chickens and ducks can be prone to leg and foot injuries from hard landings off the roost, as well as bumblefoot, a staph infection that can lead to foot and leg swelling. Turmeric is also thought to aid in the treatment of baby chicks or chickens suffering wry neck, a condition that causes the bird to be unable to hold its head up, by.

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Chicken eye problems do seem to occur in backyard flocks frequently. There are many different types of eye problems. In healthy chickens, vision is excellent during day light hours and extremely poor at night. The average chicken is able to see the smallest seeds and bugs, including mites, during the day, but as the sun begins setting, their vision becomes unreliable, causing them to head to. Fowl Pox, kuvhara maziso, sores and blisters: Use Aliseryl, Nemovit, Sulfacox, Esb3. Control biting insects esp mosquitoes which spread the disease (Use Cislin to control insects.) Gavakava in drinking water and apply the juice directly on affected areas. 5 herbal remedies for their indigenous chicken flock health management and considered the use of EVM as sustainable, economical and culturally acceptable. 0 5 10 15 20 Mokubilo Mogobane Serowe Khudumelapye %) Villages Fowl pox Newcastle Sudden death Infectious bronchiti We had fowl pox in some young birds a couple of years ago and lost 3 of them and one lived but is blinded in one eye. Our older chickens had it as well a year or so before that because they had the lesions on the combs/waddles but seemed to breeze through it okay otherwise Vaccines for fowl typhoid have been used in some areas, both live (usually based on the Houghton 9R strain) and bacterins. Figure 32. Bacterial septicaemia caused by Salmonella Gallinarum, in young broiler chickens. The liver on the left is normal, the one on the right is slightly enlarged, pale and shows focal necrosis. Similar lesions can be.

Scabs on the hen's head, neck, leg, and feet and in the hen's mouth are symptoms of fowl pox, which also affects the respiratory tract in its wet form. Look at the chicken's eyes. Are they open and alert, or are they watery, swollen, or pussy? Watery, cloudy eyes are a sign of conjunctivitis, caused by dirty bedding or dust Chicken parasites are a given in most backyard coops. External parasites — lice, mites, fowl tick, and chiggers — are the creepy-crawlies found on the outside of the chicken, so common that earlier poultry tenders didn't even bother treating chickens for them. That said, these pests can cause anemia, damaged feathers, weight problems, poor laying, [ Coccidiosis is the bane of the poultry industry causing considerable economic loss. Eimeria species are known as protozoan parasites to cause morbidity and death in poultry. In addition to anticoccidial chemicals and vaccines, natural products are emerging as an alternative and complementary way to control avian coccidiosis. In this review, we update recent advances in the use of anticoccidial. Fowl Pox Vaccine (Frozen) This treatment applies to the following species: Chickens. Company: Merial. Fowl Pox Vaccine, Live Virus. This vaccine contains a live strain of fowl pox virus that has been shown to aid in the prevention of fowl pox. It is recommended for subcutaneous injection of one-day-old chickens

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  1. Banixx for Pecking Sores, Bumble Foot, Fowl Pox, Raw Vent Area Infection, Chicken Leg/Foot Injuries. 4.5 out of 5 stars 383. $16.99 $ 16. 99. $16.14 with Subscribe & Save discount. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 15. Best Seller in Cat Itch Remedies. Vetericyn Plus Wound and Skin Care. Spray to Clean Cuts and Wounds. 4.7 out of 5 stars 9,860.
  2. Serious illness is unlikely in a backyard chicken flock, especially if you vaccinate the chickens. All the same, it's good to be aware of illnesses in case you're ever wondering, is my chicken sick? Diseases can spread from wild birds and pests, so keep an eye out during your daily health checks for the symptoms [
  3. b Most USA commercial broiler hatcheries use an in ovo vaccination system for Marek's disease at 17-19 days of embryonation. Infectious bursal disease vaccine (mild strain) may be combined with Marek's disease vaccines. Vectored vaccines in which Marek's and fowlpox vaccines have been safely modified to carry immunizing antigens for laryngotracheitis, Newcastle disease, or infectious.
  4. At any time by a number of time we can sleep disturbed growing. Microcephaly may be inhabited by . disease or conditions or sharing towels and also your body chicken or the blisters continue to grow harder and harder new skin tends to last about 7 days only to let it can i eat eggs from a chicken with fowl pox breaks out unless it was a way for you than half of the body that work in the babies.

Chickenpox usually runs its course in 5 to 10 days. But if you have the itchy rash caused by the virus, that can feel like a very long time. Fortunately, there are things you can do at home to. transmit diseases like fowl pox between birds and, they can concentrate poisons. Internal parasites can be very small (like coccidia) or very large (like most worms). There are treatments and vaccines for some internal parasites. 5. Poisons like botulinum and aflatoxin are produced by living organisms (fungi and bacteria)

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Respiratory Disease Home remedies. There are effective natural remedies for respiratory diseases. Most people find theses remedies to be quite helpful especially during the winter season. Certain herbs inhaled or consumed in order to relieve some of the symptoms of respiration In E. tenella, chickens show symptoms at about three days after infection; chickens become droopy and emaciated, they huddle together and eat less.At day 4, blood stains appear in the dropping; this is an advanced and dangerous stage of the infection. It becomes more severe on day 6 when there is heavy blood in chicken poop Foro or fowl pox—everybody knows that disease here. But it causes more fear than harm. It's very unpleasant, but it doesn't easily kill the chickens. The disease is more frequent where we live than in villages because we are highly exposed to wind and sun here. But in any case, fowl pox is treated more easily than other diseases Swimmer's Itch vs. Chicken Pox. Swimmer's itch looks like chicken pox, but it usually isn't seen in areas that would be covered by a bathing suit. If you do see symptoms in these areas, consider causes such as Chicken Pox or insect bites

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FOWL CHOLERA is a serious, highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Pasteurella multocida in a range of avian species including chickens. It usually occurs as a septicemia of sudden onset with high morbidity and mortality, but chronic and asymptomatic infections also occur. It was one of the first infectious diseases to b Pustules can also occur on the legs. There is a wet form that can occur inside the mouth. The dry form pustules can be brownish or scabs. Treatment for Fowl Pox There are no known treatments for Fowl Pox Home Remedies for Chicken Pox II चेचक का घरेलू उपचार II - Duration: 5:10 diseases and even when sick resulting in 100% of chicken poultry were kept in the villages including chickens, rearers using herbal concoctions instead. Additionally, ducks, pigeons, turkeys, peafowls, geese and guinea 79% of family poultry rearers in Serowe-Palapye Sub- fowl. As shown in Table 2, chickens predominated i Fowl pox. Chickens will develop white spots and sores all over their bodies and inside their trachea. This is treatable but also highly contagious, so chickens need to be isolated until they're healthy. Botulism. If chickens are eating old, contaminated meat, they can develop this very serious illness and will usually die within hours EGG HATCHING SERVICES AVAILABLE 讀讀 : TIRIKUITA KUTSOTSONYA NHIYO 80% 85 %, 90 %, 95% KUNANAVIRA MU ZANA FOR PROFESSIONAL, TRANSPARENCY AND HONEST HATCHING OF YOUR EGGS LOOK NO OTHER THAN..

The only method to vaccinate against fowl pox. See Fowl Pox below for details. Subcutaneous method. You need to lift the skin under the wing or behind the neck and push a needle through the skin into the hollow created under the skin. Hardly ever necessary. A minimal vaccination program. 1- Day-old: NCD (a strain suitable for day-old chicks) + I Megan Vac1 is recommended for use at 1 day of age by spray. A second dose should be given at 14 days of age in the drinking water. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter. Spray Administration: Rehydrate the vaccine with cool, sterile, non-chlorinated water, which contains no antimicrobials, in an amount sufficient to vaccinate the. Treatment: Remove from the flock if there are any open wounds, Gentian violet to treat wounds, anti-pecking spray to help prevent pecking, ensure the bullied hens get food and water - some hens will give up trying to eat and simply waste away! Nutri-drops can help to revive poorly hens. Introduce new things to the coop for distraction e.g. Vegetable Holder, Chicken Toy or hang up an old CD/DVD

In India, neem is also used to treat viral diseases such as small-pox, chicken-pox even many medical practitioners use a paste of neem leaves, rubbed directly on the infected skin, for these conditions. Experiments with smallpox, chicken pox and fowl-pox have shown that neem is quite effective for preventing if not for curing these conditions chicken pox is a very common problem in rural area of India. every winter season many Indian people suffer with this disease. chicken pox which is is common now.there is another disease smallpox but now a days smallpox have been eradicated from India with a eradication program. so now only chicken pox occur in India. chicken pox have many synonyms or local name in India. chicken pox is also. A study was conducted with the aim of assessing the major health constraints facing the small-scale and backyard chicken producers and ethno-vet practices exercised in five regions of the country: Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, Oromia, Southern region, and Tigray. Household respondents were purposively selected and interviewed. Data were collected through pretesting, semi-structural questionnaires.

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