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The staff at Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service (BBEVS) offer an exclusive veterinary service. for the owners of birds and exotic pets.. From parrots to turtles, guinea pigs to lizards, our practice is specifically equipped and staffed to ensure that your pet receives the best care and treatment available We have found 53 businesses for Guinea Pigs Vets & Veterinary Surgeons in BRISBANE - LOGAN, QLD - AWLQ Community Vet Clinic, Furkids Veterinary Surgery, Animal Emergency Service, Albert Animal Hospital, Middle Road Veterinary Hospital - and mor Vets for guinea pigs in Australia find an exotics vet in your local area for guinea pigs and rabbits see our interactive map for veternarians for guinea pigs and rabbits 739 Albany Creek Road, Albany Creek, Brisbane Phone: 3264 1222 Website: Albany Creek Vet Surgery Click here to visit their website Name: West Toowoomba Vet Surgery. Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery. QLD Guinea Pig Refuge appreciate the ongoing support offered to us from Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery. From the highest level of cavy knowledgeable vets, a team that goes above and beyond for the pets they see and their treatment of our piggies since our opening in 2013. Visit their website here

Guinea pigs are prolific breeders so desexing those in mixed sex households can stop unwanted pregnancies and aid in inter-group relations! Five to six weeks old is a great time to get this done. A yearly health check with the Avian and Exotic Pet Service is recommended to catch any potential problems early, and older animals or those with. Our team of veterinarians can provide advanced care for all types of amphibians. More Information. Rats & Mice. Our knowledge and care extends to rat and mouse care as well. The Unusual Pet Vets are located in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and are highly experienced when it comes to pocket pet health. More Information Brisbane Southside Guinea Pig Sanctuary, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 728 likes · 73 talking about this. A home based, ACNC registered guinea pig rescue located in Runcorn, Brisbane. We take in.. Jana returned to the Sunshine Coast and began working at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery in 2012. She enjoys every aspect of veterinary surgery and medicine but with special interests in ultrasonography, ophthalmology, soft tissue surgery and also enjoys working with the 'small and furries', such as Guinea Pigs

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This Brisbane vet service is keeping our most bizarre and exotic pets healthy and happy. guinea pig dentists: Brisbane vet service caters to all. By Amy Mitchell-Whittington. October 4, 2015. The Fox Residence Guinea Pig Sanctuary Mt Cotton Brisbane 4. Miss Piggy's Lair Eudlo Sunshine Coast 5. Animal Welfare League Coombabah Gold Coast 6. Cavy Angels Guinea Pig Rescue Elanora Gold Coast 7. Alittlebitiffy Animal Sanctuary Gatton Qld SURRENDERING YOUR GUINEA PIGS Brisbane Southside Guinea Pig Sanctuary is a small private & ACNC registered rescue located in Runcorn, Brisbane. We have proudly been rescuing, rehabbing, rehoming and educating since October 2020. We operate with the belief that every guinea pig deserves a safe, loving and educated home

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Buying a guinea pig in Brisbane. Guinea pigs are sold at most pet stores, including Pet City and Our Vet or online at Gumtree and Guinea Pig Finder , and on average the price of a short hair will range from somewhere between $10-$40. There are also long haired guineas that range from $60 + but keep in mind that they will need regular brushing. GOLD COAST GUINEA PIG RESCUE. To contact us use our message form on this listing page. Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue is a privately run shelter in Southport on Queensland's Gold Coast.We take in found, surrendered and rescue guinea pigs, providing them with veterinary care where needed.We are the first Guinea Pig Shelter in Australia to actively promote the desexing of guinea pigs and are. WELCOME We're really pleased you have come to visit. Here at Specialised Animal Nutrition Pty Ltd, the sole distributor of Oxbow Animal Health products in Australia, we have spent the last 14 years providing the best quality products and the highest calibre of education to support pet owners in helping their rabbits, guinea pigs and rats lead longer, healthier lives

guinea pig boarding brisbane,Brisbane City,Moggill hard it is to leave your pets when you go away, and kennels can be a little impersonal. We are dog lovers, and enjoy whole lives, growing up with dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and fish. Our 12 year old staffy is mostly. Alittlebitiffy Animal sanctuary was founded in 2013 in Townsville, North Queensland, by husband and wife duo Graham and Iffy (Team Griffy). Iffy graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology and Marine Biology in 2015, a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology in 2019, currently works as a registered veterinary technician at UQ Vets Small Animal Hospital, and has many years of experience. Guinea Pig Sitting. We all know that you love your little guinea pigs and want to provide the best most fulfilling care that you can, but sometimes everyday life and holiday plans do not mix well together. We get it. Car rides can be stressful for a small, fragile guinea pig

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Guinea pig onslaught October 28, 2018 Over 200 guinea pigs have been seized and brought in to RSPCA Qld's Wacol Care Centre. The guinea pigs were removed from the garage of a Brisbane property where they were allegedly being breed for commercial purposes Guinea Pig breeder specialising in: DE Cream, PE Cream, Golden Agouti, Texel. Young stock available most of the time. VetVan is an innovative business based in Brisbane that provides a range of north-western Brisbane suburbs with mobile veterinary services. With VetVan being a mobile veterinary clinic, you no longer read more. Distance. Brisbane Southside Guinea Pig Sanctuary. 136 views · June 7. 0:20. I'm sorry I've been slow to update! But our little one is doing absolutely amazingly! He's taking about a ml per feed now and has some light in his eyes. The first 24hrs with him were pretty scary - not gonna lie Pet Cremations Gold Coast & Brisbane Individual Pet Cremation llama, sheep, guinea pigs, birds, rats, lizards, snakes and other small pets at our on-site crematorium. Pet Cremation & Keepsake Packages. Browse our most frequently chosen cremation options below. Prices listed are including the cremation fee and collection from home or vet. However, some guinea pig rescue groups and organizations recommend a certain size. A simple research online will give you the following information: 1 guinea pig - 6 to 7 square feet. 2 guinea pigs - 7.5 square feet. 3 guinea pigs - 10.5 square feet. 4 guinea pigs - 13 square feet. At the end of the day, you have the power to decide.

Avian and Exotic Pets Service. The Avian and Exotic Pet Service, operating from the UQ Veterinary Medical Centre, is the only veterinary practice outside Brisbane dedicated to the care of birds, reptiles, and small mammals (rats, mice, and guinea pigs) Now, after more than 20 years, he is back in Brisbane and offering affordable treatments to pet owners across the region. Dr. Plummer has always held a passion in caring for small animals - such as dogs and cats, and pocket pets like guinea pigs and birds - and realised that surgery is often the best way to improve the quality of their lives

Animal Wellness is a full service Veterinary Clinic located on Stanley Street East, East Brisbane, providing quality traditional and holistic care for your companion animals. Our vets are fully qualified, experienced and teach other vets in the field of dental, behavioural and holistic therapies. Call Today on (07) 3393 1359 to Find Out Mor Michelle grew up in Brisbane and has worked around Brisbane and the UK. She has a special interest in pocket pets, such as guinea pigs and rats and backyard chooks, with membership in the Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians (UPAV) special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association Our HopStart package is an all-inclusive package made for guinea pig owners. The first few months with any new pet can be daunting so this package will give you peace of mind while providing your guinea pig with premium veterinary care. It is designed for new guinea pig owners who are just starting with a baby guinea pig or owners of mature. Both are rescues from the Brisbane RSPCA and travelled with me to Melbourne. In New Zealand I have 3 more cats (Isabella, Zac and Elfy) and 2 Chinchillas (Ardie and Keela), Ardie has 3 legs and was a rescue as an injured stray baby brought into the exotic clinic I worked at in NZ. Qualifications: Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (NZ

Incredible, compassionate and well informed veterinarians and support staff. I would highly recommend this clinic to all rabbit and guinea pig owners in western suburbs! It is such a relief to finally have expert care in reach for our little guys who often get sick or lose condition due to their complexities. - Hayle Pawprint Veterinary Practice first opened its doors in May 2005. Since then, the practice has grown to encompass many species of pets and wildlife. The most common pets we see are of course, dogs and cats, however in the last few years the practice has treated many other species including rats, mice and guinea pigs We know your pet is a special member of the family, and they will be in the very good hands of Veterinarians Anita Berger and Michelle Barton at this clinic. You will also see qualified veterinary nurses, Dannielle and Carmen. To make an appointment, please call 07 3355 6724 and find out why Everton Hills Vet Surgery is where tails wag, cats. Fortitude Valley Vet is modern and well-equipped and our staff are friendly and caring. We provide care for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, guinea pigs and the occasional pet rats and birds. Come join our growing family of clients and fur babies! Dr Nic BVMS, BVetBio, BSc(Wildlife) Dr Nic is the Head Vet at Fortitude Valley Vet You can also find our beds at the Brisbane Birds and Exotics Veterinary Services clinic. Food. We stock a great range of guinea pig pellets and hay, as well as a top brand bird pellet at the sanctuary, so get in touch if you would like to make a purchase! Fleece beds

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Weekdays: 7am-6pm at our Balcatta practice (Perth), 8am-6pm at our Murdoch practice (Perth), 8.30am-6pm at our Peninsula Practice (Melbourne) and Jindalee Practice (Brisbane) Saturday: 9am-5pm at all of our practices. Sunday: 10am-4pm at both of our practices in Perth and our Brisbane practice. 9am-3pm at our practice in Melbourne Your pet is in the best of care with Australia's most modern pet crematorium. Be Certain. Pet Angel offer affordable pet cremation services that are suitable for cats, dogs, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes and other small pets at our on-site crematorium.. All Pet Angel Individual Cremations include

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Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital. 48 mins ·. Today is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!! We love these little cheeky bundles of fur and we are so happy that they have been given their own day to be celebrated. Over the years we have met the most beautiful Guinea Pig families. Have you a cute pic to share with us? Share this post with your Guinea. We have set out to create Australia's first physical store dedicated to Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. It will NOT be a pet shop where you can simply purchase a new pet, our focus will ALWAYS be on the rescue and adoption process and education. We plan to make this first location a destination to visit, as well as employing a talented team of passionate cavy and bunny experts I had my guinea pig Dasher booked in for castration and microchipping as part of the Hop Start Package and the staff there were very friendly, insightful, professional and helped to calm my nerves about the surgery. All went really really well and Dasher is loving his new food. I highly recommend them Home/ Brisbane/ guinea pig kennels brisbane. Amy S. Dog Boarding - location West Brisbane. Moggill, Queensland. 1. 1 Reviews. Brisbane City,Moggill hard it is to leave your pets when you go away, and kennels can be a little impersonal. We are dog lovers, and enjoy whole lives, growing up with dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and fish At any time, guinea pigs can suffer from many health concerns including scurvy, dental disease, diahorrea & paralysis. If your guinea pig is suffering from any of the above, please contact a small animal surgery immediately. Below are the details of a Brisbane small animal veterinary. Dr Vanessa Gray-Brighton Veterinary Surgery 3269222

Fortitude Valley Vet prides itself in offering quality veterinary care to pets living in Inner City Brisbane. Veterinary Care Services. Cats (F3 vaccination), puppy and kitten vaccination and health check and guinea pig health check. Medical Consult. Is your pet vomiting, not eating, or just not right? Come see us for a comprehensive health. Brisbane Bird Vet Featured. Chermside QLD 4032, Australia. Wildlife Treatment: Birds: Guinea Pigs/Cavies: Large Animal Veterinarians: Camelids: The House Call Vet Featured Online Shopping. QLD 4067, Australia. Guinea Pigs/Cavies: Rabbits: Rats & Mice: Compton Road Veterinary Surgery Featured If your pet requires an urgent medical attention, please contact a veterinary clinic nearby or an emergency centre. . Brisbane Animal Ambulance 24hr Pet Transport Service Ph: 0411 237 112. Pet Emergency: 53 Flinders Parade, North Lakes QLD 4509 - Ph: (07) 3384 2222. AEC: 561 Gympie Rd, Kedron QLD 4031 - Ph: (07) 3084 6020

Peninsula Animal Aid - Animal Shelter; Dog & Cat Adoptions - Clontarf, Redcliffe (North Brisbane), QLD. 9 images. Peninsula Animal Aid (PAA) has been taking in stray and abandoned animals since 1971. PAA is a not for profit organisation run entirely by unpaid volunteers If you want to provide a great home to guarantee a happy guinea pig, care should be taken to choose a large cage. You need 7.5 square feet for one guinea pig, and allow three feet more for every additional pet. Small Animal Vet Care. This is also the time to line up an exotic veterinarian-one who treats creatures beyond the routine cats and dogs A vet or a guinea pig rescue will be able to help. Male: They have a i shape, if you press gently on the front line to get the penis to appear. (Refer to pictures) Please note, if you need any help sexing guinea pigs and you live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I am happy to help with sexing in person. I have done this plenty of times. We work with you to ensure the best life for your loved pets. Call us today on 08 9360 2876 (Murdoch), 08 9345 4644 (Balcatta), 03 8738 3210 (Peninsula), 07 2104 9499 (Jindalee) to book an.

The estrous cycle length is 16 days. A female is fertile for about 6 to 11 hours, most often during night hours. Female guinea pigs begin a new estrous cycle shortly after giving birth. The guinea pig gestation period is 59 to 72 days. The litter size ranges from 1 to 8 pups, but a litter of 2 to 4 is more common guinea pig adoption, guinea pig rescue. Below are some listed Small Animal Rescues that have been submitted. Important Disclaimer: Please note that it is the owners responsibility to ensure that the rescues in question are still actives and are competent in the care of cavies. Guinea pigs Australia takes no legal responsibility over the competency of these organisations or the actions and. Guinea Pigs Australia Boarding Sydney Includes Burgess Pellets and grass hays, a selection of fresh mixed vegetables, daily vitamin C with the occasional fresh fruit treat. Indoor housing in Cube and Corflute cages or your own cage. Bedded on soft polar fleece or vet bed guinea pig feeding brisbane,Brisbane City,Kelvin Grove I have experience with dogs, cats, turtles and guinea pigs. I am available for dog walking, feeding and play time, cat feeding, litter cleaning and play time with young cats. I can feed, have lap time or floor time with.

A few of the many guinea pig veterinary needs offered for you and your pet are: desexing for both male and female guinea pigs, parasite control, dental care, preventative medicine, nutritional and husbandry advice and supplies, and nail trimming. Your guinea pig is vulnerable to skin ailments, fleas, vitamin C deficiency and dental problems GUINEA PIG BREEDS There are many different breeds of guinea pigs from long haired to shorter haired varieties. Some owners suggest that a particular breed of guinea pig may have a different personality compared to other types. Please see our comprehensive guide below to accurately recognise the different markings and distinguishing characteristics of guinea pigs to see what breed of guinea pig. Find the Best Emergency Guinea Pig Vet near you - Explore The Most Viewed Emergency Guinea Pig Vet open now, Popular Local Searches and other Popular Home Services near you, Contact and review the Best Local specialist. Get information, hours, photos, coupons, direct phone Number and more on Find Local Clinic Location: 16-18 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Rd, Loganholme, Brisbane, Phone: (07) 3133 1175. Website Facebook. Email us. Southside Vet Clinic saves you money while providing the latest technology and best practice care for your pet/s. Start a conversation with us today and find out how we can provide the absolute best care plan for your pet/s

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  1. QLD Guinea Pig Refuge is a not for profit organisation, dedicated to helping mistreated, abused and no longer wanted guinea pigs in need. They don't have an actual shelter. All their guinea pigs live with foster carers throughout Brisbane. They hire out the local Bald Hills Scout Den, 508 Bracken Ridge Rd, Bracken Ridge on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month to hold their Open Days, and.
  2. the lifesaving work we do for companion animals in need. Find out more. SENIOR ANIMAL CARE PACKAGE. FREE health check and 50% OFF blood tests! AWLQ's Brisbane Community Vet Clinic is offering a Senior Animal Care Package. for the rest of winter - book today on 07 3808 2892
  3. Guinea pig cage. Height- 1.74m Width-51cm Length-1.46 3 separate cages. Each cage is 1.46m x 51cm x 45cm. This is a homemade cage. It was originally a bird avery. Welcome to inspect before buying. Pick up is Wellington Point. $250. Wellington Point, QLD
  4. g a nurse as she enjoys the process of nursing the patients from their arrival to when they go home. Marilie completed her studies in South Africa where she worked at the teaching hospital for three years

August 16, 2017. Adoption is such a rewarding way to become a pet parent, but cats and dogs aren't the only pets looking for forever homes. There's a whole range of pets available for adoption, including guinea pigs and rabbits, through Petbarn adoption centres and shelters nationwide. You'll have heard that good things come in small. Prefix: QDOSKABUTA. Location: Booerie Creek, Lismore, NSW. Phone: 0410 999 772. Email us. Please read before making contact. Breeding Tortoise shell and whites, self reds and dark eyed creams, for show and pets. If you have any enquiries please send a message or call Steve. Guinea Pig Breeders in Booerie Creek, Lismore, NSW

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  1. The more the Guinea Pig Finder site grows, the better the odds are of someone finding a wonderful guinea pig to adopt in their area. Sharing is caring when it comes to pets. Guinea Pig Finder gives you simple and amazing tools to help you promote guinea pigs for adoption
  2. Sathra Stud - Guinea Pig Breeder - Sydney. 1 image. Guinea Pig Breeder specialising in: Chocolate & Black Himalayan, Abyssinian Rex, Self DE Golden, American Crested. Member of NSW Cavy Club. Please contact me with any enquiries. read more. Narellan, NSW
  3. A comprehensive list of reputable cavy savvy vets with experience with small animals, especially guinea pigs
  4. Veterinarian & Practice Owner. Dr Terri grew up on a hobby farm in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Living the farm life sparked her interest in caring for animals. Rehabilitating injured wildlife as well as looking after all sorts of animals from cattle, pigs and horses, to guinea pigs and quails
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Dr Casey O'Brien graduated from the University of Queensland in 2011 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours. After graduating she worked as a small animal Veterinarian on the Gold Coast. Developing a passion for dermatology and surgery as well as treating more unusual companion animals such as rats, mice, guinea pigs and birds The Albert Animal Hospital is a family owned and operated veterinary hospital based in Springwood, Queensland. We are dedicated to quality small animal medicine and surgical procedures. We aim to provide your pets with excellent care in a compassionate, stress-free environment. Our team of 6 vets have a combined 126 years of experience

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  1. Quest News; Southeast; Manly Road Veterinary Hospital unusual pet vet to treat turtles, rats, parrots and guinea pigs. A SPECIALIST team is on call 24/7 at a Brisbane veterinary hospital to.
  2. g Supplies. Bait Bags/Number Holders; Chains; Suit Bags/Lead Holders.
  3. These include a rabbit named Buddy, a cat called Ricketts, Beaches the tortoise, a border collie, and three different guinea pigs! Dr. Scott Miller's Wiki-Biography. Vet In The Hill Cast Scott Miller was born in 1975 in Brisbane, Australia
  4. In addition to our strong presence in Sydney, we also deliver Australia-wide and can deliver a ferret cage to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth at very competitive rates! 22 Products Found. Guinea Pig C&C Cage with Corflute Base - Large (175 x 70cm) Not yet rated. $114.90. Product Code: GPA2X5. Out Of Stock
  5. Welcome to Parkinson Veterinary Surgery. At the Parkinson Vet Clinic we provide a variety of services to ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy. We are committed to providing your pet with complete care. The clinic is a fully equipped, modern hospital. We offer a variety of products to ensure that your pet receives the absolute best care
  6. We are a small vet practice in Albany creek and treat cats, dogs, guinea pigs, birds, mice and rats. At Albany Creek Vets we have a full range of medical and surgical facilities as well as anaesthetic equipment and monitoring systems (while animals are under anaesthetic), in house blood testing, digital radiography (x-rays), dental equipment.

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About Us. Marsden Veterinary Surgery has been at its current location for over 20 years. A major renovation was undertaken in 2008 which has resulted in a modern, spacious practice with up to date equipment and in 2019 we gave our brand and building a new fresh and contemporary look! Our patients' records are maintained on a sophisticated. Exotic Animal Vets in Currumbin Valley Bird Vet, Reptile Veterinarian, & More. 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday, 8am - 12pm Saturday. Sunday Closed. Available for after-hours emergencies.. The Currumbin Valley Veterinary Services was the first dedicated bird, reptile and exotic veterinary practice established in Australia Luxury Holiday Resorts for pets, we provide boarding, cuddles and companionship to dogs, cats, birds or other small pets across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Cornubia 07 3287 6606 | Park Ridge 07 3802 066 At Our Vet, we believe prevention is much better than cure. Our aim is to keep your pet in optimal condition and help safeguard against illnesses that could cause your pet pain and discomfort. There's an OurVet near you. Our Vet offers a complete range of veterinary services, including: Check-ups and vaccinations. Microchipping Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Arctic Breed Rescue Chihuahua Haven 4 Paws Animal Rescue Animal Welfare League of QLD Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue Cat's Meow Animals In Need Fresh Start Rescue Friends of the Hound Furry Friends Animal Rescue QLD Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue Great Dane Society of QLD German Shepherd Rescue SEQ Jaws n Paws Little.

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BIRDS GUINEA PIGS, RATS & MICE LIVESTOCK REPTILES. Home pickup/Delivery Contact 1300 788 965. Brisbane South. ellen grove Pet Retreat. Set on 2.5 acres, our Brisbane South Facility boasts six spacious exercise yards cushioned with well-maintained grass. Conveniently located,. Shop Pet City for all your Pet Supplies. Dog, Cat, Reptile, Bird, Fish, Small Animal, Horse, Frog, Inverts, Poultry & More! Visit our store in Mt Gravatt or Shop Online! Spend $29 For Free Delivery to Brisbane Albany Creek Vet Surgery offers comprehensive and professional veterinary care delivered by a team of friendly and very experienced vets, nurses and support staff. We enjoy working as a team to ensure you get the best from your vet and that your pet will get not only an opinion from your treating vet, but additional Victoria Point Veterinary Hospital is testimony to her organisational skills and her vision of high quality pet care for her local community. Living in Brisbane for the last 13 years, she is slowly becoming acclimatised and shares the Aussie love of the Great Outdoors. Eight Guinea Pigs and various Fish, life is full of adventures and fun Welcome to Purrrfect Pet Place. At Purrrfect Pet Place we provide high quality, secure and spacious boarding kennel facilities for cats, toy breeds of dogs and birds. We have been servicing Belmont and surrounding Bayside suburbs of Brisbane since 1982. Cameron, Liz, Jake and Damian have the pleasure of caring for your pets while you go on your.

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At affordable process, for all pet owners. With a compassionate approach to veterinary care, we are available to assist your companion 7 days a week. Help us continue our lifesaving work by donating today. Every dollar goes towards the care and rehoming of animals in need We don't rehome just dogs and cats at the RSPCA. We've got many types of animals, big and small - like Mr Piggy, a 12-month-old guinea pig. The Blom family had already decided to get their daughter a guinea pig for her fourth birthday when they read a newspaper article about lots of guinea pigs at the RSPCA in need of new homes Returning to Brisbane in 1991, Joanne commenced working as a veterinary locum but was soon employed in a fulltime position managing a clinic at Camira. She and Calum met at university and were married in 1988. Their first son, Declan, was born in 1997 and Angus followed in 1998. Since 2001, she has loved being a part of Clayfield Veterinary Clinic Address: 6/10 Old Chatswood Road, Daisy Hill, QLD 4127. PLEASE NOTE! When making an appointment online, please allow between 5-7 days when choosing a date. If you are booking an appointment for an emergency situation, please call the Brisbane Community Vet Clinic direct on 07 3808 2892. This form is to request an appointment for veterinary.

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Guinea pigs of course! - by Dr. Harry Cooper 06 Jul 2018 Dr Harry's checking out the competition at the Best in Cavy Show, and although these pocket pets might be small, the competition is fierce. Dr Harry Cooper graduated with second class honours from Sydney University's Faculty of Veterinary Science in December 1965 aged 21. He. Veterinarians may find this flow chart useful for calculating chemotherapy dosages and record-keeping for their patients. Forms. Chemotherapy Client Consent Form. Cytotoxic Incident Report Form. Patient Drop Off Admission Form. Veterinarians may find this one-page form helpful for pets that require a drop off for the day Dog Puppy Rabbit Guinea Pig Playpen 8 Panels $ 110.00 - $ 150.00 Pet Dog Cat Cage Collapsible $ 65.00 - $ 290.00 Pet Dog Cat Rabbit Guinea Pig Playpen Portable X Large Blue $ 120.00 Pet Dog Cat Rabbit Guinea Pig Playpen Portable X Large Gre

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guinea pigs per week (two 20-minute sessions) as well as to collect basic data about the types of activities children chose to engage in with guinea pigs. Materials were provided for all activities in every session, as described in Table 3. A de-tailed description of the AAA program and procedures can be found elsewhere.20 Measure This study aimed to develop a reliable BGC guinea pig model to facilitate future studies of pathogenicity, abortion mechanisms and vaccine efficacy. Seven groups of five pregnant guinea pigs (1. Recent Vet Listings. Bayside Mobile Vet | South Melbourne | Melbourne; Karalee Vet Clinic | Karalee | Brisbane; Wembley Veterinary Hospital | Jolimont | Pert

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Pet Angel offer pet cremation services for your pet when they pass away. Phone 1800 PET ANGEL (1800 738 264), 7 days a week between 8am - 6pm to arrange the collection of your pet from your home or veterinary clinic.One of the friendly Pet Angel staff will guide you through the process QLD Guinea Pig Refuge qldguineapigrefuge@live.com Mobile : 0490 423 405 Our phone is answered by a QGPR volunteer between 9am-5pm, Monday to Saturday. In an emergency please visit your local vet. We are based in Brisbane QLD but we are part of the Australian Guinea Pig Rescue Network. Italy. AAE (Associazione Animali Esotici) AAE Sezione Cavi

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Guinea pigs, like most pets, are also susceptible to fleas. Speak to your veterinarian about an appropriate flea treatment if needed. They may also suffer from mite infestations, which can cause discomfort, hair loss and itchiness. If your guinea pig develops bald batches, this could be a sign of the fungal disease ringworm, so seek help from a. The guinea pig's hutch should be a minimum of 70sq cm per guinea pig. If your hutch has a wire floor, ensure it is well covered with hay, so as not to risk your guinea pig catching and breaking its leg. Bedding material should be soft straw or hay, also provide material for your guinea pig to burrow under in the activities section. Tip Vets4Pets - Greenacres Vet Northgate Veterinary Hospital Address: 21 Fosters Road, Greenacres, South Australia, Australia 5086 Telephone: (08) 8367 9555 Hours: Open 24 hoursOpen 7 days a weekOpen SaturdayOpen Sunda Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery | 20 followers on LinkedIn. Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery has been offering a quality and caring service to pet owners of Albany Creek and surrounding suburbs for over 25 years. In that time we have grown to offer comprehensive veterinary care to treat dogs and cats as well as guinea pigs, birds, mice, rats and other household pets Laws for pet owners in Queensland. Being a pet owner also brings responsibilities. You need to: provide your pet with appropriate food, shelter and care. register your dog in all council areas and register your cat in some council areas. have your dog or cat microchipped and ensure its details are up to date so it can be identified and returned.

Effects of Animal-Assisted Activities with Guinea Pigs in the Primary School Classroom Marguerite E. O'Haire*, Samantha J. McKenzie†, Sandra McCune‡, and Virginia Slaughter* *The University of Queensland, School of Psychology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia †The University of Queensland, School of Population Health, Herston, Queensland, Australi Grids and Connector Set for Indoor Guinea Pig Cage. Comes With. 16 x Grids. 18 x Connectors. Create and build your own customised cage using this grid and connector set. Also known as C & C or cubes and coroplast, Product does not come with a base. For a full cage options see here. Cubes and Coroplast cages are used by pet owners and guinea pig. The minimum space required for housing a single Teddy Guinea Pig is 76cm x 91cm, or 0.7sqm. The more Guinea pigs you wish to keep, the larger the cage should be. To keep Two Guinea Pigs, the cage should have an area of at least 0.7-1 square meter. To keep Three Guinea Pigs, the cage should have an area of at least 1-1.2 square meters The RSPCA is trying to find homes for more than 200 guinea pigs seized from a Brisbane garage, living in harmful conditions. Join 1.7 Million Subscribers Subscribe for free to get the latest. Background Previous research has demonstrated the capacity of animal presence to stimulate social interaction among humans. The purpose of this study was to examine the interactions of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with an adult and their typically-developing peers in the presence of animals (two guinea pigs) compared to toys. Methods Ninety-nine children from 15 classrooms in 4. This study investigated comparatively the pathogenicity of experimental infection of mice and guinea pigs, with Angiostrongylus mackerrasae and the closely related species A. cantonensis. Time course analyses showed that A. mackerrasae causes eosinophilic meningitis in these hosts, which suggests th

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