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You can taste the smell of autumn, all around. 4. Autumn Moonlight, by Matsuo Basho. Autumn moonlight- a worm digs silently. into the chestnut. No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace / As I have seen in one autumnal face. — John Donne 5. Autumn Song, by Sarojini Naidu. Like a joy on the heart of a sorrow, The sunset hangs on a cloud To Autumn . John Keats' 1820 ode to the fall season is one of the great classics of the poetic movement of Romanticism. The poem is a rich description of the beauty of autumn that focuses on both its lush and sensual fruitfulness and the melancholy hint of shorter days. Keats ends his poem evoking the closing of the season and finding a parallel in the beauty of an early-evening sunset Classic Poems About the Moon. there is a / moon sole / in the blue night. Above the quiet dock in mid night. Slipping softly through the sky. A silver Lucifer. Art thou pale for weariness. The moon is the mother of pathos and pity. The moon has a face like the clock in the hall... The moon is like a scimitar Just the brilliant beams of moonlight. I hope others, too, are gazing on this moon tonight, And that it's illuminating all kinds of people. Autumn after autumn, the moonlight comes and goes; Human beings will gaze upon it for eternity. The sermons of Buddha, the preaching of Eno, Surely occurred under the same kind of moon In autumn moonlight, when the white air wan Is fragrant in the wake of summer hence, 'Tis sweet to sit entranced, and muse thereon In melancholy and godlike indolence: When the proud spirit, lull'd by mortal prime To fond pretence of immortality, Vieweth all moments from the birth of time, All things whate'er have been or yet shall be. And like the garden, where the year is spent, The ruin of.

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Chinese people, especially the poets worship the moon and have magnified the moon in countless poems. In many of them, the moon is the emotion carrier of the yearnings towards purity and beauty, the longings for family and love. In this blog, we share with you 3 most famous moon-themed Chinese poems that you should know Autumn Moon. Tony Owen. Bright light of the dark sky, the black tree has cast its rune. Conjurer of spells to awaken the owl´s eyes, blood red and blue. Fading to hide What a fabulous poem! There is a lot of atmosphere in this. Has a Halloween feel to it x. Reply. Tony Owen 08 October 2020, 13:38

Autumn. Thou comest, Autumn, heralded by the rain, With banners, by great gales incessant fanned, Brighter than brightest silks of Samarcand, And stately oxen harnessed to thy wain! by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Read More. Ode To Autumn The following 2 poems are masterpieces in Chinese literature wrote by Li Bai and Sushi respectively. 花 间 一 壶 酒,独 酌 无 相 亲。. From a pot of wine amid the flowers, I drink alone beneath the moonshine without a partner. 举 杯 邀 明 月,对 影 成 三 人。. Raising my cup, I invite the moon and turn to my shadow which.

Reader comments of Autumn Moonlight poem. You can add comment to Autumn Moonlight poem Dusk in Autumn - The moon is like a scimitar, - The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets. The moon is like a scimitar, Poets.org Donate Donate. Poems. Find and share the perfect poems. search. find. Basho's Autumn haiku poems. A pleasant chat. The moon in the mountain. The quai crys. There is a cricket. *kirigirisu: In ancient Japanese kirigirisu meant today's cricket. Kirigirisu means katydid now. The monk is calm. The flowers of chrysanthemum Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Volume 4:1, Autumn-Winter 2020-2021. 12/13/2020. Welcome to this Fall/Winter issue of Autumn Moon Haiku Journal. Very recently, people around the world have noticed climate change as manifested in the destruction of natural spaces on Earth and produced by human activity and population growth With leaves turning golden, nights drawing in and fires being lit, autumn is the perfect time to settle down in a comfy chair with some poetry for company. Here is a selection of our favourite poems about what John Keats called the 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'

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And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush. - Van Morrison, Moondance Withered vines, gnarled trees, twilight crows, river flowing beneath the little bridge, October Autumn Fall Poems, Poetry, Sayings, Quips, Wisdom, Stories, Collections, Aphorism The Mid-Autumn Moon in Classic Chinese Poetry. The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar. In 2014, it falls on Sept. 8. The origin of the festival. Here are three examples of haiku poems from Yosa Buson (1716-1784), a haiku master poet and painter: A summer river being crossed how pleasing with sandals in my hands! Light of the moon Moves west, flowers' shadows Creep eastward. In the moonlight, The color and scent of the wisteria Seems far away

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Autumn by T.E. Hulme (An Analysis) A picture of a cold autumn night has been painted in the poem. The impressions which the poet got, have been presented. The poem is the clear contrast between city life and village life. There is no romantic touch in the description of the autumn night. He has used autumn, moon, and star to pen his impressions This week's poem Autumn Twilight, Dwelling Among Mountains is typical in its combined economy and density, while unusual in the hints of end-rhyme. By some translator's alchemy, Hinton almost. The calm, pale moonlight, whose sad beauty, beaming, Sets the birds softly dreaming in the trees, And makes the marbled fountains, gushing, streaming—. Slender jet-fountains—sob their ecstasies. Paul Verlaine, Moonlight from One Hundred and One Poems by Paul Verlaine: A Bilingual Edition, translated by Norman R. Shapiro

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  1. Oh when will autumn moon and spring flowers end? How many past events I've known. The east wind buffeted my room again last night, I cannot bear to remember the bright moon of the old country. The marble steps and carved balustrades must still be there, The people's rosy cheeks are all that's changed. How much sorrow can one man have to bear
  2. gs. anyone lived in a pretty how town. (with up so floating many bells down) spring summer autumn winter. he sang his didn't he danced his did. Women and men (both little and small) cared for anyone not at all. they sowed their isn't they reaped their same. sun moon stars rain
  3. Curtains the autumn cornfield, sloped afar, And strikes an acrid savour on the chill. The hilltop fence shines saffron o'er the still Unbending ranks of bunched and bleaching corn, And every pallid stalk is crisp with morn, Crisp with the silver autumn morns distil. Purple the narrowing alleys stretched betwee
  4. g with agitated torches. Amy Lowell. 1919
  5. ds the poet of his hometown. In Chinese culture, the Mid-autumn festival is supposed to be spent with the family, so it is connected with homesickness

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Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn. by Wu Men Hui-k'ai. English version by Stephen Mitchell. Original Language Chinese. Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn, a cool breeze in summer, snow in winter. If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life Autumn moonlight Matsuo Basho: Autumn moonlight-- a worm digs silently into the chestnut. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it (5.00 / 2 votes) In Memoriam A. H. H.: 67. When on my bed the moonlight fall Alfred Lord Tennyso May 10, 2020 - Explore Paulette Elliott's board Harvest poems, followed by 116 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about harvest poems, poems, autumn poems

Autumn Grasses - In fields of bush clover and hay-scent grass - The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets Title: Chinese poem by Hanshan, My heart is like the autumn moon Artist: Baisaō (Japanese, 1675-1763) Period: Edo period (1615-1868) Date: 1760. Culture: Japan. Medium: Hanging scroll; ink on pape THE WOLF MAN (1941) Poems - Even A Man Who Is Pure In Heart Can Write Poems when the Autumn Moon Is Bright! Posted on July 2, 2020 by marruda3. For fun this summer, I've been writing poems about my favorite Universal monster movies. I've already covered a few FRANKENSTEIN movies and the Bela Lugosi DRACULA (1931) Poem Details | by Deborah Burch Categories: allegory, art, lost love, Van Gogh's Starry Night Van Gogh's Starry Night gamboge moon and stars dance haloed whirlwind marriage in violet sky lemon-greens and greys calm sleeping childhood mem'rys beneath white steeple as black cypress looms past swirling clouds like fleeting requiem for love

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In autumn, harvest moon, In winter, snowflakes accompany you. If useless things do not hand in your mind, Every season is a good season. (Zen Word, Zen Calligraphy 9) Spring has its hundred flowers, Autumn its moon. Summer has its cooling breezes, Winter its snow. If you allow no idle concerns. To weight on your heart, Your whole life will be on Immigration: Poems for Kids. Browse this selection of poems about immigration and heritage, including Veterans of Foreign Wars by Edward Hirsch and The Buttonhook by Mary Jo Salter. immigration poems for kids. The border is a line that birds cannot see. The border is a beautiful piece of paper On the night of the super blood moon and lunar eclipse, I learned of its significance. The lyrics come from a famous poem by Su Shi, also known as Su Dong Po. The song is associated with the Mid Autumn Festival, which is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. For 2015, it's Sunday September 27th. YouTube. Subscribe Autumn Moonlight works well in foundation plantings or as a low growing hedge. Be sure to plant your Encore Azaleas in acidic to slightly acidic soil to maximize your bloom yield. Fertilize in the spring with a balanced fertilizer after the threat of the last frost has dissipated and feed once more in the summer to help you Encore bloom through. Check out Autumn-Moonlight's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired

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  1. The poem of the day, Sing To Me Autumn, resonates with me. Having been born in this month, Autumn has always been my favorite part of the year. I, too, have written many poems on the subject, as well as Published a book of poetry titled Autumn Calls in 2015. This poem of the day is beautifully penned by Patricia
  2. The last line of the previous stanza marks a shift from the plum trees to the natural aspects. The hunter's moon is the second full moon after the harvest moon in autumn. So, the poet nears the end of the fall season. She can see the moonlight of the harvest moon giving the red hawthorns a burning luster
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  4. About Autumn Moon Haiku Journal Contemporary world haiku is being written in most countries. Although there were experimental haiku forms in Japanese beginning in the modern period and a few such experiments in Spanish language in the early modern period, the most common form of haiku continues to express feeling connected to nature
  5. g together and scattering again, like jackdaws, stealing moments together then parting. Translating Chinese characters into English is a difficult problem

Forgetting the Moon: The Poetry of Ryōkan. One evening Ryōkan returned back his simple little hut at the base of the mountain after a walk through the woods to find that his home had been forcibly broken into and his only possessions stolen. His calligraphy pen, begging bowl, and one blanket he used to sleep with were all stolen 'Autumn Song' (from Book of Poems, 1921) Written in Granada in 1918, 'Autumn Song' was published as part of 1921's Book of Poems , Lorca's second collection of works. It is an exquisitely melancholy reflection on mortality and love, a young man's first grapplings with questions of meaning and purpose Autumn moon viewing, or tsukimi, has long been a popular pastime in Japan. Traditionally it was a way of expressing gratitude for a good harvest and hopes for similar bounty in the future. On the.

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Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 2:2, Spring/Summer 2019. Welcome to the second Spring/Summer issue of Autumn Moon Haiku Journal. For many of you, a long winter that produced the incredible experience of yellow forsythia and daffodils, and other flowers and their colors, including cherry blossoms. One can see why kigo (season words) are dominated by. Autumn its moon, Summer has its cooling breezes, Winter its snow. If you allow no idle concerns To weight on your heart, Your whole life will be one Perennial good season. - The Golden Age of Zen, p. 286 . Zen Poetry: Selected Quotations. Next: II. Inde The Splendor of an Autumn Moon: The Devotional Verse of Tsongkhapa. The Tibetan saint Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), the founder of the Dalai Lama's tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, was renowned for his vast learning, meditational achievements, influential writings on practice and philosophy, and reform of tantric religious practices Autumn Moon book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Well, this is yet another English translation of the poems of great Gulzar. That alone - almost - justifies the 5-star rating. There are few poets in the Indian poetry scene today that can weave a poem out of even the seemingly mundane and banal things. Be it.

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Moon light by the bedding shines, so bright like frost upon the loam. The head lifts gazing at the moon, and sinks back down with thoughts of home. Though not stated in the original poem, bright is implied. Because it is so bright, the moon light can be mistaken for frost on the ground (or loam which rhymes with home) The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month on Chinese lunar calendar when the moon is at its fullest and brightest at night. This is a traditional Chinese holiday that celebrates the full moon, a good harvest and family unity. Not only in China but people across East Asia celebrate the festival with families gathering for. as the moonlight shined softly from the window. that same wonderstruck moon. we would fight under. tears that reflected the moonstone. always streaming down my face. that same gleaming moon. that you would wipe my tears. with the hands i had felt for years. and all i could do was look up and dream of Autumn Sonata: Selected Poems. Georg Trakl's poems are considered some of the most difficult for any translator to tackle; his German is dense and sometimes almost impenetrable. Daniel Simko's collection Autumn Sonata, has been lauded for the simplicity and directness of its translations, accomplished with out sacrificing the drama of Trakl's.

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Nov 2, 2020 - Explore Bettye Gilliam's board Poetry about Autumn, followed by 137 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about autumn, autumn quotes, happy fall The 2019 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden revolved around tea and the moon, two important elements of reunion and artistic inspiration in Chinese culture.. Tea and poetry are no strangers to a classical Chinese garden, where, along with the Four Arts (calligraphy, painting, Chinese chess, and music), ancient scholars would cultivate their poetic self. Autumn Moon Haiku Journal intends to emphasize this common form of haiku. Haiku produces a haiku moment, a realization or aesthetic opening, poetically expressed, that is the center of a haiku, often through the juxtaposition of two images. This means haiku sensibility, how deeply you feel, presides over haiku in its connection to nature. The autumn air is clear, The autumn moon is bright. Fallen leaves gather and scatter, The jackdaw perches and starts anew. We think of each other- when will we meet? This hour, this night, my feelings are hard. December Poetry, December Poems, December Autumn Fall Winter Poetry, Autumn Fall Winter Poems December Autumn Fall Winter Sonnets.

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  1. I'm not sure why the galaxy our planet resides in has been deemed seasonal, but, much like the moon, it seems included because Autumn is lacking in short-term charms. As a New Englander, Autumn is my favorite season, so maybe these poems are merely lacking my enthusiasm, but perhaps pumpkin spice coffee isn't big enough in Japan
  2. Other traditions include lighting and flying lanterns in the moonlight, reading poems about the moon, and sending secret wishes to Chang-O, the moon goddess. Moon Festival Books & Activities Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival by Grace Lin is a wonderful picture book to share with young children
  3. Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the three biggest Chinese Festivals (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival) and is held on the 15 th day of the eighth of the lunar month, this year falling on 1 st October. Generally, the full moon on this day seems brighter and bigger than usual with less clouds
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Comments, Analysis, and Meaning on Autumn moonlight. Provide your analysis, explanation, meaning, interpretation, and comments on the poem Autumn moonlight here.. Commenting turned off, sorry Amy Lowell: Autumn. All day I have watched the purple vine leaves Fall into the water. And now in the moonlight they still fall, But each leaf is fringed with Mid-autumn moon Su Tung-P'o 1037-1101 CE (translated by William P. Coleman) At sunset, the clouds gather far; it's perfectly clear and cold. The Milky Way is silent, and I turn away to the jade plate. The goodness of this life -- this night -- cannot last. Next year, when the moon is bright, where wil Mid-Autumn Moon. Sunset clouds gather in the clear cold distance; The stars are silent--I turn to my jade plate. The goodness of this night will not last forever; Next year where will I watch the bright moon? - Su Shi

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see the moon, The moon sees me God bless the moon, And God bless me. -A nursery rhyme ***** NEW MOON. The new moon, of no importance lingers behind as the yellow sun glares and is gone beyond the sea's edge; earth smokes blue; the new moon, in cool height above the blushes, brings a fresh fragrance of heaven to our senses. By D.H. Lawrence. Famous Autumn Poems. A Child's Calendar - November by John Updike. After Apple Picking by Robert Frost. Gathering Leaves by Robert Frost. Leaves by Elsie Brady. Autumn moonlight by Matsuo Basho. Sonnet of Autumn by Charles Baudelaire. Autumn Movement by Carl Sandburg. To Autumn by William Blake

6. Autumn by T.E. Hulme. A touch of cold in the Autumn night— I walked abroad, And saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedge Like a red-faced farmer. I did not stop to speak, but nodded, And round about were the wistful stars With white faces like town children. 7. Spring and Fall by Gerard Manley Hopkins to a young chil Autumn River Song by Li Po ~ The moon shimmers in green water. White herons fly through the moonlight. The young man hears a girl gathering water-chestnuts: into the night, singing, they paddle home together. Li T'ai-po tr. Hamil . Autumn Song by Sarojini Naidu ~ Like a joy on the heart of a sorrow, The sunset hangs on a cloud Author biography: Galway Kinnell (1927-2014) was born in Providence, Rhode Island.He was a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize and the Wallace Stevens Award for proven mastery in the art of poetry. 4.O Autumn, Autumn Autumn River Song. by Li Po. The moon shimmers in green water. White herons fly through the moonlight. The young man hears a girl gathering water-chestnuts: into the night, singing, they paddle home together. Li T'ai-po

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Her silken robe is white moonlight, Set free from cloudy bars; And on her face (the radiant moon) Bewitching smiles are shown: She seems a slender maid, who soon Will be a woman grown. Over the rice-fields, laden plants If you liked Autumn poem by Kalidasa page. You should visit the pages below Song of Autumn. I Soon we shall plunge into the cold darkness; Farewell, vivid brightness of our short-lived summers! Already I hear the dismal sound of firewood Falling with a clatter on the courtyard pavements. All winter will possess my being: wrath, Hate, horror, shivering, hard, forced labor, And, like the sun in his polar Hades, My heart.

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Under the moonlight the creatures all glare At a beautiful Fairy with rich Autumn hair She crunches the leaves under foot where she treads As she dances and giggles at the stars overhead! This beautiful creature in a dress olive green Comes out to play when the humans do dream With mind like a child and a voice like a har Li Bai (701 - 762) was friends with Du Fu, but on this night when he composed this poem he was alone with a pot of wine; for companions he had the moon, his shadow and his thoughts.. There is a story, there always is, that Li Bai, glass of wine in hand, drowned in a river when he tried to embrace the moon's reflection Autumn Moon by Thomas Truax, released 01 October 2020 The trees are turning leaves are thinning That bright moon might be beginning To see where we've all been hiding All summer in our dwellings And I wonder, does she wonder At our anxieties and dismay Does she wonder about our scarecrows, gnomes, and garden displays Does she wonder of our fires, liars Trials and travails Of our tendencies. This autumn evening. An old silent pond... A frog jumps into the pond, splash! Silence again. From time to time The clouds give rest To the moon-beholders. Autumn moonlight-a worm digs silently into the chestnut. An old silent pond... A frog jumps into the pond, splash! Silence again. Lightning flash-what I thought were faces are plumes of.

On the night the autumn equinox is crossed, Two stars we knew, poised on the peak of mid-night. Will reach their zenith; stillness will be deep; There will be stars over the place forever, There will be stars forever, while we sleep. Sara Teasdale. Dark of the Moon (1926) sara teasdale dark of the moon poetry 1926 autumn . Steph Hawkins. Feeling the chill up on my face , The autumn moon, sight full embrace, The howling of the wolfs cry, Baby Robin's chirping learning how to fly, That red cottage up ahead looking through the windows led a fireplace, it sits burning Amber's of Hickory Logs , through this red cottage place, snow prints upon the trail Oct 6, 2019 - Michael McClintock's Autumn Forever: Poetry & Pictures Board. Fall poems are great to weave into your own fall boards. Repins welcome. . See more ideas about poetry art, autumn, fall boards

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autumn winds / like thickets and fields / the indestructible barrier (© Jane Reichhold) autumn wind- / just thickets and fiels / at Fuwa Barrier. (© David Landis Barnhill) autumn wind - / the thickets, the fields and all / at Fuwa Barrier (© Makoto Ueda) Autumn winds blow / Over the thicket and field where once was / The Barrier of Fuwa With the publication of The Splendor of an Autumn Moon: The Devotional Verse of Tsongkhapa, another dimension of this scholar-saint is open to English readers: Tsongkhapa as devotional poet. In these exquisite poems, expressions of heartfelt reverence to buddhas, bodhisattvas, and to his teachers, Tsongkhapa reveals an intimate faith for the.

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Homeschool Chinese: Poems for Mid Autumn Festival. May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart, says the romantic Chinese poem. These ancient sentiments are still embodied in the way Chinese people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival: together and preferably under the glow of a full moon Poems of the Moon. Classical Li Bai: Ye Si (Chuang Qiang Ming Yue Guang) Su Shi:Ming Yue Ji Shi You Xin QiJi:Ta Sha Xing Du Fu: 1.Moon on Homeland is Brighter (2).Moon Night Wang Wei: Autumn Night Song Zhang JiuLing: Wang Yue Huai Yuan Zhang RuoXu: Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye Han Yu: Dedicated to Zhang Caogong on Aug.15 Cai Shen: Chang Wu Yao (below, left Moon Poems poems about the moon. 1798: A Night Piece, by William Wordsworth; Autumn Night, by Evelyn Scott; The Birth of the Opal, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox; The Bow Moon, by Marjorie Allen Seiffert; Child Moon, by Carl Sandburg; The Crescent Moon, by Du Fu; Diana (Moon), by Clinton Van Inman Endymion, by Christopher Pearse Cranch; The Fading Moon, by Du Fu; The Fairy Ring, by Elizabeth Kelle John Drinkwater 1882-1937 Moonlit Apples At the top of the house the apples are laid in rows, And the skylight lets the moonlight in, and those Apples are deep-sea apples of green. There goes A cloud on the moon in the autumn night. A mouse in the wainscot scratches, and scratches, and then There i

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future. 祝福中秋佳节快乐,月圆人圆事事圆满. Tweet; The roundest moon can be seen in the autumn. It is time for reunions. I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Day and a wonderful life Moonlight slants through The vast bamboo grove: A cuckoo cries 2a Ah, summer grasses! All that remains Of the warriors dreams. 3a Along this road Goes no one; This autumn evening. 4a From time to time The clouds give rest To the moon beholders.. 5a The butterfly is perfuming It's wings in the scent Of the orchid. 6 The moon shimmers in green water. White herons fly through the moonlight. The young man hears a girl gathering water-chestnuts: into the night, singing, they paddle home together. This poem is in the public domain. Li Po (702-761) is one of China's best known poets. Also known as Li Bai, this wealthy scholar produced an abundance of work. In the autumn of 1688 Basho went to Sarashina, in present-day Nagano Prefecture, to view the moon, a hallowed autumn pastime in Japan. He recorded his impressions in The Sarashina Trip (Sarashina Kiko). Though one of his lesser travel diaries, it is a kind of prelude to his description of a journey to northern Japan a year later

Mabon Blessings Autumn Equinox Moon and Poem card Details Size/Quality Pricing Shipping Price: $3.49 (includes envelope), as low as. Quantity Price Per Card 1 - 1 $3.49 2 - 4 $2.99 5 - 24 $2.79 25 - 49 $2.49. Japanese 5-7-5 autumn haiku to English three line. Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828) Yosa Buson (1716-1784) Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902) Kawahigashi Hekigoto (1873-1937) Yamaguchi Seison (1892-1988) Nakamura Teijo (1900-1988) Books of haiku poem anthology The Tsukimi tradition dates back to the Heian period, from 794 to 1185 A.D. It is thought that moon-viewing parties originated with the introduction of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival to the aristocratic elite, who would gather to listen to music and recite or compose poetry by moonlight. Some would board boats in order to view the moon's. The Garden By Moonlight: Poem by Amy Lowell. A black cat among roses, Phlox, lilac-misted under a first-quarter moon, The sweet smells of heliotrope and night-scented stock. The garden is very still, It is dazed with moonlight, Contented with perfume, Dreaming the opium dreams of its folded poppies. Firefly lights open and vanish Autumn Moon is a reflection of Gulzar's penchant for the sublime. He is one of the most versatile Urdu poets on the scene today. The poems in this seminal collection, Autumn Moon, are a deep exploration of love, longing, passion, ecstasy, absence and loss Title: Autumn Moon on the Tama River. Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige (Japanese, Tokyo (Edo) 1797-1858 Tokyo (Edo)) Period: Edo period (1615-1868) Date: ca. 1838. Culture: Japan. Medium: Woodblock print; ink and color on paper. Dimensions: 9 3/8 x 14 3/8 in. (23.8 x 36.5 cm) Classification: Print