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  1. Royal palm trees are very large, reaching 50 to 80 feet (15-24 m.) in height and 15 to 25 feet (4.5-7.5 m.) in spread. The leaves are 10 to 15 feet (3-4.5 m.) long and can weigh as much as 50 lbs. (23 kg.) when fresh. The trees are self-cleaning, which means the naturally dying leaves fall from mature trees at a rate of about once per month
  2. The royal palm is a large majestic palm that is native to south Florida and Cuba. It is considered cold hardy to about 28°F or USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 10A.This species quickly grows to heights of 50-70 ft., with a spread of 20-25 ft., and has a smooth light gray trunk up to 2 ft. in diameter (Figure 1)
  3. Royal Palm Tree Info. Common names: Royal Palm Tree is also known as Royal Palm, Cuban Royal Palm, Florida Royal Palm. Origin : Roystonea oleracea is native to Cuba and North America. Appearance : It has a single smooth gray trunk that is covered with scars from old leaves. Dark green arching fronds emerge from a bright green crownshaft
  4. Roystonea regia, commonly known as the Cuban royal palm or Florida royal palm, is a species of palm that is native to Mexico, parts of Central America and the Caribbean, and southern Florida.A large and attractive palm, it has been planted throughout the tropics and subtropics as an ornamental tree. Although it is sometimes called R. elata, the conserved name R. regia is now the correct name.
  5. d is the Royal Palm. Palmco offers Royal Palm trees for sale worldwide, however this palm will do best in climates similar to those in South Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Central/South America, California, and the Caribbean.. Since they are abundant in tropical locations, they are often associated with.
  6. The Royal Palm Tree, scientific name Roystonea oleracea, is native to Cuba and North America. Royal Palm Trees are popular in many warm, coastal landscapes, particularly in southern Florida and parts of California. They can be also found in the Caribbean, Central and South American, and Texas. The grace and beauty of a Royal Palm makes it a.
  7. The huge, gorgeous royal palm tree is thought of by many as the world's most beautiful palm. This big beauty is the classic South Florida palm tree and a Florida native. Smooth trunks of gray to gray-white are topped with bright green crownshafts and long, luxurious, full fronds
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Royal palm trees can reach a height of up to 100 feet, and need a clear path for growing upward. Dig a hole using the width and depth you determined in Steps 3 and 4. Mix a slow-release palm tree fertilizer into the dirt you removed from the hole. Mix sand into the soil and fertilizer mixture, using about the same amount of sand as soil Royal Palm Tree. Stately is the best word possible to describe the Royal Palm. It is practically the signature palm tree for the South Florida area, lining Key Biscayne Blvd, office buildings, and property of mansions. The large challenge for the Orlando area is the fact that they aren't extremely cold hardy Royal Palm Information. Reagal and Florida formal. The perfect palm tree to line the streets of Southwest Florida. Works well next to 2 story homes or along an estate driveway. Growing at a moderate pace, Royal Palms require full sun and reach heights up to 80 ft. Plant well away from parking and walkways Royal palms are among the popular palm tree types that are mainly grown for ornamental purposes. In some regions, the heart of the palm is used for consumption, whereas some people use its seeds as an alternative to coffee beans. Before planting a royal palm tree, you must choose an ideal location that can provide the plant with full sun to. The fast-growing royal palm tree features a long, smooth trunk that tapers as it reaches upward. Mature palm attain heights of about 50 to 100 feet, with canopies that spread up to 25 feet

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Royal Palm Beach Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services offers the best solution [ royal palm beach tree removal service] in the region. We provide a broad range of services to our customers at pocket-friendly prices. The company will serve you whether you own a commercial or residential premise The royal palm bug (Xylastodoris luteolus) occasionally causes cosmetic damage to royal palm trees and rarely kills the tree. The insect infects older and established royal palms, rarely infesting trees smaller than 3-feet. Infestation is most problematic during spring but usually cures itself during the hot months of summer and the pest.

4 Live Cuban Royal Palm Trees with pots and growing instructions up for sell. A Very Beautiful highly desirable crown-shaft Palm with dark green pinnate leafs and a pale gray trunk. This palm is a fast grower, growing over heights of 40 feet The Cuban Royal Palm (Roystonea regia) also known as simply royal palm, is straight from the Caribbean Islands (Cuba and Honduras). This majestic palm tree grows best in direct sunlight with moderate watering. The Cuban Royal Palm grows from 40 to 60 feet tall and a beautiful crown of pinnate leaves sometimes over 20 feet diameter Cuban Royal Palm Tree: Large Real Palm Trees (13) Reviews . US $699.95 As low as: US $599.95 . Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Royal Palm, Cuban Royal Palm, Florida Royal Palm; Items 1 to 15 of 38 total : Page: 1; 2; 3; Show . per page : View as.

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Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe for more!Roystonea regia, commonly known as the Cuban royal palm or the Florida royal palm is a species of.. FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED. ROYAL PALM HOMESTEAD. • Menu • • Locations • • Order now • • Gallery

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Royal Palm Tree Seeds (10 Seeds) - Grown Free From Chemical Pesticides and Fertilizers NicksGotTrees 3.5 out of 5 stars (2) $ 7.50. Add to Favorites 5 Queen Palm Tree Seeds, Grow Your Own! Even indoors! HollywoodPalms 5 out of 5 stars (1) $ 3.99. Add to Favorites. Royal palms tower over other palms growing up to 80 feet in ideal conditions. Properly fertilized, Royal palm trees can grow as much as a foot per year. The Royal palm hardiness zones are 10 and 11. This palm prefers full sunlight, soaking up to 8 hours or more per day Royal Palm Tree. The Royal palm is the quintessential palm tree that gives warm coastal cities like Malibu, Miami, and Tampa their luxuriously crisp white pillar effect. Think stretches of manicured perfectly lined up palms reaching a hundred feet tall on a trunk no more than a few feet in circumference

Our Royal Palm stems are so different from tree stems up north because palms are neither conifers nor dicots. Palms are monocots, along with grasses, lilies and orchids, and those plant groups produce neither bark nor annular rings Royal Palm tree, one of the most important Indian tree is very much suitable for decorating the avenues very nicely. The 'Royal Palm Tree' tree has been imported to India in the very recent times. The scientists of the world know this tree as 'Oreodoxa Regia'. The name 'Oreodoxa' originated from two Greek words that mean mountain'' and glory. Single palm trees can be larger and faster growing like the Royal Palm or slower growing like the Canary Island Date Palm. Palm tree fronds have two main types of leaf structure. One palm leaf structure is known as pinnate, consisting of feather like fronds that have separate leaflets that extend from the center of the palm This ornamental palm tree is small when compared to other tall coconut or date palms. Some reports indicate that the Christmas palm tree is one of the most popular ornamental types of palm on the planet. This small species of palm tree doesn't grow taller than 25 ft. (7.6 m), however, some smaller varieties only grow to 15 ft. (4.5 m)

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Click the photo for more details: Palms Tree / Price Sylvester Palm. $100 per foot of trunk. Royal Palms. $200-250 eac Whether you are trying to move a palm tree from one location of your yard to another, or getting a field-grown palm tree from a nursery, the planting steps would be the same. Understanding how palm roots grow and respond to being cut, will help you avoid damaging them and increase palms survival rate I have 2 very large canary date palm trees they are nicely trimmed at 60 ' tall each one. Also I have a lot of various sizes mexican fan palm from 2' all the way again up to 60' tall the 60' tall. Florida Royal Palm ( Roystonea regia) The tall Florida royal palm can reach up to 66-98 ft. (20-30 m) The Florida royal palm is a tall palm tree native to southern Florida and is commonly seen along roads and in parks. The tree is identified by its thick, bulging smooth trunk that is a whitish-gray color 1 and 4) Royal Palms. Probably Roystonea regia, but since it's Hawaii it could be another Royal. 3 and 5) King Palms. Looks like Archontophoenix cunninghamiana. Could be another Archo' also. Not seeing any Christmas Palms in the photos. Post #3425278. Quote

Established in 2017. Loyal Tree Tree Service is owned and operated by James Ventura. We are located in Palm Beach and work in the neighboring areas of Boca Raton, Jupiter, Miami, and Plantation, in addition to all areas of Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, and Martin Counties. Services include Tree Trimming, Tree Cutting and Pruning, Tree and Stump Removal, Stump Grinding, Storm Clean Up, and more. When is a royal palm tree not its prettiest? When the roots protrude so high that flowers cannot be planted at its base, city officials say. Kim Jackson, executive director of the city's Community. Tree service inc. Tree Service Stump Removal & Grinding Arborists. (561) 762-5389. 1128 Royal Palm Beach Blvd Suite 247. Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411. From Business: Welcome to Tree Service Inc., where we offer complete residential and commercial tree services

The enchanting foxtail palm is extremely popular for its perfect proportions, self-cleaning habit and full, rounded fronds. A tropical showstopper in the landscape, the foxtail is available in single or multi-trunk specimens. Its smooth gray trunk is topped with a bright green crownshaft and big tufted fronds that resemble the bushy tail of a fox The Royal Palm, botanical name Roystonea regia, is a stately medium to large palm tree ideal for use on a variety of landscape styles, particularly for use in the coastal areas of the Southwest from San Diego and into the desert of Phoenix.. It's a sturdy palm, featuring that classic upscale palm look found in many world class resorts

Royal palm tree seeds propagate readily and often sprout on the ground beneath the tree. Flowers develop on mature trees throughout the year, and produce elliptical brownish-purple fruits about 5/8-inch long. Fully ripened fruits drop from the tree and each bears a single light brown seed Nurseries Plants Trees in Royal Palm Beach on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Nurseries-Plants & Trees in Royal Palm Beach, FL Palm roots emerge from the base of the trunk in an area called the root initiation zone. This area starts in the center of the bottom of the stem in palm seedlings. As the palm develops, it expands outward and upward, eventually working its way upward along the base of the trunk. Where these root initials are in contact with the soil or other. If you've been thinking I want to sell my palm tree Guess What...We Do Buy Certain Slow Growing Palm Trees that we purchase from Homeowners private properties. The most popular of the palm trees we collect and purchase is the Canary Island Date Palm. These slow growing palms trees are collected and used for commercial projects

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  1. or changes making each tree different from another
  2. Whether you're trying to propagate a smaller palm plant like an areca palm ( Dypsis lutescens , U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 to 11) indoors or cultivate a larger tree, such as a coconut palm ( Cocos nucifera, USDA zones 10 to 12), understanding growth stages can be a huge help. The life cycle of a palm tree is similar to that of any flowering plant (though the.
  3. An Elegant Low Maintenance Palm If you've always wanted to bring the tropics to your yard, then this is the palm for you. Sylvester Palms grow in a variety of climates and soils. They're extremely drought tolerant and low maintenance. Plant them, and watch them grow. This Date Palm variety has the beautiful look that landscape designers are searching for. Their silvery blue-green leaves.
  4. Royal Palm Tree (Roystonea regia) The Royal Palm tree, also called the Florida Royal Palm and Cuban Royal Palm - is native to Florida, Cuba, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The Royal Palm is the national tree of Cuba. It grows up to 80 feet tall with a spread of 20-25 feet. It is an attractive species used as an ornamental tree
  5. g a royal palm involves the same process as with any other single-trunked palm but becomes increasingly more difficult the taller the palm grows. Step 1. Put on a hard hat and leather gloves before cutting and removing any fronds or flowering stalks on a tall royal palm. Short-trunked individuals, no more than 10 feet tall, may have.

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  1. 14,667 royal palm tree stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See royal palm tree stock video clips. of 147. beach tree logo royal palm vector royal palm royal palm tree vector path with palm trees trees botanical palmtree black clip art palm tree cuban royal palm tree egyptian palm tree. Try these curated collections
  2. Palm City Nursery And Landscaping offers a high quality palm tree inventory at prices you expect. Located on Pine Island Road in Cape Coral, we cater to wholesale and retail customers in Southwest Florida. Give us a call at 239-336-9484 or stop by today
  3. The Cuban Royal Palm grows from 40 to 60 feet tall and a beautiful crown of pinnate leaves sometimes over 20 feet diameter. The grey trunk of the Cuban royal develops an elongated bulge that sometimes rises to the middle of the tree. The Cuban Royal Palm does best in full sun with well drained soil that is slightly acidic
  4. Florida Grown Wholesale Palm Tree Nursery & Landscape Palms. At A Quality Plant we specialize in palm trees, our passion is raising the best Florida grown palm trees available from our nursery.. As Florida's top wholesale palm tree distributor we sell just about every palm tree that you can imagine Canary Date Palms, Medjool Date Palms, Areca Palms, Sylvester Palms, Sabal Palms, Bismark Palms
  5. der that we really do live in paradise. Palm trees are our most popular seller, with many pickups and deliveries year-round

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  1. Royal Palm Tree Service Corp., Naples, Florida. 99 likes. With over 20 years of experience, Royal Palm Tree Service Corp. is here to provide you the best tree service around. We provide home and..
  2. A very nice article on palm trees - however, talking about where palms grow in the USA, you forgot about the state tree of Florida, the cabbage palm, which not only grows all over the state (not just in the southern part as your article said was the only place palms grow in Florida,) but all over the state, and into Georgia and alabama also
  3. Typically, a 3-gallon palm tree is going to set you back anywhere from $15 to $45. A 7-gallon will set you back anywhere from $50 to $70. A palm tree, which can be four to six feet, can set you back $145 to $325. A tree close to 10 feet high can cost $250 to $575. Bigger trees, taller than 11 feet can cost anywhere from $500 to more than $2,000
  4. Royal palm seeds have very hard coating. Seeds should be soaked in hot water (80 C) for 48 hours before sowing. Use sandy soil as a sowing medium. You can sow 3-4 seeds in one 14 inch pot. Sow the seeds superficially & cover them. Don't sow Royal.
  5. Royal Palm Tree Seeds. Royal Palm trees can grow as large as 100+ feet tall and can have a canopy of 20 feet. The mother royal palm tree for these seedlings is about 53 feet tall. these royal palm seedlings are 12to 24 tall and will be shipped bare root. Be sure to plant into well-draining soil within 24 hours of receiving your seedings
  6. Browse 857 royal palm tree stock photos and images available, or search for coconut palm tree or fan palm tree to find more great stock photos and pictures. Royal Palm hotel building in Ocean Drive. Royal Palm South Beach Miami, a Tribute Portfolio Resort and member of SPG, is an oceanfront South Beach..
  7. Few things evoke the tropics like a palm tree. Growing palm trees outdoors in northern climates can be challenging due to their frost intolerance but some, like cabbage palm and Chinese fan palms, will survive temperatures to 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 C.) when mature.Warm climates get their pick of palm tree choices

Coconut Palm Tree. 49 reviews. Palm Trees. * Images shown are of mature plants. Size. Regular price. $79.95. Call 866-982-0431 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price Royal Palms Price: starting at $200-250 each. Delivery and Installation available

Bottle Palm tree | How to grow bottle Palm plant | Bottle Palm plant care tips | Bottle Palm This video is about Bottle Palm tree plant in this video. A: With that many royal palms, the leaves are an everyday clean up chore which can be expensive in both time and labor. Despite this, pruning is not recommended on these self-cleaning palms

When it comes to palm trees, Sunman's Nursery is the place. Ft. Myers, FL is often referred to as the The City of Palms, one of the reasons is because McGregor Blvd is lined with approximately 1,800 Royal Palm trees! Sunman's Nursery & Landscaping is located on McGregor Blvd in Ft. Myers, a perfect location for a palm tree nursery Silver Bismarck/Bismark Palm Trees 2 for $60. $35 (Harbour Heights) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $200. favorite this post. Jul 10. ###LAMP. REVERSE HANDPAINTED GLASS SHADE. PALM TREES Top Palm Tree Problems. Different problems are common among a variety of palm trees. How each problem affects individual trees, however, will vary depending on the tree's exact species, overall health and the extent of the difficulties it faces. The most common problems afflicting a wide range of palm trees include Sooty Mol To plant a palm tree, dig your hole at least 6 inches wider and deeper than the tree's root ball. Then, put 6 inches of sand in the bottom of the hole. Next, expose the root ball's root system and ease the tree down, making sure the root ball is slightly lower than the level of the adjacent ground royal palm tree 3d max. March 2021. Palm Royal 08 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital 3D models for visualization, films, television, and games. Saved by TurboSquid by Shutterstock. 144

Royal Palm Roystonea regia. The Royal Palm is a stately medium to large palm tree ideal for use on a variety of landscape styles, particularly for use in the coastal areas of the Southwest from San Diego to Santa Barbara. It's a sturdy palm, featuring that classic 'upscale palm' look found in many world class resorts When blooming, the royal palm produces masses of creamy flowers and later small purple fruit. The royal palm doesn't mind average soils but loves lots of sunshine. Make sure to plant it where it will receive plenty of direct light. The Florida royal is a fast-growing palm that enjoys regular watering from the January 24, 2016 Newsletter issued from Hacienda Chichen Resort beside Chichén Itzá Ruins, central Yucatán MÉXICO TRUNK OF THE ROYAL PALM This week the Hacienda's usual tranquility was interrupted by the noise of a chainsaw, followed by the ground shaking when a tree fell Majesty palm (Ravenea rivularis) is a slow-growing palm with long arching green fronds atop multiple stems. It is usually grown as a large houseplant, though it can reach heights of up to 90 feet in its native outdoor environment. As a houseplant, it is said to resemble a kentia palm when young and a royal palm when mature. This is high praise.

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Royal Palm Tree Farm, Homestead, Florida. 82 likes · 4 talking about this. We Specialize in the sale, delivery, and install of large Royal Palms, Palm trees, and trees. Over 15 years of experience.. Florida Royal Palm . The Florida Royal Palm (Roystonea regia) can grow to heights of 50 to 70 feet tall. This is the type of palm that is traditionally used in the Catholic custom of Palm Sunday. The Royal palm has a grey-white, smooth, rotund trunk and a green crown. This tree's wood is sometimes used as lumber One of my neighbours has a royal palm, about 20 feet tall with a dbh of about a foot. It has a crack in the trunk that starts a little above the base and extends upwards about 7 or 8 feet. It is on the edge of the driveway so it looks like a truck ran into it at some time... The crack goes is pretty deep

Hobe Sound Palm Trees, Many sizes & Types to choose from. coconut palms, Senegal Date Palms, Royal Palms, Pygmy Date Palms, Roebelinii, Washingtoia Fan Palms, Fox Tail Palms, Sylvester Wild Date Palms, European Fan Palms, Bismarck Palms March 22, 2019 Written by Jax Palm Trees. Palmetto Palms are native to the Southeast US. Consequently they are very COLD HARDY, SALT & DROUGHT TOLERANT and once established no maintenance. A typical palmetto can grow to a height of 5-6 ' with a width of 8'. They are very slow growers growing only 2-3 inches per year

The Top Palm for Container Growing Vibrant tropical flair, right in your own backyard. With multi-trunk Christmas Palms planted in your landscape, you can walk out the door to find paradise. Place yours in a container and bring it inside for the perfect accent piece, or place it on the porch or patio. By only growing 10 to 20 feet tall, and 5 to 10 feet wide when planted in the ground. Palm trees will quickly let you know when they're unhappy. Different species of palms display different symptoms, so knowing which species of palm you have is important. A Garden Center associate can help identify problems and suggest the best solution for your tree. The problem could be too little or too much fertilizer

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in selecting a palm is to choose an adapted species that will mature to a reasonable size for the location. Otherwise, the pretty little palm brought from the nursery in a 5-gallon container may grow one day into a monster that overpowers house and garden. Analyze the planting site for vertical space, avoiding roof overhangs. It is Similar in look to the Mediterranean Fan Palm tree but grows as a single trunk palm tree. Fronds are dark green and fan-like. Moderate to fast growth to 35 feet tall. Takes temperatures down to 10° or lower. Trithrinax acanthacoma - Spiny Fiber Palm Tree. Similar in appearance to the Windmill Palm tree, but has a bigger leaf and a spiny trunk The Coco de Mer palm rocks, even without the distinction of being the most costly Palm Tree. Other expensive palms and some for the rest of us. While the Coco de Mer Palm maybe considered the most expensive or most valuable palm tree, there are plenty of other palm trees that cost a pretty penny Royal Palm Bug The Royal Palm Bug is an unusual insect. It feeds on only one plant, the royal palm, and the female lays one egg a day during the spring, a little like a chicken. The bugs rarely kill the host tree but the damage they do can be unsightly and they are difficult to control given the height of mature royal palms

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Gonzalez Tree Farm nursery is a wholesale palm tree grower based in beautiful San Benito, Texas. Our mild coastal climate allows us to field grow a wide selection of specimen palm trees. Currently we have over 30 acres in production Feb 10, 2017 - Explore Eric Evans's board Palm Tree Companion Plants on Pinterest. See more ideas about plants, tropical garden, garden design Palm tree soil is also where you'd find any nutrient deficiencies that are hurting your plant. To pinpoint the problem, your tree needs a soil test, which you can do yourself or have a professional arborist handle. The results will tell you what nutrients your plant soil is lacking so you can find a fertilizer to fill the gap

Palm Tree Cold Damage and what to look for - By Mark Govan, Host Florida Gardening on 970WFLA. Cuban Royal, Coconut, Bottle, Fishtail, Triangle, Christmas, and Veitchii may be setting yourself up for problems due to a cold-weather front in your future. All of these palms and others not listed here could be susceptible to damage by. This malpractice causes many palm tree deaths due to improper care and oversaturation of other plants. Over-watering; Causes Fungal Growth; Mixing up irrigation zones; Insects. Like all trees, palm trees are susceptible to insect infestations, though these attacks remain unnoticed due the height of their crown or fronds. Though obscured by.

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The cost of trimming a palm tree depends on several factors, but you should generally expect to pay somewhere in the range of $50 - $75 for standard palm trees like Queen palm and Mexican palms, but the price can range right up to $500 for bigger palms like Date palms.. One of the primary factors in cost is the height of the tree. Taller trees cost more to trim than short ones The palm heart sits right in the center of the tree's canopy, and if it's hit with harsh cold, the damage trickles down to all the future palm leaves growing from it. Plus, if a palm is planted outside of its growing zone, it'll be extra vulnerable to cold damage

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PALM TREE NURSERY NAPLES offers PALM TREES in all sizes FOR SALE plus FRUIT TREES, CITRUS TREES and SHADE TREES. Delivery and Installation available in NAPLES, GOLDEN GATE and ESTERO. How to care for South Florida PALM TREES This step is for planting a new palm tree or replacing an existing palm tree. When planting a new palm tree it is wise to plant the palm tree only deep enough to cover the root ball of the tree (the circular ball of roots at the bottom of the tree). However, Mexican Fan Palm trees can be buried 4-5 ft deeper than the root ball Browse 4,268 royal palm stock photos and images available, or search for royal palm turkey to find more great stock photos and pictures. incredibly detailed palm trees - royal palm stock illustrations. palm tree - royal palm stock illustrations. highly detailed palm tree - royal palm stock illustrations Product Title Windmill Palm Tree - Cannot Ship to AZ. Average rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on 31 reviews 31 ratings. Current Price $89.99 $ 89. 99. Sold & shipped by.

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Palm tree meanings tell us that we should aspire to achieve more by clearly defining our goals, spotting opportunities, and reaching for the stars in order to accomplish our dreams. Some of the spiritual attributes pertaining to the palm tree symbolic meanings include freedom, righteousness, reward, resurrection, returning happily from a journey, and victory A palm tree, which can be four to six feet, can cost $145 to $325. A tree close to 10 feet can cost $250 to $575. Larger trees taller than 11 feet can cost anywhere from $500 to more than $2,000. Refer to our chart below for the most popular palm trees, along with the average costs of each one that we found at nurseries located throughout the. Royal Palm (Roystonea regia) Royal palm species of palm has been planted as an ornamental tree in India for landscaping and also cultivated in India. Roystonea regia species of palm tree also host plant for the butterflies, royal palm bug and source of oil and for livestock feed. Talipot Palm (Corypha umbraculifera

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Shade Trees - Orange Gieger Tree, Oak Trees, Mahogoany Tree, Shady Lady Tree, Crape Myrtle Tree, Pigeon Plum Tree, Royal Poinciana Tree. All of our Trees are available for pick-up from either one of our Miami or Homestead Nurseries. Call us today and let one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff assist you in selecting the right Tree for. Cabbage Palm - Sabal Palmetto. field grown 6'- 12' ct- $150.00. Canary Island Date Palm - Phoenix Canariensis. 65 gal - $250.00. Cardboard Palm - Zamia Furfuracea. 10 gal pot - $50.00. Chinese Fan Palm - Livistonia Chinensis. 5 FT overall height. feild grown- $150.00 How to Plant Palm Trees. When planting in a container, select a pot with drainage holes on the bottom and one that's 2 to 3 times the size of the root ball, leaving room for those roots to get established. While your tree is maturing, it's important that you water it frequently to help the roots form Store Details. Welcome to the Royal Palm Beach Home Depot. We're ready to offer excellent assistance, no matter what your project is. Whether you're looking for Hampton Bay patio furniture or cleaning supplies, your favorite hardware store has you covered. Our friendly associates can help you find exactly what you need for your DIY project