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The list shows the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players - Find out who's the best right now Global Smash Roster Who are the fighters that deserve a spot in Super Smash Bros.? Add fighters or vote on your favorites to find out! Congratulations to Sephiroth, who made it into Smash after getting 254 votes on the Global Smash Roster! Card View Turn Vote Buttons Off. Sort By SSBMRank is an annual ranking of the top 100 Super Smash Bros. Melee players previously conducted by Melee It On Me, and now conducted by the PG stats team. In order to compile the ranking, top level players, tournament organizers, commentators, and figureheads are asked to rate players on a scale from 1 to 10. The highest and lowest scores for each player is removed, then the scores are.

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Power Rankings. From Liquipedia Smash Wiki. A power ranking is a list of the best players for a given game and region on a specific time period. Power rankings are often quarterly, bi-annual or annual. Some are more frequent, but very rarely are they published more than once a month Global Smash Power was introduced in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Online ranking here means how many players have worse stats than you. So, a guy with the rank 1 is better than 0 other players. The high ranks have bigger numbers Top 100 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player rankings of the best players by prize money won overall. World Series Of Warzone - NA Trios $200,000.00. SEA Icon Series 2021: Summer Super Cup $150,000.00. FNCS All-Star Showdown C2S7 - Solo Final - Asia $129,800.00. Spring Sweet Spring #3 $102,000.00

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  1. I'm curious as to what the global smash power really means / how it works. My current score is around 3,700,000, and I have never seen an opponent with a score in the 4 millions. I wonder how my score stacks up. I try not to put too much stock into it just because of how volatile my score can be
  2. Global Smash Power (GSP) is the new ranking system that has been put into effect for certain solo modes of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. The player's rank number is based on the number of people they've outscored instead of the number of people better than them. This means their number will increase as they get better
  3. While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's online ranking system, Global Smash Power, may initially seem opaque, it can be understood with a few simple concepts. By William Parks Published Dec 20, 2018
  4. RNG still maintain their number one spot on our global League of Legends power rankings, but if they show rust, or if they are slow to adapt to the new champs, they'll fall. This week, their quarantine is over and the real work begins. Only time will tell if they can keep their No. 1 streak alive
  5. es your ranking among other online players of SSBU. GSP Deter
  6. » Nintendo News Site: http://goo.gl/nNI5BwI'm very happy to see some type of ranking system make it into the game! ----- √ My Links:» Facebook fan page: http..

After an exciting Mid-Season Invitational, every pro League of Legends team will finally reset to prepare for the start of the summer split. China's Royal Never Give Up proved they earned their spot as the No. 1 team in the League of Legends power rankings with their recent MSI victory, as South Korea's FunPlus Phoenix and China's EDward Gaming's overall spring split performances. Lv. 1 Power Lv. 99 Power Metal Face Metal and Giant Legend 4996 12,493 Calamity Ganon -- Legend 4932 12,330 Dry Bowser Fire Attack Up Legend 4854 12,137 Keldeo (Resolute Form) Hyper Smash Attacks. NFL Power Rankings Explained. Standings only tell part of the story for fans who like to bet on the NFL. A first-place team may have a lousy defense, but lucked into a 3-0 record by playing three teams even worse than themselves. However, beating the point spread requires the whole story - what are the stat strengths and weaknesses of each. Tournament rankings | Smashboards. The new bonus episode of the Smash Brothers Documentary Metagame, Godslayer, is now available on Vimeo. Welcome to Smashboards, the world's largest Super Smash Brothers community! Over 250,000 Smash Bros. fans from around the world have come to discuss these great games in over 19 million posts

Smash Melee Rankings 10-1 | #MPGR2019. PGstats is proud to present the latest Melee ranking, #MPGR2019, in concert with Red Bull! The #MPGR2019 ranking season spans the end of 2018 (after Don't. April PUBG Global Power Rankings: NA To The Moon. As regional play is about to resume after PGI.S, it is time to take a look at where teams stand on the global stage. Throughout PGI.S and the entirety of 2020 teams fought to become the best in the world. Now, the teams have a fresh slate to chase their dreams at PGC this fall

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Super Smash Bros. will use preferred rule sets, proximity, and a new rating called Global Smash Power for online matchmaking, ditching the old For Fun and For Glory options of Super Smash Bros PGStats Presents Panda Global Rankings: PGRv5 2018. For the first time in Smash history, PGStats teams up with Red Bull to present the Panda Global Rankings (PGR) for Super Smash Brothers Wii U.

League: Smash Online Global Player Rankings | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Smash Online Global tournaments is a tournament organization managed by SOGMonkey Main article: Bring More Setups#Power_Rankings 1 Fall 2015 1.1 Smash Bros. Melee 1.2 Smash Bros. for Wii U 2 Winter 2015 2.1 Smash Bros. Melee 2.2 Smash Bros. for Wii U 3 Spring 2016 3.1 Smash Bros. Melee 3.2 Smash Bros. for Wii U 4 Fall 2016 4.1 Smash Bros. Melee 4.2 Smash Bros. for Wii U 5.. Misfits. 9. MAD Lions. 10. Afreeca Freecs. League of Legends Academy: 105. As League of Legends ramps up once again for their Summer Split of the season, this is a good time to check in to see who the best teams in the world truly are. The Spring Split saw lots of the traditional powerhouses around the world struggle early on, but manage to. text 3.16 KB. raw download clone embed print report. One of the features of the new Smash Bros. games that was revealed in creator Masahiro Sakurai's Nintendo Direct was the Global Smash Power system. While most people may have overlooked it as a vague ranking system, it offers much more potential than you would think at first glance

Power Geyser requires you to input down, down back, back, down back, forward and A or B, this will make Terry perform a quick smash to the ground, which can kill at relatively low percentages, and. Super Smash power rankings: Wellington Firebirds close in on home grand final Andrew Voerman 12:00, Jan 27 2021 Ben Sears rips through Otago Volts as Wellington Firebirds return to winning way

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Power Rankings: September - November. After much thought and some surprising performances, here are the new San Diego Brawl Power Rankings for the time period between the beginning of September to the beginning of November. The top 4 seem to be cemented and firm. After them, there are tons of changes. A lot of these decisions were close, but. He lands higher than they do in the Smash rankings, however, because unlike those other guys, Lucario's strength is based entirely on the power of friendship. He warms hearts as he kicks butts. 33 9. Light. Light brings the hype. His unrelenting aggressiveness has overpowered almost all of his opponents. The 20-year-old smasher from Connecticut is widely considered to be the best Fox in the world. His mastery of the character has gotten him 3rd place at Glitch 6, 1st at Ultimate Nimbus, and 2nd at Glitch 7 Super Smash Bros. turned 20 in 2019, a major milestone for Nintendo's premier fighting series that brings together many of the company's most famous characters as well as a group of unlikely.

League of Legends global power rankings for April 5. Welcome back to another week of Upcomer's League of Legends Global Power Rankings. As the road to Iceland and the Mid-Season Invitational peeks By Staff April 5, 2021. Call of Duty The original game in the Smash series, commonly referred to as Smash 64, was released in 1999 by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. While the gameplay experience with this game cannot compare to more recent iterations of the franchise, Smash 64 deserves a high ranking on this list due to its impact on the fighting game genre The amount of Global Smash Power it takes to get into Elite Smash varies by character and changes over time. This depends on the total number of players that are ranked. The game does not give you any solid indication about when you could get into Elite Smash, so you'll want to be armed with the most up to date intel Panda Global's PGstats team returns with the Top 50 Smash Ultimate players in the world on the #PGRU from February 2019 to July 2019. Learn more about the #P..

OPINION: The Firebirds have secured top spot in the men's T20 Super Smash but the finishing order is far from clear in the women's competition LCK Power Rankings: 2021 Summer Split Week 4. Amazon starts new chapter as Jeff Bezos steps down as CEO. Stock futures are flat after S&P 500 and Nasdaq notch another round of records. There wasn. From July 22 to Aug. 1, PGStats ranked the top 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players in the world. Unlike the MPGR, the Spring 2019 PGRU was decided by an algorithm designed by Andrew PracticalTAS Nestico. The algorithm ranked players based on their wins, losses, and placements at tournaments from Feb. 1 through July 7

Due to the game balance changes requiring players to play more aggressively compared to the previous Smash Bros., characters which focuses on attack capability and with ability to deny enemy comebacks are ranked higher in the list. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Related Article Character / Fighter Informatio Panda Global has released a new character tier list for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (a.k.a. Surveying members of the Smash 4 community, including tournament organizers, casters, and top players. Australian Smash 4 National Power Rankings placings. 14th. Australian Smash 4 National Power Rankings 3. 1/01/2018. 3rd. Australian Smash 4 National Power Rankings 2. 8/05/2017. 8th. Australian Smash 4 National Power Rankings 1

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  1. Victoria Melee Power Rankings Auckland Ultimate Power Rankings Victorian Player Showcase Victoria Ultimate Power Rankings Gold Coast Ultimate Power Rankings South Australia Smash Ultimate Power Rankings SA 30 Queensland 40 Smash Ultimate GvP Newcastle Smash Ultimate Power Rankings Perth Smash Ultimate Player Showcase Perth Smash Ultimate Power Rankings Wellington Ultimate Power Rankings.
  2. The results are in, and for the second year in a row, Panda Global Rankings has listed Gonzalo ZeRo Barrios the number one overall Super Smash Bros. Wii U player in the world. Of the six.
  3. Pokémon Video Game Worlds Power Rankings Our video game experts tell you what to watch for in Washington, DC, as top players prepare for the Pokémon World Championships. W e've called upon our panel of Pokémon video game experts to look at the top Pokémon pairs ahead of the Pokémon World Championships
  4. eSports team Panda Global has prided itself on its player ranking algorithms for years now focusing on the Super Smash Bros. series though now they have brought over all of the math and equations.

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Panda Global Rankings, a biannual power ranking that superseded SSBMRank, ranked Williamson as the tenth best Melee player in 2018. Williamson took 2nd place at the first two major tournaments of 2019, Genesis 6 and Get On My Level 2019, after losing to the number one-ranked Hungrybox in the finals of both tournaments. [15 Panda Global is one of the leading Smash Bros. eSports sponsors — and also for the FGC as a whole — though they also run a power ranking system for Super Smash Bros. 4 players to see who can. Power rankings. Top 10 quarterbacks who could legitimately be on the 2020 free-agent market. 1. Tom Brady, New England Patriots 2. Teddy Bridgewater, New Orleans Saints 3. Nick Foles, Jacksonville.

Ultimate | Smashboards. The new bonus episode of the Smash Brothers Documentary Metagame, Godslayer, is now available on Vimeo. Welcome to Smashboards, the world's largest Super Smash Brothers community! Over 250,000 Smash Bros. fans from around the world have come to discuss these great games in over 19 million posts A new ranking system has been introduced, called Global Smash Power. Differentiating from the traditional leaderboards seen in other games and seen by Sakurai as a more fair than the current leaderboard system seen in most online games. Assist items (Assist Trophy, Pokeball, Master Ball) now only appear one at a time in the Nintendo 3DS version Roster: Beaulo, Fultz, Rampy, HotanCold, Iconic. Team USA could probably fill three rosters for this event. Some combination of the DarkZero, TSM and SSG rosters is a top two to three team in this event easily. HotanCold is likely a lock for this roster if he keeps performing the way he does Online matchmaking will also use a ranking system called Global Smash Power. GSP ranks a player against the total number of players in the world. Rather than starting the rankings at number one. 1v1 Global Rankings for Brawlhalla. 146-123: 2131: 2262: 1,749: SEA: Neo Penguin Cartel(Forrest

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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ($59.99) for the Nintendo Switch is the biggest game in the series, with a massive single-player campaign and an insane amount of options for multiplayer. Nintendo still.
  2. g event hosts tournament play for Super Smash Bros. (Ultimate, 4, Panda Global Rankings and he's #5 in the Georgia Power rankings. His Captain Falcon is dangerous on.
  3. Here is my 100% correct, undebatable Power Rankings of the six characters you can play as in the Avengers Beta, with combat style and feel as the primary category: 6) Iron Man. I love Iron Man as a character, but in a beat 'em up like this one, I found myself enjoying the floaty/punchy/shooty aspect of Iron Man the least
  4. For the first time ever here on Inside Survivor, we will be bringing you Survivor South Africa Power Rankings. As the battle to outplay and outwit goes down on the Wild Coast of South Africa, another showdown will be taking place right here between two Survivor veterans.. Fighting it out for Power Rankings supremacy are two past Survivor SA castaways, both from Island of Secrets, Jacques.
  5. Smash Community Facebook Groups. Do you know of a Facebook group we are missing? Please message the mods and let us know about your group and which games you play. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, message people in a nearby group as they may be able to help you (even if they play a different game)
  6. So does Italy. Rome holds the year-long presidency of the G20, where the biggest high-income countries join the biggest emerging economic powers such as China, India and Brazil. It is also a co.
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First, here is a list of the veritable all stars when it comes to bringing in the money at the box office. Title. Total Gross. 1. A League of Their Own. $107,533,928. 2. 42. $95,020,213 kungfoot Global Rankings for Brawlhalla. Top | Prev | Next: Rank Region Name Tier Win-Loss Kung Foot Rating Peak Rating; 101: SEA: Aquariu By Andrew Melcon 26 December 2018 From getting the best connection to finding good matches, here's everything you need to know about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's online modes H1 global gold ETFs smash records, inflows hit $39.5 bil: World Gold Council. London — Gold flows into Exchange Traded Funds have had a record year-to-date so far, with first half global net inflows touching $39.5 billion, crushing the previous full year record of $23 billion in 2016, industry lobby group World Gold Council said July 7

Louisiana 'Smash' player makes history in international 'Melee' rankings. For the first time in Super Smash Bros. Melee history, a Louisiana player is ranked No. 97 among the top-100 Melee players in the world on SSBMRank. As they are referred to in the Melee community, Magi, 19 of Baton Rouge, is not only the first. MLS Power Rankings: Seattle reaffirms its place on top. Before the 2014 World Cup, I interviewed Xavi, mentioned the footballing disaster of the year before and, full of conviction, rather than bravado or bluff, he argued that: It was an anomaly that we lost like that to Bayern; the scoreline doesn't tell the proper story of how the two.

He is widely considered one of the best Wii Fit Trainer players in the world for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, according to Smash Wiki. He is currently ranked 4th on the New York Smash 4 Power. If Allen hits 70 miles per hour, he would absolutely smash the combine record. Although Flaherty said the record is 66 mph, the fastest throw since official record-keeping began in 2008 is just 60. The Ultimate Smash Tier List. TIER LIST Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to tout some of the very best crossovers in recent gaming history, having just added Final Fantasy VII megavillain Sephiroth to the game's roster.Since its la

The most extensive Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Tier List, with everything that you need to know about each Smash Character. Within the Tier List, you'll find character movesets, strengths, and weaknesses. Find in-depth videos within each character page, containing knowledge from the world's best pros Playing Super Smash online is fun, but it can also be incredibly annoying when you lose many times in a row, and it can be an even bigger blow to watch your hard-earned Global Smash Power (GSP) dwindle after a loss. Here are the top 10 most annoying Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters to fight

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Both Gonzalo ZeRo Barrios, often cited as the world's best Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player, and top Super Smash Bros. Melee player Leffen have shared their day one tier rankings. There is no denying that the Super Smash Bros. series is one of Nintendo's best; no matter which game one focuses on, it is apparent that they are all very entertaining to play. A Nintendo crossover of this magnitude had never been attempted before, and fans weren't quite sure what to expect when the original Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64 debuted back in 1999 Power Rankings: Our favorite Clint Bowyer broadcast moments. We fully expected to enjoy Clint Bowyer's first season in the NASCAR On FOX booth. We didn't realize we'd enjoy it as much as we. There's no justice in this world. Power Rankings. 1: Joe Sasto — AKA Mustache Joey, aka Rollie Fingerlings, aka Freddy Mercurioli She was the victim of a smash cut in the elimination. Slime, fizz and SMASH your way through over 25 icy surprises inside to build the exclusive frozen Smash-o-saur Dino! Use the Arctic Scratch Map to excavate the Dino Ice Age to defrost compounds like the Growing Snow, Crystal Slime with hidden Smash-o-saur pieces. Collect all the pieces to start building one of 3 exclusive frozen Smash-o-saurs

He was mildly pushed as a secondary mascot, and was given his spot in Super Smash Bros Brawl because of this. As for power levels, Lucario is fairly strong, with a good typing, good moves, and good stats. He also received a Mega form in Pokemon X and Y, powering up his already good moveset to even further heights. 16 GRENINJ The world ranking is based on teams' achievements over the past year (with severe decay in points throughout each month), recent form over the last 2 months and performance at the last 10 LAN events. All of that is predicated around a 3-man core each team is required to have in order to retain their past points. Online matches and tournaments. Another highly ranked competitive player, Samuel Dabuz Buzby was considered to be the best Rosalina main in the world of Smash 4 and is the top-ranked player in New York Pokeball Pokemon Smash Ultimate. Byleth Alts Tier List. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tier List (Stock Icons) Super Smash Bros. ALL DLC (SSB4 to SSBU as of Dec. 2020) Joker Main Color Template. Smash Bros. Ultimate Items. Peach/Daisy alternative costumes tier list The ITTF Rankings will be known as the Table Tennis World Rankings from 2021. Grand Smash events will sit at the top of the new Table Tennis World Rankings after the ITTF Executive Committee approved a new rankings structure for table tennis in 2021. The new Table Tennis World Rankings will play a crucial role in bringing WTT events to life.

Rocket League Championship Series NA Power Rankings for May 2021. ONE37pm. By: Aaron Dukes. Updated: May 5, 2021. You already know what time it is. After examining which Rocket League teams were on the bubble in April, we decided to revisit our list. Here's our list of the 16 best teams in the game right now. 16. Susquehanna Soniqs Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now for the Nintendo Switch, and players are getting competitive. The world's No.1-ranked Super Smash Bros. player, Gonzalo ZeRo Barrios, ranked all 74. The purpose of this page is to rank all companions in Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG based on their strength of efficacy in battles. Characters are ranked on a descending order from S to D. Within the same tier, characters near the top are considered (relatively) more effective or powerful than those below them. The Overall Ranking includes all companions, while the Race Rankings contain.

Gaga was the biggest pop star in the world this past month, according to Bloomberg's Pop Star Power Rankings, dethroning Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny after a three-month run. Gaga surged to the. 11. American Airlines (2013) This might just be the most basic use of Power on this entire list. The opening instrumental is all we hear, and even though this commercial ran a full three. This is a guide to the World of Light (Adventure) mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU). Here you can find a map of both the World of Light and Dark Realm, as well as World of Light walkthrough information and character locations

Power Rankings - Week Ending 06/21/21. Jun 25, 2021. Read More +. News. UNVEILED! Grave Digger partnership with NASCAR's Stewart-Haas Racing. Jun 16, 2021. Read More +. News Since my last power rankings were published on I know I just went on a rant about the state of the world in 2020, but videos like this bring me comfort. Pokemon, Pokeballs, and Smash. Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Redemption stories. Sports fans love redemption stories. The past few weeks in the NFL have provided more than a few redemption stories. Last week Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Chad Beebe fumbled a punt late against the Carolina Panthers, and it looked like the Vikings would endure a brutal loss This article contains a list of all the eight power types in the Fairy Tail Warcraft AgeAnime Series alongside the Class Tiering System. 1 Class Tiering System 1.1 Apex 1.2 World Primes 1.3 World Class 1.4 Transcendent 1.5 Saint level 1.6 Paladin 1.7 S-Class 1.8 A-Class 1.9 B-Class 1.10 C-Class 1.11 D-Class 2 Types 2.1 Attack Potency 2.2 Speed 2.3 Lifting Strength 2.4 Striking Strength 2.5. After the Steelers' red hot 10-0 start, they are at, or near, the top of the Power Rankings heading into Week 12. By Jeff.Hartman @BnGBlitz Nov 24, 2020, 2:30pm EST / ne

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is the joint fourth installment and the first handheld game in the Super Smash Bros. series. Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco Games developed these games. It was developed at the same time as its partner game, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS was released earlier due to earlier completion. It shares many similarities in terms of. The album has returned Bieber to the top. In March, he was the biggest pop star in the world, as well as the most-popular musician on Spotify and Instagram. Justice is a return to form for.

One high-ranking lieutenant in a local faction that is currently non-aligned in the conflict said his group's attempts to take on the United Cartels had failed because of the group's powerful. On January 6, 2019, MKLeo arrived at the $100,000 milestone, winning $2,074.50 and placing 1st at Smash Conference United (SSBU Singles). Prize money from 59 tournaments got him to that point Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (colloquially referred to collectively as Super Smash Bros. 4) is a group of two 2014 crossover fighting video games developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd. and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U video game consoles.The Nintendo 3DS version was released in Japan in September 2014 and in North America. Reitler secures multiple top-10 rankings among the most active Venture Capital law firms in the US and globally according to PitchBook's Q1 2021 Annual Global League Tables. Reitler achieved top.

Jacob "HoneyComb" Honeycutt - REC/IMSmasher:Eon - SmashWiki, the Super Smash BrosNBA Rookies of the Month: February 2020BCX approaches! Earn METADEV Asuri by watching on Twitch64 Bits: Pokemon Artlocke 2 - by 64bitsanimation

Ballon d'Or 2021 Power Rankings: Messi skyrockets to No.1 as Euros exit ends Mbappe's hopes Just like watching England! Brazil and Neymar winning more matches than admirers at Copa Americ A tier list is a ranking system that allows you to rank anything in tiers from the best to worst. Using a tier list allows you to group similar ranked items together and it's quick and easy to create a tier list. TierMaker User Videos (Add a Video) ranking snacks. Nickelodeon Tier List! - FanloxVlog Nacon and Big Ant title Tennis World Tour 2 is out now on Next Gen consoles, and we were lucky enough to review the game before official release. Check out our thoughts on the tennis smash of the. Cleaning Duty is event #26 in Super Smash Flash 2. Playing as Chibi-Robo, the player must clean all of the dirt on Desk while Wario tries to attack them with a time limit of 0:24. There are four spots of dirt and Chibi-Robo can clean them using Toothbrush. Chibi-Robo and Wario each have 1 stock, but the event will continue even if Wario is KO'd. The ranking the player receives is based on how. Fist of the World King is event #37 in Super Smash Flash 2. Playing as Goku, the player must defeat Donkey Kong, who is giant, on World Tournament. Goku starts the event using his Kaiō-ken form, which he maintains throughout the event. The player has 1 stock, and the opponent has 2 stocks. The launch rate for the opponent is set to 0.75 so they take less knockback from attacks, and they also.

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