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The oldest remaining survivor of the USS Indianapolis from WWII has died. The official Facebook page for the Naval ship that sank in July 1945 under enemy fire shared the news that its last living. According to the official USS Indianapolis Facebook page, Edgar Harrell died Saturday. James Smith, who served the longest aboard the ship, died earlier this week. This means, of the 316 survivors, only five remain. Harrell joined the USS Indianapolis crew as a sea-going Marine in 1944, meaning he was one of the best of the best, the post on. MAREK: The last survivors of the USS Indianapolis. Edgar Harrell died this past week at the age of 96. He was the last surviving U.S. Marine of the USS Indianapolis. The USS Indianapolis was a.

WELCOME ABOARD! We're so glad you've dropped by to learn more about the legendary 5th fleet flagship, USS Indianapolis (CA-35). We are the Legacy Organization, the official auxiliary group serving the crew and families of the WWII heavy cruiser. On July 30, 1945, a Japanese submarine struck Indy with two torpedoes, triggering the worst sea. Tony King died Monday, according to a post on the official USS Indianapolis Facebook page. He was 94. Only eight survivors of the sinking remain. King served aboard the USS Indianapolis beginning in October 1944, and was on the bridge the night the ship was torpedoed. Following the war, Tony went on to live a hard, but adventure-filled life.

Photo collection of survivors of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35), taken at U.S. Naval Base Hospital No. 20, Peleliu, 5 August 1945. Images from 80-G-336761 through 80-G-336800, Box 1269, National Archives II, College Park, MD. Photos taken by Bureau of Aeronautics and marked No Objection to Publication on Grounds of Military Service, 10 November 1950 There are now only five living survivors of the USS Indianapolis sinking that are still alive, according to the U.S.S. Indianapolis Facebook page. 'Let's all do what we can to keep their legacies. The exact number of men who survived the sinking of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) has been for decades a small controversy—small, that is, unless you were the forgotten man. In 1945, the Navy concluded 316 men survived the Indianapolis 's final voyage. The survivors themselves, however, were adamant that 317 sailors, Marines, and officers lived Survivors of the USS Indianapolis, from Indianapolis Files, NHHC Archives, WNY. And, CINPAC #5083, CINPAC 1945, Flag Files Screening Documents, RG 38/370/13/05/06, Box 45, NARA II, College Park

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Tony King was one of the lucky ones. When he and nearly 1,200 USS Indianapolis crew members sailed from Mare Island, California, on July 16, 1945, no one aboard dreamed that in exactly two weeks. Following Harrell's death in May, it's thought only three survivors of the Indianapolis are still alive. 7 Edgar Harrell as a 20-year-old in 1945 - he joined up when he was just 1

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The audience included survivors of USS Indianapolis which was sunk during World War II, the crew of the future USS Indianapolis (LCS 17) and several naval officials, Monday, Jan. 7, 2019 in. James Smith, who celebrated his 96th birthday Friday, is one of only eight living survivors from the sinking of the USS Indianapolis on July 30, 1945, shortly after the shi Sgt. Edgar Harrell, is the last surviving Marine from the World War II sinking of the USS Indianapolis, the ship that carried the atomic bomb to Tinian Island Of those, 36 are still alive. Of those, 15 are registered for the upcoming reunion, today through Sunday in Indianapolis at the Hyatt Regency Downtown. USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization.

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  1. The USS Indianapolis CA-35 Virtual Reunion Commemorating 75 Years is online from July 20 to Aug. 1 and can be found at ussindianapolis.com. We had hoped to make that our dedication (on July 26) with those people speaking - the last Marine, the last guy alive who was rescued by Adrian and so on, Nichols said
  2. Updated: 7:36 PM EDT July 30, 2019. INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Only 12 men remain living who are survivors that sailed aboard the U.S.S. Indianapolis in World War II. Seven of them are gathered in Indianapolis this weekend for what has become an annual reunion that shrinks in size each year. All the survivors are all in their nineties
  3. The last living officer and oldest remaining survivor of the tragedy, Don Howison, died at the age of 98 in 2020. As it stands, there are only 10 USS Indianapolis survivors still alive. In August 2017, the wreck of the Indianapolis was discovered 3.4 miles beneath the surface of the Pacific by a team led by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen
  4. AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) — US Navy Retired Jack Barnes is seeking the Congressional Gold Medal for the 14 men still living from the historic USS Indianapolis (CA-35) crew that carried out the top-secret US Navy mission to deliver components of the world's first operational atomic bomb from Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Northern California to Tinian Island in the western Pacific Ocean
  5. Just 13 men remain that have any true memory of what took place more than 70 years ago aboard the USS Indianapolis. Edgar Harrell, 92, of Clarksville, is the only living Marine and one of just two.
  6. Dick Thelen, last remaining Michigan survivor of the USS Indianapolis, honored for service. Dick Thelen has a message: Don't give up. He should know. He's Michigan's only remaining survivor.

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Of the 1,196 men aboard the USS Indianapolis at the time of its sinking on July 30, 1945, during World War II, only 316 survived. Today, 12 are alive — Thelen is one of them. The 92-year-old Lansing resident is the lone Michigan survivor living. He attended the USS Indianapolis Survivors Reunion July 18-21 in Indianapolis A.C. Tony King was a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II who survived the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. His death leaves just eight Indianapolis survivors still living. Died: June 22, 2020. Indianapolis, said Leenerman, who began attending survivor reunions in 1960 and has only missed one since then. The gatherings attract more than the men who were on the USS Indianapolis in July, 1945. Greg Leenerman — a 1971 Mahomet-Seymour graduate and Arthur's only child — has accompanied his father in recent years There are 19 survivors of the wreck who are still alive (Albert Morris, Jr. died at age 92 on August 15). Scott Neuman at NPR reports that the location of the ship will be kept secret and the site.

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The USS Indianapolis was arguably the worst, and definitely the most, terrifying disaster in American naval history. The 879 crew members who perished represent the greatest loss of life in a United States Navy vessel. What makes the disaster even more grievous is the tragic manner of their deaths Most all of the officers died with the ship, and for the formal application done in recent years, only a few survivors were still alive, none above the heroic chaplain's rank of lieutenant The last surviving Marine who was on board the USS Indianapolis when it was torpedoed in World War II has died at the age of 96. Edgar Harrell, survived for five days in the ocean after the heavy cruiser sank in July 1945, and later told his horror story of watching other survivors being eaten by sharks while they waited for rescue

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The Sibley native, now 95, will attend a reunion — 74 years later — of USS Indianapolis survivors. On July 30, 1945, in the midnight hour, a Japanese sub fired six torpedoes at the huge ship. Clarence Hupka of Cook, Nebraska, one of the last living survivors of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in WWII, died Sunday. Hupka, one of 317 men to survive out of a crew of 1,196, routinely. USS Indianapolis CA-35 . Survivors List . Survivors List . Listed below are the names of the 316 men who survived the sinking of USS Indianapolis CA-35 July 30, 1945 Name. Rank/Rate. Notes. Adams, Leo H. Seaman 2nd Class. Akines, William R That's the number of Indianapolis Sailors still alive today. The discovery of the ship was a great day and a day I had been looking forward to for 72 years, said Harold Bray, an Indianapolis survivor. Reunions like this are important to me because I can see my old friends and talk with survivors that are still left

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The USS Indianapolis survivors are shown on Guam in August 1945. They drifted aimlessly for nearly five days, battling thirst, exposure and ravenous sharks. Only 321 of the 1,196 crewmen survive Today, only 14 of those men are still living, and each July they meet in Indianapolis for a reunion, as they have periodically since 1960, to gather around memories of shipmates who were lost at. 93-year-old USS Indianapolis survivor tells harrowing story of survival There are 17 of us still living today as of three or four days ago. Of the 39 marines, 9 survived. I am the last Marine. Today, only a handful of Indianapolis survivors - the worst Navy disaster in the history of the United States - are still alive. Harrell shares his story of God's providence at schools and.

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  1. Family remembers Stark County man who survived USS Indianapolis sinking. The 2005 obituary for William F. Ault of Canton noted he was one of the few who survived one of the deadliest losses of.
  2. USS Indianapolis (CL/CA-35) was a Portland-class heavy cruiser of the United States Navy, named for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana.Launched in 1931, the vessel served as the flagship for the commander of Scouting Force 1 for eight years, then as flagship for Admiral Raymond Spruance in 1943 and 1944 while he commanded the Fifth Fleet in battles across the Central Pacific during World War II
  3. utes. Three hundred men went down with the ship; while 900 men, including Buckett, floated in the sea for days. When they were found four days later, only 317 men were still alive

A survivor of the USS Indianapolis recounts his harrowing ordeal at sea and his thoughts on the discovery of his long-lost ship.. On July 30, 1945, just days before Japan's surrender that ended World War II, a Japanese sub sunk the USS Indianapolis with two torpedoes. The Indy was lost for 72 years until Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen discovered the wreckage on Aug. 18, 2017, at a depth of. Harrell was a marine on board the USS Indianapolis when it was just 17 were still alive. and they're thought to have been the species which killed the majority of the Indianapolis survivors The blue Pacific waters turned red with blood as, one-by-one, hundreds of men were eaten alive. Edgar was one of 1195 men on-board the USS Indianapolis in 1945, when it was torpedoed and sank. INDIANAPOLIS — When Sara Vladic attended her first USS Indianapolis reunion, 117 of the 316 veterans who survived the sinking of the U.S. Navy battleship at the end of World War II were still alive Edgar Harrell, the creator/owner of Pella Windows, was more than a successful businessman. He was the last remaining US Marine survivor of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in WWII. There are only 5 living survivors left after James Smith passed away earlier last week - Edgar was the only Marine

A historical event can be defined as any occurrence from the past regardless of significance, with the term history an umbrella term relating to past events and any associated memories, discoveries, collections, organizations, presentations, and/or interpretations of them. This differs from a historic event which is often less inclusive, and stands out as having made a significant impact on. The USS Indianapolis survivors are shown on Guam in August 1945. Only 38 of the 317 survivors who were pulled from the Pacific's shark-infested waters in August 1945 are still alive and they.

uss indianapolis survivors still alive 2019. September 15, 2020 by in Uncategorized. It went down in 12-minutes with about 300 sailors still onboard. Posted at 6:44 PM, Nov 07, 2019 . He is survived by a son.His obituary says Leenerman was a member of the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization and attended many events over the years. USS. All Things USS Indianapolis CA-35. January 6 at 9:19 PM ·. The widow of USS Indianapolis Survivor Victor Buckett, Dorothy, was reunited with her sweet sailor this morning. She was the epitome of fashion, complete with matching jewelry/accessories, and had a kind word for everyone she met. Her humor will be greatly missed at the Indy reunions The producers of USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage — there were 31 survivors of the naval cruiser still alive to tell the story; now there are only 24. (When I first started reporting this. INDIANAPOLIS — When Sara Vladic attended her first USS Indianapolis reunion, 117 of the 316 veterans who survived the sinking of the U.S. Navy battleship at the end of World War II were still alive. Now, 18 years later, only a dozen remain USS Indianapolis in 1945. About 900 men, survivors of the initial torpedo attack, were left drifting in groups in the expanse of the Pacific Ocean. And beneath the waves, another danger was.

Meet Mr. Howison! He has a miraculous story about survival and perseverance of the events surrounding the USS Indianapolis Saturday marks the 78th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, and one of the three remaining survivors of the USS Arizona will attend the annual ceremony in Hawaii. Lou Conter, 98, arrived this. With his death, only two survivors remain from the last crew of the USS Arizona: Lou Conter, 98, of Grass Valley, California, and Ken Potts, 98, of Provo, Utah In 2018, Harrell and the other remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis were honored with the Congressional Gold Medal. His death leaves only five survivors of the disaster still living

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USS Indianapolis was the single worst loss of life incurred by the United States Navy. After being struck by two Japanese torpedoes on July 30th, 1945, the ship went down in 12 minutes taking with her approximately 300 of the 1195 sailors on board. In the days that followed, another 547 succumbed t ASSOCIATED PRESS Survivors of the World War II sinking of the USS Indianapolis pose for a group photo on Friday, Aug. 2, 1945, during a survivors gathering in the ship?s namesake city that could.

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Kane and the survivors hope the documentary will keep alive the history of the USS Indianapolis and, more importantly, the memory of the 879 sailors who did not survive In the virtual ceremony, House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) presented the medal to the survivors from the crew of USS Indianapolis (CA-35) ahead of the 75th anniversary of the July 30,1945.


The USS Tranquillity arrives at Guam, carrying survivors of the USS Indianapolis sinking. Hundreds of men had been in the water for days, battling dehydration, exhaustion, exposure and sharks Adolfo Uvaldo Harpo Celaya, a USS Indianapolis survivor, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on Thursday. I've received a lot of things, but my God, this is something else, Celaya said A West Seattle man was one of the survivors of the USS Indianapolis that sunk in July of 1945 after being hit by a Japanese torpedo. She says there are 19 survivors of the sinking still alive. The heavy cruiser was sunk on its way to join a task force near Okinawa. Of the ship's 1195 crewmembers, only 316 survived the sinking and the subsequent time adrift at sea in the middle of nowhere. Among the survivors was the captain of the Indianapolis, Charles B. McVay III. McVay would be charged with negligence in the loss of the ship The USS Indianapolis survivors are shown on Guam in August 1945. The survivors of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis on July 30, 1945 drifted aimlessly for nearly five days, battling thirst.

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In a weird way, World War II survivor Edgar Harrell's visit to Mobile this weekend has allowed him to stand once again on the decks of the USS Indianapolis, the ship whose sinking in 1945 plunged. Of those survivors, 22 are still alive today, the US Navy said. To be able to honor the brave men of the USS Indianapolis and their families through the discovery of a ship that played such a significant role in ending World War II is truly humbling, said Allen Of the 1,196 sailors on board the cruiser, only 316 men were still alive after four days. USS Indianapolis ' sinking is considered to be the worst naval disaster in U.S. history. I was deeply honored and moved to meet both Victor Buckett, one of the remaining survivors and Roy McLendon a rescuer who related their story of bravery and survival

The sinking of the USS Indianapolis is the worst U.S. naval disaster at sea in history, but on Thursday, one of its last surviving crew members will be in Chehalis.The Veterans Memorial Museum. One of the survivors names is Edgar Harrell,and he's still alive.Edgar Harrell is living in Clarksville, Tennessee. He is also 92 years old. He wrote a book called Out of the Depths. Harrell isn't the only survivor still alive. Another survivor who's still alive is Arthur Leenerman.He is 93 years old. Arthur is living in Mahomet,Illinois Crew Accounting Shared at USS Indianapolis Survivors Reunion. The Director of the Naval History and Heritage Command as well as one of the command's historians joined the survivors of World War II cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA 35) and their families for a luncheon at the Columbia Club of Indianapolis July 20. As part of the annual reunion of. Unfledged faith in God helped USS Indy survivor. Edgar Harrell USMC is one of two Marine survivors that was aboard the USS Indianapolis (CA-35). He is one of 35 survivors still alive. When asked, he travelers the country to tell his miraculous tale of survival and the Providence of God. Jennifer Rice/staff photographer The celebrated USS Indianapolis, which sunk 73 years ago on Monday, was nearly blown in half by two Japanese torpedoes on July 30, 1945, a tragedy that also stands as one of World War II's most.

USS Indianapolis. It's far too soon for us to share that another USS Indianapolis Survivor has passed away. This morning, our dear friend, A.C. Tony King, went peacefully in his sleep. Tony served aboard USS Indianapolis, starting in October 1944, and was on the bridge, the night the ship was torpedoed I am an amateur diver and also like spearfishing. These qualities certainly do not qualify me as a shark expert. However, there are some obvious points to answer the question above. Sharks are natural garbage collectors. They do not like human foo.. On July 29, 1945, the USS Indianapolis sailed through the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. The ship was hundreds of miles from land. It was wrapped in the darkness of night—just a whisper of a shadow on an endless sea. The air was uncomfortably hot. Some crewmen had brought their bedding up to sleep under the stars. Still, the mood was hopeful Out of 1,196 men on board the USS Indianapolis, only 316 men were rescued. This was a ship that has made many records in history that still remain today. Some of these records are rather morbid in nature, but the story of the survivors waiting for rescue is one that has been told using words like carnage, screams, and horror

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Help had at last arrived. Of the 1197 men, 880 had died and only 317 remained alive. After five days of constant shark attacks, terrible thirst, starvation, suffering from exposure and their wounds, the men of the Indianapolis were at last rescued from the sea. CONTRIBUTORS PAUL J. MURPHY, USS INDIANAPOLIS SURVIVOR AND BROOMFIELD RESIDEN Edgar was one of 1,195 men onboard the USS Indianapolis in 1945, when it was torpedoed and sank, leaving him and hundreds of others fighting for survival in shark-infested waters. just 17 were still alive. and they're thought to have been the species which killed the majority of the Indianapolis survivors Did sharks eat USS Indianapolis? Still traveling at 17 knots, the Indianapolis began taking on massive amounts of water; the ship sank in just 12 minutes. Of the 1,196 men aboard, 900 made it into the water alive. Their ordeal—what is considered the worst shark attack in history—was just beginning. Has anyone been eaten by a shark Doug Stanton has appeared as an USS Indianapolis historian on PBS's 2017 USS Indianapolis-From The Deep, The Today Show, CNN, Fox, Morning Joe, NBC Nightly News, History, A&E, and in hundreds of radio and print interviews. Stanton's writing about the USS Indianapolis has appeared in Naval History magazine, and In Harm's Way was included in the U.S. Navy's required reading list for naval. Survivors of sinking ship share stories. LOIS KRUEGER speaks about her husband, Dale Krueger, who served aboard the USS Indianapolis. Dale Krueger didn't spend his life asking why he lived when.

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McGinnis was one of three Indianapolis survivors on hand at College of The Albemarles Community Auditorium Tuesday evening for a Veterans Day presentation, USS Indianapolis: Still at Sea. About 700 people turned out for the event to hear the presentation and ask survivors questions afterward A survivor of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Kramer died Monday at Prairie Hills Assisted Living in Clinton. He was 103. Kramer had spoken with the Clinton Herald about the events of Dec. 7, 1941. USS Indianapolis: The Final Chapter: Directed by Kirk Wolfinger. With Cougar MacDowall, William Toti. In July 1945, a Japanese submarine sinks the USS Indianapolis. Indianapolis' final resting place remains a mystery for more than seven decades, until an expedition launched by philanthropist Paul G. Allen discovers the ship in August 2017 Lou Conter and Ken Potts, both 98, are now the only living survivors of the Arizona, where 1,177 sailors and Marines were killed — roughly half of the total death toll — and 335 escaped in the. We're trying to keep the story alive and the museum would make it permanent. It will make the story live on forever, said 82-year-old Paul Murphy, chairman of the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization. The opening comes during a three-day reunion of about 40 of 81 men still alive who were among 317 survivors pulled from the Philippine Sea

6 Famous World War II Shipwrecks and the Stories Behind Them. One of the unmistakable 5-inch guns protruding from the wreckage of the Indianapolis. When the ship was found in 2017, the ship's bell and anchor were also positively identified. Photo by Paul G. Allen, courtesy of Navigea Ltd R/V Petrel

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