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Home > Desert & Canyon > San Rafael Swell > Calf, Cow and Pine Canyons . Loop hike of Calf, Cow and Pine Canyons: Total Distance: 12 miles Time Needed: 8-10 hours (one day) Rating: Difficult Elevation Gain 800 feet Maps: USGS 7.5 Bob Hill Knoll, Bottleneck Peak, Chimney Rock, Devils Hole This is the San Rafael Swell, a huge oval-shaped uplifted area bordered approximately by UT 24, US 6/191, UT 10 and the northern edge of Capitol Reef National Park, and bisected by I-70. Around the edges of the Swell is a ring of upturned eroded strata - the San Rafael Reef, where most of the slot canyons are located San Rafael Swell - North (43) Northern Swell. 45 Degree Rock Round trip distance: 8 miles (driving) Elevation: 5656 - 5802 feet Calf Canyon Round trip distance: 5.5 miles (Moderate) Elevation: 5215 - 5484 feet.

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  1. Music Canyon, San Rafael Swell, Utah. Cutting through the west edge of the San Rafael Swell, the long drainage of Muddy Creek has many narrow tributaries, the majority on the remote west side, reachable only by 4WD tracks and/or cross country hiking. Land to the east is more accessible, via the good roads to Tomsich Butte and Hidden Splendor.
  2. Bell Canyon, San Rafael Swell, Utah. Bell Canyon is a short ravine that joins Little Wild Horse Canyon; it is just 1.5 miles long and is narrow, albeit rather shallow, for most of its length, and has a great variety of rock forms, textures and colors, unlike most slot canyons that pass through a single homogenous layer
  3. Farnsworth Canyon, San Rafael Swell, Utah. Of the numerous short, narrow canyons that cut through the southeast corner of the San Rafael Reef, the most visited are south of Temple Mountain Road, especially Crack /Chute and Bell / Little Wild Horse, the latter accessed by a newly paved road. Those to the north are harder to reach and so less.
  4. 01 Mar. Took a short ATV trip into Calf Canyon. The weather was perfect for riding and there was a lot of other people out enjoying the desert. Just past Pine Canyon and up Calf was a neat fallen rock. Then there was a small pool next to the trail. After a short way there was another pool with a log laying across it
  5. Eagle Canyon is a fun ride and acts as access to one of my favorite places in the Devil's Racetrack. We will have a separate Trek later for that one. This Trek makes a great half day ride and goes down Eagle Canyon, up to Swasey Cabin, to Lone Warrior rock art and ends at an underpass under I-70 near the Head of Sinbad area
  6. At 7.2 miles from the highway, a good road goes off on the left. This is the Behind the Reef road. ( 12S 527155mE 4279922mN / N38° 40' 03 W110° 41' 16 ) Reset your odometer, and follow the Behind the Reef road 4.1 miles to a signed trailhead for Crack Canyon. An old road goes off on the left here, but it is heavily washed out
  7. For my 42nd birthday, Heidi and I took the dogs to the San Rafael Swell and camped near Buckhorn Draw. This video overlooks the fork of two side canyons call..
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Calf Mesa Trail is a trail in San Rafael Swell, Sids Mountain Wilderness Study Area, Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, UT. View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas Rochester Panel in San Rafael. The San Rafael Swell is Utah's fastest growing tourist destination. Most of this huge area is open to the public and adventures are left only to the visitor's imagination. The Swell is 2,000 square miles of public land, known for its scenic sandstone formations, deep canyons, desert streams, and expansive panoramas

Little Wild Horse Canyon. Little Wild Horse Canyon is a slot canyon formed by water rushing through the cracks in the sandstone rocks of the San Rafael Swell. Hikers follow the canyon as it twists and turns through brightly colored and textured rocks. This popular hike is a great introduction to canyon exploration for beginners and families The San Rafael Swell. The San Rafael Swell is an uplift in the center of Utah that has been eroded down to a scrappy, dry (mostly), wild area, ravaged by mining and ORV-use, and cut with interesting canyons. It is close to the Wasatch Front, and was my go-to canyon area when I lived in the City of Salt Canyoneering the Northern San Rafael Swell. The San Rafael Swell is a seemingly endless expanse of slickrock, reefs, rivers, narrow canyons, mesas, towers, and pinnacles. It is the wilderness home of coyotes, eagles, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep. Steve Allen's Canyoneering: The San Rafael Swell has long been the standard for exploring.

The San Rafael Swell was formed when deeply buried Precambrian dike swarm rocks faulted, or broke, during the Laramide orogeny, about 60 million years ago.These basement rocks below the present-day Swell moved upwards relative to the surrounding areas and caused the overlying sedimentary rocks to fold into a dome-like shape called an anticline.The resulting structure is analogous to a series. Crawford Draw, San Rafael Swell, Utah. Few people visit Crawford Draw, one of the many hidden, undisturbed gorges in the San Rafael Swell. It is quite easily reached though, being just three miles from Interstate 70, and begins right next to the dirt track used to approach the canyon, a track which continues south into Sinbad Country - a wide. Once a staging area for horse thieves and cattle rustlers, the Old Smith Homestead in Utah's San Rafael Swell is now used to stage a more benign activity—hiking Horse Thief Canyon. The 1880's Smith Cabin is also rumored to have been one of the many hideouts of Butch Cassidy and his gang The first one (eastern most) is San Rafael Bridge, best viewed from below if doing the technical route. The middle one is Hidden Bridge, and the western most is Jug Handle Arch. Down Jug Handle Arch (1 hour) Jug Handle is the western most canyon/arch. It is best to walk the rim to the west until you spot the arch

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell. San Rafael Swell Trails. Trail Head: 38.6674, -110.688. Trail Type: Hiking. Difficulty: Moderate. Length: 5 miles round trip. SEE LOCATIONS ON THE MAP. See Location on the Map. Crack Canyon is a narrow slot running through the San Rafael Reef, in the San Rafael Swell near Temple Mountain Chimney Canyon has to be one of the most overlooked areas in the Swell. From Hidden Splendor, it is a somewhat hefty 7-8 miles one way to the confluence of the North and South Forks of Chimney Canyon. This is more than most will want to tackle for a day hike, though it makes a very pleasant overnight trip Hiking Crack Canyon - San Rafael Swell - UtahMusic Credit: Vibe Tracks - Fu

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Music Canyon - Chute of Muddy Creek - Mud Canyon loop.A great canyoneering technical loop hike. Movie includes maps and info. 15 Aug 2015 The hike described here provides a sample of the Swell's best: a hike up Devils Canyon, through scenic narrows, scrambling over boulders and around dry water falls, and then a taste of rock climbing to the top of the steep monolithic San Rafael Knob - the highest point on the Swell. From the top of the Knob you can see forever, almost Calf Canyon and Cane Wash. July 17, 2010 Written by Lynn Sessions. It was Saturday and my ATV was repaired. It was time to head south for a day of exploring in spite of the summer heat. David and I drove my Explorer down to the north end of the San Rafael Swell near Castle Dale Utah and then south down Buckhorn Draw to a side canyon called Calf. The San Rafael Swell Recreation Area is close to 217,00 acres in size. To enter the Swell travel west from Green River, UT along interstate 70 or east from Richfield,UT. Wayne County forms the southern boundary, and Cedar Mountain forms the northern boundary. As part of the John D. Dingell. Jr. The Wedge, as the San Rafael Swell is known, is an amazing place to stare 60 million years back in time. The Wedge Overlook will afford stunning views of the gorge, the many layers that make up the Swell, and the winding San Rafael River that carved this canyon

Utah has five stunning national parks, and 45 amazing state parks, but it's easy to be jealous of our Arizona neighbors to the southafter all, they have the Grand Canyon. Well, it turns out that the Beehive State has its own grand canyon. One of the most amazing views in Utah can be found in the San Rafael Swell The San Rafael Swell has six WSA's, each established for size, naturalness, and opportunity for solitude. Conservation organizations, like the Grand Canyon Trust and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, have been pushing for wilderness designations in the Swell to prevent mining, motorized vehicles and other uses that stress the land Introduction . This is the story of our weekend in the San Rafael Swell during early April. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of variety since we did much hiking, scrambling, canyoneering and climbed the highest peak in the Swell. Participants were Fred Genske, Justin Kuhn, Kessler, and me. The photos will tell most of the story

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The San Rafael River is a ~15-mile stretch that flows through Utah's Little Grand Canyon and the famous San Rafael Swell. It can only be floated for a short period of time in late Spring / early Summer during peak snow melt. The trip is beginner-friendly for packrafting and kayaking and can be done over 1-2 days, with optional camping in the. The Good Water Rim Trail is located in an area of the San Rafael Swell of Utah know as The Wedge. It is not exactly on the way to most MTB road trip destination but it is well worth the stop if you can fit it in. This 15 mile long trail is great XC singletrack that spends the bulk of its route along the rim of Goodwater Canyon which opens up.

San Rafael Bridge Campground is located at 5,100 feet in elevation, includes 17 sites and charges a small fee. It has pit toilets, but drinking water is not available. Backcountry camping is a popular option. The Little Grand Canyon is located on BLM land, and the BLM notes it is a popular 2-3 day backpacking trip where Leave No Trace practices are required and primitive campsites are available Black Dragon Wash to Ernie Canyon Friday - Sunday, January 29-31, 2021. Over the past couple of years I've spent a weekend in January exploring the canyons of the San Rafael Reef at the edge of the San Rafael Swell just west of Green River. I guess I've continued to do this each year because it's an easy drive from home and it doesn't really matter if there is snow on the ground or not

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Eardley Canyon/Straight Wash, San Rafael Swell, UT. By Christian Last updated Jun 23, 2016 433. As we had to cancel our planned trip to Cane Wash, due to a service for our Jeep, we thought about to visit Eardley Canyon. Some time ago, we read Rolfs description of Ernie Canyon and decided to visit the neighbour canyon Little Wild Horse Canyon, San Rafael Swell, February 2015 As far as non-technical slot canyons go, Little Wild Horse Canyon in Utah's San Rafael Swell is among the best of the best. Tight, picturesque narrows, sweeping sandstone domes, and honeycombed walls make Little Wild Horse the most popular hike in the area The San Rafael Swell Northern Loop covers some of the most scenic views Central Utah has to offer. This route covers an amazing amount of areas in the San Rafael Swell, north of Interstate 70. From the amazing rock art and western outlaw lore in Buckhorn Wash to Utah's famous 'Little Grand Canyon' at the Wedge Overlook

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Dispersed camping is allowed throughout he San Rafael Swell without a permit. (Note, however, that camping near the Wedge Overlook is restricted to designated areas.) For more information, contact the BLM San Rafael Resource Area in Price. 900 N. 700 East. San Rafael Swell Campgrounds and RV Parks Northern Utah Just north of Salt Lake City, Davis County is known as the ultimate playground for fun, entertainment, and outdoor adventure. Within minutes, you can enjoy a round of golf at one of ten courses, explore over 500 miles of trails and bikeways, ski world-class downhill slopes, go sightseeing at Antelope Island State Park and the Great Salt Lake, or enjoy family fun at seven. Chimney Canyon, San Rafael Swell. Thread starter Nick; Start date Mar 27, 2012; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. Nick-. Joined Aug 9, 2007 Messages 12,924. Mar 27, 2012 #1 Anyone know anything about Chimney Canyon in The Swell? It's on the east side of Muddy Creek, a few miles north of Hidden Splendor. I'm thinking about. Protecting the San Rafael Swell Low Impact Camping Techniques The Geology of the San Rafael Swell The Strata Man in the San Rafael Swell The Old Spanish Trail How to Use the Guide 1. Cedar Mountain and the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry Cedar Mountain and Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry Road Section Hike #1: Humbug Canyon Hike #2: Bull Hollow 2

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Little Wild Horse Canyon and Bell Canyon (San Rafael Swell, UT) Posted on February 19, 2015 by Andrew Wojtanik As far as non-technical slot canyons go, Little Wild Horse Canyon in Utah's San Rafael Swell is among the best of the best Violating that order is a class B misdemeanor, but many people were ignoring it last weekend in the San Rafael Swell, a favorite retreat filled with astonishing sandstone formations hardly two. The San Rafael Swell is a very large anticline located in the very center of Utah. I-70 cuts right through the center of the Swell and climbs up and over it. The town of Green River in Utah sits along the east side and the tiny town of Emery on the west. In between the swell extends 70 miles north to south and 40 miles east to west and forms a. Here's a little info on the San Rafael Swell. It's hard to capture the enormity of the area and all the slant (anticline) action. We found this pretty sweet spot to camp the night before our adventure. Temple Mountain. We hiked the loop, starting with Bell Canyon and ending with Little Wild Horse. Look at that texture

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San Rafael Swell - The Western Slope - Slaughter Slopes: Off Road: 4: Dec 17, 2014: San Rafael Swell - The Western Slope and Lone Tree Wedge: Off Road: 0: Dec 14, 2014: San Rafael Swell - The Western Slope and Mesa Butte: Off Road: 2: Dec 13, 2014: Invite San Rafael Swell River Float - dates TBD depending on water levels: Meet Up (Members Only. Description. Mostly one pitch routes on a south facing cliff. This wall gets almost as much sun as the Dylan Wall. Many good routes exist in a short span, starting on the left with Lite Not Solid and Rabid Muslim. There are a couple routes left of those, a hundred or so yards away, near the prow of the buttress, facing the road Canyoneer Zero Gravity Canyon. San Rafael Swell BLM, UT. May 28, 2018 — To reach the trailhead, turn off here (38.76039, -110.4483). There was a steep section here (38.76724, -110.47737) that will cause difficulties for low-clearance. Head along a use trail on the south rim of Zero Gravity Canyon until you drop down The original Italian Perucci Family homesteaded here in the early 19th century. Instant book. LZJ Ranch's Hiawatha Hideout! Enjoy Utah's San Rafael Swell! 92% — 52 Reviews. $39/night. Hmmm we couldn't find any listings within Enjoy Utah's San Rafael Swell! that match your search criteria

There are endless places to hike and bike in the San Rafael Swell. The Mountain bike trail to Mexican Mountain parallels the San Rafael River and is very popular. On the southernmost part of the Swell, you have two of the most popular destinations: Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley eighty miles south on Buckhorn Draw Road and I-70 Welcome to Castle Valley Gems. Castle Valley Gems offers a range of naturally inspired products based in and around the San Rafael Swell in central Utah. These products range from nature photography to rocks and minerals. Coming soon - photo tours of the areas depicted in the photographs on the products. For more on these, follow us on facebook San Rafael Swell and Reef : San Rafael Reef and Interstate 15 through Spotted Wolf Canyon - Sunrise Crack Canyon, San Rafael Reef . Sunstar above canyon wall: Crack Canyon, San Rafael Reef . Sandstone abstract #2: Crack Canyon, San Rafael Reef University of California, Irvine, CA 92717-4550

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The Sand Rafael Swell consists of colorful landscape, beautiful desert badlands, and winding canyon gorges. It is estimated about 1500 square miles of BLM land. Some of the most popular areas to ride in San Rafael include Devils Racetrack, Iron Wash, Buckhorn Wash, Ernie Canyon, 5 Miles of Hell and much more

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Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness (1) Phoenix Mountains Preserve (2) Picacho Peak State Park (1) Road Trips (3) Rockefeller State Park Preserve (1) San Rafael Swell (2) South Mountain Park (3) Sunset Crater National Monument (3) Tallman State Park (1) Teton Mountains (beyond GTNP) (11) The Arizona Trail (58) Wyoming Range (1 The San Rafael Reef is a fabulous place to hike. Favorite areas include Uneva Mine and Old Woman's Wash. The Behind the Reef Trail offers expansive views in the San Rafael Reef Wilderness Study Area. The Price BLM office is happy to assist you as you plan your trip. Contact them (435) 636-3600 or visit their web page

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The family was camping in the San Rafael Swell for Mother's Day and went hiking on Monday in the popular Little Wildhorse Canyon. It is with great sadness that (the sheriff's office) confirms that the deceased victim of (Monday's) flash flood in Little Wildhorse Canyon is a 7-year-old Utah girl San Rafael Swell, Utah. Sights. Deep Canyons, Pictographs, Tunnels, Little Grand Canyon. Distance. 36 miles from the I-70 exit ramp to The Wedge Overlook. Time Required. 3-8 Hours. Pets. Yes on a leash

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The canyon starts near the historic Hidden Splendor Mine at the southern end of the San Rafael Swell. To get there, stop at the small town of Green River, Utah and make sure your gas tank is full. From there drive west on I-70 about 29 miles and take exit number 131 Backpacking The Little Grand Canyon - San Rafael Swell, Utah. The Little Grand Canyon is an amazing overnight backpacking trip that is perfect for people looking for a fairly easy trip that wanders through one of Utah's best scenes. The San Rafael River starting from Fuller Bottom is a popular spot for boaters to put in and typically do a. From that point, there was a neat, short downclimb that lead us out of the canyon at N 38.41.399, W 110.37.769. However, if you wanted to hike back up the canyon instead of doing the rappel or wanting to meet people coming down, you can use these two other points to guide your way up: N 38.41.613, W 110.37.684 (Head left at this fork

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Numerous canyons were eroded into and through the Swell by rivers and streams. The San Rafael River, the largest river in the north part of the Swell, slices across the Swell, cutting deepest along the 3-mile stretch of the Little Grand Canyon. As you enter the Swell from the northwest, you follow geologic history back in time San Rafael swell is home to cliffs and canyons that are reminiscent of a mini-Grand Canyon, so we spent the day out exploring those. The evening was one of the most peaceful we have ever enjoyed. We were without modern-day distractions and spent the time building a fire, setting up our tent, playing with the dog, and just enjoying the quiet. San Rafael Swell Canyoneering and Technical Canyons The information provided here is intended for entertainment purposes only San Rafael Swell: Black Dragon Wash. Doubletrack long downhill with shuttle, terminating in impressive ride through narrows of Black Dragon Canyon. Option of out-and-back from lower trailhead through best area of ride. Large slickrock area with view deep into canyon. Easy-intermediate technical Continue hiking into the canyon as the steep-sided flatirons of the San Rafael Reef rise above you on each side. Take note of the interesting layers and varying colors of sandstone. These were originally deposited horizontally, but the uplift of the San Rafael Swell to the west has pushed the rocks upward. Continue hiking up the canyon The Little Wild Horse - Bell Canyon loop is located in the San Rafael Swell, just a 10 minute drive from Goblin Valley. Both of these places can be combined into a full day adventure, which you can do as a day trip from Moab or when driving between Moab and Capitol Reef National Park