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I started my computer today and I couldn't click anything at all. Its a Windows 10 computer. It not jut the start menu but everything. I can't press cancel when I'm in Carl+alt+del. I tried safe mode and the problem was still there. The mouse works fine I just can't click anything at all . I tried reboot . I tried unplug and plugin in the mous In order to fix the issue that can't click anything Windows 10, you can try restarting Windows Explorer. Now, here is the tutorial. 1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together to open Task Manager In case your keyboard keys are faulty or broken, it will prevent the mouse to work properly and you will not be able to left-click or right-click. Sometimes without your knowledge, the spacebar key may get stuck or break and create the can't click anything on a desktop in windows 10 issue You can't click anything on Desktop in Windows 10, as if the click is not working. Sometimes, when the file explorer stops responding, you face this issue. If you click on any item on the Desktop, the computer doesn't respond, and even you can't right-click on anything Can't click anything (PC) [Discussion] Just installed the game, and after the SE logo comes up, a dialogue box asking if I want to configure a controller comes up. This recognizes the position of my mouse, because the Yes and No buttons light up and make noise when I mouse over them, but the game doesn't recognize a mouse click

Problem in details: The user is able to move the mouse cursor on the screen, but the click doesn't work and the only way to bypass the problem temporarily is to press Ctrl + Alt +Del & Esc. In most cases, the mouse (or keyboard) related problems is hardware issues In genera, you can try my following suggestions: Hit ctrl+shift+escape to open Task Manager. On the processes tab, locate explorer.exe and select it, then click 'end process' So, I'm playing my game like normal, and I go to click on the skills menu, right? it doesn't open. I try to click the saves menu, it doesn't open. anything I click on that has menus wont work, for example, the stove, I click on cook..., the menu does not pop up to see the recipes. I can still make.. Step 1 - unplug your mouse from your PC. Step 2 - Press Alt+F4 key form your keyboard. Now, press the down arrow key till you see the Restart option on the window. Hit Enter to reboot your computer Basically my computer froze a couple of times and had BSOD with a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bulls**t. Now whenever I boot into Windows, I can't click anything.... and I mean ANYTHING. I can't click the taskbar, start menu, icons on the desktop. I have to navigate by using my keyboard

When I join a friend or launch a multiplayer game, I cannot click anything in game. I get to the deploy screen, my mouse moves around fine but nothing happens when I click deploy. I hit enter and nothing happens at all, same with escape. The game isnt frozen, I can see on the deploy screen play.. Desktop icons/items not working or not responding in windows 10? You can fix desktop icons not opening problem by three simple methods. Method #1: 0m4sPress. So what happens is, randomly I cannot click on any desktop icons (left click and right click won't work), along with any windows open in the desktop area. So what I mean is anything above my taskbar and start menu area, the area above it is unclickable. For example, I can open up a program since taskbar and start menu work, but since it is in.

OUTSIDE the microsoft Word screen; I try to click back again on. Microsoft word but it doesn't even make the Window active. I'd have to. click on the very top part of the Application, you know in the same. interface where the MINIMIZE / MAXIMIZE / CLOSE buttons are. I'm using Windows Vista by the way What to do when you can't click anything on Desktop Windows 10. I would do these things when the computer won't let me click on anything on Windows 10.. Restart Explorer - Well, it is possible that you have an older version of windows installed on your computer and that is why you are not able to click on anything on the system Windows 10 desktop frozenThis video also answers some of the queries below:How do you unfreeze a pcWhy is my computer freezing windows 10Why is my desktop fr..

Before, i could Ctrl+Alt+Del and then just click back and since i didn't use windows apps that much, it never really affected me. But now, since they brought back the I probably will. I can't click on anything AT ALL. In the beginning when i first installed Windows 10, i had the same problem. Which really aggravated me Clients these remote applications and it looks like they are running them from their PC when in fact they are running it from the RDS Server. All is well... until a user remote desktop's into his or her PC from another pc and then tries to use the remote app programs that are open -- they can't click on anything - the remote app is 'broken' I can't click anything into the game [PC] This morning I started a game in casual mode, Sentinel Island, then the game was loading, and loading, and loading, until it came back as if I were in the starting lobby, but the game had already started. I lefted and joined in again, but when I came back to the game it was loading a lot again, so it. Turn on my computer this morning and bam have this issue where it takes for ever to boot up to the account and once I log on takes a bit to show the desktop but once it does nothing works can't right click, scroll over the start menu and the cursor changes to the loading emble forever can't click on shortcuts, can't open task manager, if I click on the start menu while it's doing the. I can't move, click or anything. Closing the game and then re-launching it leave me with the same problems as above. Can't click, can't type, and the cursor does not change back to the normal Warframe cursor

I went into settings, changed a key binding, went to play & I couldn't click anything, very weird & I haven't found a fix. I've disabled discord overlay, deleted EE.cfg file, gone from full-screen to windowed/border-less, I've re-installed, changed mouse's, launched without steam overlay,.. The game lets me play as normal for a varying amount of time and then suddenly crashes and won't let me click on anything on the screen. When I hover over buttons the annotations are still appearing and all the keyboard shortcuts still work

When playing in game mode I can't click any Sims, items, or the ground to interact. The drop-down menu . does not pop up at all. Build mode also does not seem to work, when attempting to purchase and place. a piece of furni it does not show on the screen, after clicking item still does not pop up Not able to click anything on your Windows 10 Taskbar? No worries! This guide will help you fix an unclickable Taskbar in Windows 10. Some Windows 10 users face taskbar issues like taskbar freezes. Ok so 3 days ago I got this problem where I couldn't click anything at all. I can't click my taskbar, any windows at all, programs, etc. Sometimes I could only click 1 certain thing like chrome or the task bar only but nothing else. The issue is fixed temporarily when I click restart on windows explorer inside task manager This morning when i turned on my pc i couldnt click on anything as if there is a border not allowing me to click on any window, so i have to navigate using my arrow keys, CTRL+TAB and TAB+ENTER to select stuff. I restarted about 3 times same problem. I can only click in task manager and no where else

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Question cursor moves but sometimes unable to click on anything: Question Touchpad cursor behaves erratically only when clicking: I bought a new Corsair M65 pro and my cursor will move but I cant use left or right click: need to do update but computer froze and can't click on anything: My laptop is stuck on one chrome window On my computer I can click stuff, but applications won't launch and folders won't open (though they'll become highlighted as usual), so it doesn't do anything. I'm able to boot from discs by pressing c as it starts up, however PC - Game was working fine the other day (and even an hour ago), but all of a sudden when I boot the game up and Press any key to continue I get to the next menu and can't click anything. I tried the fix in another thread that involved revoking Windows permissions and what not

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  1. istrator. For now I have mostly stopped using Teams for remote assistance, and instead obtain the users password and connect via RDP. It's far less convenient, but until it starts working, Teams is not that useful to me at the moment
  2. I can't click on my sim , I can't click on other sims , I can't click on anything ! at first I thought it was a mod issue but I disabled Mods & CC , restarted the game & the issue was still there. Yes , MODS are disabled
  3. I can't click anything on my computer? 2013-05-28, 16:14 PM. As above in the response. You could have one of millions of viruses. It need to be assessed by a professional. Software issues are not covered by warranty other then the OS itself
  4. and they can't click or edit any cell in the sheet, but can access the file menu, although there is no titles seen, can click on then. also can resize the excel window, but the sheet stays the same size, it's only expending with white borders. please see attached images. can save the file only when closing it, the save as dialog appears
  5. Other workaround is, right click on the application at the bottom taskbar and close from there. When the window is not maximized, I can click on anything without a problem. The issue seems to be only with the top portion of the screen share. I'm using the new meeting experience released in July 31. 0 Likes

Can't move tabs, can't click on different windows open in google chrome. About a month or so ago I noticed I was no longer able to click and drag tabs I have opened in Google Chrome. THIS IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING AND REALLY IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's messing with all my work, WHAT'S MORE when I minimize Google Chrome I can't maximize it if. I can't really click on anything, but when I kill explorer in the virual machine and run it again it works again. I think it might be my mouse (which sometimes becomes unresponsive, requiring the mouse to be unplugged), but it's strange that restarting explorer makes the mouse clicking work again 3. Fix the game in Origin. Origin/Library - right-click on TS4 - option Repair game. You have to wait until Origin will fix all packs, not only the base game. 4. Turn on the game to create a new, empty mods folder and check if the game is working now properly without mods. 5 When it does connect, and my desktop comes up, I can't click on anything. Nothing is responsive. If I try to use keyboard shortcuts like ALT+TAB, it just conducts the shortcut on my laptop, not within Parsec Question: Q: Can't click on ANYTHING, imac i7 So I've been an Apple fan since the beginning of university and my last Mac (Powermac G5) served me extremely well over the past few years. However, I've been having some issues with my iMac i7 that have made me somewhat less enthusiastic - I'm hoping someone can help me out

Device Manager Is Empty or Not Showing Anything in Windows 10. The Device Manager is a useful Windows utility where you can view and manage devices & drivers attached to Windows PC. But sometimes the device manager will be blank or empty, according to user's reports in the tech forum I can't click anything in AutoCAD when i open it I am an architecture student and i need help to solve this problem. I need to use AutoCAD to complete my project with this and i am a week behind everyone right now

Can you try the following steps: Open Notepad as an administrator (right-click - Open as Administrator) go to File - Open and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Choose All Files instead of Text Documents next to the File Name box. You'll see a handful of files. Pick hosts and click on Open Some users cannot interact with the search box, they can't click on it or type in it or paste anything in it whereas some users can use CTRL + V command to paste in the search but they can't actually type in the search bar. This is obviously not an issue with the keyboard since the issue appears only with the Windows 10 start search Click the Network menu on the right, and ensure that the network adapter Name: pull down menu has the correct network adapter selected. Following that, click the Advanced option (a purple arrow) to expose other options. Under the Mac address selection, click the refresh arrow to input a new MAC address, then click OK Several players experiencing problems with the mouse in PUBG lobby. They can't click anything in lobby screen except options. Therefore, they cannot start the game. If you are having this problem, you should follow my suggestions. To resolve this mouse problem in the lobby, you must first verify the game's files in Steam

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I'm running Windows 7, and just today (not following any Windows updates, driver updates or any major changes), I cannot click on anything. Clicking anywhere simply takes the current window out of focus. The only thing that I can click on is the start menu and any start menu items. What I've tried so far (with no success): Yes, I've reboote Like when you go to click on icons, they don't come up highlighted like they normally do, and when you click on them nothing happens at all. As I said, the mouse works fine, but everything on the screen seems to just freeze and you can't click on anything and when you do nothing happens

Somehow I got signed out, and now I can't click a single thing. I can't even close the application using the X in the top right corner. If I use alt combination shortcut keys I can access the menus (and click them), but anything else, just gives me the *ding* noise, as if there's some window open that wants my attention, but I can't see it Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Database version: v2012.05.22.02 Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x86 NTFS Internet Explorer 9..8112.1642

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Please create one if you can't find one: right click on the blank space -> choose New-> DWORD (32-bit) Value-> name it as FilterAdministratorToken. Double click on it and type 1 into the Value data textbox. Click OK and then close Registry Editor. Restart your computer. Other things to do when program won't open Windows 10: Make sure apps are. i can't click anything ao google chrome browser. i go on a website and can't click anting. in Facebook i can and that it, in infognito i can't click on anything. i upload the latest version, clean all history and cookies. erase all Extensions. i delete google chrome and install it again. i have mac and the chrome cleanup tool is only for windows. The problem, for me, always arises because I have started to save or open a file and then have moved on to another file before finishing to open or close that original file. There are two solutions: 1. Go to the Task Manager and then click on Adobe Acrobat and End Task (someone said this already) This can because by Windows 10 apps misbehaving so its worth running a Powershell command to re-register them all: Right click at Start button. Select Command Prompt ( Admin) (its important to run this as an admin) When the Command Prompt appears, type Powershell and press enter. Wait until the Powershell prompt appears: PS C:\windows\system32> Page 1 of 2 - Some websites won't allow me to click on anything.... - posted in Windows 10 Support: I have a Lenovo Flex 3 - 1470 running Windows 10 (64 bit) I use Google Chrome primarily with.

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  1. Requesting Control Not Working (Can't Click Anything) I requested control and I was granted access but sporadically it stops working. I still see my mouse on the other person's machine and it moves around but I can't click anything
  2. yeah i've tried another mouse. it's never happened before on a single monitor, only now when i brought by second one into the mix. sometimes i won't be able to click anything on the taskbar, but the desktop works perfectly (left click and right click) and at other times the taskbar works perfectly, but i can't left or right click on anything above the taskbar (including any windows that are open
  3. After windows starts i cannot do anything click on icons, access the start button and the hourglass over the taskbar never disappears...however i can run task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and by doing so i log off and then log in again. This seams to work and my computer comes to normal

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It seems there isn't anything in windows to set it to a bigger size. Thanks rebakan. Reply. Randy harding. August 18, 2008 at 10:59 am I still can't click in the box to continue the downloading process. I can move the page but can't get my cursor in the box to accept the program. Reply. Brad Can you get to services and restart the Windows explorer service? I have also seen this where there is a prompt that opens off the viewing area of the desktop on a non-existent monitor. If you can't click on anything hold the window button and hit some side arrows, it may move the prompt onto your view-able desktop

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  1. rights, can't click anything on desktop Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/0
  2. I can't click on anything on my phone. I also can't reset it because holding home + power for some reason doesn't work, so now it's just stuck at the lock screen because clicking the numbers to unlock passcode doesn't work. This just randomly happened, my phone hasn't been damaged at all nor are there any viruses on it
  3. Bit of a weird one - there's an area in the centre of my desktop/monitor where I can't click on stuff with the mouse. Around the edges is fine, but not in the central patch. If I drag whatever I'm trying to click on towards the edge of the screen then I can click on it
  4. Can't click anything in the toolbar. Can click on cells but it wont let me type in them. Problem only goes away if I close all excel spreadsheets and then open it again. This happens two or three times every day and is driving me crazy. I tried googling with the terms greyed out excel but couldn't find anything relevant. Thanks for your help

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  1. Can't click on anything, keys are useless (although the mouse pointer moves and the caps/num lock lights work). This happened for the first time today, rebooting after updating Avast antivirus. Explorer.exe seems to be frozen
  2. Check out Can't Click Anything on Taskbar Windows 10 on GiveGab. Donate to their cause, or help them through volunteering. Are you looking for a guide that will help you to fix the issue of can't click on anything window 10. So you have to come with our website, here I am providing a comprehensive guide where you will get the information of relevant and appropriate steps. You just need to.
  3. Open the Google Drive page on your browser. Click on the profile icon at the top right corner of the screen. Go to your email address and click on the down arrow icon. Click on Add account and enter another Gmail credential to sign into it. Once done, check whether you can open a file/folder on Google Drive or not. 9
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Can't click anything outside focused/active window. Hi, I have this intermittent problem where at some point during my session, I won't be able to click anything outside certain focused window. For instance, if I had task manager opened right before restarting the computer, and I couldn't click anything outside of it unless I used tab+windows. Hi there, today i was going to log in to my gmail account when i noticed the page would not allow me to click on the Sign in bupton, not only that i cant click anything on the site, and trying to use the tab key and enter doesnt work either. I have cleared my cache, cookies etc, and removed all my extensions and it still doesnt work

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When I'm in live mode I can't click on anything, except the UI. When I hover over an object with the mouse it changes as if I would be able to click on it, but when I try nothing happens. I can use short commands like M to make them travel, but the problem still exists on the new lot You can't click anything in Mixed Reality. To quickly switch input between your physical desktop and the view inside WMR, you can use the Windows Key + Y shortcut on your keyboard. If input is set. Every time I right click or middle click in windows 7 my computer pauses for a second before anything happens. This computer has a core i7 processor and 6gb of ram, so needless to say this should not happen. This one second pause happens no matter what application I'm in or if I'm just on the..

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My mum wanted some help with her computer, so I tried setting her up, and I can access her computer, but I can't click on anything except the taskbar. So I can click on start, navigate the start menu, and open MSIE, but I can't click on the address bar to type anything in. I can type in the default text field for any window that I select in the. My friend just had this problem. Started after the T1 sortie mission, and persisted after restarting. Closing Discord worked, though that's not ideal since we use that for voice chat. Wish I could see whatever that image was, can't tell if people are being serious about it helping or just poking fun at it being a bad image link Hey guys, I'm working with some Windows PCs from my Macbook today, and while working in an Excel document on the remote PC client, I'm noticing that I'm unable to Ctrl-Click to select multiple cells in Excel, for example. It's as if the Control (CTRL) key is being ignored. It simply changes the selection focus to the next cell I click

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  1. One of the PC's I've been asked to look at has a problem. The user came and got me when the problem occured the second time. She said it froze, which is kinda true. You can still move the mouse, but you can't click on anyting. Point to a differenct cell in Excel, click, nothing happens. Point to the Close button to close Excel, click, nothing
  2. So in summary, leaving the computer on to wait makes the desktop look completely normal but I still can't do anything and windows keeps crashing! I'm trying, once again, to reset it from the alt-f10 menu, but I assume like last time it'll be like can't complete because windows literally can't load. Oof
  3. can't right click on forfire my search engine tab doesn't work anymore. no matter what search engine i pick, when i click on the toolbar tab it doesn't go anywhere what happened Right click is not working on anything in v.16
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