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Forget the typical race-motor build up, Boneyard Boost was all about force feeding some tired, high-mileage workhorse we purchased for the paltry sum of $500 ($250 on half price sale weekend!). In our quest to locate a suitable 454, a typical rip to the wrecking yard revealed at least three of the four available big-block combinations Also known as the Vortec 7400 (7.4L, Regular Production Option designation L29), Chevrolet's Vortec 454 was a modern-day evolution of the company's most legendary big block. The 7400 was essentially the same big block 454 that carried Chevy through the muscle car years, but a hydraulic roller camshaft and. 17 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 14, 2016. Hello! A few weeks ago I bought a very low milage 454 Gen. VI L29 Vortec engine with hydraulic roller. I have now disassembled the entire engine (except the crank and pistons) to check that everything looks good, remove all the dirt and grease and to prepare it for a rebuild 1999 Vortec 454 Build - struggling with tune Hi everyone. I'm a seasoned tech but have no experience with EFI tuning. I recently rebuilt the top end of my personal pickup's 454 (L29) and had a mail order tune done but something is off. Engine has replacement Brodix heads and a cam. Intake, Injectors and ECM are all stock (black box)

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This rebuild of the Chevy 454 is for all the ham-n-egg'ers out there. Check out the build from start to finish only at carcraft.com or the July 2012 issue of Car Craft Magazine Short of extensive porting, I think duration and rate of lift will be more important with the Vortec head as opposed to sheer lift. Also, with the oval ports, the exhaust may not need as much added duration as 454HO with the rec ports and low comp. Inclined more to match the ZZ502 cam with the Vortec head. G November 10, 2009, 12:36 PM. Re: Vortec 454: School me! believe it or not, the 8.1 uses the same heads as the Vortec 454 as well as the same cam (from my research). I thought the same thing, 8.1 swap, but I think the 454 has a bit of potential with a few changes. Bakersfield, CA

Performance mods for Vortec 454? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. M. Mrs. dog walker · Registered. Joined Nov 22, 2003 · 632 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 7, 2004. Any suggestions on affordable performance upgrades for a 97 Vortec 454?. TBI 454 255hp @ 4000rpm 405 lb/ft torque @ 2400 rpm. 454SS (91-93) and 94-95 3/4 and 1 ton trucks used 90 lb/hr injectors at 28-32 psi (high pressure system) Vortec L29 454 290 hp 410 lb/ft torque. The Vortec 454 uses 8 24 lb/hr fuel injectors that are sequentially fired

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Surprisingly, the 454 laid down an impressive 330 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. Naturally, the truck-based 454s were tuned for torque, so having nearly 500 pound-feet wasn't a big. Building a new Gen VI Big Block 454 Chevrolet Vortec Engine. pt 1 of 2 pt ser..

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In this video we make it over to Jame's shop to check out the parts being used for the build.Big thanks to James for letting us come over and do the video, a.. Flow numbers after porting. Bad Port .200 159 .300 224 .400 254 .500 277 .540 287 Good Port .200 153 .300 227 .400 269 .500 300 .540 306 Exhaust flow 190 cfm un ported with a 1.880 valve, with pipe @ 28 inches Engine Rebuild, Forged Dome, 4.280 in. Bore, Standard Rod, Standard Main, Chevy 1991-95, 454, Kit. Part Number: FEM-CSMHP789-300 Not Yet Reviewe Post. by 4 Speed Dave » Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:21 am. I have a 98 454 dually and I have the following modifications: Flowmaster cat back, Doug Thorley Full length Tri-Y headers, a Wati for Me tune that I have modified to suit my driving, gapped the AC plugs to .045 and a K&N drop in flat filter and no cats at the moment The 454 died in 2000 to 2001, but the vans dropped it after 2000. So they only got the Black Box PCM on them. Vans in 2000 got only BB PCM's, 2001, they got BB or 0411. With the 454, putting in Vortec 350 code and chaning the displacement and enter in the tables/constants/switches appropriate to the 454 is all that is needed. Wiring is the same

Turbocharged Gen V 454 cid Big Block Chevy. After building more than 700 engines in his career, Joshua Gomez of MotorVation Performance, wanted to build himself an engine that was affordable, fast and stayed together. He hot rodded this 454 cid Gen V big block Chevy to the tune of 1,800 horsepower. Find out what went into the build! Advertisement Again, I come to your engine shop with an assembled stock '76 454 very low compression engine and want a complete re-build close to stock but, with 9:0 compression. Let's just say I have no parts I want a low cost but decent running mill with a hydraulic cam of say 270 degrees adv. I need headwork done in the way of guides and planing a 3 angle. Vortec 454 build. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. M. muscle cars · Registered. Joined Sep 22, 2006 · 6 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 8, 2012. I was hopin to take a vortec 454 and make it carbureted and put it in my pick up..

The Vortec 7400 454 engine has a compression ratio of 8.5 to 1. The 454 HO crate engine has a compression ratio of 8.75 to 1. Consistent bore and stroke over the years mean that parts are interchangeable, and a whole host of aftermarket parts are available Found a complete, running, 1998 454 vortec (L29?) out a chevy 3500 with computer and harness for $750. Thinking about replacing the pontiac 455 in my trans am with a fuel injected motor and was wondering about the power potential of these motors. Say if I put L92 heads, a moderate cam/lifter kit to broaden the powerband, and headers all through a th400.. I assume when you say a late 90's 7400 454 Chevy engine you are talking about the VORTEC MPFI engine used from about 1996 to 1999. These engines were rated about 275-290 HP and about 390-410lb/ft. of torque. The 8.1L L18 engine was used from 2000 thru 2008 GM in the HD trucks. These were 496 cu. inch engines and were developed for better torque. » Build logs for you and all members '97 GEN VI 454 Vortec I just picked up a 454 to replace the SBC in my '84 C-30 tow rig. It's a L-29 with closed chamber 100 cc heads. The engine came to me with 2 bent exh. valves, but the heads are in the machine shop now so all will be well in a week or so. This is a very low mileage Targetmaster.

The 1996-02 Vortec 454 was rated at 290 hp and 410 lb/ft of torque. My 1997 Vortec 350 is rated at 255 hp and 405 lb/ft of torque. With my 3.08 gears in my rcsb truck I would stay right beside a 454SS, when I installed my 4.10 gears I could beat chipped SS's The heads used on the 454 H.O. are iron rectangle-port heads that are the service-replacement heads for the late-model Gen V and VI 454 engines. The heads feature a 118cc combustion chamber, 2.19. VortecPro - Racing & Machine - Homepage. My name is Mark Jones, thanks for considering my engines. I grew up in Thousand Oaks California, By 4th grade I knew what a ZL1 L88 LS6 were part by part, you could say I was very into Big Block Chevrolets. In Junior high at age 14 (1978) I won the HO nationals open class slot car championship in Buena. vortec 8.1L 496ci VS. vortec 7.4L 454ci. so the 496 has less aftermarket, but more base line power, the 454 has a little less power but a bigger aftermarket. the 454 is more expensive, but only by a little, and the 8.1L uses more fuel. so there are plenty of pros and cons either way, what would you prefer? Reply With Quote

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We take a stock peanut port Chevy big-block engine, with an already impressive 400 hp, and got a complete build by Racing Head Service (RHS) to turn into a 527 stump puller. - Super Chevy Magazin Hey yall I have a 1996 Chevy tahoe affectionately named tina the tahoe but I was wondering if anyone on here has ever done a vortec 454 and 4l80e swap I know the motor will basically bolt right in and wiring and fuel is pretty straightforward but I'm curious about trans cross member such as can I use my stock 5.7 4l60e trans crossmember or do I need to use the 4l80e crossmember and driveshaft.

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454 Build Up. Ive got a gen 6 454 with the L29 heads. I plan on stroking the engine later on but for now my plans are to put in a comp cam XR282HR cam (230/236@.050/ .510/.510) air gap intake, holley 870 carb, with 2'' headers and dual exhaust. Ive got a th400 with an edge racing 3000 stall converter and 3.90 rear gear Suitable for towing, the Chevrolet Performance Big Block Chevy L29 Vortec Cast Iron Cylinder Head was used on 1996-2000 GM trucks/vans/SUVs with 7.4L 454 engines. Small 99cc combustion chambers allow the compression ratio to be raised one full point over most stock 119cc chambers & large oval ports flow better than other factory oval port. 454 Chevy Big Block Bow Tie Build. Building a big block bow tie classic on a shoestring budget. Season 13, Episode 12. Chevy 454 Vs. Ford 460 Throwdown. Chevy vs. Ford in a horsepower battle of the big blocks. Season 13, Episode 13. Adding A Chevy 454 To A '85 Monte Carlo. Making a modern day muscle car with 454-powered 1985 Monte Carlo Engine Re-Ring, Moly, 4.250 in. Bore, Standard Rod, Standard Main, Chevy, 454, Kit. Part Number: FEM-205660M-00 I've been running stock vortec springs with .454/.480 lift cam for ~30 K miles now without problems. GM uses them with .481 lift on Ramjet 350 engine. That .420 lift limit is BS, the real limit is ~.480 +- production tolerances and that is for both springs and retainer to seal clearance (hence .474 lift used by comps XE 4x4 cams)

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After messing with my brothers 1992 454 TBI dually truck and now my 1991 TBI 454SS, I am going to say, I am not a big fan of the 91-95 GEN V big block engine. However, they can be improved. First I start with a new Fuel pump , STOCK 75lph TBI fuel pump will only support about 230hp before the fuel pressure drops like a rock Corvette Enthusiast magazine did an excellent job swapping an 8.1L engine into a 1969 Corvette. You can check out the full build article at the link below. (12MB) 8.1L Hot Rod Swap - '69 Corvette L18 / 8.1L Vortec Swap Resource Threa For those who may be new to the game, the Vortec head was first introduced on the L31 350ci truck engines in 1996. Despite their journeyman use, these heads flow dramatically better than any other small-block Chevy production head, which makes them popular with just about anybody who wants to build a mild street small-block

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  1. Planning a stroker build? Here are a few things you should know before you get started. It wasn't all that long ago (okay, LBJ was president and Bonanza was a hit TV show so maybe it was a long time ago) that a factory 327 / 350 hp small-block has serious street cred' and Chevy's 427 making 435 horsepower was boulevard king.Today, it's a walk in the park to build a 500 hp small-block and.
  2. The L18 (496 in³/8.1 Liters) debuted in 2001. It was a long-stroke derivative of the 454 in³ engine (same bore) built in Tonawanda. Rated power and torque for the L18 varied depending on the build year and requirements of the application (such as high torque for pickups). Table 1 give
  3. BBC 454 to 470 CID with AFR 265 or 290 Oval Port heads to max of 6200 rpm. If you have built your teenage dream car and put AFR oval ports on it than there is no doubt this is the cam for you. We recommend a high rise dual plane with the center notched. An 850HP would be our choice with a good set of 1 ¾ headers
  4. 454 Chevy Big Block V8 Parts. The 454 big block is a true legend of an engine that has been the base for many of the fastest, highest HP builds in the history of hot rodding. A product of growing power needs for the bigger, heavier GM production cars and trucks of the 1970's - GM had to come up with something as successful as their small block.
  5. To some, the Chevrolet 454 big block was the right engine at the wrong time. Building on the popularity of its 427-cubic-inch engine, General Motors introduced the 454 in 1970—one year before emissions standards were tightened and just three years before the gas crisis hit with full force. It was not the ideal time to introduce a large cubic.
  6. I think if you use quality parts and build it correctly, it will live at 6500 rpm all day long, even with the longer stroke of the 454. John Lingenfelter built one (454) several years ago, with the old oval port heads and 9.5/1 compression that made around 500 hp at about 6500 rpm

Re: Decided to build a 5.7 Vortec and do it right! I would stay away from custom pistons, would be cheaper to go with new rods before you go that route. If you have already checked your squish area and it is 0.000, then go for a thicker head gasket. The link below is just for Fel-Pro and one site but there are others Choose a type: If you prefer OEM 454 engines you can choose from those made by the original equipment manufacturer. You can also choose from performance and custom GM 454 engines designed to be compatible with your Chevrolet vehicle. Select the number of cylinders: The 7.4L 454 is an 8-cylinder engine Late-model 1996-current Vortec 7.4L (454 ci) marine engine (one-piece rear main seal, oval port heads, with roller cam & roller lifters).Generation 6 - one-year unlimited hours warranty. This motor has been professionally remanufactured to meet or exceed GM OEM marine engine stock specifications. A 7.4L (454 ci) Vortec is rated at 310-340 hp at the crank (depending on intake, carb or EFI.

GEN VI 454 and 502 c.i. 8 Cylinder (1996-1999) 103 items Lifter Type Hydraulic Roller 100 item Our Chevy 454 Long Block Engine is on sale. This 7.4 liter engine is commonly known as the 454 Big Block. In 1970 the 454 was first introduced for use in the Chevy Corvette, soon after it's use extended to a long list of GM and Chevy applications. 454 motors have withstood the test of time and have been in production for four decades and ended in the early 2000s with their Generation 5 model Sure, this is a carbureted 4.8L Vortec (that had a cam upgrade), but the results would be about the same for our 5.3L EFI mill. Run with jetting and timing to provide an extra 100 safe hp, the.

2007 Sierra Vortec Max. Extra cab with factory 5'5 bed, rare! This is probably the most desirable platform to build a Chevy prerunner. First of all the Vortec Max comes with the best bang for the buck engine package, but coupled with this super short wheelbase, is what really makes it unique. A lot of the popular builds out there, had to. -vortec cylinder heads-very streetable with plenty of vacuum to run your brakes.-bored .030 over-10:1 compression-torque plate honed deck and squared on a block true for a zero deck-line honed-lifter bores honed-all holes tapped-spun balanced on a hines balancer-hyperutectic pistons-moly rings-vortec heads-honed bronze valve guide 454 Vortec engine driven compressor. MSRP: $214.00. $150.00. (You save $64.00) This bracket is used to mount your York compressor off the side of the factory A/C. You will need to supply everything but this bracket. A new upper radiator hose (Gates part # 22261) will need to be used and slightly trimmed to fit

Thoughts on putting a Vortec 454 into a 94 Fleetwood. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts I have a 1997 Silverado 2500 4x4 with a 454, 4L80E w/ shift kit, 35 tires, and 12 lift. It has front end damage, and I was planning on fixing the front end and selling it, but just yesterday, my little brother put a big gash in the passenger side. Well buying a Vortec 454 (96-00) is probably the first step towards power (290hp and 415ft.-lbs.). All of the mods you have in mind should work, imo though I would start by removing the cats (this is a 1ton truck I presume?) and adding true dual exhaust, then I would probably add a high flow air intake and filter, and lastly the computer mods. For a Chevy, the 454 was not a bad engine. There was a lot of exhaust manifold problems in the class A motor homes with that engine and was probably due to the tight installations and heat build up. Father-in-law replaced two sets on his Bounder. Other than that, the engine performed quite well. Horse power is what you make of it Vortec 454 Cam Help. I'm starting to look at cams for the 454 in my truck, and I'm really not sure what to go with. I want something thats going to give me more power over all, without loosing any low end power. Something that isn't going to be all lopy being that I drive the truck every day and it needs to get decent milage The incentive for me is this: my son had a '99 Yukon 4wd with 350 and auto, and he could pull low 20s on interstate. I feel the 454 is capable of approaching 20 mpg much closer than it is with better tuning. March 28th, 2012 #7. 1BadAction

I have an RV with a 454, 7.4L, vortec engine, 1998.It is surging when under load and appears to be starving for fuel I have been told the fuel rail could be the issue and that I should change the injectors at the same time chevy 454 96-00 comp engine 96-00. f.i. vortec. vin j. block #297. head # 279. crank # 188. 4 bolt main. roller cam. 7/16 bolts on front of heads Master Engine Rebuild Kit FITS: 1999-2000 Chevrolet GMC 454 7.4L V8 Vortec VinJ Brand: Enginetech. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. This rebuild kit kit has all the parts you need to freshen up that worn engine.. 1-91610 $1417.00. 1-91610BI $1702.00. Chevy Big Block 4340 Forged. Competition Rotating Assemblies. 4340 Forged Standard Weight Cranks, Pro-Comp H-Beam Connecting Rods. with 7/16″ Cap Screws, Forged Pistons, Rod Bearings, Main Bearings & Rings EXTERNAL BALANCE ROTATING ASSEMBLIES INCLUDE FLEXPLATE & DAMPER. 460. 4-454-4000-6135 Gen III (3) LS Vortec Truck Engine Buildup Guide. There are many fans of the iron-block 4.8-, 5.3-, and 6.0-liter Gen III V-8s that power many of the '99 and later full-size Chevy and GMC trucks. That fan base is drawn to the Gen III V-8 because of its thick powerband, impressive peak power numbers, and good fuel economy

Stock Vortec heads are limited to 0.425- to maybe .450-inch lift. The details on how to increase the retainer-to-seal clearance can be found in the article and comments here: [READ: Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Blueprint for a Budget Small Block Chevy Build] Our original answer combined the Chevrolet Hot cam with a set of these Vortec heads. Our. CHEVROLET 7.4L/454 Top End Kits. Product Parts Results. 1 of 1 VIEW COMPARE Sort By: Display: List View Grid View. Compare. Trick Flow Specialties TFS-K413-580-560 - Trick Flow® PowerOval® 280 Fast As Cast® Top-End Engine Kits for Big Block Chevrolet. Top-End Combo, Heads, Rockers, Head Bolts, Camshaft, Pushrods, Timing Set, Gaskets, Kit.

The best part is you could build this up over time, in stages, as funds allow. Remember, you don't need to go broke to go fast and have fun. Why a used 5.3L LM7 or 4.8L LR4 Vortec LS is the best. 1999 Suburban! 2500 - 3/4 Ton - 4x4 - Vortec 454 - 4:10 Gears - HD Tow Package. Real low miles but I drive it a little. This is my trailer towing vehicle around town. Although I am by no means in the transport business, I have this to tow my cars when I need or load 8-9 people in to go around town Top 10 Reasons to Build Gen VI Big Blocks. 1. Standard production 4-bolt mains 2. Priority main oiling 3. One-piece rear main seal 4. Thicker deck surfaces 5. Thicker cylinder walls 6. Revised coolant passages 7. Accepts all Mark series cylinder heads 8. Machined fuel pump pad 9. Revised oiling to allow for bigger cam bearings/cam lif

In 1970, GM pushed the performance bar higher with the introduction of the Chevy 454 V8. Unlike the popular Chevy 427 that was used in a wide variety of automobiles, the 454 was used only in high performance cars like the Chevy Camaro, Corvette and Chevelle. There were 3 different variations of the 454 that came onto the drawing board at GM during the 70s; the LS5, the LS6, and the LS7 which. Common GM Transmissions that work with a Vortec or LS Motor Although a Generation III Vortec or LS motor was not offered in vehicles until 1997, to better understand the transmissions available with them, we start back in 1982 with the introduction of the 700R4 transmission. At that time, consumers wanted more fuel-efficient vehicles. In response, GM introduced both the 700R4 and 2004R with an. 427 and 454 are the same bore and a diferent stroke. 427 is the same block with a different stroke. So if you have a 454 with a 427 (3.76) crank, you have a 427. If you have a 454 with a 454 (4.00)crank you have a 454. 3.76 crank (stroke) are in 396s 402s, and 427 etc.. 4.00 crank is in 454 502 etc. 454 cubic inches This is a stock style setup, featuring a 4.000 stroke and bore sizes ranging from 4.250 (standard) to 4.375. Whether the kit is intended for stock replacement or racing, various levels of compression will allow for improved performance with emphasis on top-end power and high RPM

At an impressive 8.1L engine size, the Chevy 8.1 Vortec is the largest engine to be featured in consumer-class Chevy vehicles. The Vortec 8.1L was introduced in 2001 as a replacement to the 7.4L Vortec which was in production from 1996-2001 5.7l / 350 cid, 3.0l / 181 cid, 5.7l / 350 cid, 7.4l / 454 cid, 8.2l / 502 cid. (12 pages In our comprehensive General Motors engines guide, we've compiled information about all of GM's current engine offerings, including specs, pictures and more GM Vortec Products Archives - Howell EFI Conversion & Wiring Harness Experts. General Motors Vortec products. V6, Small Block, Big Block and Gen IV LS Series. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low. Showing 1-16 of 56 results. 1

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The stroker kit for 454 was used earlier for displacement escalations, but we can also use the 350 stroker kit. And if you cannot do it by yourself, take the help of a professional. How to build a 383 stroker out of a 35 IF the pistons are designed to a .025 deck, pure flat top, and you use a thick head gasket (.040x4.03) and the block is stock and the heads still read an even 64CCs, then you'll have ~10.25:1 compression. With iron heads that is going to be 89-91 octane territory, but very do-able. 1988 S10 blazer 5.0L SBC 700R4 body off build UltraPower GM / Workhorse 7.4L Vortec (454) Custom Tuning. Part# UP74 If yo.. $668.25 $495.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Discontinued Part. 49071 - Banks Powerpack GM P-series 7.4L 454 96-00 Passenger Side Exit. Part # 49071 Descript.. $3,292.65 $2,439.00. Add to Cart LS6. The LS6 designation was also used on a 454 CID Chevrolet Big-Block engine of the 1970s, as well as an iteration of the GM Iron Duke engine from the late 1970s. The LS6 is a higher-output version of GM's LS1 engine and retains the same capacity. The initial 2001 LS6 produced 385 bhp (287 kW) and 385 lb⋅ft (522 N⋅m), but the engine was modified for 2002 through 2004 to produce 405 bhp.

The Edelbrock 60455 Performer RPM O-Port cylinder heads are perfect for street performance, daily drivers, street rods, and muscle cars. These cylinder heads deliver great throttle response and power from 1,500 to 6,500 rpm. At $1,986.60 a pair, they are great upgrade Big Block bore and stroke. 366T = 3.935 x 3.76 396 = 4.096 x 3.76 402 = 4.125 x 3.76 427 = 4.250 x 3.76 427T = 4.250 x 3.76 454 = 4.250 x 4.00 496 = 4.250 x 4.37 (2001 Vortec 8100, 8.1 liter) 502 = 4.466 x 4.00 572T = 4.560 x 4.375 (2003 ZZ572 crate motors) T = Tall Deck ALL production big blocks used a 6.135 length rod Chevrolet Performance is the factory source for high-performance parts from power-adding components such as ported cylinder heads and camshafts to virtually everything else you need to build an engine or facilitate an engine swap. There's no reason to settle for used, reconditioned, or seasoned parts because our parts are competitively.

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Chevy 383 Vortec High Performance Balanced Crate Engine. $ 4,095.00. For 1996 - 2002 Applications. Need more power? This engine combination would be outstanding in your truck, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Blazer, SUV, 4X4, or marine application. These engines are built with the 4-bolt heavy-duty hand picked Chevy small block The Chevy GM 5.3 liter Vortec 325 LMG Long Block Crate Engine Sale has begun! Of the 325 series of engines the LMG is Flex-Fuel motor with a... Reduced price; Quick view 6.0 364 Long Block Crate... $2,195.00 $2,995.00. Our 6.0 liter 364 Long Block Crate Engine is on sale. From 1999 to 2011 this 6.0 engine was used by Chevy, Pontiac and GMC in a. JEGS crate engines feature a 36 month/unlimited mileage warranty. This engine was designed as a direct replacement for 1996-2000 Chevy & GMC pickups, SUV's, and van applications. These vehicles introduced the L31 5.7L small block featuring Vortec cylinder heads that were developed for maximum power and efficiency Spidey is right. I tightened the bolts on my 99 454 and it sealed up the leak. You dont have to pull the valve cover if you do the intake. The gm gaskets are the way to go. Only suggestion I have is to mark the distributor and put it back exactly how it came out or your gonna get a cam sensor out of sink code Marine Power ParPac [140-330 HP] Displacement Options: 3.0, 4.3, 5.7, 7.4 The ParPac is the Marine Power partial engine package. Built using an authentic GM base engine and includes an intake, carburetor, electric fuel pump, and ignition system. Our ParPac engines are held to the same quality standards as our complete engine packages. ParPacs are..

Vortec Forever At the end of the 90s, the Vortec series of V8 engines would be put out to pasture in favor of the LS architecture that would come to define GM's pickup, van, and SUV strategy for the next 15 years. Just like the 4.3 had been the first engine to be branded 'Vortec,' so would it be the last, as it soldiered on separately from the LS 1999 chevy 454 vortec starts then dies - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them I have a 5.0 vortec installed in my 98 sea ray and would like to rebuild a 1999 5.7 removed from 1 ton work truck I was given if possible.:idea: I understand the intake, carb, and exhaust being marine application as well as the electriacal components but I read Marine heads for vortec, I read marine 5.7 liters The 6.0L Vortec MAX is a high-output version of the standard 6.0L, or Vortec 6000. The engine was released in 2002 and continued through model year 2009 before it was replaced with the 6.2L Vortec 6200. From 2002-2005, the engine was referred to as the ' HO 6000 '. In 2005/6 it was re-named to the Vortec MAX What is a 496 / 8.1L / Vortec 8100? The 8.1L is a big block with poorly designed LSx style cathedral port heads and metric fasteners. It shares the same coil per plug design as the LSx and uses the same LS1 computer as just about all early LSx vehicles (including 5.3/6.0 trucks for those who want to swap) 1500 Locust Street Des Moines, IA 50309 515-245-9100. Riding High in this 1972 High Impact Copper Metallic K5 Blazer. Built for performance with a newer Vortec 454 Big Block engine with Aluminum heads and a rare 4-speed manual transmission to control the power. Awesome new high impact copper metallic paint over a solid Blazer body