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Prompt and Customer Friendly Service Professional Fishing Reel Repair from Dave's Fishing Reel Repair Service. The leader in fishing reel repair and fishing reel service specializing in repair and tuning for Shimano, Daiwa, and Abu Garcia reels. We are the premier source for upgrading reels and super-tuning for optimum performance We are proud to announce that we do all fishing reel cleaning and repairs for Presley's Outdoors located in Bartonville, Illinois. A great place for ALL your hunting and fishing needs. Indoor bow range, apparel, guns, bait... anything to do with hunting or fishing.....you name it..it's there. 3. A full service. Rod and reel cleaning basics. If you're going to be using your gear the next day and it's still functioning well in terms of a nice smooth drag and spinning line rollers, all you need are the basics. My recommendation for fishing reel cleaning and maintenance every day after fishing is simple Mikes Reel Repair - Fishing Reel Parts & Service. Whatever it takes...Hook, Line, & Sinker! Hours of Operation. Tuesday - Friday 9-4 PST. Saturdays 9-2 PST for pick-up/delivery & walk-in repairs only. Closed Sundays and Mondays and all major Holidays Even if you get fish blood and guts on your reel don't use soap or detergent. It can get into your reel and break down the grease and you definitely don't want that. When cleaning your rods and reels, be sure to just use fresh water. To see how to properly clean your rod and reel after a fishing trip, check out the video below

How to Clean A Fishing Reel. Along with the fishing rod, the reel is the most crucial part of the fishing gear. Regular cleaning and effective maintenance is the key to get a long-lasting performance from the fishing reel. Before you commence the cleaning process, you must know what is essential for the fishing reel cleaning. These are. For instance Tackle Trap in AL is an authorized Daiwa repair shop and I believe Shimano too but I'm not 100% sure. You shouldn't have to spend money on a brand new reel though in my opinion. Find a way to exchange it if at all possible. Shimano customer service is pretty good and they should take care of the problem free of charge Here is how I service my reel bearings. If you have different ways of doing things, mention it in the comments below! Now you can follow me on Facebook: http..

Rod and Reel Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning and maintaining your rod and reel after every use will ensure you get the most life and enjoyment out of your fishing equipment. The following steps should only take about ten minutes but can save you a lot of time and money in the long run Wipe the debris off the threads of the reel handle. Apply a thin coat of the cleaning oil to these threads. Step 5: Access the reel gears. Depending on your fishing reel, you can either simply remove the spool for fly reels or remove a standard screw for casting and spinning reels to access the interior components How To Clean Your Fishing Reel- how to clean corrosion off fishing reel The most important equipment to an angler is the reel, so you want to apply extra care to this piece. The amount of time and attention you give the reel when you clean it depends on the body of water where you fish and how often you use it

Scientific Anglers Reel Schematics. Shakespeare Reel Schematics. Shimano Reel Schematics. Silstar Reel Schematics. South Bend Reel Schematics. STH Reel Schematics. Tibor & Billy Pate Reel Schematics. Tica Reel Schematics. Zebco Reel Schematics Some people use simple toothbrushes, while others opt for more specialized fishing reel brushes. 3. Q-Tips. The other tool you will need for effective Shimano spinning reel cleaning is the Q-Tip. You will want to have a few of them on hand. All of those hard to reach spots, those tight places, will most likely be able to be reached with a Q-Tip

Foot - the foot of a fishing reel consists of two metal prongs that fit within cylindrical seats on the fishing rod and are attached via threaded rings that, when tightened, firmly lock the reel into place. This system allows reels to be easily interchanged or removed for cleaning or re-spooling with new line Landry Reel Cleaning. August 23, 2019 ·. Hello Friends. I am now offering a Fishing Reel Cleaning and Maintenance Service that includes a complete breakdown of each reel that I service. Customers will not just get a quick wipe down and lube of your reel but rather a thorough cleaning of ALL parts and re-lubricated with premium oil and grease A Beginner's Tip Even if you are not planning to do deep cleaning, just trying to remove fishing reel grease from the interior, you'll need to learn several steps. For starters, you should focus on the external components of the fishing reel, as it is a great place to start cleaning. If you fish on the lake or in Saltwater, scraping away the grime won't be difficult Fishing Reel Cleaning. We disassemble your reel and inspect all parts for damages or excessive wear that may be causing issues or may cause in the future. We clean all the old grease and oil from the reel parts. Then, we reinspect the clean parts, start greasing, oiling the reel and change parts if needed Reel lubricants. Abu Garcia, Ardent, Quantum and Shimano are among the companies that make grease and oil specifically for fishing reels. You can't go wrong using the lubricants sold by the company that made your reel. Because WD-40 is a degreaser, it breaks down grease and oil. Never use it to lubricate a reel

When cleaning ANY fishing reel, make sure you always put a strainer cup in your sink, so nothing falls down the drain. I always keep my work place neat by placing any parts cleaned on a clean rag, and all other on my dirty rag. When I am completely done and happy with the results, I will take a clean towel and wipe the entire reels down, and. Fishing reels can get pretty filthy after repeated use. To get the most out of your fishing reels, it's important to keep your reels clean. Dirt and grime wi.. reel seats accessories . reel seats casting . reel seats fly . reel seats offshore . reel seats spinning . reel seats unibutts . guides fly tip tops . grips casting . grips eva . heavy tip tops . guide fly tiptop . guides offshore tiptop . guides rollers . guides roller kits . aftco parts . guides micro tiptop . clearance nfc blanks 50% off. Cleaning a fishing a reel after a fishing session shouldn't be difficult but definitely mandatory to prolong the life of the reel. Especially when it comes to marine fishing. Saltwater from the ocean over time can corrode the mechanicals if it isn't well maintained and cleaned

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If you want to keep your fishing reel well-maintained, then do a thorough cleaning. We recommend cleaning your fishing reel after every 5 to 10 fishing trips. That's only if you're doing freshwater fishing. If you're hitting the salt water for a fishing trip, then you really should be cleaning it every time you get finished. Saltwater. The fishing reel is combined with the fishing rod that will allow you to reel in the fishing line whenever you catch a fish or if you want to throw the line again in another direction. If you went fishing in saltwater, make sure to clean them after every trip (even if you have a reel specifically made for saltwater conditions)

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  2. Use a bristle brush or a fishing reel cleaning kit to clean off anything that hangs off of the reel, such as dirt and algae. These substances don't hold on the reel firmly so you can simply scrub the debris off the reel. Step 3. Soak the brush in a salt solution. Salt accumulation is the most important substance to be removed from the fishing.
  3. Reel Repair & Cleaning. P.O. Box 2974 Vacaville, CA 95696 (707) 359-4399. Email: larrysreelrepair@comcast.ne
  4. REELentless Reel Repair is owned and operated by Travis Wendt. As a full-time fishing guide for the past 11 years, Travis self-taught himself how to maintain and repair his own reels. At times he would have to fast-repair reels on the water to keep the trip successful
  5. Website. (325) 271-6950. 3518 S Clack St. Abilene, TX 79606. From Business: With a wide range of quality hunting, fishing and camping equipment, patio sets, barbecue grills, along with sports and recreation products, we're for the. 5. The Honey Hole Rv Park Fishing Dock and Bait Shop. Fishing Guides Campgrounds & Recreational Vehicle Parks.
  6. Sporting Goods Fishing Supplies Exercise & Fitness Equipment. (1) Website. (713) 465-9565. View all 3 Locations. 8723 Katy Fwy. Houston, TX 77024. I bought an air rifle, and then needed to get a case, some ammo, and a laser/night light. The selection is excellent and not outrageously priced.
  7. Description. Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaner is a chemically-engineered solvent specifically developed for regular cleaning of fishing reels. It dissolves old grease and dirt for easy cleaning and will not damage internal parts, like some cleaners can. The special formula ensures it dries clean-leaving only a protective barrier

Generally speaking, it would be needed once a year, but this should be adjusted based on the specifics of use and the frequency and nature of your fishing. For instance a reel fished only once a month or similar could go 3 to 5 years without this full service, while a reel that's on a charter boat could actually need it twice or three times a year Joined Nov 20, 2016. ·. 29 Posts. #6 · 5 mo ago. Looking for reasonable reel service in houston or along IH 45 south. Got 2 Daiwa Millionaire and 2 Abugarcia original round reels to be cleaned, thanks

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Fishing reels can be very complex depending on the make and model. Professional reel cleaning and yearly maintenance are highly recommended. Fishing reels should be disassembled, cleaned, and lubed every year. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your fishing reel and bring it back to top performance. Professional Reel Cleaning A clean and good serviced drags are provides smooth operation while fishing. Here is the quick guide how to clean your reel drag washers. Preparation for drag washer cleaning. Before the cleaning, you'll need to pull out the washers and lay out them. The felt ones we'll use for maintenance

Ultrasonic cleaning and repair of all fishing reels, rods, and Beaver Dam Tip-ups I have over 20 years experience and can repair ANY make or model of reel for only $25 + cost of parts I can repair all types of rods and I am also an authorized repair center for Beaver Dam Tip-ups Give me a call at 262.582.3099 or send me an email BadgerReelRepai The cleaning process is faster and more thorough than merely soaking in the fluids, and the agitation reaches crevices that soaking or washing by hand usually misses. In general, cleaning fluids used to clean reel parts by hand may be used safely in sonic baths. Examples include water, soapy water, vinegar, etc CLEANING. Reel cleaning and repair is a multi-step process. When I receive your reel for service, it will be completely disassembled. The parts will then be pre-cleaned and inspected for any wear or damage. If any parts are needed, you will be contacted with an estimate of the costs

Outdoor World Rod and Reel Repair We Fix Reels Right, The First Time - GUARANTEED! At Outdoor World Rod & Reel Repair, we know you can't afford to be without your favorite rod or reel for long. That's why we go to great lengths to make sure your repair order is turned around as quickly as possible, so you can get back on the water The Fishing Reel Repair Company has been servicing reels for over 11 years we service every brand and can tune just about any reel made today! We stock most of the common parts. Fishing Reel Repair, Reel Cleaning, and Reel Tuning from The Reel Repair Company. We service for Shimano, Lews, Daiwa, Abu Garcia, and other reels 2nd part of question. Place the clean and dry bearing on a tapered shaft such as a water color paint brush or a wood dowel carved to a point. The bearing should spin freely. If it is stiff, clean it and dry it again. If you have it totaly clean and it feels rough when you spin it, then get new bearings I used to underestimate the importance of cleaning my gear after fishing (or maybe I was just lazy :D), and believe me, it cost me a lot of money, headache, and regrets. Maintaining your reel and equipment after saltwater fishing is therefore a good habit to acquire if you want to significantly improve the durability and lifespan of your reel Reel Super Tuning. Reel Repair worksheet. Boat alarms will be back in stock soon. Ship your reels today or contact me about dropping them off. You can also drop off your reels at. Angler Pro Tackle. 6238 Rufe Snow Drive. N. Richland Hills, TX 76148. Curado Specialist

3. Ardent Reel Reel Cleaning Kit . If you want to ensure that your fishing reel stays in good shape, then you probably need a cleaning kit such as the Ardent Reel 4000. This is a complete cleaning kit that will ensure long-lasting performance for all your reels The reel will be properly lubricated and reassembled. The outside is then cleaned and polished before packing for return shipping. Prices: Deep Cleaning-$26.95 / Shop Rate $20/hr after 1.5 hrs. Econo Service $18 (Inspection and lubrication without full tear down) Shipping and parts extra  For a printable work order: Click Here Rod and reel care helps you stay prepared for anything while on the water, and reel parts, reel covers and other accessories are a great way to get ready for a full day of angling or storage. Reel covers slip on for storage and trips to the water, while reel grips offer a little extra cushioning and grip while you're fishing

Cape Cod Reels - Fishing Reel Repair, Fishing, Fishing Reels. 774-222-2282 After a while, no amount of cleaning will keep a reel from needing some professional help. Bearings and gears wear; there's no way around it. But keeping everything clean is a sure way to prevent an early visit to the repair shop. Fishing Reel Repairs, Parts & Cleaning Service Fishing Reel Repairs, Parts & Cleaning Service

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How to Lubricate your Fishing Reel: Clean the outside with a solvent/degreaser such as WD-40. Spray the rag and wipe the outside of the reel down, careful enough not to get water or degreaser on the inside parts. Start disassembling the fishing reel. Grease the gears and oil the bearing on the inside of the case. Put it all back together again The steps to disassemble your fly fishing reel may differ slightly from these but the overall premise is the same. Keep an eye out for our next maintenance guide, where we cover the cleaning and lubrication of fly fishing reel's equipped with click and pawl drag systems

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Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaning Kit. $25.99. Boca Bearing Lightning Lube High Speed Bearing Oil 12cc. $9.99. Daiwa Needle Nose Reel Oiler. $5.99. Daiwa Space Age Reel Greaser. $5.99. Lew's HyperSpeed Bearing Lubricant Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaning Swabs are the same as found in their freshwater and saltwater cleaning kits. These synthetic foam-tipped swabs are specifically designed to not leave cotton or other fibers in the reel. Features. 20 pk; Synthetic foam tip; Perfect for hard to reach areas on and inside reels This all-in-one Ardent® Reel Kleen® Reel Cleaning Kit includes all the Reel Kleen products you need to clean and relube any make or model fishing reel in a convenient, easy-to-store plastic case: Reel Kleen Degreaser (2 oz.), Reel Butter® Oil (1 oz.), Reel Butter Grease (1 oz.), multi-tool screwdriver, silicone-treated cloth, four synthetic foam swabs, Allen wrench and cleaning brush Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaning Kit All Models Reel Maintenance & Performance NEW. 4 out of 5 stars. (9) 9 product ratings - Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaning Kit All Models Reel Maintenance & Performance NEW. $24.99. Free shipping. 2 new & refurbished from $24.99. Watch Cleaning: Freshwater Baitcasters & Spinning Reels All reels are completely disassembled and rec eive the best possible cleaning inside and out using an ultrasonic cleaning system that removes even the smallest particles of dirt, sand and grime. We only use safe biodegradable cleaners on all parts of the reel except for the bearings which are immersed in a solvent to remove all oil from inside.

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Detailed Reel Services. We specialize in the repair of Abu Garcia, Shimano, Daiwa, St. Croix, and Penn Baitcaster reels. At The Sportsman's Repair Shop we have 2 main reel services available: Full Clean & Oil and Repair Only. Full Clean & Oil will include a full disassemble of the reel, clean and Inspect each part for wear or damage and replace. Reel Repair & Cleaning. Send us your reel to repair or clean. $24.99 per reel. $8.99 Flat rate return shipping. . We will disassemble the reel and clean the parts in an ultra sonic cleaner. If you have a broken or worn out part we will replace them. Replacement parts will be added to your bill. We will re-lube your reel properly during reassembly Mat's Fishing Reel Repair and Fishing Reel Parts Service offers fishing reel cleaning and repair service, reel repairs and fishing reel parts for all makes and models of fishing reels including Abu Garcia, Shimano, Daiwa, Mitchell, Okuma, Penn, Lew's, Pflueger, Shakespeare, Quick and Zebco Quantum fishing reels and many othe ROD REPAIR. Replace single foot guide - $10. Replace double foot guide - $12. Repair Broken or Loose Reel Seat - $20. Replace Reel Seat - $20 + Parts. Replace rod tip (standard tips) - $3. Grip replacement, rod modifications, and other rod work is billed @ $25/hr plus parts and materials. Roller guides and special order guides are.

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freshwater reel pricing Note: If a reel has ever been used, even one time in saltwater, regardless of model, it is considered a saltwater reel. We service/supertune (NOT REPAIR) Lew's, Revo, Daiw Contact. Contact Form. Toll Free. 1 (800) 823-4243. Store. 1 (714) 846-6452. Office. 1 (714) 840-450 Cleaning Quantum reels, or performing the maintenance necessary to keep them functioning well, requires that fishermen take the reel apart. It is not difficult to take apart bait-casting or spinning reels--both of which Quantum makes--but anglers must be certain not to lose any parts. Fishermen should do maintenance. The aim is to remove saltwater residue without forcing water into bearings and internal mechanisms. Mist or lightly rinse reels after every trip with clean water and wipe down reels and let dry. For many reels using sudsy warm water will be okay, but avoid detergent in anything with magnetic oil or similar

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US REEL SERVICE. Authorized US Warranty Service Centers. For all warranty and non-warranty service, send your product(s) to: 13 Fishing Factory Warranty/Service Center 1310 N. Hercules Ave, Unit B, Clearwater, FL 33765 Phone 800-508-6013. Fishing Tackle Unlimited 12800 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77034 Phone 281-481-6838, 888-943-1861 Fishing Tackle. The first article of this series talked about the Do's of fishing reel care, now lets discuss some do not's. There are many things that will cause Baitcasting reels to fail, lack of or improper cleaning being one of many that we will discuss. As an example, everyone describes the Shimano Curado 200B (Greenie).. SERVICE AND REPAIR COSTS. Single reel cleaning $20. Multi reel discount of 10%. Simple repairs an additional $5 per reel. Fishing rods repaired as well. $8 per guide and $7 per tip top. Multi guide discount of 10%. Custom fishing rods built upon request Welcome to the Rod N Reel Repair Center. We are a family owned and operated business since 1986. We offer repair, servicing, and parts for Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Penn, and Shimano fishing reels. If your fishing rod needs repair then we have you covered weather it's tip replacement, guide replacement, rewrapping of old thread, or handle repair fishing, Fishing Reel Bearings, Fishing Reel Maintenance, fishing reels, Super Tuning Ultrasonic Cleaning Fishing Reels Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound (usually from 20-400 kHz ) and an appropriate cleaning solvent (sometimes ordinary tap water) to clean items

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This works a lot easier to clean your reel. if you are a beginner to fishing and cleaning your reel and rod then You can implement this strategy to clean your fishing reel. Grease the gear Believe it or not every spinning reel has a knack to greasing the spool and you have to always start from the bottom of the spool rather than the top because. As with other fishing gear, constant maintenance and cleaning needs to be done on fishing reels for these gear to work properly. A spring (which was tackled on the anti reverse issue with the Shakespeare fishing reel example above) that isn't inspected regularly may result in loose spools A suggestion, do some of your initial maintenance, on the water or at least after daily usage. If you are a bait fisherperson, clean it after each usage. One well known rod/reel repairman recommends that you spray WD-40 on the reel BEFORE usage, then wipe it off, leaving a light protective film on the outer parts Special attention when the reel is used in salt-water condition. In this case always clean the reel with cold water and rinse. Salt is an aggressive material that can destroy your valuable fishing tackle by not cleaning well after use. For these fisherman we even advise to remove the fishing line every now and than when the reel is used in salt. Spring cleaning & painting that Johnson Reel. Yes, yes, it's that time of the year. It has been 40 years and it's about time to clean up that fishing reel. Will not go over how that it is done. It has probably been covered here numerous times. But, here is a tip I would like to share

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Reel Repair by Alan Tani - Index. alan tani @ alantani.com fishing reel repair rebuild tutorial Reel Repair by Alan Tani: July 06, 2021, 04:08:53 PM: Welcome, Guest. Please Reel Repair Service Centers: 1139 Posts 46 Topics Last post by Shark Hunter in Re:. Eagle Claw Reel Oil. $4.99. Shipping Available. ADD TO CART. Abu Garcia Reel Oil. $8.49. Shipping Available. ADD TO CART. Erupt Fishing Rod Threading Device Basic Cleaning & Maintenance. After a day of fishing, rinse the reel inside and out with fresh water and allow to dry. Then lightly oil and grease easily accessible moving parts. This is especially important if the reel was used in saltwater or in dirty or muddy conditions. Do not use the reel until it is fully clean, as dirt and sand will.

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We have over 35 years experience in fishing reel repair. Our staff of 9 reel technicians are the most knowledgeable in the business. Our service center carries one of the most extensive fishing reel parts inventory in the world. We have over 4,000 Schematics online to help you find and order the exact part number needed to repair your reel The Fishing Reel Repair has the ability to provide reel cleaning and repair work for fishing reels nationwide. According to customer service manager, the new service center is staffed with. Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing Reel Parts. With over 15,000 unique parts in stock, we have instant access to parts for most major brands and even some obscure and vintage reels. Below is a list of some of the brands we commonly work on and carry parts for. If you don't see your brand, don't worry! Just give us a call and we'll let you. At Bay Area Reel Service we care for your reel as though it's our own. For more than a decade, we've provided the highest quality fishing reel repair. Every professional reel repair includes a complete overhaul: tear down, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and moisture inhibitor application of ALL interior and exterior part

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Fly Reel Cleaning is an important part in keeping your gear in top shape and working properly. I have some Hardy Fly Reels which I've been using for 30 years for my main trout fishing in the East and West. As far as I can tell they are as good as the day I bought them. I honestly do not ever remember loosing a trout because the reel let me down Step-by-step instructions for cleaning a fishing reel Remove the line spool. When cleaning a fishing reel, start by removing the line spool. This prevents the line from unraveling and creating a bird's nest on your workbench. It also prevents the line from accumulating the cleaning agent, grease or oil and leaving a trail in the water after. Cleaning a modern baitcaster is fast and easy, and if done once or twice each season, it'll perform well for years without major maintenance overhauls or failures. Nearly every baitcasting model is a bit different in disassembling for cleaning. So if you have the original reel manual, reference it before beginning

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First, lay your cleaning materials out on a piece of cloth or clean work station. Then, run a portion of the clean rag under warm water and wring it out. Wipe the entire reel down, removing all the crud and dirt accumulated from the long, hard, season of fishing. If you want to remove any dirt from your reel's worm gear that is fine, just note. Tools and cleaning materials rec-ommended to service reel. Some Shimano® reels come with Ban-tam™ Oil. These simple tools are readily available at hardware stores. For most reels, access spool assem-bly via Turnkey Dial. Spool access on Chonarch® reels is via Escape Hatch™ - located on the rear lower left hand side of reel Item Weight 0.16 ounces. Ardent Reel Butter Oil is a high performance 100% synthetic lubricant formulated for fishing reels. This reel butter oil works by penetrating critical components and parts of the reel, such as the shaft, ball bearing systems, and other sections where there's a lot of friction involved A method of cleaning fishing reel parts, comprising disassembling a fishing reel into various parts and immersing the parts in a cleaning solution comprising: 1-10% by weight 2-butoxyethanol 0.3-4% by weight tetra sodium salt of ethylenediamine tetra acetic acid 1.0-5% by weight sodium metasilicate 0.5-5% by weight a surfactant 86-97.2% by. Here is a quick step-by-step guide for how to oil fishing reel, specifically, a spinning reel. Avoid using soaps or degreasers as they may damage the reel or leave residue. The best oil for fishing reels is formulated specifically for reel care. Reel cleaning kits are available at most outdoor retailers or you can gather these items yourself Saltwater fishing reels and fishing rods have to deal with one of the most corrosive substances known on saltwater salt. Fishing tackle cleaning and maintenance is the way to slow corrosion and rust. Aqueous corrosion -- corrosion from saltwater is an electrochemical process. When in contact with seawater all metal